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sabine is sappy on turkey day

even though im australian & think that thanksgiving is a pretty crappy holiday, i NEED to mention these beautiful people. these are just a few of the gorgeous & hilarious people i’ve interacted in my short time on tumblr and each and every one of them has made my life so much better. you all have such kind hearts & souls that make me so proud to call you my friends ++ you all provide top banter, so cheers

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i’ve said it before & i’ll say it again, i love you guys to the moon and back (& everything in between). you’re all literal angels and if you ever need ANYTHING please come and talk to me

i also need to thank zendaya, tom + the spider-man:hc cast & crew for not only being beautiful people, my idols & my inspiration, but also for introducing me to this wonderful marvel family that lives on this stupid website.

to all my followers: i love you all so, very dearly (even though some of you are robots or don’t even know you’re following me oops) & hope you all have an incredible day whether you celebrate turkey day or not


i’d rather be free from here

aAAA i finished this finally holy shit 

i added those two different versions of lapis bc i didnt know which one looked best aa


Directors: So Tony Stark is this suave, charming business man and we have 18 fine Armani suits for you to choose from in order to properly portray that look.

RDJ: Okay but what about this cat t-shirt I bought at target three months ago,


Directors: *softly* …holy shit ur right

@poulerslashes​‘s fic sore must be the storm did things to me

Through his shock, a cold thought occurred to Midoriya, tamping down any other reaction he might’ve had to such a confession. “Todoroki,” he said firmly. “Don’t give up. We’re getting out of here.”

“I’m not giving up,” Todoroki said. “I’m only considering all possible outcomes.” His tone grew quiet again. “And I just…I wanted to know that I told you. At least once.”

another flirty/nsfw sentence meme .

  ( since we all have different tastes ! )

❝ for the date, do you have any… tighter jeans~? ❞
❝ those ripped jeans are just a tease… i want to tear them apart. ❞
❝ you know i love to hold your hand, but today you just look too good from behind. ❞
❝ come on and dance with me~ if you can move in those pants, that’s it? ❞
❝ let’s not… take of our clothes just yet… this is just too hot. ❞
❝ oh lord, i just can’t stop staring at that piercing… ❞
❝ ahah… p… please be nice to me… my asthma might kill me otherwise~ ❞
❝ no, don’t sit… i’ll go down on my knees. ❞
❝ woah… don’t you have an early morning tomorrow? ❞
❝ i don’t care for being bullied in bed, so you should just stop. ❞
❝ you don’t think sweatpants are hot? i mean… these are an expensive brand? ❞
❝ there’s nothing dangerous with a little party make-out, right? ❞
❝ candles? nah, that’s a fire hazard. i can set the mood very well without it. ❞
❝ there’s just something so extremely irresistible about a uniform… ❞
❝ let me smudge my lipstick in all sorts of places, hm? ❞
❝ that paperwork seems awfully boring… wouldn’t i look better on your desk? ❞
❝ my paperwork is killing me… i’m just imagining you laying on the desk instead. ❞
❝ victoria’s secret? don’t tell me it’s a bag of perfume now~ ❞
❝ fuck… you can step on me in those heels. ❞
❝ i know i slept with a lot of people, but… it wasn’t making love. ❞
❝ i’ll be your type, if you would only tell me what it is. ❞
❝ i’m not sure if i’m comfortable being someone’s first time… ❞
❝ you should keep the boots on~ ❞
❝ these underwear are so… smooth… ❞
❝ oh…~ i didn’t expect you to shave all the way. ❞
❝ i’m not sure if i can… do that… i’m scared i’ll hurt you… ❞
❝ i know you like it, but i’m not… comfortable… ❞
❝ is that… lace i see? ❞
❝ why from behind? well… i like the thought of showing off what i got. ❞
❝ oh my god… here? really? are you sure? ❞
❝ do you think i could… put my fingers in your mouth? ❞
❝ ahaha… want to make me sweat right after i showered? ❞
❝ the sweater… do you have anything under? ❞
❝ anything you want to do, before i get dressed? ❞
❝ wow… aren’t you even going to touch the food first? ❞
❝ i put this on, thinking… dessert? ❞
❝ i… put on a little weight, but… it’s okay, right? ❞
❝ what’s with the layers? playing hard to get~? ❞
❝ come here… warm your hands. ❞
❝ my marks suit you. ❞
❝ holy shit… i love stockings. ❞
❝ if i break them with my teeth… will you hate me? ❞
❝ i really… want everyone to know i’m yours. ❞
❝ i like my reflection a little more with you all over me. ❞
❝ a—ah! a bite?! ❞
❝ the more the merrier, don’t you think? ❞
❝ i got a new apartment, and i need someone to put clothes on the floor. ❞
❝ let’s climb into the backseat… ❞
❝ oh, look! my hand fits perfectly in your back pocket! ❞
❝ look at the mirror… don’t you look cute? i know you do… ❞

syntaxeme  asked:

Okay so imagine. A 2A Sapphire trying really hard to tell a joke and she's just completely flopping, can't remember how it goes, oh god help her But Ruby is doing the 1D thing really hard to try to make her feel better like HOLY SHIT THAT'S HILARIOUS

and then they fuse into Garnet

Self care

Ok so I really believe that if you feel good about yourself it will radiate through you and you will look beautiful because of your confidence. And self care and healthy lil tips make me feel beautiful so:

Drink water. You know those annoying red bumps on your face that aren’t full on pimples so they’re really hard to get rid of? Drink a gallon of water every day. It sounds like a lot but they will disappear, and water has so many other benefits with skincare and weight loss.

Moisturize! I love almond oil for my face because it’s like coconut oil except it won’t clog your pores. Honestly as long as you consistently moisturize your face and body with some kind of lotion you’ll see benefits, it’s not complicated.

Exfoliate! Okay you can go buy an expensive exfoliated but if you’re ballin on a budget just mix some oil (coconut, olive, almond, etc.) with some sugar for your body, or with baking soda for your face. The baking soda is gentler.

Apple cider vinegar! Shits not tasty but if you add a tablespoon to a big glass of water plus some lemon (and stevia to taste) to begin your day there are benefits to your metabolism and anti bloating properties.

As for holy grail skin care ingredients, I love turmeric. Combine 1 tsp turmeric powder, 2 tbsp flour, 2-3 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp almond or coconut oil and a little bit of honey. Put on face for 20 minutes and wash off. You will glow.

Take baths because they are so great. Light some candles, get some wine or a good book, whatever makes you relaxed. There is literally a bath for everything. Sore muscles? Epsom salt. Trying to balance your skin’s ph (aka you have a dick appointment)? ¾ cup apple cider vinegar. Dry skin? Oil or oatmeal. So many options.

As for makeup, I found that when I quit makeup I found more confidence in myself and less pressure to look perfect, but if you want to beat your face every day then do it! I admire the dedication. Do what makes you feel beautiful because if you feel good, you look good.

Take care of yourself, you deserve it.


Day6 As Things My Non-Kpop Friend Has Said About Them
  • Sungjin: "Okay but he totally has that "ruthless businessman who's super cute and devoted around his pretty wife" vibe"
  • Young K: "I would date the shit out of him holy crap he's hot AND he looks like he would treat me right"
  • Wonpil: "He's so hot wtf if he smiled and asked me to sell him my soul I would just give it to him for free"
  • Dowoon: "I feel like he has girls falling at his feet but he doesn't care and just loves his dog."

My commission from the freaking amazing and talented @plastic-pipes​ of Trini and Kim dancing mid air from the opening scene of Chapter 2 in my fic , Ghosts of the Past !

Pipe’s is freaking amazing and such a lovely person and you should all commission her!

i love girls

ok dude girls are so cute okay like let me tell you:

you dont even gotta be the typical good looking skinny girl with a small face and abs okay

girls are so cool they have this aura of confidence, even if theyre super insecure. IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN BUT ITS GREAT YES GIRL WORK IT

like you can TELL that each and every one of them are special and wow im just so excited to tell you how much i love them ?????

1. theyre so gentle and even if theyre more masculine theyre still soft and good like yes YOURE A GIRL and IM A GIRL THANK U FOR UNDERSTANDING!!!

2. wlw especially: theyre really legit with u???? like straight up (more lyk gay up u feel) tell me whats up girl whatchu feelin whatchu need

3. hair- long hair or short hair????? ALL R NICE seriously okay i dont care if ur hair’s messy or neat or if ur bald whatever it’s cute nice

4. girls rock the wearing clothes thing (and the not wearing clothes thing but im not gonna talk about that) !!!! every girl has a different style and holy shit it’s so nice to see a girl wear something they like because THEY ARE RADIATING i love it

5. girls are so smart like no matter how dumb they think they are or how “bad” their grades are they probably like something and know a lot about it and it’s always so enchanting to listen to a girl talk about,,,, anything

i have many many more things but pls add !!!!!

Washington On Your Side
Workshop Cast
Washington On Your Side

Alright, so I just recently listened to this and holy shit, I cannot believe that this was not posted anywhere else??? God this is a work of art and here’s why:

  • “This bitch is askin’ for someone to bring him to task, Somebody gimme some dirt on this asshole so we can at last unmask him”  Damn TJeffs!!!! I just love how angry this dude gets!!!!
  • “He likes taxes so much, can we enact an asshole tax?” Okay, straight up, JMads whole verse is incredible. He starts of talking about how A.Ham and him started off as colleagues and worked together for the same issues, however, after working with him for a while, he realizes that A.Ham is wildly dangerous and seems to get his way most of the time, hence the title of the song. This is why I low-key always thought that JMads hates A.Ham slightly more than TJeffs.
  • “Let’s lower his stack in the eyes of the nation. With misinformation, first we diminish him, then we finish him!”  Honestly, one of the great parts of the song. The rumors they spread! WHAT A DAMN MESS!!!!!
  • “I HEAR HE’S GEORGE WASHINGTON’S ILLEGITIMATE SON!” My damn senior quote!!!!!!!!! I literally shouted the first time I heard this, OMG!!! HOW WAS THIS NOT PART OF THE PLAY HOLY SHIT
  • “He wants to abolish slavery.” “That one’s actually true.”  “NO”
  • I especially love how it is mostly a TJeffs and JMads song. Like no one else is it, but our favorite Southern Mother-Fucking Democratic-Republicans!  This such a great song and I seriously think this is one of the greatest songs ever produced in the entire musical.
space battle
  • keith: lance... if we don't make it out of here alive... i just want you to know that i love you
  • lance: keith... i... wait, is someone crying?
  • galra 1: jared holy shit this is just like the movie we watched the other day
  • galra 2: dude, we have have to do our jobs don't-
  • galra 1: (crying)
  • galra 2: okay it is pretty sweet i'm not gonna lie--
  • zarkon: guys can we please FOCUS,