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Shopping Partner

Summary: In an attempt to ask you out on a date, you help Bucky pick out the perfect outfit for the occasion.

Prompt: “Tell me, can your dick even breathe in those pants?”

Word Count: 1,353.

A/N: This is my entry for @bladebarnes ’s writing challenge!! This was super cute to write and I hope you all enjoy. Also, took some inspo from @brighterlights‘s fic, “Personal Shopper”.

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“Kishimoto planned EVERYTHING from the beginning! SJ didn’t force him to do anything!“

-Kishi said the Kakuzu and Hidan arc was suppose to be longer but SJ told him to cut it short to get back to Sasuke. And that Hidan was suppose to return in the War arc but he admitted that he literally got lazy with drawing and didn’t want to add more characters because it meant drawing them.
-Kishi has repeatedly said Sakura is the heroine even well into the War Arc, only to turn around and claim Hinata was always the heroine after the series ended. His editors and SJ also kept pushing for Hinata to be the heroine for along time.
-Kishi said Sasuke and Naruto were suppose to be holding hands in 698 but SJ told him he can’t do that.
-Sasuke wasn’t even suppose to exist and was added at the suggestion of his editors.
-Same thing for the Chunin Exams Arc, Kishi’s editors literally told him he had to do it instead of his original idea of slowly introducing many characters over several chapters/arcs and he regrets not being able to do what he wanted. He just wanted to show Naruto going on missions and learning about the outside world.
-Once again, even Orochimaru and his involvement in the Chunin Exams Arc was not his decision. His editors told him he needed a villain and that he had to make the Chunin Exams not finish. Shikamaru was also suppose to be the winner, instead of losing to Temari.
-Kishi admitted the idea of Kekkei Genkai, Sharingan and the like in the Land of Waves arc was just a “bluff” that he did not plan on getting in to at all.
-The Mifune/Hanzo fight was cut short because his editors hated it and told him he needed to end it very quickly and get back to the main cast, but Kishi really wanted to write it.
-Pretty much the entire Kobayashi interview is Kishi going “I didn’t know what I was doing the majority of the time and when I did know what I was doing my editors made me do something else because they didn’t like it.”
-Holy shit there’s a lot more but I’m too lazy to write them all right now

Since it’s glaringly obvious that Kishi has made shit up along the way, changed his mind about things, was forced to do things he didn’t want to do or agree with and mentioned things that never got brought up again, why can’t people accept the (very likely) possibility that the entire Ending and probably the Ships were not what he originally planned?

Feel free to add more (because I know there’s more but sleep)


If you love No. 6 more than your future first born clap your hands

If you need No. 6 more than you need air to breathe clap your hands

If you’re fucking obsessed with No. 6 and your life is officially ruined by these precious angel characters if you love No. 6 clap your hands

Can you tell I love No. 6? Because I fucking love No. 6. Fun fact, I even have a headcanons blog for this shit because I am a huge fucking loser when it comes to this god damn precious show.

Don’t lie, you are too. The adorable emotionally damaged homos, the fabulous genderqueer person raised by dogs, the radical mom who’s a radical baker? True perfection.

One thing that’s pretty awesome about the show is their fucking food, so I attempted to make a recipe similar to Nezumi’s Macbeth Soup, and I came up with something really similar to a Japanese Milk Stew. So hold on to your panties because we gon’ make some Macbeth Soup.


Nezumi’s Macbeth Soup
(servings- 2, one for your and one for the life size cut out of Shion that you have in your closet)


  • 1 chicken thigh, cut into one inch chunks with the skin off
  • 1 carrot, peeled and cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 onion, sliced into ¼ inch thick
  • 3 cloves of fresh garlic, smashed and minced
  • 2 potatoes, peeled and cut into bite size pieces
  • 2 ½ cups water
  • 2 chicken consomme cubes
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 Tbsp flour
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • 2 Tbsp cream cheese
  • 1 bee parasite (optional, not really recommended)


  • Cry over the fact that you’ll never have a relationship like Nezumi and Shion’s like the fuckin fujoshi weeaboo you are.
  • Season chicken with salt and pepper. Heat a little bit of oil in a deep pan and saute the chicken on medium high heat until browned.
  • Add onion and saute on medium heat until translucent. Afterwards, add the carrot, garlic and potatoes and stir-fry that biz about as fast as Nezumi was when he cut that random fuckin bee thing out of Shion’s neck. 
  • Pour 2 ½ cup of water in the pan and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat to low and add consomme cubes. Simmer until carrots and potatoes are softened.
  • Meanwhile, make white sauce in a sauce pan. Melt butter on low heat and stir in flour to make a little roux. Cook the flour until bubbles, mixing well.
  • Pour milk and cook on medium heat, stirring quickly until it begins to thicken. Lower the heat and continue to stir until the mixture is thickened even further.
  • Stop the heat and set aside. Take some of the soup from the stew and mix with cream cheese in a small cup. Stir the cream cheese mixture in the stew.
  • Add the white sauce into the stew and stir that shit till it’s totally combined.
  • Add some salt and pepper to season to your liking.
  • Think about how much better the No. 6 novels were compared to the manga and weep furiously over the inadequates Bones Original Anime Ending.


HOLY FUCKING BALLS YOU JUST MADE SOME MACBETH SOUP. I mean sure, you’re never going to destroy a corrupted government or climb a mountair of dead bodies, but at least you succeeded in making soup, so I guess that’s worth something, maybe.

Go enjoy your Macbeth soup with some of Karan’s Cherry Cake and a loaf of mini french bread you piece of trash, you deserve it after all the suffering you had to endure without any updates to this fabulous series.

Later, weebs. Try not to cry when you realize how truly unproductive you’ve been the whole day.

And no, doodling fanart of your shitty OTP is not ‘being productive’ but nice try.


Title: It Is Not Light That We Need, But Fire
Author: PaperAnn
Artist: Alex
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Alternate Universe - Prison, Explicit Sexual Content, A/B/O Dynamics, True Mates/Mating, Alpha Castiel, Omega Dean, Minor Bloodlust/Discussion, Violence
Posting Date: 10/30/2017

Summary:  The Winchesters are a notorious larceny crew.  A routine job goes south when two of their members get caught red-handed by a S.W.A.T. Team.  They have a goddamn mole.  Now, the goal is to break their teammates out of prison.

Dean is an omega posing as an alpha because strategically, it makes sense.  He makes the best out of shit, and his optimism may have landed him the leading role in a full-out Romance Novel.  He fell for his cellmate.  In the friggin’ true-mates-way.  What are those odds?!

Except, Castiel isn’t just another inmate - he’s a Krushnic.  Born into a family of killers with an innate bloodlust who charge top dollar for their expertise.  Their family is breaking Castiel out.

Both Dean and Cas make it clear to their families they come as a pair.  It was accepted, but the Krushnics and Winchesters clashed, fighting for the swifter extraction.

A sloppy jailbreak is dangerous, even with unexpected alliances.  Cas has his own concerns, hoping Dean will still love him outside of the prison walls, and that their bond’s true…because Castiel enjoys his occupation and he doesn’t want to have to choose between who he is and his true mate.  And they still don’t know who the rat is!  As the stakes rise, blame and mistrust run rampant through the group.

Is there even a chance for a happy ending?

- - -

Dean was seated in Castiel’s lap as they chatted about old jobs-gone-wrong, when the jostling of metal against metal jarred them.  It was a key opening a cell - their cell! - clanking loudly.  Dean literally launched himself across the bed onto his stomach, grabbing a book at the end of the mattress.  Cas righted himself, back against the cement wall, but he hissed to Dean, “The novel’s upside down!”

“Fuck!” Dean cursed, flipping the book over.

“Winchester,” the guard greeted.  “Your lawyer’s here.  You-”

“Wha-?  We don’t have a meeting until next week.”  Dean’s confusion was palpable as he stood, but knew it had to be important.  “Maybe…he caught a break in my case,” he mused aloud, extending his hands for the cuffs.

Behind him, Cas’ scent was suspicious with tinges of worry.  He kept his composure and remained silent, simply leaning back with his own book and reading.

As Dean was led through the halls, his brow remained furrowed.  Soon enough, Dean took his seat and in the next second Sam entered.

“Hey.  What’s going on?” Dean tried to keep the urgency from his voice, because Sam looked completely frazzled.  That wasn’t good.

Even under the craziest circumstances, his brother had a helluva poker face.  He was cool under pressure, which made him so damn great at his job.  Where did that Sammy go?  The plan required a steady hand and a level head.  It didn’t look like he had either.

“We’re reaching go-time, Dean.  We’re moving up the schedule.  One of your boy-toy’s family members found my number,” Sam’s teeth were ground when he explained, “Said to stand down.  They’re planning a prison break, too.  The jackass even said you were on the rescue roster, so looks like Castiel really does care about you.”

Dean’s eyes widened as Sam continued, “We hit first!  I know they’ll be stealthy and we’ll make a hell of a racket.  We’ve got to, to save Jo.  I’m not backing down.  Castiel can come - they extended that courtesy with you; we’ll reciprocate,” Sam massaged his temples, feeling an impending migraine.  “I don’t know what you got us into, Dean, but I hope it’s not a war between families.”

Dean didn’t care about the gravity of the situation, he perked right up, “I’d make a badass Romeo.”

“You’re Juliet, jerk,” Sam laughed for the first time in God knows how long.  He also made a covert hand off - but this time Dean received something new.  “You’re lucky it’s me.  Even though I loathe the family?  As long as you’re happy, I’m thankful for whoever’s making you that way.”

“Holy shit.”  Dean was actually speechless, because in spite of the Krushnics destroying their original plans…here Sam was.  Being the best brother of all time.  Caring about Dean and the dude Dean fell for!  Hell, Sam even smuggled in the birth control!  “You’re awesome, bitch.  I mean that.”

“Be prepared.  We could come at any time.  Expect fireworks,” Sam warned, and those were words that resonated.

im-an-indoor-person  asked:

What, i wonder,, would be the boards reaction to howard. Like they are SO hype cuz 'he'll bring back the weapons!!!' And howard be like nah this is my sons company im so proud did i mention this is my sons work he is a genius and so handsome like his mom

I like to imagine that Howard never intended to be a weapons mogul forever. I mean, the reactor was originally his idea, right? Tony’s just the one that made it work/miniaturized it/implemented it. (“You finished it?” Howard gasps, and Tony begins to fret that he did something wrong. He shouldn’t have. “That’s great, Tony! You’re brilliant! And it’s powering the tower?! Unbelievable! I’m so proud of you!” Tony makes a little ‘meep’ and Pepper nearly suffocates laughing because holy shit that was cute.)

So maybe the board is hopeful. Howard was part of the Manhattan Project, so he’s obviously all about things that go boom, right? (Actually after seeing the long-lasting devastation it caused Howard kind of wishes he was never involved. He’s got a mixed bag of feelings about it.) Howard is actually delighted in how the company has expanded to include electronics and green energy. Does he still want to make weapons? Well yeah, it’s what he’s best at but HOLY SHIT AFFORDABLE WATER PURIFIERS Tony is so smart and beautiful and clever how could anyone ever question his ability to lead????

(“Dear God,” whispers Mulligan. “I’d forgotten about this.”

“What?” Thomas whispers back, because he’d come onto the board after Howard had died.

“How obsessed Howard is with his child,” Mulligan answers quietly.

Howard sings Tony’s praises for twenty more minutes and uses the words ‘genius’ and 'beautiful’ and 'handsome’ no less than ten times each.)

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Boyf riends + Blorp :0c

this is the most original ask ever holy fuck i lov u

anyway this sucks rip


“Uh.. Jer? Is everything okay?” Michael’s voice shook Jeremy from the haze he was in.

Jeremy was staring. And not only staring, he was staring at Michael’s face, which made the other boy’s face flushed.
He just noticed Michael paused the video game they were playing.

Shit, then.

“Your face,” Jeremy mumbled, looking a little embarrassed.

“My face?”

“Yeah, your face.”

“What about my face?” Michael was getting really confused at this point. “Do I have something stuck on it, or..?”

“No, no! It’s just.. Like..”

Michael raised an eyebrow, waiting for Jeremy to finish the sentence.

“It’s… Just…. Blorp!” Jeremy finally exclaimed.

“B… Blorp?”

“Yeah! Exactly!”

Michael started laughing. “Dude, what the fuck?”

Jeremy blushed, trying to find a way to explain. “It’s just.. Your tongue was out and your eyebrows were scrunched and it was completely adorable.”

Michael laughed again, but this time he felt his cheeks heating up. “But still, blorp?”

“That’s the only way I can explain it!”

“You fucking dork.”

Michael quickly kissed Jeremy on the cheek, and then returned to his video game, grinning.


aaaaa hope u like it!!!!!

I needed to test if my old copics are still alive and yes they are! 

On another positive note. I checked for the lulz if James Cameron finally decided to do something about making Gunnm a movie and holy shit yes there will ba a movie FINALLY almost exactly next year and I’m so so so so so excited about it!!!!!!! 

It’s Done

I just realized that percentage-wise, most of my followers might not know what I’m talking about. Well.

On April 24, 2013, I posted  Even Coal Has Value (North/Pitch), which was the fill for the first unfilled prompt in Round One of the Rise of the Guardians kinkmeme on Dreamwidth. This was the beginning of my quest to fill every unfilled prompt on that kinkmeme, no matter what.

And I did it. 

Yeah, I weaseled with the terms and the spirit of a few. Yeah, my preference for certain ships showed. And…I don’t care. I did it. I filled every unfilled prompt on that kinkmeme. So! Round One of the Rise of the Guardians kinkmeme? If there’s a prompt there, it has a fill. Put it in a memorial with any other filled kinkmemes, if there are any.

And I only ran afoul of the mods like, twice. (Both times after I had assumed the mods were long gone, lol.)


4/24/2013-1/6/2017 = 3 years, 8 months, 13 days

Number of fics: 583

Number of words: 547,967

Average number of words per fic: ~940 

Median number of words per fic: 796 (this means that most fics were below the average word count)

I had no idea there were so many stories. I feel…sort of afraid of myself right now at the moment. I have to acknowledge that I’m a person who has written 583 short stories for this kinkmeme alone. (I didn’t include tumblr prompts or event weeks or things I just wrote for the hell of it in this number.) Who does that sort of thing? I did. 

I like to think I’ve gained some kind of additional skill in writing after doing all this. Lately, I sometimes felt that I hadn’t learned a thing and had somehow gotten worse after all this time, but in some ways I think that’s because I wasn’t giving myself a chance to write slowly. (I will now, though.) 

And, I’m sure as I start the re-read process to give top fives (or top tens for the big lists) in each ship, I will find that I’ve improved significantly over time (well, still, fingers crossed).

There’s a lot I could talk about regarding the kinkmeme prompts, but I only want to write a little, so if I seem to be talking at random, that’s why.

First of all: the RotG kinkmeme is wonderfully clear and organized, and incredibly polite. There’s some funky-ass prompts in there, but honestly I would recommend it to anyone wondering how a kinkmeme should look. 

Second of all: I noticed that prompts tended to come in waves. While that makes sense for the prompters (you see a prompt about one character, and you want to see something similar with a different character, so you make another prompt), sometimes it could really suck for me (there was a cluster of self-harm prompts; that wasn’t a fun week). I was going to say that sometimes it could be fun, but, no, the only thing about prompt clusters that was fun was that sometimes I made up AUs in frustration at having to rehash the same darn thing.

(I love AUs. I’m going to make a post with the top five kinkmeme-original AUs.)

Third of all: HOLY SHITTING FUCK I swear that I found more prompts for “Jack is super upset about having died” than anything, ANYTHING else. It was at a point where I would have rather seen prompts for the creepy flavor of blackice rather than another “um why didn’t jack break down when he realized he lost his family and also is dead b/c you kno he’s really just a emotional teenager” prompt. These were also the most similar prompts to each other. And almost none of them were filled, and you know why? Because this is not that interesting of a topic, especially when Jack isn’t dead in any meaningful way, and he’s THREE HUNDRED YEARS OLD. THREE HUNDRED. YEARS. OLD. (BTW, I have now developed a creep-out reaction to the epithet “the boy” when referring to Jack. I know that it wasn’t one person doing this but as a fandom habit it now makes me wince.) Um….anyway. I know I’m kind of being a jerk here. I just got so sick of these prompts. Maybe another part of it was because they were rarely detailed? Which meant that I had to come up with everything that Jack felt, and some reason he would be upset that was new and different from the time before, and etc. And I just…Jack is three hundred years old. He knows how long people live. And I don’t think thirty seconds of memory infusion is the same as living a life with a family and then losing them. 

Fourth-whatever of all: Pitch is not that dignified, people. He wants to be, but he’s not. He’s a (scary) pun-lord in a robe. Also, if you have a group prompt and leave out Sandy, I’m going to include him anyway, and I will also FIND YOU. Also, I’ve watched RotG a lot, and where does sugar-high “lol random” Jack come from? Is he hiding in the same place with the Guardians that treat him as a child rather than an equal? Also…actually never mind, I’ll talk about assumed power dynamics/sex positions somewhere else. Also, I still don’t know anything about Australian slang and that’s probably for the best. Also, I’m still not clear what a “snark-off” is, and I’m sure I never wrote one, no matter how many bonus internet points it would have got me. Also, I have read the word “cue” too many times in my life now, and I need to replace it with something else. Maybe, like, BEHOLD. Or something.

Anyway. I don’t want to sound so grumpy. I’m thrilled to have completed this project, and I enjoyed the vast majority of the writing. There are a lot of fics in this project that I’m proud of, and there are a lot of seeds for future projects in all these fills, as well.

But I think I might…(547,967)…take a…(583)…(3 years, 8 months, 13 days)…short break.

But first!

The Shortest Fill

The Top Ten Longest Fills (there’s a lot of variety here, and they might not be what you think):










ONE (Yes, this is the biggest fill…and…well. *cackling*)

♦Organising thoughts on PMMM: Rebellion, part ein.♦

Lets do this.

(i’m super gomen to my whole dash right now because this is all i’ve been talking about/reblogging for two days)

Ok so I’m gonna split this up into sections regarding each character. I’ve made another post about Studio Shaft’s animation and style choices and symbolic imagery because PMMM is chock-a-block with it as usual.

(Edit: THIS IS A REPOST. I accidentally deleted the original post of this because I’m a goddamn idiot, but thankfully Google Cashe still had it, so I copy and pasted it, and since I have the opportunity, I added some bits as well. Lost all the notes, but oh well.)


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So I was looking up gemstones to try and figure out what a certain rock that I have, when suddenly I saw something that made me remember the names Bismuth had listed off.
Snowflake, Biggs, and Crazy Lace. (Not Crazy Legs, like I had originally thought)

I saw a rock named Biggs Jasper.
And I was like…holy shit. That’s Biggs. That’s who she was talking about. And I scrolled down and saw Crazy Lace Agate. And again, holy shit. Bismuth didn’t say Crazy Legs, she said Crazy LACE!!
And of course, Snowflake has to be Snowflake Obsidian!


HOLY SHIT I THINK I’M ON TO SOMETHING HEAR ME OUT: So in a recent press releas Elizabeth Olson said that part of the plot of civil war included  Scarlet witch losing control of her powers and going crazy. Feige made Wheadon kill pietro dispite pleas by both the director and ATJ; however footage was shot of pietro in the new avengers lineup in a new costume. WHAT IF PIETRO’S DEATH CAUSED WANDA’S BREAKDOWN AND PART OF HER LOSING CONTROL IS BRINGING PIETRO BACK BUT PEOPLE RETAIN THEIR MEMORIES OF THE ORIGINAL TIMELINE THUS GIVING CAUSE TO THE REGISTRATION ACT AND FULLY INCITING THE CIVIL WAR?! ITS TOTALLY ALONG THE LINES OF THE HOUSE OF M/AVENGERS DISSASEMBLED STORYLINES AND WOULD SEMI-EXPLAIN WHY FEIGE WAS SUCH A DICK AND GIVES US A POSSIBILITY OF SEEING PIETRO AGAIN (which gives extra support to past reports of ATJ having a multi-film contract beyond his CA:TWS cameo and AoU)


I got to scream right back at Davey’s face and it fucking made my entire night. Vanna definitely made my week last night. It’s honestly great to get everything out.
There’s more of us than you, now tell who’s gonna lose. We’ve told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times. We’re not going away, we refuse to die.
I wanted to re-post this and say somethings without adding a whole other caption to the original post.

All credit to jedgarjaribay and reblog the OP HERE