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Did ya’ll know that Mary is usually depicted in blue because during the Byzantine era, red and purple were largely used to suggest royalty. But, a new art technique allowed blue pigment to be made for the first time, along with gold pigment, so Mary was given the “honor” of blue. Then it transformed into this symbolism of white for purity and blue for transcendence (because it is the color of the sky- where Jesus and her were raised up). And over time the blue was made lighter to suggest tenderness. 

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Mary, Mother, humble Queen, you were an unwed pregnant woman in a time when you could have been stoned to death, pray for pregnant women- especially the young, the impoverished, the abandoned, and the afraid.
You felt the life of the growing Christ within your own immaculate body, Holy Mother, pray for an end to abortion.
You gave birth in a stable and laid your baby son in a manger, Holy Mother, pray for impoverished and struggling mothers.
You fled to Egypt with your young son when Herod would have had you both killed, Holy Mother, pray for displaced and homeless mothers.
You found that young Jesus was missing and searched desperately for him in Jerusalem, Holy Mother, pray for mothers with missing children and for mothers whose children have gone astray in less literal ways.
You knew the pain of losing St. Joseph, your spouse, Holy Mother, pray for widowed and single mothers.
Your son was arrested after the Passover, Holy Mother, pray for those mothers whose children are incarcerated.
You witnessed your own beloved son’s death on the cross, Holy Mother, pray for mothers who have had to bury their children.

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Greek mythology was filled with rape, incest, and pedophilia. Egyptian mythology had necrophilia. People have been writing about these things for thousands of years and through hundreds of book burnings. Humanity will always write about these things whether you like it or not.

i told myself im not gonna publish more anonymous messages from the elderly side of the debate but this is literally so funny y'all are comparing your bad smut to mythology i cannot believe this jes us chirst jesus fucking christ god in heaven jesus mother fucking chirst holy jesus shit

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

O most beautiful Flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein that you are my Mother. (Mention your request)

O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to succor me in this my necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. O show me herein that you are my Mother.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us that have recourse to thee. (3 times)

Deanic Numerology

1 - Wholeness, fullness of Deity. No God but Dea.

2- The Mother and the Daughter. The Sun and the Moon. Heaven and Earth.

3- The Trinity: Heavenly Mother, Holy Daughter, Great/Dark Mother. The Threefold Heaven & the three Janati who represent the Trinity: Sai Rayya/Lady Theia, Sai Candre/Lady Candra, Sai Rhave/Lady Rhea. 

4- The Fourfold Earth and her guardian Janati, who represent each cardinal direction: Sai Vikhe/Lady Vicka, Sai Sushuri/Lady Graca, Sai Thame/Lady Thema, Sai Mati/Lady Sofia. 

5- The elements: aethyr, fire, water, earth and air. Five Deanic seasons: moura, spring, summer, autumn, winter.

7- The Seven Great Janati.

13- Months of the Deanic year.

21- The number of Janatic virtues.

Rebound pt.5 (M)

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Your heart clenches. Was that Jimin, is he dead. You just got into a happy little bubble, who is already breaking it? There is a few moments of silence, you get up and put on a pair of Jimin’s shorts and a top. You press your ear against the door to see if you can hear anything. You hear a car’s engine rave up. 

“Baby.” It’s Jimin, your heart drops. He’s still alive. You swing open the door and run to him. He’s on the floor, there’s blood coming from his arm. “Baby, don’t panic. He had really bad aim, he only grazed my arm.” 

“Jimin, that doesn’t make it better. Someone tried to kill you!” You wrap your arms around him, your shaking you thought you had lost, just when you got him back. Tears start to stream down your face. 

“Baby girl, don’t cry. I’m not going anywhere, we still have to have a baby and get married.” Did Park fucking Jimin just say that he’s going to marry you in the future. Holy mother of Fuck, you, Jimin, a baby and married. Wouldn’t that be heaven. Yeah, but let’s not forget that someone did just try to kill him. “I think we should move to a safer place?” He chuckles. 

“Are you really laughing right now.” You look up at his face, he swipes his thumb over your cheeks to wipe away the tears. He pecks your lips. 

“I am. Now, could you go get my phone and ring Jin. Oh and put a bra on, I can see your nipples through that shirt. I’m the only one that gets to see them.” He winks. This boy is injured and still he doesn’t stop. 

Jin stitches up the wound. Jin doesn’t just cook, he went to medical school and worked with the red cross all over the world. But he doesn’t like hospitals, so he patches up the people that can’t go to the hospital. Due to their illegal doings. 

“Who shot you anyway?” Namjoon asked. 

“I don’t know, he had a mask on. He couldn’t shoot for shit tho.” Jimin chuckled. 

“I’ll do some digging and see. But maybe you should leave for a bit, till we know who’s got it out for you.” Yoongi suggests. 

“I will. Thanks guys, I’ll let you know where I’m stay.”  

Jimin had sent you home to get clothes and a few essentials. You packed a bag as quick as you possible could. You left a note for your parents, saying you were staying in a friends for a couple of days. You didn’t want to have to deal with telling them you are moving in with Jimin. 

When you got back to his apartment the Jin, Yonngi and Namjoon were leaving. They clothes the door behind you. 

“You’re back quick.” Jimin walks over to you, putting his arms around your waist. “Baby, I’m going to have to leave for a wee while, til all this shit gets sorted. I was wondering if you’ll come with me. We can go to Busan and stay in a little B&B. What do you think?” This boy is adorable. He smiles down at you, you can’t help but grin back. 

“I would love to go with you.” You wrap your arms around him and kiss him. “When do have to leave?” You ask, kissing you his jaw line. 

“Now!” He pulls away from you, he grabs your bag and his in one hand and your hand in his other. You leave his apartment. 

It feels like you have been driving for hours and hours. Jimin suddenly stops the car. He turns to you. 

“We’re here!” You look out the window to see a little cottage beside the beach. There’s no one around, it’s the only house for miles. It’s beautiful, the garden lined with different colours of exotic flowers. 

“Come on, sweetheart. Let’s go in.” Jimin gets out of the car and takes your bags from the booth. He opens your door. 

“Jimin is this yours?” You smile at him. 

“It was my grandmother and grandfathers, this is the house they lived in when they first got married. They gave it to me, so I could take the girl I am going to marry here.” Did your heart stop beating? Breath…. or die, cause holy fuck. Who knew fuck boy of all fuck boys was so squashy. 

“Jimin.” You poke his cheek. 

“Come on.” He rolls his eyes and walks to the door. He opens it and let’s you in. You walk through the house. It’s beautifully decorated and so cosy. The sea was wild outside with the winter wind. Jimin lights a fire. 

“Why don’t you go wash up up stairs and I’ll get dinner ready.” You nod picking up your bag and walking upstairs. 

It is amazing up stairs. It is one large room with a huge bathroom. Make a mental not to thank Jimin’s grand parents. The bed looks freshly made. You decide to have a quick shower, getting out and wrapping yourself in a fluffy white towel. You open your bag, slipping on your sexy black lacy lingerie. Good thing your brought that! You just slip into a simple t-shirt dress. 

Oh the sight you see when you walk down the stairs. Jimin has the table set for two, candles, flowers, the works. Your heart is screaming. 

“Ready for dinner, Baby?” Jimins back hugs you. “You smell delicious, maybe I should eat you instead of the food.” He kisses your neck. You giggle and sit down.  

After dinner you and Jimin take a walk on the beach. But Jimin’s like a horny teenager, he needs you. He pushes your through the cottage and pushes you down on a soft blanket in front of the fire. He kisses you all over your face and neck. 

“Jimin.” You moan. Jimin takes his shirt off an then your top. Seeing you in your lingerie, he grins. 

“You look so fucking good in this, but you look better without it.” He smirks, he unclasps your bra. He fondles your breasts, pinching the nipples making you moan out. You palm him through his jeans, feeling how hard he already is. 

“I really need to be in side you now!” Jimin pulls your panties down and flings them behind him. He unbuckles his pants and pulls them off, along with his boxers. He kisses you passionately before pushing into. He pushes in the while way, pulling out and slamming back into you. You moan out his name. 

“Faster,” You pant, wrapping your legs around him. He grabs your hands and holds them over your head. He’s staring you right in the eye as he fucks you. He looks at you so lovingly. If you think about it Jimin has never been intimate with someone like this before. He has only ever fucked and moved on. Now he was in love, waiting a future with the girl he loves. Which is you. Jimin is living and breathing your right now. There is no one or anywhere he would rather be. You are his first love and will be his only love. 

“Fuck, babygirl. You’re so tight.” Jimin starts hitting that special spot and you don’t think you can hold on much longer. You cum, tightening around him. You are screaming, your orgasm is that intense. “Your so beautiful like this.” Jimin comments. You feel his member twitch inside you, his orgasm spilling into you. He rides out both your highs, kissing you chastely. 

“Wow.” You murmur against his lips. 

“Wow, indeed.” Jimin pulls out of you, wrapping you in his arms. You both lay in front of the fire in a peaceful bliss. “I love you.” He whispers into your hair. 

“I love you, too.” You turn in his arms and look at him, he’s grinning. 

“Wait here.” He gets up, running up the stairs. A few minutes later he rushes back down them with his hands behind his back. By this time you have redressed yourself, Jimin’s grand parents do have the keys. 

“What are you up to?” You giggle at him, in his fresh boxers. You were glad he didn’t get dressed, getting to see that beautiful body he has. 

“I want to ask you something.” He states. 

“Okay go ahead.” Jimin gets down on one knee beside you, a black velvet box in his hands. He opens it. It’s the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. You gasp, putting your hands over your mouth. “Jimin.” You murmur. 

“Look, what happened today scared me. What if that twat could actually aim. I’d be dead, but i’d be dead and won’t have had the chance to marry you. I don’t want to happen. I want to marry you, I want you to be my wife, I want you to have my babies. I want you to give out to me, saying I should take out the bins. I want it to be me and you. I honestly don’t care that it’s too soon. I said I was never leaving you and we are already moving in together. Just be mine. I’m going to do everything I can to make you happy. I love you.”  

HOLY SHIT JIMIN JUST PURPOSED TO YOU. HOLY SMOKES. “Oh my god, Jimin.” Tears are running down your cheeks. You wrap your arms around his neck and jump on him. Toppling the both of you on the floor. “I don’t need you to do anything to make me happy, I just need to be with you.” You look at him, kissing the top of his nose. 

“So is that a yes?” He smirks. 

“Yes, you beautiful idiot.” You roll on top of him, kissing all over his face. 

“I love you, Y/N.” 

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And We have enjoined upon man [care] for his parents. His mother carried him, [increasing her] in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your parents; to Me is the [final] destination.
—  Holy Qur'an: Luqman (31:14)
”And let those who are dumb and shitty eat shit for the rest of their days and die and choke on that shit and then turn into shit and go fuck thy selves. Thou art in heaven Mother Mary Joseph and the whole holy ghost busterswinteriscominghanshotfirstAMEN”.
—  David Bennett, of Steam Powered Giraffe
  • Joshua: *does something*
  • y'all: holy mother of heaven I am pure, I am cured, the sun has risen and is shining brighter, what a time to be alive I love life
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For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the LORD will take me in.

Psalm 27:10 (ESV)

Some of us have had a bad experience with parents, but God is not that type of father. He is the perfect and ultimate loving father. Don’t let your human father taint your perception of the Heavenly Father.

This is about girls Homer dared not write for fear their scripted name would burn the heavens and incite the apocalypse.

This one is for the girls with beaded eyelashes, and women with poison dipped arrow hearts. You were not born to be an occasional blush, or art. You were not named after a deity, she was named after you.

To the girls with Tartarus in their eyes and dresses the color of a bleeding sunset, to you I say “Step out!” Untie you sandals and burn your shrouds, strip your sin of its gentility and smile with the glory of a dying star.

Do not shy from being angry at the world, carry out Demeter’s rage against those who take what is not theirs. What did they do to you, my goddess? The mortals defiled your temple and demonized you. Now, show them what hunger truly is. Make them witness the Titan they have aroused.

Demand your sacrifice! Demand their castration!

Show no mercy and wear their teeth like charms. Crown yourself with brambles, claim yourself and enjoy as they watch in horror the rebirth of Nyx.

Do they know you were the fire Prometheus defied the Gods for?

And decades later, you were the color Van Gogh was thinking of when he tried to describe insanity.

Oh honey, you are Dionysian woman whose fingers spark against skin, whose delicious mind is the grace seraphim would die for.

Do they know it was you Icarus was flying to, confusing you for the sun?

You who Aphrodite was running away from when the East wind blew her in.

Beauty is lightning breaking the sky; beauty is a woman protecting herself.

And honey, you sent the goddess fleeing in terror.

Why hasn’t Hera touched you, darling?

People will mock you, I won’t lie, they will smile with scorn stained teeth. But love, mortals can never understand the radiance of your aureole. They are ignorant to learn the holy language your mother wrote in blood.

Why does God hide in heaven, love? Why was Olympus beyond men’s greedy hands? Why did Atlantis sink itself?

You, with your petal hands and the golden radiance of your skin, are a veil ripped open; a woman that devours bones unashamed. Peel away your skin and show them the wilderness you have been nurturing in you sternum.

And terrify them; remind their filthy hearts of raw purity.

Awaken, my love.

Your make believe wings is nothing compared to the funeral pyre you leave behind with every step.

- Camillea

This is one of my favorite poems and I dedicate this to all the women who feel they have been scarred and can no longer push forward, for women who feel their trauma is a jail cell….you are stronger than you think. 

Based on a post by sansaspark - Girls with fire dipped fingertips

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Shadow: Part IX

Prompt: The reader is a nephal. Nephalem are demon/angel children and are, I assume, very rare.  They would have ‘wings’. They can see the true forms of everything (angels, demons, etc.)  They can heal themselves, as well as manipulate holy fire. Can warp reality (sort of like Gabriel). Can also resurrect others and time travel alone without problem. Also unlike angels and demons they have their own body and do not need a vessel, however, they could infiltrate someone’s body, with consent, of course. (more)

Word count: 3,254

Warnings: I may or may not be a horrible person.

Author’s Note: I know how this sounds like but I promise I’m taking an entirely different approach. Let me know what you think?

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