holy mother of chuck

Holy mother of Chuck how couldn’t I see it before.

Maybe soulless Sam met the winter solider once.

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1.5k Followers Celebration- Requests (Closed)


I have no idea how this happened. I never thought I’d get so so many followers, and it’s not even a year since I started writing. Thank you so so much for all the support and, really, I adore all of you!

Love you all!

You have no idea how much my life changed because of the fact I started writing and I’d like to thank all those amazing individuals that supported/keep supporting me, no matter what. And, especially that my writing evolved over time and that I’m writing more and more bizzarre things so, thank you for sticking with me! You’re incredible!

For the celebration, I decided I want to try writing lots of new kinks and ships. Under the cut, there will be a list of around 90 kinks and I’ll write them all. Every kink will get one drabble (at least 500 words) or one shot, if I get carried away. (Because that happens often, whops.)

SPN Pairing only!

Here are the rules:

  • Considering I want to practice writing characters/actors (yes, RPF is allowed!)/ships I haven’t written yet, there are only 13 spots for Reader Inserts and the rest is for ships (Poly Ships as well!)
  • Every Reader Insert can be only written once. What that means is that if someone requests a kink with Dean x Reader then no one else can request that pairing again for other kinks. (You can request RPF Reader Inserts too!) 

No more Reader Inserts please!

  • Also, if you request Sam x Reader, let’s say, you’re giving me freedom to write versions of the character, like Soulless!Sam x Reader. I’ll try to stick to normal versions of the characters, but well. Muse wants what it wants!
  • If it comes to ships, every ship can be requested twice! (You can request RPF ships too!)

Ships that were already requested twice, meaning you can’t request them anymore: Wincest, Wincestiel, Destiel, Sastiel, Megstiel, Cocklecki, DeanDonna,  AlexClaire, SamClaire, Michifer, Samifer, Crowstiel, J2, SabrielDean, DeanBela, Debriel, Sabriel.

  • Another thing: if a ship turns out to be really hard to place in canon settings, I’ll go with AU.
  • To request a drabble, reblog the post, send me an ask with a number of the kink and two pairings of your choice, in case the first pairing is already taken. (Or one pairing and two kinks. Just be prepared to come up with a new idea really fast, since all the places will be filled on the first come-first served basis).
  • I’ll be updating the list gradually, bolding the kinks that are being taken, so you’ll know what kinks/pairing are taken!
  • I’d rather you not send any anonymous asks, ‘cause this celebration is a big thank you to all of my followers, you know?
  • If you’re not comfortable requesting a kink or a pairing publicly (it’s absolutely okay!), put (P) at the beginning of the ask and I won’t say who requested said drabble. I’ll send you a private message with the link to the request when I’m done, however, so you can see it and, hopefully, tell me what you think! 
  • Every ship/pairing is welcome! Those that I’ve already written (not exactly with smut, but I’ve tried them) are: Destiel, DeanBela, Megstiel, Wincest, SamJess, SamEileen, Wincestiel, Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader, Cas x Reader, Meg 2.0 x Reader, SamRuby, Wincest x Reader, Gabriel x Reader, John x Reader and I think that’s all. 
  • I’m hella eager to try new ships! Some of the ships I’ve never written, but would love to write are: DeanCasJimmy, DeanBenny, Sastiel, DeanDonna, SamJody, Sabriel, any version of femslash (AnnaRuby, AlexClaire), SamClaire or DeanClaire, SamKrissy or DeanKrissy. Honestly, bring it on! All types of Incest? It’s all welcome here, you won’t be judged for any ship! The weirder the better!
  • In brackets, there are guidelines as for the pairings. Like, some of the kinks will work only for a pairing with an angel (Angel Pairing), other kinks will work only with 3 or more people (3 and more people) so stick to those informations, okay? But that doesn’t mean you can’t request a Poly Ship for a kink with no additional information, okay?
  • I’ll be writing them randomly and it’ll probably take me a lot of time to get all of them done, so be patient!
  • Also, if you send me an ask with a request and you’ll shame the kinks that are here or pairings other people requested, you’ll be blocked. No place for hate here.

That’s pretty much it! 

To recap, take a look at the list to see what pairings are already taken. Choose a kink, send me a number of the kink and a pairing in the ask and that’s it! 

Blacklist: Karolina Celebrates if you don’t want to see the answers to the asks.


List of the kinks and taglist under the cut! (Pretty thanks to @justanothersaltandburn for helping me come up with some of them!)

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J2 Photo Op Story (aka death)

Okay so it’s fair to say my J2 photo op with my friend Jade was the best thing at A16.

We were in the queue and I had just met Jensen and Jared in their single photo ops, I was very emotional. As we got nearer the front of the queue, Jared kept looking at me in the eyes and smiling to I guess make sure I was okay? (I was crying).

We got to the front and mine and Jades plan was to do the ‘arm wrap’ pose, I got Jared and Jade got Jensen. We walked up to them and Jade walked to Jensen and I walked to Jared.

Jared grabbed my arm and Jensen grabbed Jades arm, they said hello to us and then this is when it got really great.

Jared started laughing at the photographer saying “Okay, listen to her, she just takes the photo when she wants but yet still counts down it will be like 1, 2 *take photo* or it could be 1,2,3,4,5 *take photo*”, Jensen was in hysterics. We got ready for the photo and Jared got behind me and wrapped his arms around me, he leant down and I was the perfect height for him to literally rest his head against mine (His hair was so soft and I kind of froze, hence why I am stood awkwardly bc I was like “JAREDS FACE IS LITERALLY ON MY FACE HOLY MOTHER OF CHUCK”. We got the photo and Jared and Jensen started laughing again, I went to say thank you but they were laughing so hard and we both stood there, as they were taking the piss out of the photographer, Jared put his hand on my back and STARTED STROKING IT (I think he could probably tell how damn anxious and emotional I was). We were stood there for about a minute. Jensen saw Jared being all cute to me and started awkwardly rubbing Jades arm which made me laugh far too much. Eventually the Rogue team shouted “Okay boys hurry up” and we had to leave. I quickly thanked them both and we walked away.

I cannot thank Jared and Jensen enough for the memories that they have given me. That is a moment I will never forget. Jared and Jensen’s friendship is amazing and so special, you can really tell how much they make each other laugh and how happy they both are with each other.


So, I was on the Supernatural Facebook page and was watching the promo for the upcoming set of episodes and I noticed something incredible, when I went through it very slowly, and pausing every second to figure out what was going on. about 11 seconds in, I noticed a very small short shot of a face.

Hmmmm, who could this be???

let me see,

his nose and eyes and eyebrows look like this dashing fellow…



My Chuck cannon:

Okay wait so they all thought God had abandoned them but he just fell to earth and was born and raised, like another Jesus and he didn’t know he was God, he had visions and stuff but he didn’t understand so then Chuck starts writing and he’s like okay maybe this is my calling? and so everyone thinks that God abandoned them but he’s just another baby on earth. A fallen angel somehow. Then life was like whoooaaaa kay, my writing is real? and then it was all like wahhhhhhhh I’m a PROPHET and then whoooa maybe I’m God and then like, nahhh maybe not and then he disappeared and someone took him up to heaven and was like, “what do you know?” and was gonna use him as bait and stuff for the war and then God got angry that all these angels were disobeying him so he made them fall and then he went to see a play. O.o