holy parallels batman!

Maybe Dorian is a romantic at heart. He’s sentimental and when he makes an attachment to a person, it’s long-lasting.

He’s not reading romance novels in the corner like Cassandra. (not any more) It’s more daydreaming and holding onto little gifts way longer than is reasonable. Maybe he casts a spell on a flower to keep it alive, or uses a love letter as a bookmark in whatever book he’s reading today.

He spent so long in Tevinter thinking of any real relationship as something completely unattainable and beyond his grasp, why not go all out with the fantasizing? Bouquets of roses and Dramatic Gestures and public declarations of love, longing glances and moonlit walks and maybe some sort of solemn, poetic promise. Maybe in front of friends. 

The Iron Bull, on the other hand, has none of those expectations. It wouldn’t really cross his mind. But maybe he hits on something accidentally, a particular phrase or gesture that sticks with Dorian, and of course he notices the reaction.

He likes giving people what they want, and what they need, (and the line blurs a little now that he’s only focused on his own needs and not the Qun’s) and he really likes giving Dorian what he wants, so he encourages it a little. He gives Dorian flowers, memorizes a poem or two, takes him on picnics outside the walls of the castle.

And the first time Dorian writes Bull a note when one of them goes with the Inquisitor and the other stays in Skyhold, maybe he gets it. Maybe he overhears Dorian struggling to put together a sentence in Qunlat and grammatically, it’s total crap, but the thought gets through fine.

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a spemily moment i really love is when alison pulls emily from the barn and strokes her hair and when the girls come to her side, Spencer literally takes the same spot Alison was in and strokes her the same way.

OKAY I think we are the same person??? 

This has always been one of my favorite moments ever? (more so when it first aired and we thought it was a hallucinations, but it still stands). I am so ready to talk about this I even have gifs.

I say this a lot with these moments but on another show, that moment could’ve read as something entirely different i.e. romantic

Like, let’s look at it in the context of it’s airing first. So it’s a hallucination of Alison, right? But when Emily wakes up, Spencer is in the exact same place, doing the exact same thing. LIKE HOLY PARALLELS BATMAN. (also back in the day I called this a sleeping beauty moment buuuut the writers took that from me so bye mar)

Hanna and Aria are very concerned, obviously, but Spencer is bent over her, cradling her head, stroking her hair and generally being the touchy-feely, overprotective mess she is when it comes to Emily. 

And even if the context of fantasy/reality juxtaposition (alison as the fantasy, Spencer as very real and very there)  is taken away in the later seasons, the parallel is still there and so it will always be one of my favorite, itsy bitsy, super small moments. 

(spencer…you…don’t actually have to help her sit up. She’s a big girl. And you are #whipped).

Send me your favorite spemily moments!

holy parallels tho, Batman, because like

Percy, seeing Vax about to head to the Raven’s Crest and obviously terrified about it, lends him his mask.  “I’ve found that, in moments when I was feeling less than brave, that pretending to be somebody else on occasion–even … afterwards–can be helpful.”

Percy, seeing Vex about to walk into the place she’s been lowkey running from for a decade or more, with her tear-streaked face and embarrassed confession still fresh in his mind, gives her a mask of a different kind.  “There’s no house, and there’s no money … but you do have a title.”

the title was always meant to be another mask, a new persona for her to slip into when she was feeling less than brave, every bit as much as the literal one he gave her brother