holy shit guys i'm back yes


yuugi: what’s wrong??
catem: *i can’t tell him i was staring at his ass. quick distract him* HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE (holy shit i did not mean to say that but it’s too late to take back)

also u guys finally got a glance of yuugi’s kwami. hooray!!

The Signs as Things My Friends Have Said/Done
  • Aries: ”Like, honestly. Like, really. I’m gonna cut your head off. Seriously.”
  • Taurus: “1, 2, 3, DAB ATTACK!”
  • Gemini: “When I get bored, I honestly just stalk people on social media. No shame.”
  • Cancer: “Michael Clifford fuck me. And bring me ice cream. And cuddle me.” (I’ve actually said this, whoops.)
  • Leo: “Did you know that if a guy has big feet, he also has a big-” “YES WE KNOW.”
  • Virgo: “Is this organized enough?” When what they’re asking about is literally already perfect.
  • Scorpio: "Holy fucking shit, I just wanna fuck him."
  • Aquarius: *Orders the most complicated Starbucks order in the world*
  • Capricorn: "OMG YOU'RE SO AMAZING AND PRETTY." *proceeds to talk shit about the person behind their back*
  • Sagittarius: "I love my new soccer mouth guard, I wanna wear it in public and scare children."
  • Pisces: "Slay. My. LIFE."

anonymous asked:

I'm a libra. One day I was stupid and got a dui. I was drunk rolling and high and some guy asked me for a ride home and I unconsciously said yes 🙄 car accident happens no1 is hurt. Time passes. I'm at a shroom party & go home because I'm weirded out. I go to a diff party. Cops show up. Say "where's david" looking for other officer. I say "I'm david" bcuz that's my name. I get handcuffed. I sing "Do What U Want" by Gaga in the back of the car. I show them my asshole in my transparent cell.

^^^^Holy shit

anonymous asked:

Imagine Lovino and Antonio taking a break and they are both at the club on the same night and Lovino is dancing with this guy and Antonio sees them and gets real jealous. So he walks over and is like "what the fuck are you doing" and then Lovino is like "I'm having fun" then they start arguing and end up going back to Antonio's house and have makeup sex

Holy shit yes! And maybe Lovino dances really well and it really bothers Antonio how the other guy is obviously thinking he’s gonna get some and Antonio is all just like “hell no, not with MY man”