holy of holies batman

Jason Todd's Life Told 1960s Robin Style
  • Birth: holy unhealthy family, Batman!
  • Childhood: holy bad influences, Batman!
  • Meeting Batman: holy jacked tires, Batman!
  • Being robin: holy booty shorts, Batman!
  • Dying: holy crowbars Batman!
  • Death: holy non avenged child, Batman!
  • Resurrection: holy secret Lazarus pit, Batman!
  • Under the red hood: holy takeover of the underworld of Gotham, Batman!
  • Under the Red Hood 2: holy shit, I've been bamboozled, Batman!
  • Batman and Robin era (dick and dami): holy poor fashion choices, Batman!
  • Red hood and the outlaws: holy sexy vigilante sidekicks, Batman!
  • Red hood and arsenal: holy joker's daughter, Batman!
  • Red hood and the outlaws rebirth: holy shit I'm outclassed, Batman!

commission for @sheriffsam! all the iron lords together in the good ol’ days :’)

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