holy mother of sexiness

I’m so attracted to Namjoon’s intelligence like I love how quick he calculates stuff and how smart he is. It amazes me, I spend so much time watching videos of him on those shows he attends to sort out problems and stuff and I can’t take his sexiness holy mother of god! And remember that time BTS had to sort out a question about prisoners (with the black and white hats and the wall) and Namjoon knew the answer like 5 seconds into the problem and then he had to explain it to the rest of the group damn I almost lost my mind while watching him explain his answer, pen in hand, and using that voice he does when explaining something (like slowly and questioning for the others to keep up). I’m so far up his ass I haven’t seen the sun in months

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One Way Ticket Downstairs

Title: One Way Ticket Downstairs

Pairing: Father!Dean x Reader x Father!Sam (no wincest)

Word Count: 2,089

Warning: Condemning my soul to Hell smut

Request by @uttertrash–butlikecutetrash for sinfully delicious Priest!Winchester smut

A/N: I’m so fucking happy with this piece and I can’t wait to debut my fabulous dress I have in mind for my arrival on the red carpet to Hell. See you there! Enjoy!

“So, my child, what brings you to confession?”

“Well, Father, um, what was your name again?”


“Right, well, Father Winchester, I have sinned.”

“And what are your transgressions?”

“I want to suck your cock.”

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