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Hetalia be like
  • Fandom: please give us long episodes with detailed characters that have interesting and inspiring backgrounds, but don't put lots of depressing shit that makes us all miserable
  • Himaruya: lol did someone say 'lots of depressing shit'

I want to draw a comic one day of little Teutonic Knights-Gilbert meeting Holy Roman Empire because I think it’d be an interesting dynamic to explore: HRE who has already seen the one or another century and little Gilbert who has only been a country for a few years. A young nation wanting to be acknowledged.

But since that comic would take a lot of effort, I only drew this picture instead as of yet :y

APH Characters Reacting to "I love you"
  • <p> <b>America:</b> dUDE<p/><b>England:</b> i love me too :)<p/><b>France:</b> [brightest smile you can imagine]<p/><b>Russia:</b> [nervous laughing because he doesn't get that as much as he deserves]<p/><b>Italy:</b> ILOVEYOUTOO<p/><b>Holy Roman Empire:</b> [dies]<p/></p>

Named after the first Holy Roman Emperor, the one that ruled without a Holy Roman Empire.

We had a fun discussion about the origins of dear Francis in a group chat, and of course Holy Roman Empire came up in that conversation eventually. We came to the conclusion that Francis would not be very thrilled about his new sibling/neighbor.
(I added the above passage to explain why I chose the name Karl for HRE, as Karl is the German version of Charles. It’s classy to cite your own fanfiction, right?)

Ah watch out HRE, that is the face of a boy who will kill you one day…


Final round of my Brandenburg doodles using using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design because its my friend’s favorite. 

Not too Holy, not too Roman, status of “Empire” highly questionable…

Can’t stop thinking about my History of Western Civ class from last quarter, which must be a pretty good thing, so decided to draw lil HRE in Medieval Carolingian garb, since I think he looks pretty snazzy in his glorified sheets. Sort of inspired by @cidershark‘s HRE doodles, except…still pretty loose and heavy on the symbolism, not necessarily accuracy hah.