holy shit i have spent so so much time on this

Things that I want more of:

Marmora raised Galra Kieth and papa Thace

tbh im so sad that I found this show so late. i missed all the theories of keith’s parents and now im stuck with this canon southern dude when i could have spent all this time believing in papa Thace and tiny, japanese mama kogane with all my heart…

i spent the drive to class this morning thinking about little human mama kogane being the pilot of another mission intercepted by the galra.

meeting thace and falling in love with this deceptively sweet undercover Galra man who tries his best to keep whats left of her crew alive and safe from the guards that like to rough them up to pass the time.

somehow they find the time to get her pregnant, she’s a regular little spit fire hotshot pilot and she loves mouthing off to the other guards and he’s beside himself because wow she’s great but holy shit that mouth is going to get her in so much trouble and it does.

haggar and the druids have been studying her and the rest of the crew since this is probably their first encounter with humans? idk, in my head her crew was like practice for what happened to shiro and his cybernetic arm. anyway thats how they realize she’s pregnant

they don’t realize the baby’s half galra tho, they think she was pregnant when she got there cause she’s pretty far along when they start these tests because the druids are evil scientists and they’re just like lets see how hard you can squeeze until it pops,

and that puts the baby in danger so she has to get out of there. she’s already decided she’ll die for this kid no question

so Thace coordinates an escape, sets up an escape pod and gives her the coordinates to the Marmora outpost

and honestly i really want to write and draw tiny bad ass human mama kogane heavily pregnant with baby keith escaping from the Galra, shooting and flying like a freaking ace because Keith had to get his pilot skills from somewhere, all the way to the Marmora outpost while she’s pm in the middle of labor.

I don’t even know how that timeline would work but i love it??

and once she gets to the outpost she’s in full on labor right?

she stumbles out of the pod and Ulaz, who’s probably received updates from Thace about this resilient little human pilot that he’s totally gone over and is like just ‘holy shit, what do?’ so she coaches him through the delivery cause she’s the definition of badass, and she finally gets to hold her little ass kicker and she knows what he’ll be a part of, knows what he’ll do and she also knows that she won’t be there to see him do it

but it’s ok cause she watches Ulaz clean him up so carefully and tenderly with this spellbound look in his eyes because it’s been so long since any of the Galra have seen children and there’s something hopeful about watching something so pure and innocent be born in the midst of war and she knows that her kid will be fiercely protected by the alien resistance

She tells him to name him Keith after her brother and her copilot who didn’t survive the druids experiments and she kind of just slips away because you have to kill your darlings.

I’m just saying this sounds better that whatever explanation they’re planning to give me for Tim Mcgraw over there…. (even though mama galra is a super awesome idea :))) )

Spoilers (Leonard Snart)

Requested: No

Warnings: language at some point

Word Count: 3.640

A/N: i got this idea after watching the time traveler’s wife and i hope it’s not confusing but damn i loved writing this SO MUCH 

Story Line: While time travelling, Leonard Snart meets younger versions of you, the woman he knows to be working with The Flash. You’ve known him since you were six years old, and you spent your entire life just waiting for the man to show up. Then you reach the point when he meets you for the first time, having no clue who you are when you’ve loved him for more than twenty years. 

Part 2 

He told you someday this would happen.

The day would come when you look into Leonard Snart’s eyes and he’ll have no idea who you are.

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Thoughts on chapter 19

Killing Stalking spoilers

One, holy shit. And I thought chapter 18 had me fucked up. I am shook.

Two, I have pretty much spent the whole story focusing on Sangwoo. He is conniving and interesting and I was always pumped to see what shit he would pull next. And really, we had been given some good details on Sangwoo’s backstory, but so much of Bum’s backstory was speculation. So I really thought this chapter deepened Bum’s character. Before I was interested in his inner conflict with his relationship to Sangwoo, but now I’m way more interested in him as a person than I used to be. He is a way more dynamic character than I gave him credit for. And now I’m so pumped to see how Sangwoo and Bum are gonna interact because Bum seems way more like Sangwoo’s equal now. Before he was so helpless, but now he has clearly proven himself. Clearly Bum has been mentally ill for a long time and I feel bad for the dude because he never would have broke like this if it wasn’t for Sangwoo’s influence. But God damn is it gonna get crazy from here.

Also, when was the last time you saw Bum smile? Like really smile? Not the forces smiles he’s been giving Sangwoo’s friends. God damn it has been since way way back in the begining. So seeing him smile like this now, holy fuck it messed me up. I am not bothered by Jieun dying, I’m really fucking shook by Bum. Though I think that’s where most people are right now.

But Sangwoo’s fucking smile while Bum was killing Jieun??? What a cocky fucking bastard. We thought his smile in chapter 17 was bad, I think this one was equal or worse. Like fuck dude. You’re fucked up and arrogant as shit. Gotta give credit to Koogi, clearly she is good at communicating feelings just through her characters smiles.

I feel like season two is gonna be Bum and Sangwoo trying to cover their tracks and hiding from the police. There were way too many things leading Jieun back to Sangwoo. I also think they are gonna go after Bum’s uncle, because Sangwoo is trying to create Bum in an image of himself and killing your abuser is one of the steps.

Prediction for the end of the whole story- I think that Sangwoo won’t let Bum leave alive. If some sort of scenario where the police are coming to the house for them and they are fucked, Sangwoo is gonna kill Bum, and then maybe himself. Though I find it hard to picture Sangwoo killing himself. He’s too confident in himself. Maybe Sangwoo is gonna ask Bum to kill him. Idk, but I don’t think one or both of them is gonna make it out of this whole thing alive.


I’ve been with this company for seven months now and tonight was the first time I went out to dinner with the girls… and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Seriously, this has been the best Valentine’s Day of all time—and it wasn’t even romantic. How great is that?

When Lucas and I were dating, we spent so much of our free time in Connecticut and on Long Island that we forgot to take time to ourselves and just have fun without relying on one another. I’m finally beginning to understand why he pushed to be alone so much. It was his time to reflect and do whatever he wanted to. I don’t miss him anymore. In fact, lately I find myself thinking about him less and less and it’s great. I feel free. I’ve cried, I’ve wondered, and now, I’m done. Finally. I wish him all the best, but I’m ready to say goodbye and close this chapter of my life.

My coworkers and I decided to grab dinner in Chinatown and turn Valentine’s Day back into Galentine’s Day. We ate good food, drank all the wine and beer imaginable. It was great. We discussed everything from work to life. It was so easy for me to open up to them. I felt like we were all connecting. And it was just so easy for me to be myself.

All of the women on my team are so easy to look up to. They’re kind, smart, beautiful, and excel in the art of badassery. I’m so lucky to work with them.

After dinner, I made my way uptown to Penn Station. David Bowie’s “Heroes” started to play (because Spotify has amazing shuffle) and it was just perfect. I don’t know if it was because I was drunk, but I felt so euphoric. It was like I was on top of the world. 

I haven’t been this happy in a long time… and now that I am I just don’t know what to do with myself. I think I’m ready for an adventure! Also, I’m really drunk so, like, God Bless autocorrect :D

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welcome to chb || accepting

                 son of iris

Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the Olympian gods. she was a goddess of sea and sky–her father Thaumas “the wondrous” was a marine-god, and her mother Elektra “the amber” a cloud-nymph. for the coastal-dwelling Greeks, the rainbow’s arc was most often seen spanning the distance between cloud and sea, and so the goddess was believed to replenish the rain-clouds with water from the sea. Iris had no distinctive mythology of her own.

OKAY SO HERE WE GO I know this might seem a little weird but I have reasons. starting off the wiki described lance as a “brave, adventurous, friendly, and free-spirited … showcasing his unrestrained love for what he does.” Iris, as goddess of the rainbow and a daughter of one of the key water nymphs, is shown to express herself plainly while traversing the “globe.” as messenger of the gods and as such is given free reign over where she chooses to travel. put in context of the rest of the gods, Iris is seen as one of the more friendly since she is a presence that brings light. now honestly, one of the main reasons I chose Iris is how she ties in with the sea and sky. due to her parentage ( and as seen above ) she branches the two worlds for the Ancient Greeks. Lance is a space water guardian. you do the math.


the Okeanides were occasionally described as sea-nymphs. in the late classical era the mythical, earth-encircling, fresh-water river Okeanos was increasingly equated with the briny Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and his nymph-daughters reimagined as marine deities.

gonna be honest this one is really straightforward. again Lance is the water guardian. I did not, however, choose any of the more referenced inland ocean spirits because I found myself stuck on the idea of the freedom the open ocean offers and how lance is very much a free spirit. though, it is important to remember, in pjo canon the ocean nymphs cannot travel inland due to the difference in salt and fresh waters.


Palaimon (Palaemon) was a child sea-god who, with his mother Leukothea (Leucothea), came to the aid of sailors in distress.

He was originally a mortal boy named Melikertes (Melicertes) whose parents incurred the wrath of Hera for fostering the young god Dionysos. His father was driven into a murderous rage by the goddess and Ino fled with Melikertes in her arms, leaping off the cliffs into the sea. The pair were transformed into sea-gods and renamed Palaimon and Leukothea.

I haven’t really done this for other characters, but for a deity verse I feel like this would be a good option for the sharpshooter there. as a deity Palaimon comes to the aid ( wow sound familiar ) of sailors who are otherwise lost at sea. in some myths he was saved by the ocean spirits and transformed into one of them while his human body was left behind. 

EVE Online/Elite Dangerous: Dealing With Space Boredom

I like Elite: Dangerous. I like that it simulates the “boring” parts of the space pirate fantasy. You spent a ton of time driving from place to place and requesting permission to dock and docking and being worried about fuel and saving up for a better ship and HOLY SHIT A FUCKING PIRATE THIS IS NOW THE SCARIEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME WHAT IF I LOSE EVERYTHING

Boredom is a big part of what makes that experience work. Boredom makes the intense moments that much more intense. You also feel way more like Malcolm Reynolds when you’re sighing and going “WHEN are we going to GET THERE” than when you’re doing big epic space fights.

But! Boredom is boredom, and you have to do something to alleviate the boredom. So you may do exercises, or you may get a beer and a trucker hat and listen to country music so you feel like those rednecks who get killed at the beginning of Starcraft.

Me? I break out my Surface and watch The Good Wife. I roleplay as a feminist space trucker who really likes legal procedurals.

a little appreciation

Today marks my 3rd month (give or take a few days ) participating in the skam fandom and I also just touched 4k posts (Holy shit!). I’m sending out positive vibes today! This is the first time I’ve ever felt like I’ve truly been an active part of a fandom. It’s been an amazing experience and it’s been so meaningful and helped me cope with a lot of personal issues and my social anxiety. I’m having such a blast on this wild ride of laughs and some tears. Thanks to the wonderful people that I follow/talk to/admire from afar, this wonderful show and the people in this fandom have really made an impact on me. So, here’s a shoutout to:

@isakneven you’re one of the first person I talk to on here, and I always have a blast talking to you! you’re super nice and friendly. You’re also incredibly funny and you’re one hell of a writer . Your headcanons give me life and I can feel it in my chicken bones that you’re going to go places !

@josteninski I’m a tiny blog and you were one of the few people that came and talk to me . And I’m glad you did because I’m lucky to know such an amazing person who I have fun talking to and relate to a lot. And get to internally scream about skam together haha. I always keep you in my thoughts and send good vibes your way ❤❤

@softnorwegians I admire you a lot and I’m also intimidated by how smart you are haha, your tags are always so insightful and I enjoy reading them a lot . I have a lot of respect for you and you’re one of my go-to blogs to reblog new content from all the time when I get lazy scrolling my dash 

@isaksbestpillow I thought you’re really cool when I read your meta and to talk to you and find out you’re even cooler ??? Like that’s unfairrrr. i enjoy talking to you and i hope we can have more conversations to come ! And I feel that you are so much more awesome than you give yourself credit for xx

@skam-addiction agskldlglgl I think you’re hella funny and your shitposts are funny as hell too . You’re a sweetheart and a good and pure bean. I like that we like sort of not really talk about 1d but we both make references to 1d a little haha. Amazing !

shoutout to all the gif makers, artists, meta writers, fic writers , y’all hella talented and amazing. and to the rest of the people that i follow but haven’t really talked to, you guys are awesome too and you may not know it but seeing your posts on my dash brightens up my day. anyway yeah, that’s pretty much it. alt er love! 

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As a shiro whose paladins were all 18+, the anti-shalladin thing pisses me off so much. Like, I spent years thinking i was a horrible monster but I!! would!! never!! abuse!! anyone!!

holy shit same!!! like god,, i would /never/ do something like that,, i have had enough of abuse from the prison time and i would never put anyone else in that seat god…. it makes me so sick,,


You know what my favorite thing is about Ronan and Adam?

There is some massive crushing going on, but there isn’t any obsessive lusting stuff. It’s not like Ronan is looking at Adam and we get his interior monologue like Holy shit, I want to kiss Parrish, or anything about his body being really hot. No! He is constantly describing Adam’s face, the odd, elegant lines of it. Then you have Adam thinking that the shadows lining Ronan’s face render him stark and handsome.

Those two are just so obsessed with each others faces.

Like, I do love hot steamy fanfictions where they go straight from first kiss to sex scene, but whenever I picture an intensely romantic scene between the two of them, I picture Ronan just kissing all the elegant lines and crevices of Adam’s face and lips, his cheeks, his eyes, his jaw. And Adam just tracing his fingers over the savagely handsome face that he loves.

Because what else would they do? They have spent so much time staring at each other’s faces, memorizing them, that when they finally admit their feelings to each other, I can see them both being adorably eager to just get to know their respective faces with the rest of their senses.

Picturing Ronan finally getting to touch Adam’s face like he wants to is the most romantic thing ever.

Holy Shit Mark!

I know I’m a little late to the party but I’ve only just now had time to watch your Valentine’s Day special. I’m blown away! I spent like an hour playing through all of the endings and I was laughing the entire time. How creative this was! A perfect mix of humor and adventure and not to mention how much it is like playing a game.

I know at the end of last year you told us you had some great things planned and you told us about all of the things you wanted to do, and if this is a product of that then I can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Thank you for working so hard to provide these things for us (and for yourself!) and I’m so glad to see you enjoying what you do.

yokai watch impressions (after like 4 hours of playing it)
  • holy shit, i’m loving the sense of exploration and discovery in this game
  • like, i’m not even that far in (just beat the three-eyed snake-thing boss), but i’ve spent so much time just dicking around searching for bugs and yokai and digging through garbage for items
  • the demo also did a really shitty job of showcasing the combat - your team in the demo was so overleveled that the game pretty much played itself, but in the actual game, you really have to pay constant attention to your team rotation and targeting
  • also, there’s so many nice little touches like how the protagonist takes their shoes off when they enter their house - things that don’t add to the gameplay, but go a long way towards making things stand out
  • the story is nothing to write home about, but the dialogue is well-written and made me laugh more than once, which is all i can ask for in a game like this
  • overall, it really feels like level-5 put a lot of love into this game (especially considering how phoned-in Gen VI of pokemon felt)
  • the biggest complaint by far would be the actual process of befriending yokai, though - it feels like it completely boils down to the RNG, and there’s nothing you can do to significantly influence it
  • i spent like half an hour trying to befriend a roughraff before giving up
  • i mean, at least it’s not like SMT where the RNG can make a demon try to kill you for answering a question in a certain way, but it’s still aggravating
  • but aside from that, though, i’m loving this game so much - it’s got that “makes you feel like a kid again” vibe with all there is to explore and how big the city is and all the little details

Darcy was having a bit of a day. The kind of day where she was about an inch from beating the holy hell out of someone, you know, if she was the violent type. Which she really wasn’t. She was trying to hack it here in the future, and holy shit future, but there was so much she didn’t know and it was becoming obvious the longer she spent her time on the Citadel. But hey, she could amaze people with information about Earth circa 2015 and earlier. Though her own love of political science was keeping her grounded.

Darcy was trying desperately to read a piece of paper in her hand but at this point she couldn’t tell if it was her dyslexia causing the issue or if it was actually in a different language. She turned to the nearest person, bending and asking quickly. “Scuse me sir, can you tell me what this says. I think I’ve been starring at the dang thing too long. Its supposed to be some kind of flier but-” she shrugged and held the paper out to him slightly. “Please?”