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Habsburg Family Valentines!

You guys are really lucky that you missed out on the slew of horrible puns when these were coming out on my dA holy crap

after mehmed ii conquered byzantine, he declared himself the roman emperor and protector of the orthodox church (even as to his east, moscow would style itself the third rome) – “in old times, the roman empire was pagan, catholic, and orthodox. now it is muslim.


23 unexplainable emotions every Hetalia country feels part 3 of 3

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                                       ❝  —  you’ll always be my most favorite country in the whole world.

Not too Holy, not too Roman, status of “Empire” highly questionable…

Can’t stop thinking about my History of Western Civ class from last quarter, which must be a pretty good thing, so decided to draw lil HRE in Medieval Carolingian garb, since I think he looks pretty snazzy in his glorified sheets. Sort of inspired by @cidershark‘s HRE doodles, except…still pretty loose and heavy on the symbolism, not necessarily accuracy hah.

i’m watching Hetalia and my mom’s seen parts of the first few episodes so she’s kinda familiar with the Axis and one of the Chibitalia episodes was on and she walked in the room when Holy Rome was on the screen and immediately says “is that young Germany” i’m actually crying


I made a video for the people with a low attention span. This is one of my most viewed Hetamysteries and because I am addicted to making these videos, and since more people use youtube than tumblr, I thought why not.