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The Losers Club™

Pairing: Platonic!Reader x The Holy Trinity + Tony, Sam and Harry!

Summary: this is an IT AU based on the Losers Club (Bill, Richie, Eddie, Ben, Mike, Stan and Bev). about how the club is formed, basically. just a lil small thing because i love the Losers Club and i love IT. :-)

*Notes: this was fun to write and inspired by @imaginesofeverykind and if anything this is just for me fhgjfdhjke see if you can guess who’s who though? ;) also this is unedited jsbdjf GO WATCH “IT”!

Tom sighed, picking up his bike from the ground and dusting off his light-washed jeans. He walked the rest of the way to school, his knee hurting too much to get back on the bike and pedal the rest of the half-mile. Fucking Henry Byers, he should really pick on someone his own size – or of the same IQ, at least. Tom slowed down, hearing Harrison and Sam’s voice calling to him at a distance. He turned around, greeting his friends with a fake smile.

“What the fuck happened to your leg?” Tom’s eyebrows furrowed, looking down and seeing the dirt on his pants. He groaned, letting his bike fall again before leaning down and trying his best to rub the dirt away. “Yeah, that’s gonna help.”

“P-piss off, Haz.” Tom muttered, pursing his lips slightly as he realized he stuttered again. “Did y-you guys s-see Byers? Fucking s-shoved me on the ground.” He stood back up, pulling his bike along with him as he walked along the sidewalk. Sam’s watch beeped, signaling it was time for his anti-anxiety medication.

“You still take those?” Sm ignored Harrison, knowing everything that came out of his mouth was an insult, or an insult disguised as a joke. “I didn’t see Byers.”

“Me either; must’ve just missed him.” Sam shrugged, putting his pills back into the fanny pack wrapped securely around his waist. “You guys ready for summer?” Tom and Harrison both smiled widely, launching them into the discussion of what their next few months held.

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This came out of a conversation with @kwamikwami; the original idea comes from @larvesta, who needs to start leaving some of the good ideas for the rest of us damnit *ugly sobbing*.

A story of @larvesta‘s No Angst!AU (I think).  Takes place after Dark Cupid.

The atmosphere is thick enough to chew.

Part of this is the clinging, cloying fog that had descended on Paris like a cat with the setting sun—hur hur, Marinette thinks gloomily to herself, of course that’d be the first thing that comes to mind—probably something along the lines of a big floofy cat rubbing itself up against the couch, her talents were in fashion after all, not metaphor-ing.  Streetlamps and the lights around them turn patches of it into a glimmering, shifting pyrite haze; everywhere else it’s just damp and clammy.

The rest comes from the tension between her and her companion, sitting some distance apart on the ironwork of the Eiffel Tower.  Just close enough for her to reach out and lay a hand gently on his shoulder if she wanted to.  Just far enough that she’d need to lean.

Ladybug sits beside her, his fingers laced in his lap as he idly kicks his legs back and forth, his messy blond mop seeming to glow faintly in the Tower’s warm lights that make shadows of his features and his hunched shoulders.  Her tail moves automatically towards him for the fourth time since they’d gotten there, but she arrests the movement and wraps it around her leg once or twice.  You couldn’t trust the blasted thing.

“So,” she says.  Ladybug coughs, his lips thinning for a moment, his thumbs tapping together twice.

“Look, if this is about Valentine’s Day,” he says.

“It’s no problem,” she says quickly.  “Really, it wasn’t.”

“I had to do it,” he says.  His cheeks flush.  “Y’know, to, ah, stop you.  I’m sorry about that.”

Her brows knit together in honest confusion.  “For what?” she says.

“Well, I, uh. You know. Didn’t exactly, uh. Ask.”

Bless him.  “I was sort of not really there at the time,” she notes wryly.  “I saw the footage, I probably would’ve clawed out your eyes or something.”


And the silence again, slamming into the meter or so between them like a portcullis.  No, she reflects, the thought plopping into her mind.  More like a landslide.  First the little pebbles bouncing down innocently enough and then the rest of the hillside smacking into you at highway speeds, wiping away everything that you’d tried to put in its way.

Her mouth moves on automatic while her mind considers that imagery.  “Would you do it again?” she says.

“Huh?”  He looks up at her.

“You know.  Would you kiss me if we weren’t in mortal danger,” her mouth says for her before the signal to shut up shut up shut up reaches her jaw muscles and clamps them shut.

Ladybug goes redder, the flush spreading from his cheeks to his ears.  He stares for a moment before he forces his gaze back down to his lap, thumbs tapping out a rapid staccato beat.

“I, I uh, I, uh, um,” he says.

Great, Marinette thinks.  Great move, Dupain-Cheng.  Brilliant.

Ladybug inhales deeply and presses the pads of his thumbs tightly together, so that the skin goes white.

“I don’t think I could,” he says.


“There’s, ah, someone else,” he continues as Marinette feels her heart being fed through a food processor millimeter by millimeter.  “A girl.  At school.  You, ah, wouldn’t know her.  Well, you might.”

Fuck fuck fuck.

“But anyways,” he says, his hand going up to scratch at the back of his neck, “I like her.  A lot.  Haven’t really been able to tell her with one thing and another.”

Why the fuck had she asked.  She’d known, somewhere in the back of his mind that he’d answer like that, she’d known, but so long as he didn’t say it it wasn’t so bad.

“I see,” Marinette says.  She stands as quickly as she dares on legs that seem as stable as quicksand. 

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Marinette says.  She chances a glance back at him but turns and takes a few steps away from him.  “I asked.”

“I could’ve put it gentler,” Ladybug says.  She hears him stand as well and steps a little further away.

“See you tomorrow then?” he says weakly.

In response, she stares out at Paris below, looking for a good spot to leap towards.  Her mouth takes over again.

“You said I might know her,” Marinette says as she stands there, one hand on the nearest upright piece of steel for balance.  She doesn’t look back at him.  “Could I at least have her name?”

“Not so that I could go after her,” she adds quickly.

“I wasn’t thinking that,” Ladybug says.  “And sure.”

She waits, her claws gouging shallow trenches into the iron.

“Marinette Dupain-Cheng,” he says.

Marinette goes stiff.

“You know her then?” Ladybug says.

She turns to face him, and his eyes go a little wide as they take in the expression on her face.

“Plagg,” she says.  “Claws in.”

His mouth starts to frame the word “no” just as she leaps, green lightning crackling around her from toes to head as the transformation drops.  Which is fine as far as she’s concerned.

The kiss is lip-bruising and she feels her teeth clack painfully against his as she hits him in a tackle hard enough to knock him back.  Ladybug stumbles, trips, and goes over, Marinette clinging to him with arms and thighs and legs, but manages to cast out his yoyo and sling it around a beam before they plummet to their deaths.  Well, hers.  She was reasonably sure that he’d be fine, even from this height.

Unfortunately, her tackle wasn’t dead-center.  Their momentum spins them around even as they fall, and Ladybug’s leg tangles in the string as he unspools it just enough to keep anyone from going the way of Gwen Stacy.  They end up bouncing, upside down, chest to chest as Marinette kisses him for all that she’s worth, her head spinning as blood rushes down.

But even for all of that, the fog around them goes golden for a perfect, endless moment.

“What the,” Ladybug splutters as she breaks contact for a breath.  “What?  Marinette?”

“I’m sorry,” she says.  “Yes, it’s me.  I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but it’s me.”

Marinette?” he repeats.  “Holy shit.

He stares at her as they swing gently from side-to-side.  “Holy shit.  I just kissed Marinette Du-freaking-pain-Cheng.  Holy shit.”

“I kissed you, technically,” she says.  A damned stupid thing to say but hey.  The kiss was a damn stupid decision in the first place.  Well, not the kiss, but the execution thereof.  Also probably the detransformation thing, she was going to get an ear bashing from Plagg once he stopped making retching noises off to the side.

“You, uh,” he says.  “Did.”  He blinks a few times.  “Uh.  Can we do it again?”

“Can we not do it upside down?” Marinette suggests.

“Uh,” Ladybug says.  “Yes.  Yes we can.”

As it turns out, kissing is much more fun when her head isn’t pounding as blood rushes to it.

When she gets back home, Marinette spends the rest of the night alternately hyperventilating in panic, ignoring Plagg in favor of replaying the kissing in her head, and screaming in excitement into her pillow.

Meet & Greet.

Request from @djpaige13paigeCan you do a long-ish imagine, like at least a paragraph or something, with Ethan where you are a big fan, but your also really shy. And at the convention you are wearing an official Harry Potter outfit, from universal studios in Harry Potter world. And he thinks it’s really awesome and that you look beautiful and stuff. And wants to ask for your number and stuff. Sorry for a weird and long imagine, thing. I don’t request things like this a lot.

Author’s Note: This request is so cute, holy shit! I hope I did it justice, thanks honeybee!

Some people call you a nerd, but you were okay with that. Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter had been one of the highlights of your life, a close second to the convention you were experiencing at this moment. The Jacksepticeye panel had just finished, and you were trying to exit the room, but everyone was stopping to compliment you on your robes, awing at the detail and asking you where you had gotten them. When you were finally done with the “thank you”’s and “I got them at Universal Studios”, you reached the door, only to bump into yet another human being.

“Wow, those are really cool,”

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Goin' down (one-shot)

Tom/Character: Actor!Tom
Genre: M - Smut.
Fic summary: Lately there’s been some talk about what would happen if we got stuck in an elevator with Tom. @lokis-rainbow-succubus did a post on it and it inspired me to write, so part of what you see is hers.


You had just finished going through a routine dentist’s appointment and couldn’t stop running your tongue over your teeth while waiting for the elevator, bouncing back and forth on the balls of your feet. The doors opened with a ding! and you before you raised your head to walk in, you heard the voice.

“Goin’ down?” He said, and you looked up. It was him. Fuck.

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You know, I think the main thing that makes Mass Effect so compelling to me is the fact that it stretches so far beyond the main characters. There is literally a GALAXY of information and characters and relationships and science and all these things just waiting to be exploited and discovered. You make an OC at the beginning with the last name of “Shepard” and while they may all do relatively the same thing, the outcomes and the decisions could be vastly different, and shape each Shepard accordingly. 

I think it’s also something to say that there is a galaxy of characters too, those that revolve around their own stars, sometimes passing near Shepard and getting drawn in, or they are just nearby, pulled to Shepard like a comet and then back out, searching their own stories. And there are so many stories, so many stars to visit, with their own worlds and interesting tales. Samara and her tales, revolving around her daughters. Thane, and his wife and son. Grunt, finding a purpose, Benezia and Liara, during better times. Hell, even further back, with Javik and the Protheans, the Leviathans, the stories transcend time and space and even sometimes logic but they are still there. The stories are there and full of color and emotion and people and character. 

Mass Effect’s universe just has so much, I don’t think it could ever be fully explored. Of course, it’s not about finding EVERYTHING, it is simply the pursuit that makes it beautiful, seeing the snippets in a different way, in a different light, from everyone else. The same, and yet not the same, and yet enjoyed equally. There is so much to learn, see and do. There are endless reservoirs just waiting to be mined, to be created, to be unearthed. And the fun is just going there, creating it, making it just a little bit bigger- a little bit more colorful. 

Mass Effect is amazing because from what I have seen, it goes outside itself and keeps on growing. Outside the people, the planets, and the story to go into the breath and life of those that experience it. I haven’t gotten that feeling from really any other universe but this one, and I think it’s the fact that it continues, into infinity and beyond, that makes Mass Effect so special to me. There is so much there, just waiting to be discovered.

And we all help discover it, together. 

anonymous asked:

Hi. As a prompt for you: You know these AUs where you have your soulmates first sentence to you tattooed somewhere on your body? What if every Hale (really every Hale) Stiles meets says THAT sentence to him? This could either be really funny or really tragic.


(Ok so there’s some Stora in this but not really, basically Stiles just thinks he’s supposed to be into Cora for angst reasons. It’s obviously Sterek through and through, even if Stiles doesn’t realize that.)

Stiles has always felt pretty lucky about his soul mark. It isn’t anything hugely embarrassing, though a little on the side of standoffish. (He’d lamented at one point about how he obviously wasn’t going to make a good first impression on his soulmate, and his dad had just snorted, clapped him on the shoulder, and said “first impressions aren’t really your forte, kid. I wouldn’t worry about it. You grow on people.”) But most of all, most importantly of all, it’s specific. Not as specific as Scott, who’d lucked into a formal introduction on his soul mark (“hi, I’m Allison”) but it’s still pretty darn good.

After all, how many conversations tend to start with “This is private property”?

(Stiles likes to point out his mark as an excuse for his less than totally law abiding nature growing up. After all, “if I never do anything I’m not supposed to I’ll never meet my soulmate. I’ll be alone forever. You wouldn’t want that, would you dad?”)

He’s seventeen years old when he hears it, sliding into his usual desk in history class and noticing a piece of folded up looseleaf abandoned on the corner from the previous period.

He takes it idly, starts unfolding it when a slim hand darts out of nowhere, snatching it away.

This is private property.”

Cora freaking Hale.

They’d gone to school together for years but had never been forced to interact, ending up in different classrooms, gravitating toward different social circles. She’s slight but obviously strong, with long, dark hair tied back in a basic ponytail and eyes that could cut you at a thousand paces, and Stiles feels his mouth hanging open, gaping at her.

“Holy shit,” he breathes, and immediately flinches. “Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

Cora just rolls her eyes, sliding the note into her pocket and snorting, like she hadn’t expected anything different. And of course she hadn’t, she’d grown up with that written on her arm. Already a first class soulmate, Stilinski. He can’t believe he’d sentenced Cora to a lifetime of “holy shit” coiling across her skin.

She’s tossing her hair back, watching him with dark eyed amusement.

“No problem,” she says, a grin teasing across her lips. “Just keep your hands to yourself from now on.”

“I didn’t touch you,” he says, voice breaking as it goes high. He can’t believe his making this bad of an impression. She flashes her teeth in a grin that’s easy and dangerous and, yeah, hot, ok? He’d definitely won the hot soulmate lottery and he’s still kind of wrapping his head around that one.

And she’s being so freaking cool about it, too. So casual. He’s just trying to keep his heart from rattling out of his chest.

“You touched my shit,” and he’s pretty sure she’s teasing. He’s pretty sure. She’s his soulmate so he’s definitely pretty sure on that one. She pokes his chest pointedly, before backing up a step and turning away. “Don’t touch my shit.”

And then she’s backtracking up the aisle, toward the door, and he lets out a frantic sound, tripping out of his chair so fast he bangs his knee on the underside of it.

Hey, ow, wait. I mean. Should we… could we hang out later, maybe?”

She turns back, one perfect brow arching.


It’s such a nonsensical question that Stiles just stares for another second. He feels the eyes of the other students on him and shifts under the heat of their smirking or sympathetic gazes.

“I’d just… We should get to know each other better.”

He fights a wince as soon as he says it. He’s obviously already screwed this up. He’s going to be one of those soulmates. The ones with the unfinished bonds, the ones whose partners end up with someone else anyway. It happens sometimes, soulmates don’t make you a sure thing. He should’ve known he would be so immediately unappealing, should’ve known his soulmate would take one look at him (if she hadn’t decided against him before they’d even met because holy shit, really?) and decide to screw destiny.

“Stilinski, right?”

He’s jolted out of his rising panic and nods, a quick, desperate bob of his chin.

“Alright. I’ve got field hockey until 5 tonight. Pick me up after, you can drive me home.”

And then she’s gone, not so much as waiting for an agreement before sweeping off to her next class. He slumps back down into his seat, a dazed grin slipping over his lips until Scott drops down next to him.

“Dude, did you really just ask out Cora Hale?”

He turns his dizzy-pleased smile back on his friend.

“I asked out my soulmate.”

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As You Wish

AU Week Day 2: Altered Canon Storyline

Summary: Instead of meeting Neal when she was seventeen, Emma meets a young man with an attractive accent, a prosthetic hand, and the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen (though she would never admit to such a thing). 

Length: 4,769 words

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He was going to do it. He was going to get out of Neverland and find his Crocodile - it was going to work, it had to.

The portal opened, but with it came a storm.

Killian was thrown from his ship.

He must have gotten knocked out, he was disoriented, he didn’t know what was going on, but this definitely wasn’t the Jolly Roger’s deck.

“What happened?” he asked himself groggily.

“We found you,” an unfamiliarly accented voice answered. “You were drifting, just off the northern Californian coast.”

Californian- what? What the bloody hell is-

Realization dawned on him. He was in another realm, that was sure. But it wasn’t the Enchanted Forest.

As he would later discover, this was a Land Without Magic.

2001, a little less than a year later.

Emma Swan stalked down the alley towards the yellow Volkswagen beetle with a manufactured sense of innocent purpose.  To the passing eye, she looked every bit a young woman who was simply returning to her car. I’ve had too much practice with this, Emma thought to herself as she carefully worked the car door open. With one last glance to her surroundings, she heard that satisfying click and opened the door, her blonde ponytail flicking out behind her as she quickly got in the car and shut the door behind her. She dug in her purse for her ever so technologically advanced tools - a screwdriver and a rock - and set to work getting the car started.

It took a bit of effort but finally, finally, she felt the engine sputter to life and she breathed a sigh of relief. With a glance to the rear view mirror, Emma Swan switched off the parking brake, lowered her foot to the clutch pedal, and shifted gears, rolling out of the alley and into the street. She never did get to thank that Ingrid whackjob for teaching her how to drive stick.

"Very impressive, love,” came a voice from behind her.

Emma couldn’t keep in her gasp of utter and complete fear and surprise. Holy shit. Who the fuck - what is going on holy shit-

“But you could’ve just asked me for the keys, save yourself some trouble,” he continued, cutting off her thoughts and dangling said keys for her to see and fuck he was Irish and had an accent to boot.

Emma’s eyes widened. Shit. Shit shit shit. Her eyes traveled back an forth between this guy and the keys in his hand and dammit she needed to keep her eyes on the road. Calm down Swan. You got this. He’s just some deadbeat, you can handle this. She wanted to say something - something clever, some sort of warning to scare him off - but her mouth wouldn’t form words so she just focused on driving.

“Don’t worry about it, love, just keep driving,” he said in that damned accent of his.

“Keep driving?” Emma shot back, her mouth finally remembering how to speak. “I just stole your car, your life could be in danger.” She glanced at him in the rear view mirror and dammit he had a little grin on his face, like he thought she was funny.

“Do you think this is funny -” she started, trailing off when she realized she didn’t have a name to label him with.

“Not at all,” he said, “and the name’s Killian Jones, by the way. What might I call you?”

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The Spy Upstairs

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

”I’m a spy and I live above you and I know you thought you heard gun shots but I assure you it was just my extrememly loud uh…dog”

-Prompt by houselannisters-

This is Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8

My mother always told me I had a very vivid imagination. As a child I always dreamed up these weird characters and always jumped straight to conclusions when given any situation. Once, when my father had a business meeting and a client came to my house for a scotch and a talk, I was completely convinced he was a mobster…just because he was Italian. I had it all figured out too, I thought that he was just ‘pretending’ to be an insurance client for my dads company so that he could gain free access to my dads railroads so he could use them to take over the city or something and the insurance company was just a whole big front. It didn’t make sense, I know, but figuring out and investigating his whole scheme made me so happy and I felt so alive. I loved stories like that, and I still do.

I was twenty four now and I had my own apartment with a pretty steady job. My life got a little boring sometimes, so what I usually did to keep me interested was what I did when I was little; try and find out peoples life stories. Maybe my old boss was involved in gang activities and owed a huge debt to some very nasty people, (I would know I was his accountant) and maybe that sweet old lady at the grocery store was arrested once for murder, you never knew. But wasn’t that just exciting? Finding out all these clues to really know people? To know all the bad things they might have done or maybe just life altering accidents? I know it’s none of my business and I shouldn’t snoop, but you can’t put a lid on imagination, especially one like mine.

Which…was sort of why I was convinced the cute guy upstairs was a CIA spy? You know, the whole professional killer/assassin type?  

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2.6k proposal and wedding fic. bc why not. (ao3)

When Dean finally works up the nerve to propose, they’re on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere Montana. 

The Continental broke down when they were driving back to the bunker after a two week long hunt. Sam took the Impala to go find a gas station or a shop to see if they could get a tow to come pick it up. Dean’s sitting on the trunk with Cas next to him and two cold water bottles in between them.

He doesn’t have a ring or a plan. He, technically, doesn’t even have Cas - at least, not in the way you’re supposed to have someone when you propose to them. 

But, see, here’s the thing - this isn’t new.

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Calum Hood Imagine- Interview (requested SMUT WARNING)

Calum Hood Imagine- Interview. (SMUT WARNING)


You were right behind 5SOS in your career in the music industry. You always competed with your boyfriend Calum for #1 spots on the ITunes chart and of course he would win most of the time with his band but sometimes you got the lead on some singles. You were in a recent interview with BBC Radio to talk about your new album that was coming out and Calum was with you since he had some time off.

“So (Y/N) tell me about what you see in the future, and how you think this album will do compared to Calum’s LIVESOS album that just came out?” The DJ asked. You bite your lip thinking of what to say, “I don’t really know honestly like I hope this album does really well like the last one and yeah it’s gonna be a tough competition between me and my boyfriends band. I’m just hoping for the best but at the same time I also want Calum to do as well.” You laugh. “Now were gonna take some personal calls from some fans of yours and we’ll only take about three so use your questions Wisely.” The DJ said.

Fan 1: “If you had to choose between your career and Calum’s to go with who would you choose?”

“Well like I’m not going to be selfish and pick me of course like don’t get me wrong I love my fans no matter what but like, Calum has grown so much that it’s hard not support him, so I choose Calum over anything really.” You look at Calum through the glass blowing him a kiss as he smiles.

Fan #2: “How long did it take total to make this album and where did you record it?”

“Ooohh that’s a really good question. I think I would say I spent about 5 months total making this album, making sure it was perfect for the fans to like it. I really put a lot of thought and heart into this album and I’m super proud of it. And I recorded all over the place really. Like it just depended where I was, If I was with Calum on tour I would spend my own time recording in hotel rooms and private studios in America and here in the UK. So really it was all over the place.”

Fan #3: “ If you could choose any instrument to play what would it be and why?”

“Honestly even though my boyfriend is the bassist and all I would kill to learn the drums. I think it’s so cool seeing what Ashton does and I’ve talked to him and he said he would teach me on time off but we’ve all been so busy there’s no time. So yeah definitely drums.” You smile.

“Thanks for joining us (Y/N) and we hope to see you again soon this is BBC Radio 1 Morning show!” And the music starts playing in the background. You get a picture with the DJ’s and walk out seeing Calum on his phone, “you ready?” You ask him and he just shakes his head not saying a word or even looking up at you. You grab his hand “Hey is everything okay?” He looks up at you, “Yeah, I just need to go home I’m so tired. And it’s early.” He complained. “You didn’t have to come you know I told you stay home and get some rest but you insisted.” You stated annoyed a bit. “Yeah well maybe I should’ve thought about your new boyfriend the drummer who you wanna learn the drums from so badly before coming.” He laughs sarcastically. “You’ve got to be kidding me Calum! You can’t seriously be mad at that!” You yell in the car on the way home. “Let’s just continue this at home okay?” He suggests before you look out the window staying silent.

When you get home you go up to the bedroom knowing you had the day off with Calum and changing into some sweats and one of his larger band shirts. As you were getting changed Calum came in when you were halfway done getting changed when you were just in your bra. “Hey.” He says coming closer grabbing your waist making you drop the shirt and leaving no space in between you two. “I love you and I’m sorry I got so jealous, but I want to prove to you that bassists, are so much better than drummers.” He smirks leaving you smiling. He kisses you extending his long arms dropping your sweats from your hips down to your ankles with you kicking them off. “Condom.” You say in between breaths. You kiss his neck before he lets go taking off his pants and boxers revealing his length slipping on the condom. You lay on the bed waiting as he comes over and lies on top of you kissing you rubbing your clit with his fingers between the underwear leaving you moaning. He slips off your underwear inserting his fingers in and out, “Oh my god Calum.” You moan, “Just fuck me already holy shit” You breath. He rubs the tip against your clit a bit before entering leaving both of you moaning. “Holy god you feel amazing baby.” He tips his head back moaning before leaning on your panting in your ear. “Faster babe.” You say in between pants. As he goes faster and faster you finally reach your climax point, “shit babe Im gonna cum.” You rub your two fingers on your clit as he keeps thrusting. You scream out in pleasure finally reaching it as he thrusts a couple more times before Calum finally falls beside you leaving you both breathless. “Wow” you take a deep breath. Calum looks at you and smiles, “Now why you see why bassists are better?” He teases. “Yes baby, So much better.” You cuddle up to him. 

What Goes Around

Pairing: Syndisparklez

Warnings: None (?) but willing to tag if necessary

Words: 1929

“‘CaptainSparklez’… Ain’t that just the perfect name for you now, eh, Sparkly Dick?” Tom elbowed Jordan in the side, who in turn rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

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