holy parallels

Catching up on 'Once Upon a Time'

Uh…so I just watched the second to the last episode of Season 2 and I’m a little confused…

Was that Emma and Neal I was watching…or Dean and Cas?? Because HOLY PARALLELS.

(Missing Destiel love confession)

Now if only we had the Destiel love confession…then it would all be complete…sigh…

I love looking through a folder with ancient sketches because I find shit like this

yeah, it’s Dipper and Stan in Treasure Planet crossover/AU setting :D now I actually regret not finishing this because it would make an epic AU and holy shit, all those parallels between Jim/Silver and Stan/Dipper relationships

Maybe Dorian is a romantic at heart. He’s sentimental and when he makes an attachment to a person, it’s long-lasting.

He’s not reading romance novels in the corner like Cassandra. (not any more) It’s more daydreaming and holding onto little gifts way longer than is reasonable. Maybe he casts a spell on a flower to keep it alive, or uses a love letter as a bookmark in whatever book he’s reading today.

He spent so long in Tevinter thinking of any real relationship as something completely unattainable and beyond his grasp, why not go all out with the fantasizing? Bouquets of roses and Dramatic Gestures and public declarations of love, longing glances and moonlit walks and maybe some sort of solemn, poetic promise. Maybe in front of friends. 

The Iron Bull, on the other hand, has none of those expectations. It wouldn’t really cross his mind. But maybe he hits on something accidentally, a particular phrase or gesture that sticks with Dorian, and of course he notices the reaction.

He likes giving people what they want, and what they need, (and the line blurs a little now that he’s only focused on his own needs and not the Qun’s) and he really likes giving Dorian what he wants, so he encourages it a little. He gives Dorian flowers, memorizes a poem or two, takes him on picnics outside the walls of the castle.

And the first time Dorian writes Bull a note when one of them goes with the Inquisitor and the other stays in Skyhold, maybe he gets it. Maybe he overhears Dorian struggling to put together a sentence in Qunlat and grammatically, it’s total crap, but the thought gets through fine.

Garrus v Cullen

So, I was thinking about Garrus and Cullen (like wow, that never happens), and holy shit the parallels between the two.

First game: Idealistic, naive. Wants to serve and protect people. Part of a force to do so.

Second game: Dealing with survivor’s guilt, and struggling with hate and vengeance while also trying to do their damn job and help make the world a little less awful.

Third game: Appears as a Commander in the fight against an ancient enemy, settled down from the first game, definitely a return to more of who he was in the first game.

Other traits: Pretty awkward off the battlefield. Calibrations. Big scar on the right side of their face. Soldier to the core. Tense relationship with family. LI to a woman who’s being told she’s the only one who can save the galaxy/world, and never treat them with anything less than the respect and honor they deserve. Not a fan of politicians.

Did I miss anything?

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!! Dude!! Your ocean deity Kara story sounds really intriguing! Like I already want to draw fan art of it and you haven't even wrote the fic

aaa I’m glad that you feel inspired by it!! chances that I’ll actually write it are probablyyyy disappointingly slim tbh, I’m not usually drawn to AUs too much, but I am in full support of you making use of that creative energy if you feel so inclined, damned if I’m gonna stand in the way of someone’s inspiration!!

We are living in different realities every second!

This may get deep and confusing so bear with me…
Every single moment we are shifting to a different reality, the reason we arent picking up on it is because we are shifting to a new reality that has very subtle differences giving us the illusion of time. But remember everything is happening now and anything we have ever imagined is happening in a parallel reality right now.
What determines which reality we are experiencing is our focus, are you focusing on outside forces like people who hurt you, something that made you sad, or angry, or a time you were wronged? OR are you focusing on the moments of love you have experienced, happiness, or the beauty you have admired? Remember that you are always ALLOWING those things to have an affect on you. If you do not ALLOW something to hurt you or someone to affect you in a negative way if you do not like it you can stop allowing it to happen. And it is as simple as deciding you do not want to experience it. 
Yes this does sound nutty but I have already seen this work for myself. I felt unappreciated by my family and that I did a lot for them with nothing in return and YESTERDAY I decided I wanted to shift to the reality where my family did stuff for me as I do stuff for them. A healthy give and take if you will. And today my little sister drove me to pick my car up with no protest and my older sister asked if she could pick me up some snacks at the store because Im watching her after she gets her wisdom teeth out. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I HAVE EXPERIENCED BEFORE (notice I didnt say this doesnt happen because it does happen now that I have shifted realities).
You will notice that when you are living your life for your passion and chasing your dream and following the call of your wild spirit that THAT is when your reality will really change! Do what calls your name, let your soul guide you to where it wants to be because it is leading you to the things you have been dreaming about. Its leading you to money, or a new job, or a family, or love- and the fastest way to get those that you have been working on manifesting is just by being your true and authentic self. 
Remember all that you have been working on manifesting is already in existence in another reality. All you have to do is shift to the parallel reality you wish to be experiencing. 

holy parallels tho, Batman, because like

Percy, seeing Vax about to head to the Raven’s Crest and obviously terrified about it, lends him his mask.  “I’ve found that, in moments when I was feeling less than brave, that pretending to be somebody else on occasion–even … afterwards–can be helpful.”

Percy, seeing Vex about to walk into the place she’s been lowkey running from for a decade or more, with her tear-streaked face and embarrassed confession still fresh in his mind, gives her a mask of a different kind.  “There’s no house, and there’s no money … but you do have a title.”

the title was always meant to be another mask, a new persona for her to slip into when she was feeling less than brave, every bit as much as the literal one he gave her brother