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enchantedsea asked:

Hello! Okay, so I’m not sure what these are called, but do you know where I can find a list of variations of these phrases.. such as ‘for crying out loud’, 'for goodness’ sake’, 'for all things holy’, etc.? I feel like I can’t have all my characters saying the same phrases here, and I don’t know how/where to look! Thanks before, and thanks for the blog in general, you’re amazing! <3

These are exclamations, but often can be found in searches for curse words, expletives, or exclamations of anger. Warning, there are some pretty vulgar curse words and religiously offensive phrases ahead, but I’m trying to put together a pretty complete list. Feel free to add in the comments. ;)

For [blank’s] sake!
- God’s
- Christ’s
- Heaven’s
- Pete’s
- Crimeny’s
- Cripe’s
- Fuck’s
- Shit’s
- Pity’s
- Goodness
- Land’s
- Eff’s
- Nature’s

For the love of [blank]!
- God
- Christ
- Jesus
- Pete
- Mary
- All that is good and holy
- All that is pure and holy
- My sanity

Aw, hell!
Blast and damnation!
Blast it all!
Blast it!
Blessed Mary!
Bloody hell!
Damn it all to hell!
Damn it to hell!
Dear God!
Dear Lord!
Double damn!
Flipping hell!
For crying out loud!
For crying the eff out loud!
For crying the fuck out loud!
Fucking hell!
God dammit!
God have mercy!
God in heaven!
Good grief!
Great Caesar’s Ghost!
Great Scott!
Haley’s comet!
Hell and damnation!
Hell’s bells!
Holy cow!
Holy crap!
Holy crap!
Holy frijoles!
Holy fuck!
Holy fucking crap!
Holy guacamole!
Holy hell!
Holy mackerel!
Holy Mary mother of God!
Holy moly!
Holy moses!
Holy mother of God!
Holy shit!
Holy smoke!
Holy smokes!
Holy Toledo!
I’ll be damned!
I’ll be god damned!
Jesus Christ on a stick!
Jesus Christ!
Jesus God Damn Christ
Jesus H. Christ!
Jesus Tap Dancing Christ!
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
Jumpin’ Jehosaphat!
Jumpin’ Jupiter!
Leapin’ lizards!
Lord above!
Lord almighty!
Lord have mercy!
Lord have mercy on us all!
Mercy me!
Mercy on me!
Mercy on us!
Mercy on us all!
My heavens!
My word!
Oh heavens!
Oh my!
Oh my god!
Oh my lord!
Oh my stars and garters!
Oh my stars!
Oh my word!
Oh, holy hell!
Sake’s alive!
Sam Hill!
Son of a bitch!
Son of a gun!
Stars and garters!
Sweet Baby Jesus!
Sweet merciful Christ!
Sweet merciful Jesus!
What in God’s name?!
What in Sam Hill?

ETA: additions from the comments

Fuck me!
What in the fucking fuck?
Holy shitballs!
Mother of…
Mary, Mother of God!

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cashmerecalliope  asked:

For the shippy starters thing, one of the guys saying 27 to Bones (probably) as a joke

From the moment McCoy had woken up that morning he’d gotten a gut feeling that the day was going to be strange. And not just the Enterprise’s brand of strange, if the behavior of the passing officers was anything to go off of.

As he made his way down to medical bay every person he happened upon looked at him with a bizarre glint to their eyes and poorly stifled laughter. “What the devil are you lookin’ at?” He spat, bristling with the creeping suspicion that they were snickering at him. Self-consciousness hung over him like a dark cloud threatening to swallow him up.

McCoy hastily reached his destination and checked his appearance in the mirror. The beginnings of a beard had shown on his face, but otherwise nothing was out of the ordinary. He glared at his reflection and crossed his arms over his chest indignantly. He couldn’t fathom what was wrong with everyone.

Mercifully, the morning progressed rather routinely. McCoy had his daily dose of paperwork, a trickling of patients here and there, and the occasional visit to the labs. He’d almost forgotten about the oddness of earlier.    

Until the landing party beamed up from their latest mission.

The intercom on the wall beside his desk chirped, signaling an incoming transmission.

“Bones, something happened to Spock down there. He kind of… Well, he’s… There was an incident. It’s rather difficult to explain and frankly it’s better if I don’t try. I’m sending him straight to sickbay so you can see for yourself. Kirk out.”

With a resigned sigh, McCoy leaned back in his chair and rubbed the bridge of his nose. An incident. Of course there was. If it wasn’t Jim getting himself into trouble, it was Spock. Apparently they took turns maiming themselves just to keep McCoy on his toes. Perfect.

The ever prompt first officer graced the doctor with his presence shortly after the call. “Alright, Spock. Get up on the bed so I can see what kind of shenanigans you’ve gotten yourself into this time.”

Spock removed his tunic and undershirt before easing himself up onto the bed and reclining stiffly. “If I may clarify, doctor, my current predicament was no fault of mine.”

“Sure it wasn’t.” McCoy agreed flatly, checking the readings on the computer. The outputs were incredibly anomalous, even for a Vulcan hybrid. “Jesus, Spock. Your hormone levels are through the roof. What in blazes happened down there?” He continued to stare incredulously at the machine as if it were in error. “Wait, you’re not going into pon farr again are you?” McCoy narrowed his eyes accusingly.

He had missed the ephemeral quirk of Spock’s lips in the confusion.

“I assure you, I am not entering my time. However, I had a quarrel of a… stimulating nature.”

“You had a quarrel.” McCoy repeated dubiously.

Spock shifted atop the bed in what could only be described as discomfort. Spock was nervous, McCoy realized with astonishment.  

“Perhaps it will be better if I simply explain to you what my ailment is. You will find that your databases have virtually no information on my current status.”

McCoy cocked his head to the side and scrutinized the strange readings one last time. “Okay, then. Get on with it.”

Taking a deep steadying breath, Spock pushed himself up into a sitting position and folded his hands neatly in his lap. He steeled himself and fixed McCoy with a grave stare.

“I am pregnant.”

McCoy spluttered in shock and collapsed his full weight against the side of the biobed. All of the color drained out of his face and he nearly slid to the floor in a crumpled heap. “You’re what? How did this—Vulcan males can— Holy shit on a shingle. Pregnant? Sweet mother of Moses, Spock.” His mind reeled. How in the hell were they going to take care of a child on a tin can floating in the middle of space? His heart rate picked up and he realized with horrified fascination that he might in fact be having a heart attack.

In that moment, Jim fell through the open bulkhead and rolled around on the floor, laughing uproariously and clutching his sides. McCoy startled and jerked to face the door, noticing the rest of the bridge crew was crowded around it. How long had they been standing there?

“Oh my god,” Jim cackled as tears formed in his eyes. “You should have seen your face. Bones, it was priceless. Did somebody get a picture of that? I really hope somebody got a picture of that.”

McCoy gaped at the onlookers, then back to Spock. “Are you telling me this whole thing was a fucking joke and the whole ship was in on it?”  

Spock simply held up his hands defensively, his eyes full of unbridled amusement. “I had tried to tell the captain that this sort of jest was in poor taste. Alas, he can be quite persuasive, as you are well aware.”

Of course. Nobody else could have come up with such an elaborate and convoluted lark. McCoy glowered at Jim who was slowly realizing the severity of the situation. Ending up in the doctor’s territory, which was equipped with a ridiculous number of hypos, was a severe oversite on Jim’s part.  

“Bones. Don’t do anything rash, now. It was just a bit of fun, that’s all! Just a prank, a harmless prank. Bones. Bones, please. Don’t—

“I trust you are satisfied with the results of your ‘prank’, captain.” Spock was glancing at him from his post, the barest hints of a smirk ghosting over his face.

Jim sat in his chair with a smug smile and a bag of ice held to the impressive black eye mottling his face.
“Totally worth it, Mister Spock. Totally worth it.”