holy shit applejack no


Okay yeah, lemme make it clear since I haven’t made many posts of MLP prior to this; I’m a fan. I love the series, blah blah blah. WHATEVER.

Okay so like, Applejack is already pretty cool in my book as it is since her family and mine already both work on farms. But this episode FUCKED ME UP.

So when we first moved onto our property (yeah, I wasn’t a born-and-raised farmgirl like AJ. We moved from town to live on a farm), we noticed a tree sitting on the front of our property and when it had fruit on it, it looked a HELLUVA lot like apples. Looked like them, tasted like them, we researched and thought they were an old heritage breed that was great for making deserts. So we made apple pie out of them and damn were they the best apple pies ever!

….then one day we went to the store..

…and found something that looked an awful lot like our apples…

…and they were PEARS.

Further research, we found out that what we really had was a PEAR tree that grew Asian PEARS that looked a helluva lot like APPLES. (Which would explain why their exterior was a little rougher than most apples and why their bite was a little..grittier than most apples.) So we ended up calling them “Papples” instead and had “papple pie” and I’m fucking DYING over this episode of apples and pears. XDD These two are like, the purest thing in the whole series to ever ship and I fucking love everything about this cheesy episode. XD

(Also with the added laugh of Pinkie’s PIE family name being tied along with the apples and pears as well. XD)


this is the best MLP video I’ve ever seen

[english subtitles available via CC button]


Happy Holidays here’s some gay pony shet (ft. Equestria Girls).