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Just slight of history lesson that I learned about Greece, Roman Empire and Holy Roman Empire : THE REVISION

I come to my college class, it was History of Philosophy material from History of Modern Thought. Buckle up your seatbelt!

We started on why Greeks made gods names like dozens of them. It was later on explained to ease their fear of the unknown. My lecturer quoted H.P Lovecraft famous quote “The oldest and strongest emotions of humankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is the fear of the unknown”, later on it is concluded the Greeks need something to be explained when they face something bad like disaster from the nature. Then we learn about Thales, Anaximander and Heracalitus, these three was like “yeah Myths are old, how about we think something more rational?”.

Greek are most care about how nature works on Pre socratic era, yea that is fine. They only wondered “where are everything come from? How to explain nature plurarity? From exactly what everything is created?” and more stuff we have not find the answer today. Religious people can stay on religious view if they want to and so is skeptical people. Socrates is lthe teacher of Plato that teach Aristotle, Socrates was too lazy or does not want to make any books, might be too busy because he thinks too much. So Plato created book named “Plato’s Republic”, it is all about Justice, The Order, Characteristic of the just city-streak and Just Man. It was all about Socrates’s words.

Cool! Now Greeks start thinking lots of thing and now is Hellenistic period. It does not have anything to do with Hell at all. Hellenistic is about bunch of things related to Greeks, South East Asia, Mediterranian area and what actually happen after Alexander the Great’s death. The characteristic is mixed up cultures between the Greeks and foreign culture. After Alexander the Great died, now Greek Empire ruled by two kings named Philip and (other) Alexander

“What’s up?” The Romans from Roman Empire here then they knocked down the Greek that time was called as Greek Enpire. The Greeks are stressed because they can’t do as they please anymore, duh suck to be conquered. So what does the Philosophers do? They tried to calm themselves down by learning how to live under those circumstance. Roman Empire is so big and centered on Rome in modern day Italy.

“Crap. How to keep our land with only horses and pigeons for communicating? We invent lots of things like cosmetics for rich dudes, calendar, political system, medicine and satire” well sunce there is no e-mail or LINE back then and what add more like hard time to keep up communicating, supplying armies and maintaining powers. The Romans rich dudes lifestyle was all partying hard and filled with corruption to the point the Empire collapsed and got divided into two.

So Roman Empire splitted into two in 205 CE. Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire. The Western Roman Empire fell then become Holy Roman Empire in 476 CE under pope’s authority. The Eastern Roman Empire called as Byzantine ruled under Constantine in 1453 fell to the Turks hand in Constantinopel aka modern day Istanbul.

Roman Empire died but what happened after that? Correct. It is The Dark Age or Middle Age period. It was called as dark not because nobody turn on fire or lamp back then. It is because The Catholic Church or also known as Holy Roman Empire, the Catholics was all powerful dudes they have money, power and alliances between kings, queens, leaders to offer protection and power so the people can’t be more developed. Also it is time between when Roman Empire dead and before 🌟~light light Enlightement~ or Rennainsance era~~🌟 . The Catholic Church/Holy Roman Empore become rich dudes because they didn’t freaking pay taxes and so powerful during Medieval/Dark Age/Middle Age. They also take 10% of each people earnings for themselves for gaining power and money. Then died down because of corruption of power and money just like Roman Empire did. Well they fight for The Crusades but nobody wins from the Moslems country (that make cool stuff like windmills, soap then translating things into arabic so they can learn more about world) vs The Catholics. The moslem are 3 times bigger than all Catholics power and countries combined(known as Christiandom). Both side promised each soldiers that died will fly direct to heaven. But yea nobody win and only cultural exchanges happen.

Might or might not continue on monday. I only learn this far today.

This article does not imply the theory of Germany is HRE or vice versa is wrong, beside believers of Germany=HRE theory can stay believe if they want to, it is okay. Don’t use my article for war against other’s opinion, I will be sad you know. This article use is not for antagonized hetalia characters. I simply want to informed history from Philosophy study that I learned. See you next time!~

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How would the chibis (Italy romano HRE prussia russia America and Canada) deal with having their first crush?

How Chibi-talia handles having their first crush


This sweet baby would do anything and everything to gain the attention of his crush. He would offer to eat pasta with them and might even draw a portrait of said crush as a gift. He could also be very shy around his crush and might avoid them sometimes, but once he comes to terms with having a crush he becomes very confident and friendly. He doesn’t care if their crush doesn’t return their feelings, as long as they can remain close friends that is enough for him.


The classic “If a boy if mean to you, he likes you”. Romano has troubles processing and understanding his feelings as it is, having a crush now makes it worse. He would tease his crush at first, but then once he sees how hurtful his behavior is, he would have a change of heart. As an apology, he might offer to make them pasta or eat tomatoes with him while blushing. However, once his crush returns his feelings he becomes more romantic and friendly.

Holy Roman Empire

Similar to Romano, he can be sometimes mean to his crush because he doesn’t know how to process his emotions well. He might follow his crush around, just to observe them and study their habits so he can know more about them. He really tries to give them things he thinks they might like, such as picking a couple flowers or ‘attempting’ to draw a nice picture for them. In the end, HRE is just a complete blushing mess around his crush no matter what.


He is too awesome to become flustered over a crush! Everyone likes him anyways, right? So he will just assume they already like him. However, once informed his crush doesn’t feel that way yet he will try his best to win their heart the traditional way. He, in fact, loves someone who is different and can challenge him. However, he might have trouble trying to woo his crush and might seek counsel from France.


HE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART. All Russia wants is someone to love him and give him attention. If someone catches his eye, they must be special. Since he is chibi, he is still somewhat innocent and kindhearted, so he wouldn’t demand them to “become one”. He will simply pick them sunflowers and give them to his crush as a gift, and might even offer his jacket on a particularly cold day.


America could announce that his crush is now his heroine, because he is the hero of course! Every hero needs a sidekick, and that is what they will be. He will always be there for his crush. If they fall and scrape their knee, he will be there to make it better with a bandaid and flower in hand. He will be very shy and flustered at first, but he eventually becomes more confident around them.


If someone noticed the sweet child, he immediately likes them already. However, a crush is something completely different. He will always try to gain their attention to maybe play together or just simply stare at the clouds. He is very kindhearted, so he will go about this the traditional shy way. He will stutter a lot when talking to his crush! LOVE HIM


When a maniacal madness caused you to finish drawing a prologue for that black hole of a Hetalia x Fate AU…HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hetalia New World Order Prologue 01-06
ABOUT: A Hetalia x Fate AU, where the world has now become borderless, boundaries has ended, and so has the existence of countries. The United Nations hold power, keeping peace and order in the New World Order, but somehow, some power has obtained the Holy Grail they kept in their (obviously “supposingly” ) high security vault, and numerous cults have taken it upon themselves to unleash the Holy Grail War for their own personal reasons. Six nations are summoned from the ashes, each as a role of Servant. To counter their unknown enemy, the UN has to enlist help of their own agents, n summon one Nation to help them too. Each nation kept their own personality and will interact with their summoner(also a Hetalia country), and display some of their traits from Hetalia,like, Ivan still wields a pipe n is Lancer, America stil wants to be a hero,and so on ….

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What if you had a little sister??? Like Germany, only smaller and cuter than him?


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How does it feel to be a crumbling empire Karl?? I mean all I can do is hope that I live on when you die. But nothing is guaranteed in this world, is it.

[1785 HRE takeover]

[Roderich gets to deal with the mess.]