holy mother of mercy

Happy all saints day!

Litany of the Saints

Lord, have mercy on us. (Lord have mercy on us)

Christ, have mercy on us. (Christ have mercy on us)

Lord, have mercy on us. (Lord, have mercy on us)

Christ, hear us. (Christ, hear us)

Christ, graciously hear us. (Christ, graciously hear us)

God the Father of heaven, (have mercy on us)

God the Son, Redeemer of the world, (have mercy on us)

God the Holy Spirit, (have mercy on us.)

Holy Trinity, one God, (have mercy on us)

Holy Mary, Holy Mother of God, (pray for us*)

Holy Virgin of virgins,

St. Michael,

St. Gabriel,

St. Raphael,

All you holy Angels and Archangels, all you holy orders of blessed Spirits.

St. John the Baptist,

St. Joseph,

All you holy Patriarchs and Prophets.

St. Peter,

St. Paul,

St. Andrew,

St. James,

St. John,

St. Thomas,

St. James,

St. Philip,

St. Bartholomew,

St. Matthew,

St. Simon,

St. Thaddeus,

St. Matthias,

St. Barnabas,

St. Luke,

St. Mark,

All you holy Apostles and Evangelists, all you holy Disciples of the Lord, all you holy Innocents.

St. Stephen,

St. Lawrence,

St. Vincent,

SS. Fabian and Sebastian,

SS. John and Paul,

SS. Cosmas and Damian,

SS. Gervase and Protase,

All you holy Martyrs.

St. Sylvester,

St. Gregory,

St. Ambrose,

St. Augustine,

St. Jerome,

St. Martin,

St. Nicholas,

All you holy Bishops and Confessors.

St. Anthony,

St. Benedict,

St. Bernard,

St. Dominic,

St. Francis,

All you holy Priests and Levites, all you holy Monks and Hermits.

St. Mary Magdalen,

St. Agatha,

St. Lucy,

St. Agnes,

St. Cecilia,

St. Catherine,

St. Anastasia,

St. Bernadette

All you holy Virgins and Widows, all you holy Saints of God, (make intercession for us.)

Be merciful, (spare us, O Lord.)

Be merciful, (graciously hear us, O Lord.)

From all evil, O Lord (deliver us*)

From all sin,

From Your wrath,

From sudden and unlooked for death,

From the snares of the devil,

From anger, and hatred, and every evil will,

From the spirit of fornication,

From lightning and tempest,

From the scourge of earthquakes,

From plague, famine and war,

From everlasting death,

Through the mystery of Your holy Incarnation,

Through Your Coming,

Through Your Birth,

Through Your Baptism and holy Fasting,

Through Your Cross and Passion,

Through Your Death and Burial,

Through Your holy Resurrection,

Through Your admirable Ascension,

Through the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.

In the day of judgment.

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  • Kethra is a world set in a fantasy medieval/renaissance period in which dragons–and other mythical creatures–exist and our story takes place.

  • The kingdom of Dracaren is a mountainous but green country, with distinct seasons and a snowy winter, roughly the size of Scotland. It is bordered to the East and West by ocean, to the South by the kingdom of Loranta, and to the North by the Northern Wilds, high mountains where the snow never melts.

  • While there are many small villages and towns in Dracaren, there are only seven major towns/cities or so, and four of these are ports.

  • The capital city, Rhysan, is at the head of three rivers and nestled up against the mountain range that runs through the north of the kingdom.

  • The Royal Den, home to the largest concentration of dragons in the kingdom, is above the capital city in those mountains, as the dragons find it easier to take off by jumping from a height–and they can get to places that people can’t easily walk to.

  • Dracaren is a monarchy, authority ultimately derives from the crown. But each new reigning monarch is chosen not by lineage, but by a Sovereign dragon hatchling.

  • The Sovereign dragon is always female, and only lays the egg of her successor. She lays the egg the day the next monarch is born, and it hatches after about 5-6 years, a longer incubation than any other dragon. Sovereign dragons are always opalescent and the legend goes that it was a Sovereign who first imprinted on a human.

  • When the egg, which starts out white, gains opalescent swirls it is close to hatching. Children born on the day it was laid are brought into the hatching chamber to touch the egg. When the right one does, it will hatch.

  • Often the next monarch comes from the family of the current monarch, but not always. Sometimes the child is not even found within the capital or surrounding villages, and the egg must be taken under heavy guard on a quest to find her rider.

  • While this has rarely been the case, the most recent heir, Thomas, was an orphaned peasant boy and it took months of travel before he was finally found. He was adopted immediately into the king’s family and has been raised by them since.

  • Theodore II is a good king, and the kingdom has been at peace since early in his reign. Thomas’s generation has yet to see all-out war, but Theodore’s remembers it well.

  • Dragons are an integral part of warfare, acting as couriers, inserting spies over enemy lines, and of course as aerial combat units.

  • Dracaren is not the only kingdom to have a dragon force, they’re scattered throughout this world.

  • While this is a medieval to renaissancian setting–knights, swords, armor, etc–there is some magic in the world. The dragons are telepathic, empathic, and likely, since they can fly when they shouldn’t physically be able to, telekinetic. Smaller magics create lights that shine without flame, medicines more effective than just herbs, and other small comforts.

  • As far as religion in this world, there are many Gods, a Merciful Mother, Holy Father, and a pantheon that gives a patron God to every craft and need. They are all honored together at the Solstice and Equinox days, and each God has their own feast day as well, scattered throughout the year. Each village may have its own patron or may worship the Mother and Father. Every temple is dedicated to the whole pantheon as well as the patron of the area.
The Memorare

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Holy Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

Composed by St. Bernard of Clairvaux

O Angel of Christ, my holy Guardian and Protector of my soul and body, forgive me all my sins of today. Deliver me from all the wiles of the enemy, that I may not anger my God by any sin. Pray for me, sinful and unworthy servant, that thou mayest present me worthy of the kindness and mercy of the All-holy Trinity and the Mother of my Lord Jesus Christ, and of all the Saints. Amen.

Wingless Empire

Parts I II

Characters: You x Kris 
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Major Feels

“Oh, what a beautiful day!” your husband stretched his arms out and drummed his fingers against his wide opened mouth as he yawned.

His long legs elongated passed the row of seats of the airport lobby to the center of the hall.  

“Easy for you to say!” you pouted, “I didn’t sleep a single ounce.”

YiFan froze in place.  “Did I kick around a lot last night?” he asked, already caved in guilt that he had stolen his newly-wedded wife’s beauty sleep.

You shook your head, “No, you were actually really sound asleep…” A bashful smile spread across your lips as you quietly added, “…and very cute.”  Hehe.

The left corner of his lips curled up as he caught your shy remark.  Like an expert, he extended his lengthy limbs out, as if they were wings, and draped them effortlessly over your shoulders.  “Then why was my Baobei not able to sleep last night?” he questioned as he planted a sweet kiss against your temples.  Immediately, the wrinkles on your skin smoothened out under his magical touch.

Biting your lower lip, you played with a leather tassel hanging from his jacket and contemplated whether or not you should reveal your insecurities.  What if he thought you were crazy or a chicken – or worse of all, what if he brushed your fears off as an over-paranoia, just as everyone else did?    

“Hm?” your handsome husband hummed as he pressed you tighter against his chest.  Naturally, you encircled your arms around his waist.

“Hm…are you going to laugh at me?” you poked your head out of his embrace and mumbled.

“Babe, what did I promised you, just a few days ago, before I slipped this ring on your finger?” his tone was unusually stern and serious as he stroked your slim princess hands with his thumb.

“I vow to cherish, to love, to protect you through good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, til death do us part,” YiFan’s wedding vow sung in your ears, filling your heart with sugared marshmallows and hot chocolate.  You melted back into his arms with the most foolish grin plastered over your face.

“Hehe,” you giggled into his chest.  He tickled you with butterfly kisses along your neckline and trailed his lips across your skin until his chiseled nose rested against yours.  Mischievous and greasy as ever, he shook his head back and forth to rub his nose flirtatiously against yours.  You succumbed to another fit of giggles and almost fell over your chair had your quick-minded husband not have caught you in time.  With cheeks painted in fresh coral pink, you gazed into his enchanted eyes of the galaxy, which sparkled brighter than stars in the velvety night sky.  Smiling his adorable gummy grin, he leaned in to pepper your lips with silly pecks.  You squealed in delight, coloring his world with vibrant colors and sunshines.

Was it possible to be this in love?

Abruptly, he pulled away.  You leaned in for another quick smooch but YiFan craned his neck back and shook one finger up to you.  Your brows furrowed together in utter confusion.

“Nuh-uh.  Not until the Little Bunny confesses to her hubby why she couldn’t sleep last night,” he recalled the previous conversation.


“Um…” you fidgeted around.  YiFan leaned in closer to notify you that you had his undivided attention.  “Uh…how should I put this?”  Legit struggle bus.  “I’ve never been on a plane before,” you simply laid out.


You peeped your head out to look at his reaction.  Was he laughing?  Was he disgusted?  Did he think you were ridiculous?  Instead, his handsome face appeared as a clean slate.  It wasn’t that you were ashamed or wanted to keep something like that a secret from him.  It was just so trivial that it never came up in conversations.  Both frugal people, you two hardly traveled and resorted to taking trailer buses or driving on road trips for mini vacations.    

“Hubby…” you tugged on his sleeve.

Instantly, his expressions softened into a quiet chuckle.  “What does that have to do with you not getting any sleep though?”  

“Hm…I’m…scared,” you finally admitted.


“Mmhm…” you straightened yourself upright to better study his reactions as you poured your heart out.  “What if something happens?”

“Nothing will happen, Babe,” he soothed.

“How do you know that?” you immediately countered.  “We will be flying in the middle of nothing for 15 hours!  What if we fall?  What if the engine breaks down?  What if we get sucked into the Bermuda Triangle?!” you counted down your worries.

“Honey,” he tried his hardest to suppress his amusement, “We’re flying over the Pacific Ocean.  We won’t even be remotely near the Bermuda Triangle.”

Okay, one down.

“Plus, thousands of planes fly around the world everyday.  It’ll be fine,” your loving husband comforted as he attempted to bring you back into the warmth of his caress but you backed away.

“Planes can go missing,” you frowned, “Ka-peesh Gone.”

“We’re far more likely to get in a car accident than have our plane reroute to Narnia, Babe,” he pinched your cheeks to try to turn your frown upside-down.  But you sulked even more.

You knew it.  You should have kept your worries to yourself.  Now you just felt like a paranoid kid at a dentist office.    

With a content sigh, the attractive young man wrapped both arms tightly around your tiny frame and spoke, “Even if something does happen, I’ll be right next to you.  I’ll protect you.  Even with my last breath, I will never let anything happen to you.”  

You thawed out into a puddle against him.

“Plus, I’m a dragon remember.  Hubby got your back,” he finished and attempted to flex his biceps but ended up accidentally punching himself in the face.


Cracking up like a maniac, you rubbed his bruise and murmured, “Ben Dian.  BenBen.”  Hehe.  I love you, Dummie.

A look of pure satisfaction spread across his face now that he had successfully gotten his worried wife to laugh.  As your giggles lightened, you subconsciously let out a lazy yawn.    

“Sleep on me for a while,” he suggested as your ear fell against the center of his chest.  Da-thump.  Da-thump.  Da-thump.  His heart sung carols merrily into your soul; you wanted to listen to it for the rest of your life.

But the loud, static noise resonating through the intercom instructed for your attendance at the terminal.  The tall attractive stud swung his legs over, stood up, and began to haul the carry-on luggages forward.  Stubbornly, you stayed still.  If even for another minute, the warmth of the cushion against your butt made you feel safer than the airy draft of the dark tunnel.

“I will protect you,” YiFan simply grinned and repeated.  His large hands stretched out to interlace through your tinier ones.  “I will never let anything happen to you,” he kissed you tenderly on the top of your head.  His deep voice never ceased to make you breathless.

With a dulcet smile, you nodded and followed along.  Securities matched your face with the one on your never-been-used passport, patted you down, and scanned you with metal detectors.  Not long after, you discovered yourself in front of the massive aircraft.

“Holy Mother…Lord…have mercy on my soul,” your eyes widened into golf balls as you sucked in your air and stared in awe at the size of the plane.  You’ve never seen an airplane up close before.  It looked like some warzone winged Stryker or some jet taken straight out of a sci-fi movie.  The engine alone could probably fit ten of you inside.

“Ho-how in the world can something so big go up like that?” you wheezed.

Beside you, YiFan smirked and playfully leaned into your ear to huskily whisper, “That’s what she said.”  You almost choked on your saliva.  

Oh my God.  Wu YiFan, you did not.

You turned to him with an expression of regret and speechlessness.  With a low chuckle, he tugged you along to enter the plane and locate your seats.  “Wow,” you kept mouthing at the spectacle.  Everything inside alluded opulence and sophistication.  People of different ages, from infants to senior citizens, gathered together to marvel at the beauty of different cultures and landscapes.  You grew humble at such a rewarding experience.

“Babe, you want window seat?” YiFan stopped at the middle of the aisle to ask.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Hm, I think you should take the window seat,” he concluded after tapping his chin twice.  You thought he had requested for a kiss and accidentally tiptoed and leaned in.  YiFan burst into uncontrollable laughter when you missed and got him on his stubby chin.  The elderly couple seated on the same row beamed joyfully to one another at the reenactment of young love.

“Are you two going on your Honey Moon?” the friendly grandma asked as the two of you settled down in your seats.

“Yes, we are.” your husband cheered, “I managed to trick this beautiful woman to say ‘I do’.  Hahaha.”

The butterflies in your tummy fluttered about.  How was he so darn perfect?  What did you do to deserve him?  With weakened muscles, your head automatically rested against YiFan’s broad shoulders.  He threw his arm around you as you snuggled in closer.

“You two are really cute,” the lady added, “Warms my heart to see young couples in love.”

“You two are even cuter,” you admired and then peered into YiFan’s eyes, “I hope we will grow old together.”

With a nod, he rested his chin on top of your head and answered, “We will.  We definitely will.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.”

You stiffened, “But not if we die on this plane.  Eep!”  Reflexively, you hid your face into YiFan’s shoulder blades.  He chuckled and pressed his soft lips against your forehead.

As the plane began to advance forward, your grip around your husband’s arm tightened until his veins protruded out but never once did he mutter a complaint.  Instead, he wrapped your body protectively within his wingspan and repeated, “I will never let anything happen to you.”

The plane lifted off the ground as air knocked out of your lungs.  And then you were flying – drifting miraculously mid air.  But most importantly, the two of you were still alive!  Cautiously, you peeped your head out of your hubby’s chest to check the surroundings.

“See, we’re fine,” he softly hummed as you loosened your grip.

“Are we flying?” you shyly susurrated.

“Mmhm, we sure are,” YiFan answered as you bravely turned around to gaze out the window. The wings of the plane zoomed through clouds as it accelerated higher and higher into the sky. Fields and buildings turned into mere blotches and dots.  Hues of purples, pinks, oranges, and baby blue bled together, enveloping you into the true glory of a sunrise.  Glued to the wonders of nature, you completely twisted your body around in your seat.  Another gasp escaped your lips.

“Hubby!” you called, “Rainbow!”  Excitedly, you tugged his sleeve and pointed out the window.  “I’ve never seen a rainbow this beautiful before!”

The vibrant saturation mirrored those in fairytale paintings.  Overwhelmed in utter bliss, you turned around to take a gander at YiFan’s reaction to the universe’s beauty, only, to catch him gazing dreamily at you.  

“Why aren’t you looking?” you asked dumbfounded, “It’s so beautiful, Honey, look!”  You directed him to the window again but his eyes refused to part from yours.

“I have the most beautiful thing in the world, right in front of me,” your husband earnestly spoke.  Endless colors reflected from your glossy orbs into his.  “I can see every sunrise, every rainbow, every star from your eyes.”

Your body sunk into the cushion of the seat as your heart exploded in incomprehensible emotions.  Every muscle, every cell relaxed under YiFan’s caress.  For, even though he didn’t have wings, his love gave you the power to soar through endless boundaries of the limitless sky.  A wingless empire.

“Get some sleep, okay?” the flawless human-dragon coated your heartstrings with honey.  You nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck and closed your eyes.  I love you so much.  He rested his lip right on top of your ear and you could almost hear him smirk.  The nerve-endings on your ear excitedly celebrated as his breath tickled your skin.  “…Because, Babe, we’re going to be up all night…” he naughtily remarked and added a sultry groan.  You slapped his chest.

a/n: AYOOooooOooo MY BUNBUNS!!!!  DID YOU MISS ME?!  TT_TT PanPan Unnie has been stuck in writer’s block.  I have so many stories which are half done but I end up giving up on them because for some reason writing angst makes me really sad now.  So here’s a random fluff I thought of last night because I’ve been getting lots of YiFan feels lately.  Maybe, this will turn into a light-hearted series :D.


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Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve. To thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards us and after this our exile, show unto us the Blessed Fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary. Amen.

Hail, Holy Queen

Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve: to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus, O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. 

Litany of the Holy Name of Mary

Lord, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.
Son of Mary, hear us.
Son of Mary, graciously hear us.

Heavenly Father, of Whom Mary is the Daughter, have mercy on us.
Eternal Word, of Whom Mary is the Mother, have mercy on us.
Holy Spirit, of Whom Mary is the spouse, have mercy on us.
Divine Trinity, of Whom Mary is the Handmaid, have mercy on us.

Mary, Mother of the Living God, pray for us. 
Mary, daughter of the Light Eternal, pray for us. 
Mary, our light, pray for us. 
Mary, our sister, pray for us. 
Mary, flower of Jesse, pray for us. 
Mary, issue of kings, pray for us. 
Mary, chief work of God, pray for us. 
Mary, the beloved of God, pray for us. 
Mary, Immaculate Virgin, pray for us. 
Mary, all fair, pray for us. 
Mary, light in darkness, pray for us. 
Mary, our sure rest, pray for us. 
Mary, house of God, pray for us. 
Mary, sanctuary of the Lord, pray for us. 
Mary, altar of the Divinity, pray for us. 
Mary, Virgin Mother, pray for us. 
Mary, embracing your Infant God, pray for us. 
Mary, reposing with Eternal Wisdom, pray for us. 
Mary, ocean of bitterness, pray for us. 
Mary, Star of the Sea, pray for us. 
Mary, suffering with your only Son, pray for us. 
Mary, pierced with a sword of sorrow, pray for us. 
Mary, torn with a cruel wound, pray for us. 
Mary, sorrowful even unto death, pray for us. 
Mary, bereft of all consolation, pray for us. 
Mary, submissive to the law of God, pray for us. 
Mary, standing by the Cross of Jesus, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Queen, pray for us. 
Mary, Queen of glory, pray for us. 
Mary glory of the Church Triumphant, pray for us. 
Mary, Blessed Queen, pray for us. 
Mary, advocate of the Church Militant, pray for us. 
Mary, Queen of Mercy, pray for us. 
Mary, consoler of the Church Suffering, pray for us. 
Mary, exalted above the angels, pray for us.
Mary, crowned with twelve stars, pray for us. 
Mary, fair as the moon, pray for us. 
Mary, bright as the sun, pray for us. 
Mary, distinguished above all, pray for us. 
Mary, seated at the right hand of Jesus, pray for us. 
Mary, our hope, pray for us. 
Mary, our sweetness, pray for us. 
Mary, glory of Jerusalem, pray for us. 
Mary, joy of Israel, pray for us. 
Mary, honor of our people, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of the Assumption, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Loreto, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Dolors, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Mercy, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Victory, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of La Trappe, pray for us. 
Mary, Our Lady of Divine Providence, pray for us.

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord Jesus.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord Jesus.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us, O Lord Jesus.

Son of Mary, hear us.
Son of Mary, graciously hear us.

I will declare your name unto my brethren.
I will praise you in the assembly of the faithful.

Let Us Pray: 

O Almighty God, Who beholds Thy servants earnestly desiring to place themselves under the shadow of the name and protection of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, grant, we beseech You, that by her charitable intercession, we may be delivered from all evil on earth, and may arrive at everlasting joys in Heaven, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.  Amen.

Hail Holy Queen

Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope.
To you do we cry,
poor banished children of Eve.
To you do we send up our sighs,
mourning and weeping
in this valley of tears.
Turn then, O most gracious advocate,
your eyes of mercy toward us.
And after this our exile
show unto us
the blessed fruit of your womb, Jesus.
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.
Pray for us, O holy Mother of God,
that we may be made worthy
of the promises of Christ. Amen.




so we saw Cassandra and Varric and Alistair and Josephine and Miranda and I bought a Fenris print and new D&D dice because it was convenient

and also I was in the same room with Jennifer Hale and Greg Ellis and Steve Blum and they were there and talking and they just kept being real and saying things and saying more things

and THEN gerundsandcoffee who is far braver than I went up and gave them shortbread she’d MADE HERSELF (that top picture is Greg Ellis eating that shortbread) (and did I mention that red tin in the loot picture is my own gerundsandcoffee shortbread) (i have eaten the same shortbread from the same batch as Jennifer Hale) (and did I also mention it was delicious) (because it is)

and it was just awesome. It was great. gerundsandcoffee was great and the panel was great and the attendance was…well, small, but it was Friday and what was there was pretty impressive, and it was just GREAT.

and I get to go back tomorrow, heh, heh, heh

Prayer to Our Lady of Czestochowa

Holy Mother of Czestochowa, Thou art full of grace, goodness and mercy. I consecrate to Thee all my thoughts, words and actions, my soul and body. I beseech Thy blessings and especially prayers for my salvation.

Today, I consecrate myself to Thee, Good Mother, totally, with body and soul amid joy and sufferings to obtain for myself and others Thy blessings on this earth and eternal life in Heaven. Amen.

Please join me in prayer tonight

Sweet Mama Mary, holy queen, mother of mercy, please look down upon all of us in the world who are watching the horrors of murder unfold in front of our very eyes. Your son, my mother, was murdered in front of your eyes and you breathed in sorrow and exhaled hope. Hope for the future of us, for our souls. Mama, we are in pain. Mama, we are scared. Hold us and cover us in your mantle. Hold us to your breast like you did with Jesus, comfort our wailing cries of injustice and confusion.

Jesus, my King, my kind-hearted Father, although we are so unworthy of your patience and mercy, please bring peace to this land. So many of our people are persecuted, and our enemies surround us on all sides. Satan, and his evil minions, are prowling about this nation for the ruin of souls and we are all affected. Jesus, my everything, my Creator, my Justice, send Michael the Archangel to our sides to protect all, including the police officers who are being shot at in Dallas tonight. You are our only hope, our only salvation, our only chance at mercy. Forgive us, Father, and I command Your peace to lay out like a blanket across all 50 states tonight. 

lmao @gajeely I did the university thing

There were exactly two reasons that Serena could be found in the freezing cold basement lecture hall at 7:30 AM on a Monday: he was either waking up from a hangover, or he had a physics lecture.

(Un)fortunately, today happened to be because of the latter.

He hated physics.  Loathed the subject with a fiery vengeance that not even Igneel motherfucking what-the-hell-was-his-last-name-again could surpass.  He didn’t understand why he needed the godforsaken subject given that his chosen major was law.  Well, that was a lie.  He needed one subject outside of his major and it was either physics or calculus, so he felt like he had chosen the lesser of two evils.

That was also a blatant lie.  Serena had done fabulously in grade twelve calculus and vectors.  Taking the first year university course would have been nothing but a GPA booster for him.  

No, the real reason he had decided to ‘check  yes Juliet’ to physics was because of the absolute nightmare that happened to double as his boyfriend.

God, why had that glorious, glorious beast of his have to convince him to suffer with him?

(To be fair, Acnologia had told him not to do it, but boyfriends that suffered together, stayed together).

So that’s how, at 7:36 AM, Serena could be found half-asleep next to Acnologia, who was diligently taking notes while stopping to poke the blond awake every thirty seconds.

“Would it kill you to stay up?” the business-kinesiology double major hissed.  Serena eyed the large mug of what was sure to be caffeinated heaven on Acnologia’s table.  “If you gave me some of that-”

“In fucking hell I will let you drink my Monster.”

Serena pouted.  “But daddy!

He had never seen his boyfriend turn so pale and so red all at once.  Acnologia twirled his pencil as if in deep thought and then brought it down forcefully between Serena’s index and middle fingers.  “I told you to never call me that again.”

“At least in public,” Serena muttered.  His gaze drifted down to Acnologia’s notes and his brows furrowed.  How were his diagrams so perfect when he hadn’t used a ruler?

“Dude, I think your lines are straighter than you are.”

“I’m going to destroy you after class.”

“Is that a promise?”

The dark male pursed his lips and went back to scribbling down the next slide in…shorthand.  Fuck, now he couldn’t copy off his notes and use the class time to nap.  Sighing, the blond picked up his lead pencil and started to neatly print the title and subtitle.

“…so because we know this about gravity,” the professor, some guy named Bluenote something or the other, said, “We can safely deduce that we are all attracted to each other.”

Serena grinned.

“Hey, Acno?”


“I’m attracted to you.”

Without missing a beat, his boyfriend said, “My foot is attracted to your ass.”

In front of them, Silver Fullbuster spat out his iced capp, whipping around with wide eyes.  “Oh my God, your boyfriend just read you for filth.”

Mika Leone giggled lightly.  “I think it’s cute!”

“Y’all know he only took the class ‘cause Acnologia was in it?” Metalicana yelled from the top row.  For the first time since the semester began, Serena began using his (minimal) knowledge of physics to calculate the force and angle at which he would need to throw his textbook back to cause a sizable dent in the metal-bastard’s head.

“We all know,” Bluenote huffed.  “Honestly, you two are oblivious as fuck.”

Deciding to roll with it, Serena slapped on his signature ‘I’m gonna fuck your ass so hard get ready’ look and leaned on Acnologia’s shoulder heavily.  “Hey, Acno?”

“What?” holy shit he was gritting his teeth hard…

“So, like…gravity makes shit attracted to each other, right?”

“It’s a little more complicated than that, but sure, why not.  Not as if you’d understand anything with bigger words.”

(At this, Silver crossed himself and leaned back with puffed out cheeks.  “Holy Mary, Mother of God, have mercy on this man’s soul.”)

“So instead of your foot…can your dick be attracted to my ass tonight?”

And that was how, at 7:48 AM, Serena rendered his boyfriend a speechless, neon red, sputtering mess, and his physics professor amused enough that his worst marks mysteriously vanished just in time for midterms.

official trash, might make acnorena uni a mini-tumblr-exclusive-series