holy roar

Aeris Gast, 1st Class Special Forces - perhaps better known as SOLDIER’s White Witch. Her peerless proficiency with spiritual energy has saved countless lives and turned the tide of many a battle, though her mysterious Ancient heritage tends to overshadow her combat achievements. Shinra takes full advantage of her unique abilities in the roles and missions they assign her. Most often, these involve collecting rare and powerful materia, or surveying esoteric, dangerous land for company interests. Working mostly alone or with a small detail, she is difficult to know, but the whispers that follow in her wake are alike among friend and foe: “They say she’s not even human.”

Last Witness - Mourning After 

Released: 20th February 2012

Available to pre-order now at http://www.holyroarrecords.com


01. The Void (click here to download)
02. Exorcism
03. Love Is A Vampire
04. Disappearer
05. Pan-Am Smile
06. Somnambulism
07. Magnolia
08. Marionette

Pressing information:

- 1000 x CD in matte high stock digifile with 12 page booklet
- 300 Gatefold LP on transparent blue vinyl
- 100 Gatefold LP on clear vinyl with purple haze
- 100 Gatefold LP on red/black random mix