holy shit did i actually write a fic

The One

request:  Can you do an imagine where you and shawn are hanging out with his family and you’re talking to his sister or someone and shawn just looks at you and realizes that you were the one for him. Thanks!!

a/n: the title doesn’t even relate i never say the words “the one” in this it’s just in the request. also it’s short but it’s pretty sweet

You and Aaliyah were sitting next to the pool, with your legs dipped in, talking about who-knows-what. Shawn had invited you over for some barbeque his dad wss throwing, and you can never deny a trip to your boyfriend’s house- especially since they had a pool and it was incredibly hot outside.

Shawn was with his dad at the grill, talking about nothing in particular, but he wasn’t really listening. He was watching you intereact with his sister, and his heart was pounding so hard he was sure his father could hear it. Shawn blinked and noticed his father was trying to get his attention. “Hmm?”

“Are you ok? Feelin’ good?” Manny asked, worried about his son. He had gotten back from Europe just a few days ago, but he seemed over the jet lag.

“Um, Dad? How did you know you were going to propose to Mom?” He asked, and Manny nearly dropped the tongs he was holding.

He cleared his throat, and looked at Shawn. “I-I just knew. I could see her being the perfect mother to my children, and always making me happy.” Manny looked to where his daughter was at the pool, and put two and two together. “What brought this on?” He asked, just to be sure.

Shawn chewed on his lip. “I think, I think I wanna marry her.” He said, looking at his dad. “I know I’m young, and I probably should wait but-”

“I don’t think you’re too young.”

“What?” Shawn looked at his dad. “You don’t? I’m 18?”

Manny shrugged. “Shawn, you’re so mature for someone your age. I see some of your friends at the store, and they’re just acting so much more childish than you. You’ve had to grow up so much faster, and if you think you want to propose, I think you should.” Manny said, flipping one of the burgers.

Shawn saw you stand up from the edge of the pool, and walk towards him. “Hey, babe.” He smiled, acting like he wasn’t just talking about proposing.

“What’re you guys talking about? Saw you looking over at me.” You smiled, adjusting the sunglasses your sister bought you for your birthday.

“Nothing, just said how I wanted to push you and Liyah into the pool.” Shawn smiled, laughing when you turned around and walked away.

“I think I’m gonna marry her.”

a/n: holy shit i actually did a request. omg. sorry it’s short but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (send me more requests pls and thx)

@qanter-queen requested from “Don’t act like you’ve never seen a dead person talking before.”  here

Jeremy stood stock still, slack jawed, as he watched his boss groan and sit up.

Sit up off the cold warehouse floor, rubbing at his head.

His head that was covered in crimson blood.

His blood.

From the gunshot.

To his head.

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Fanfiction Recommendations!

Hey guys~ 

Since we’ve been receiving so much love from all of you, we decided to give back to our favorite authors to let them know how much we love their work and to share with you some of our favorite pieces of writings. 

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Sangria’s Recommendations: 

1. Scent, sweat and heat by @itsyvvngis

2. Only Mine & Mr. Min by @ellieljade [Or literally anything else on her masterlist because holy shit her writing is sooo good!!!

3. Literally everything written by @war-of-hormoan@btssmutgalore@jeonjagiya [Love all of you and your works so so much! Hope I can write like you guys one day :)]

Midnight’s Recommendations:

1. prince!Hakyeon by @vixx17andbtsimagines [I know it’s not technically a fic, but still, ART. And, actually, everything on this blog if bloody brilliant, I’m not kidding]

2. ghost by @stormae  [Bodyguard!Taeyong yeas]

3. He’s Evil by @sangsanghaebwa [*cough*]

We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did!

Just Enjoy It

A/n- this is for @katymacsupernatural’s Wish upon a star challenge. This was honestly the most fun I’ve had writing a fic. Clueless Cas always makes me giggle, and I couldn’t help but laugh my way through writing this. I’m weird like that though. Anyways, I hope I did this quote justice, Katy! It is bolded in the fic.

No pairing

Word count: 744 (Holy shit I actually drabbled)

Warnings: none really.

Cas has always been strange. It’s not his fault though, he’s an Angel of the Lord, and isn’t accustomed to human things. Like using a microwave, or a toaster, or eating and drinking. Every day you find out something new about the Angel and it never ceases to amaze you.

To be fair, he learns quite quickly. Most of the time, anyways. But sometimes he just doesn’t understand at all.

Like today, its spring, your favorite time of year and you are spending as much time outside as you possibly can. You love lying in the grass under the trees watching their flowers float down around you while the birds flit to and fro singing their little hearts out and the bees buzz by you collecting pollen to make their honey. You were watching the clouds move by when Cas suddenly appeared next to you.

“Hello Cas!” you beamed at the Angel.

“Greetings, Y/N,” he said, almost stoically.

You sat up when you heard the tone in his voice. “Is everything alright? You sound like something’s wrong…”

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Hogwarts: A History of the Foxes

It;s Here! My big bang fic is done and posted!!

The AMAZINGLY TALENTED @wesnenski did awesome art of the Foxes as Quidditch Players. THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE <3 Not only is there this awesome art she also helped keep me sane over the past week of making this fic actually happen.

Another big thanks to @dysfunctional-college-roommates and @wilsherejack and @diemondgrimm and @yellowgoingblue and the peeps over at the Inception Slack for helping me get through this. I love you all.

This follows the foxes through years 1-4 of Seth’s Hogwarts career and covers pre-neil. POV switches between all of them.

Dan was hoping for an empty dorm room so she could have a moment to herself before going to Charms for her first Practical Applications quiz. She had been studying in the library trying to get this over with so she could go back to preparing for the Quidditch Tryout the upcoming weekend.

It had only been a week since the Sorting Ceremony and already Dan was ready to hit something or someone. She missed her stage sisters but she was finally away from her Aunt and her fucked up family and was trying to take advantage of it, trying to ensure she got a future out of this drastic turn of events that did not involve stripping.Her time in the library had been cut short but the Hufflepuff Quidditch captain and his cronies. The rumor mill was full of chatter about the fact that not one but three First Year girls were going to try out for the currently all-male Hufflepuff team. They had already started trying to drive Dan and her roommates away from the Quidditch pitch. 

Dan had spent most of the riveting confrontation in the library defending Renee and Allison. Too bad she actually hated the religious do-gooder and the stuck up bitch. The boys would never guess that the three girls couldn’t stand each other in private, they were all ready to get weary of the group challenging them.“

novacore195  asked:

Can I just say: your fic "is this a forest? 'cuz there sure is a lot of pine" Is sO AMAZING LIKE HOLY SHIT?? AND- THE LATEST UPDATE DESTROYED ME. I found it yesterday, and dear god I am glad I did. You've got some amazing writing skills! Keep up the good work. (Also that amazing race au is amazing, amazing race Is like my childhood show, so it was awesome to see it brought up like that and it actually sounds really neat)

AHHHH im glad you liked the fic and that au haha!!! i certainly will strive to keep on writing til i die. thank you so much :D

les-voleurs-fantomes  asked:

i just finished 'sunflowers' and i'm currently dead inside from these emotions. age gaps aren't my thing so i was worried about reading this but... my god, you blew it out of the fucking ballpark this is now one of my favourite ffxv fics ever 👌👌👌

Age gaps aren’t my thing either! Which is probably why I took the approach I did. I’ve got it stuck in my head somehow to approach all the fics I write (that aren’t porn at least lmao) somewhat realistically? So somehow my mind jumped from “silly promptis age gap teacher/student” to “how can I make this dynamic actually work?”

But holy shit I guess I did okay???!! I’m glad it had the intended effect and sorry not sorry for the feels omg. Thank you for the wonderful feedback ❤️❤️❤️

So I have this idea for a ML reveal fic.
Picture this:
It’s Halloween. The teachers have decided to allow the kids to wear their costumes.
Marinette and Alya decide to go as a pair (as usual) and though Alya wants to be Ladybug and Chat Noir (she wanted Marinette to be Ladybug, even, which Mari couldn’t allow), Marinette manages to convince her to do something else (it was Mari’s turn to pick anyway).
Mari and Alya turn up to school together on Halloween dressed in handmade Kim Possible costumes. Alya is Kim while Mari is Sheego.
Adrien sees them walk in and is shocked. Marinette is wearing spandex, and there isn’t much hidden (the other students have heard Mari has an eight pack, that Mari is RIPPED. This is proven true.)
ADRIEN, though, isn’t nearly as shocked by how fit Mari is as he should be because he’s busy being shocked by the fact that he KNOWS that amazing body; he sees it in spandex all the time. MARINETTE IS LADYBUG, holy shit how did he not notice before?
And so Marinette is outed by wearing a spandex suit to school and looking like a badass super villain.

I’m not sure where it would go from there. I might write this out as an actual story later, but if anyone wants to do it for me PLEASE send me a link so I can read it.