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We are mega happy to announce that we will be releasing the debut album by London straight-edge hardcore band Abolition.

After split releases with Hang The Bastard and Ark of the Covenant, as well as their own releases, the band have finally arrived at their own 11 track album, recorded with the one and only Jamie Frye. Don’t let the words ‘straight-edge’ potentially put you off - this is just awesome raging, classic hardcore with a metallic bent, with huge tunes!

You can download 'Shadow’ off the new record here. Preorders will go up to coincide with the start of these live dates. Limited colour vinyl will be available on all shows, with a limited number also with us.

The band go on a serious tour to launch the record - 

18th July-Ashford @downtown dinner w/Santa Karla, Final Rage… 

23rd July-Leeds, UK

24th July-Nottingham, UK 

25th July- Manchester, UK

26th July-TBC

27th July-Travel day

28th July-Brussels, Bel w/Allocation

29th July-Ieper w/Allocation

30th July-Mulheim, Ger @ AZ Mulheim w/ Cobretti, Wolfxdown, A time to stand

31st July-Nuremberg, Ger w/Wardogs+Broken Teeth 

1st August-TBC

2nd August- Prague, Czech @cafe na pul cesty

3rd August-Gyor, Hun

4th August- Budapest, Hun

5th August- Ivano Frankovsk, Ukraine

6th August- Kiev, Ukraine 

7th August- travel 

8th August- Cracow, Pol @Miasto Gadających Głów w/ Violent Action, Get Out 

9th August-Gdansk, Pol

10th August-Poznan, Pol

19th August-Windsor w/uncommon valour, discontent and a long time dead

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Full Of Hell- Return to the Mines

Featuring Mike Riley of Pulling Teeth
An unreleased song from their forthcoming split with Polish band, Calm the Fire via Holy Roar Records this September.

Through calcite, hairline fractured. Picked apart in tedium and cracking palms.
Security is binded to familiar oppression.
A highway to heaven, a prison of flesh.
If the family had a name, by God it was blessed.
The decrepit are constrained by ominous prophecy.
The youth sold swiftly by their own fucking credulity.
Terra Firma is calling, retreat from society.
It offers me nothing, no olive branch or dogwood tree.
Return to the mines and reject all that’s come to be.


Artwork by Szymon Siech


Download the track and pre-order the album from http://www.mourningafter.co.uk

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Last Witness - Mourning After 

Released: 20th February 2012

Available to pre-order now at http://www.holyroarrecords.com


01. The Void (click here to download)
02. Exorcism
03. Love Is A Vampire
04. Disappearer
05. Pan-Am Smile
06. Somnambulism
07. Magnolia
08. Marionette

Pressing information:

- 1000 x CD in matte high stock digifile with 12 page booklet
- 300 Gatefold LP on transparent blue vinyl
- 100 Gatefold LP on clear vinyl with purple haze
- 100 Gatefold LP on red/black random mix

CROCUS R.I.P 2007-2012 & Last Show Announcement

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that our slot on Saturday 4th at Hevy festival in Kent this weekend will be the last show CROCUS ever plays.

Over the last 5 years CROCUS has been a band of extreme highs and extreme lows and now we find ourselves being a band that is at a point where we are no longer really a band.

The first set of member changes in 2010 set us back for sure, but everything was eventually Ok, CROCUS felt great again for some time but the problems just kept coming; we kept adapting and kept adapting the best we knew how: allowing for fill-in members and new drummers galore. There were always the 3 of us battling through. However last week came the fatal blow; Lewis decided he no longer had the desire to continue his role in the band. He wishes to persue other ventures and feels he can no longer give what being in the kind of band we are/were requires. We cannot and will not continue as CROCUS without Lewis, it is already hard to see the woods for the trees and understand where we are and what we are as a band and without Lewis this is impossible.

All we can say is thankyou. Thankyou so much for everything, these 5 years have mostly been mind blowing, and changed our lives entirely, thankyou to every promoter every person who let us crash at your place, every person who filled in: mainly the amazing Kieran Brindley and every person who recorded us and put out our records, particularly Mikee/Zak & Cheryl we heart records and more recently the one and only Alex Fitzpatrick @ Holy Roar Records. 

Thankyou to everyone who has ever been in and left our band: Tom, Greg, Jake and Lewis although we ended up wanting different things we shared a vision for sometime and this break up is because that vision is no longer achievable or even very real. To move forward as a band you have to be a unit and to be a unit you have to move together. When half of your band is replaced every 18 months, this becomes impossibly hard and apathy inducing.

We want to put this band to bed in the best way possible, with our friends all having fun in one place. When we play on Saturday just dance, go wild, that is all this has ever been about anyway, fun and enjoying each others company. If you can get on stage, then do, come and grasp the last moments of the songs and give them the funeral they deserve.

Thankyou for all the support and everything else, we love you all very much and please keep an eye out for our new band/s.

We are playing our last show this saturday at 12:00/midday on the Rocksound stage at HEVY fest in Kent.

All the love from,

Zac, Aidan, Tom and Lewis, 

CROCUS RIP 2007-2012"


“So the time has finally come………PRE ORDERS for our Brand New record will be up THIS FRIDAY. The record is titled "What’s Left Of Me” ( Think everyone knew that anyways ). There will be 5 different colour records. 3 colours for pre order, 1 colour available at our shows, and a final colour available from a selected record store in the big smoke. Loads more details released on Friday, but for now, as the Youth of today say……Get Stoked.“

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12 year old (or so i’ve been told, might be wrong on his age) young dude reviewing the Run Walk album. His knowledge for his age is mindblowing. This is incredible and really gives me hope for the next generation of music fans! It doesn’t have to be all Black Veil Brides, Skrillex and whatever other shite certain media outlets/major labels condescending think you should like because of your age!

Check out his other reviews too as he speaks about some amazing bands. If anyone knows how i can get in touch with this young man, please let me know as he deserves to be told how cool he is and how awesome the effort he is making is….