holy rome cosplay


Character: Holy Roman Empire
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Cosplayer: Azure Angel Cosplay

I actually debuted this at Katsucon 2014, but sadly had next to no pics of it by myself. I DID manage to meet a very adorable Chbitalia cosplayer at that convention and we had a great time posing together! I also wore this at Colossalcon 2014, but again had very few solo pics, but I did meet a really gorgeous Fem!Holy Roman Empire. It wasn’t until this year’s International Cosplay Day in Baltimore that I finally got enough to post comfortably. Thank you to all that helped with taking pics of me!


KATSUCON CHRONICLES (a story of photos)

Day 1 (Thursday): 

1. A pic of the prereg line that spanned for miles. I hear it was even worse on Friday. I didn’t mind waiting in line cuz i was finishing season 1 of Hannibal. People in line witnessed my feels, they were quite understanding.

Day 2 (Friday): I had the best hetalia experience ever, I literally fandomed all over the place.

2. I found my Holy Rome!

3. This dude cosplaying as Bob Ross. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

4. This Sherlock cosplayer did a really good job and I appreciated the riding crop.

5. Impressive Alice Madness cosplay.

6. Me and Greece. (This cosplayer is a lovely person) 

7. Cute Preußen

8. THESE USUK COSPLAYERS. Srsly guys they were so amazing about being in character and they were so nice. They did amazing at their Ask a Nation panel.

9. Group photo of Friday photoshoot. (most hetalians were stuck in prereg line)