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{PART 1} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You drive to your boss‘s house with the intention of returning his wallet he left at the office. You feel uneasy, seeing his manor for the first time - Jungkook also feels uneasy, but for reasons that you could never begin to imagine.

A/N; This is the first instalment of a request I received that I decided to turn into a series that will contain smut. I’ll release a new chapter every Tuesday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time), I hope you enjoy part 1 ^^

{Part 1} {Part 2}

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les amis as some of my godawful tweets
  • enjolras: i genuinely think my content is deliriously good 10/10 @ me
  • combeferre: ideal date; u n me, a fireplace, marshmallows, fairy lights everywhere, nice soft music, talking abt aliens
  • courfeyrac: flannel? gay. cats the animal? gay. cats the musical? gay. musicals? gay. music? gay. sheet music? gay. tchaikovsky? probably gay. words? ga
  • grantaire: me; leans in close 2 whisper sensually in ur ear
  • me; i have the full shrek blu-ray boxset
  • joly: sext; Christmas Music 2 hour playlist
  • bossuet: mirror father; the end of this year is a time to reflect,
  • mirror children; *exaggerated groaning*
  • eponine: haha my love life? a mess, a scam, a lie
  • marius: get u a man that'll play u romantic songs on the guitar and then cry bc the melody is so sweet (me)
  • montparnasse: my lips have been chapped for a whole week come thru @ universe y r u punishing me like this I've only committed like 1 (one) minor felony
  • bahorel: i am dat boi, gonna unicycle into ur life n steal ur heart hoe,
  • feuilly: i wasn't being an angel, i was being gay
  • cosette: everyone either thinks im a pure roll or a huge snob boob but I'm actually ten crimes and a bunny in a trenchcoat
  • jehan: you: Labyrinth, the Movie
  • me, an intellectual; that unnecessarily long and oddly contextual music video for David Bowie's "dance magic"
  • musichetta: tell em boy bi,,,, boy bi
  • claquesous: being lowkey? i don't know her

hey do you know whats cool and also terrifying the fact that mark can just… keep gaining powers. by the end of this ep he had and was actively using three (damien’s, chloe’s, and caleb’s) and like… holy shit??? distance limit or no that’s fucking wild???


Every one of our parents does considerable emotional damage and from what I’ve heard, it might just be the best part of being a parent. Now if some guy ever does put a ring on your finger and you’re lucky enough to pop out a youngster, I’m sure you’ll understand.

I can still draw my fave nerds as like y’know, buds, right? Intergalactic collaborators? Jane wouldn’t mind that, would she?! :B

I do still wonder how how Peri is gonna react when she realises that not only did someone steal some tech of hers, they also don’t know what the fuck they’re doing with it! Would she get mad? Or attempt to educate (like she does with Steven!)?!

So many questions! She didn’t save the Earth for this…

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Seventeen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES: Some swearing in this chapter and according to my research, Valaskialf is the name of the Aesir palace. 

“That was, without question, the most horrific thing I have ever experienced.” Wilson groaned as he righted himself after the Bifrost.

“That is a tad dramatic.” Loki sighed boredly as he assisted in steadying Alexia. “Not bad.” He commended her.

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