holy pixels but i'm too tired to do anything about it

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I honestly have problems even understanding WHY he is so cagey about Davekat but shows other pairings fine. Yes both are shy and not into PDA but come on at least show something that confirms 100% that they're together. I would have been happy with even little things, like I almost puked rainbows only from Dave carrying Karkat. I'm SO happy about the other ships but this feels like a slap in the face kind of? Where are my cute Davekat solo shots & someone sneeking up on them to take a picture.

like this is pure conjecture on my part with absolutely no evidence so don’t take it too seriously but my actual personal take on it is literally that they don’t want to alienate the shitty side of the fanbase so much as a pure business decision, like. the dudebro side of fandom fucking HATES davekat, the vitriol is ASTOUNDING, and i think this is the result of trying to please both sides and like not truly making either happy but not outright slamming the door in anyone’s face either. like everyone is annoyed at this current state of limbo but because no one’s perspective is totally debunked everyone can continue just grumbling in their own corners on opposite sides of the trenches? and hopefully they’ll all continue to buy merchandise or w/e? lol. 

that’s the only thing that makes sense to me at this point. again Im completely just making this up based on my own narrative cribbed together from a basket full of spite tainted by my own personal biases and ill informed opinion I have no idea what anyone on the business or creative end of hs actually thinks

I agree w you though like im trying to keep this blog a more positive space because we can’t change what we’ve got and there was actually a lot in there to be happy about, and UNLIKE act 7 where I honestly just fucking hated… the entire thing…. I actually LOVED that video. It was all about the characters interacting, there were little bits of actual dialogue (not much but some, it’s ridiculous how fucking happy I am at the like fucking FOUR WORDS the Striders exchanged?????????) but it was all CHARACTER focused. Like the characters I love doing things and being together and new CRs being forged (I am NOT OVER Karkat and Jake actually being friends like holy shit I wanted that so bad and never thought we’d REALLY get explicit abraxas children bonding but there it was) and like… idk. 

It’s hard for me to hold onto the salt the way I did for months after act 7 because this video is actually pretty close to what I wanted, I still would prefer pesterlogs but this is VERY close, it’s just……….. missing like one fucking frame of dave and karkat being affectionate at each other. And like, they ARE affectionate in their own standoffish very fucking on-brand way, but the point is that I think we all just wanted something that spoke to us in a way that felt like it was from the creators saying “we hear you, we hear that you’re tired of being faced with heteronormative discourse and biphobia and homophobia and people mad about dave talking about toxic masculinity, we hear you and we’re on your side” and we haven’t gotten that at all from anything actually in canon. 

and i guess wanting that is a form of entitlement but i dont feel its a super unreasonable one when you have them literally advertising their merchandise to davekat shippers and asking us to spend money on their stuff only to turn around and kinda… disrespect us, like here we go it’s another six months minimum on the discourse train I’m so excited for six months of absolute garbage being heaped on the community and not being able to clap back or say shit without being accused of misogyny or not being happy enough for other characters/pairings or yeah entitlement or whatever. lol. 

I was talking to people this morning and my feelings on it are summed up by what I said there which was “I can’t believe the goalposts have been moved again I guess now my life is waiting for 4/13/17 where maybe if we’re all very good and nice and polite and patient perhaps we will get one blurry pixel of dave and karkat smiling at each other after the masterpiece” 

and even knowing that I’m still here riding the train because as long as I know there’s more content coming I can’t fucking help but hope?? lmao I’m a disaster