holy shit how she is so perfect

“I am Tarquin. I am summer; I am warmth; I am sea and sky and planted field.I became every smile he’d given me, became the crystalline blue of his eyes, the brown of his skin. I felt my own skin shift, felt my bones stretch and change. Until I was him, and it was a set of male hands I now possessed, now pushed against the door. Until the essence of me became what I had tasted in that inner, mental shield of his- sea and sun and brine. I did not give myself a moment to think of what power I might have just used.” -pg. 349 ACOMAF

Just take a moment to think of how much chaos Feyre can bring to the Spring Court using this part of her powers. Like holy shit, she can shift into anyone she wants by just getting a taste of their mental shields. There are endless possibilities here people!!! Rhysand has the perfect spy in the Spring Court. Their highlady can cause so much shit and no one would suspect her because she’d be able to do it all the while by taking on someone else’s skin. 

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x05 - “The One You’ve Been Waiting For”

So yeah.  It’s been an emotional week, and it took longer than usual to get this together.  Sorry about that.  Have some things. 

  1. I liked Ellie a lot.  She’s smart and awkward and hurting and just trying to figure things out.  Her reactions to basically everything were perfect, because holy shit she is entitled to all the meltdowns.  She’s been attacked, kidnapped, found out that Nazi zombies want her because she’s related to one of the Worst People Ever, she sees firsthand just how scary the Winchesters actually are (”shoot them in the head and set them on fire” and hey let’s execute this kid are particular favorite moments), etc. and came out of it more or less okay. 

    Also, the Winchesters are largely alive and not being eaten by Hitler’s new dogs because of her.  That first fight in the warehouse did not go well, and only ended because she fled.  Later, Ellie is the one who helps ensure their victory in the hangar.  Dean might kill Hitler, but Ellie’s the one who gives him an opening to get that party started.  

    TL;DR, Ellie is a badass.  I think she’s going to be an awesome doctor.
  2. I think a lot of us were expecting more Aaron time than just a Transatlantic telephone call.  Like, it’s nice they got in touch when the brothers twigged that the Thule were involved, and I like that we have some sense of what Aaron’s been up to (quitting school to hunt semi-immortal Nazis), but wow.  Just a tiny bit underwhelming.
  3. THAT BEING SAID, Wanek and Co. had a little ship party in that antique shop, Dean ate cake (he’s got a finished plate covered in chocolate frosting in the second diner scene), and Aaron Bass spent his phone call surrounded by pink and purple light, having just come out of a club (Das Murmeltier) named after an animal (the marmot) on the list of mammal species in which same-sex mates have been documented.  YEAH.

    Also, Dean absolutely checks out that pie Sam brings in.  Like, seriously considers it.  Because he’s still totally into pie even when it’s not his priority.
  4. So much of this episode is uncomfortably on point.  Like, it would have been screamingly funny in places if Trump hadn’t just won the White House two days prior.  

    Instead, we’re watching an episode of SPN drenched in things that resonate with the moment in an uncomfortable way: the idea that destabilization creates fertile ground for the rise of fascism, authoritarianism vs. personal identity and expression, the way those same authoritarian forces long for a return to those kinds of regimes, rank fucking misogyny, the shock some of those who buy into those concepts feel when confronted with the reality of how fucking terrifying their figureheads actually are, etc.

    It’s hard to punch the air and giggle about Dean killing Hitler when people are painting swastikas on schools and the existence of people like Mrs. Lloyd is harder to ignore than it was last week. 
  5. I am not sure what to make of Ellie and Marv as familiar names from previous characters.

    Marv is terrible in some of the same ways Metatron is: he’s in a fairly skeevy line of business, profiting from some of humanity’s worst impulses.

    Ellie, meanwhile, is both an Ellie (our previous one being the ranch hand from 8x14) and an Eleanor (like Dr. Visyak in S6).  The first is a woman who did a self-destructive thing in order to save someone she loves, while the former is a woman who isn’t what she seems, is an ally, and is ultimately killed in terribly unfortunate, fucked-up ways.  Ellie Grant is neither of these.  She’s a person who gets pulled into the action through an accident of her birth.
  6. This is the second time in two weeks that Sam has been in a position to support a woman whose peril resembles his own.  Last week it was someone with powers that made her believe she was evil.  This week it’s being born of a bloodline that affiliates one with a great evil.  

    I’m officially starting to worry about what the writers are planning to do to Sam.  Poor Sam.  

    Like, we can all agree that John Winchester wasn’t a Nazi necromancer who asked an underling to murder his sons for being inconvenient, but can we also agree that Dean and Sam by turns shared some of the kinds of experiences the Christoph did?  

    I don’t like this kid much, but I sympathize with him as someone brought up in something terrible, and hope he breaks with his past.

Bonus Thing: I liked some of the wordplay a lot.  The tool/Thule thing was subtle, and “Deutschnozzles” is among the best portmanteaus of 2016.  

Bonus Thing #2: So the old guard Thule are getting wiped out thanks to Aaron and his golem (and now the Winchesters), but a) they’re surely not all gone given that Aaron said that many of them are hiding in Germany, and b) Christoph’s existence suggest that there may be a new generation of Thule heirs being brought up.  Uncomfortably on point. 

Bonus Thing #3: Grenade launcher moment is so perfect.  THAT.  THAT IS THE ONE WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. 


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I miss circa 2011 GA when she had the super long hair. But there is no denying she also looks good with short hair. I prefer her to keep it with some length because you can wear long hair short and it's much more difficult the other way around. But holy shit she looks amazeballs in Berlin. Like honestly better than how Scully looked in S10 and fierce in a slightly different way than Stella

2017 Gillian is just perfection so far. I’m down for all of it.

I think these last two episodes today for Steven Universe really cemented why I love this show so much. 

Even characters like Jasper who could have easily been set up to fall strictly into an antagonist roll and nothing more has motivations for everything she’s doing that, while currently in the wrong from what we’ve seen and know right now, can be understood. I LOVE what they’re doing with her and every character she’s interacted with so far. She’s far more complex then I think people gave her credit for like dang son. I just love how many times moral grey areas keep consistently coming up with all of the characters and pushing them to their breaking points (no pun intended). That’s GOOD stuff right there mmm yes that dynamic character development.

But I am deeply concerned about Rose also with that HUGE bit of information about Pink Diamond from Jasper though like HOLY SHIT. WHAT DID YOU DO ROSE AND WHY.  This new bit of info makes me love her character even more because she is so much farther from perfect then I think anyone thought once we started getting more information about the Gem War over time. Greg’s quote about “there’s no such thing as a good war” is really starting to hit home with everything surrounding Rose. Her motivations I’m sure will also be just as complex once we finally understand exactly what Rose was to Pink Diamond and why she did what she did and how that started everything with the rebellion.

One last thought though about Rose. I don’t know if this has been discussed in depth since I don’t check tags super often. Is anyone else concerned that we’ve seen and have confirmation of other gems of the same type existing, but have only ever seen and heard about ONE Rose Quartz? Is Rose possibly a specially made gem for Pink Diamond and the only one in existence or are there other Rose Quartz gems we just don’t know about at all?

PS- Smokey Quartz was RAD. 10/10 Steven and Amethyst emotional character moments hell yes. 

*having a mental breakdown bc steroline*

I honestly think they deserve more screen time but the little bits we do get are amazing, no doubt about it. I love slow burning ships so much - there’s something so exhilarating about watching two people fall in love; slowly then all at once (I saw the opportunity and took it don’t judge)
I love how Caroline said “nobody is forcing you to be here” - I feel like that’s gonna come up again soon. She heard her mom and Stefan’s conversation in 6x12; and she obviously doesn’t wanna be his “charity case” and hold him back from living his life, so I feel like she will mention it again in future episodes, and Stefan will have to convince her that’s not how he sees it and he’s doing it because he genuinely wants to. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT LITTLE SMILE ON CAROLINE’S FACE when Stefan said “I should probably stay.. keep an eye on you. You know, in case you have a psychotic breakdown”
And don’t even get me started on Caroline whacking Stefan with a shovel lmao
I really think that should be a new flirting technique #letslearnfromsteroline
Caroline’s breakdown was so heartbreaking shsjxjchsj and the way Stefan got serious all of a sudden and immediately wiped away her tears and pulled her to him MY HEART UGH
Did you guys notice how Jeremy says “…a new start” and it shows Caroline and Stefan and the big caption saying “one chapter begins” …ENDGAME MUCH?!?!?
And Caroline saying “I don’t think I would be able to get through this on my own” and STEFAN FUCKING SALVATORE PUSHES HER HAIR BEHIND HER EAR LIKE TVD WRITERS ARE YOU /TRYING/ TO KILL ME
But seriously this is such a big moment especially for Stefan, who, throughout the show has been fixated on Elena and trying to be the best he can be for her… And with Caroline he doesn’t even have to try. They’re so… natural and REAL with each other and it’s so beautiful. It’s one of the most mature and well developed relationships I’ve ever seen. It’s a new start for both Stefan and Caroline - two best friends whose minds are maturing because of their experiences; two people who are just starting to figure out what they want in life, and finding all of that in each other.

Can we please just talk about how gorgeous @flapflaps is???????
Like oh my damn, this women just is so perfect and nice and adorable and just too good for this world
Like holy shit

opinions of shadowhunters tv show cast

just some thoughts

i’ll refer to them as their char. names

  • clary: okay so at first i didn’t at all like her voice, but i soon realized, “holy shit i think clary does sounds like this,” for some reason. now, i’m okay with her voice. her cheerfulness off set is so cute and i just?? she’s fine as clary. she’s passionate about her role; i can tell.
  • jace: whenever he’s serious and silent, i immediately think of jace. i think his acting skills are gonna be fine in the future. he’s fine as jace, yeah. that accent tho <3 yep.
  • isabelle: she is perfect as izzy. she is literally like how i thought of izzy. i also love how she’s excited on being matt’s (who plays as alec) sister. and yes, i agree, they do look similar. almost to the point where it’s creepy. they might be long lost siblings or something.
  • alec: holy fucking shit do i even have to say something? yes. i also went through some of the movies he’s apart of, and apparently, he’s kissed a few guys. we have hope on the malec.
  • simon: yes! he sorta looks like the simon i imagined, and somehow, a part of me really loves his voice?? idk just a random fact. also, dom (who plays as jace) hugged him, that was really cute
  • magnus: yaaaas. recognized him from glee, of course, but he gives off this actual magnus bane vibe. i personally think he’s perfect for magnus. he looked like the perfect magnus bane in the trailer(s) :”) imo
  • luke: whoa. he isn’t the luke i imagined, but from the panel at comic con, i feel like he’s gonna be a good luke. his voice, his personality, that freaking seriousness. good luck with the kids, luke.
  • a little bit of sizzy? count me in
  • clace looks good
  • malec kiss is possible? thank you
  • an episode named ‘malec’ goodbye