holy mother of all that is good and pure

I watched the Mummy, and Holy Mother of All that’s Good and Pure!!!

Faking It Drabble #5 (Rough Around the Edges from Dean’s POV)

Showering together should have felt normal. It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen each other naked before, after all. It was fun to watch the water droplets roll down her skin, following all of her curves before dripping away. And it was fun to feel her slippery skin, his fingers gliding over the silkiness of it.

But there was something more…intimate about this than he was prepared for. He had noticed himself slipping up- kissing her just for the hell of kissing rather than leading to anything, pulling her feet into his lap, watching her when she wasn’t looking. Showering together when it wasn’t one of the slips from the makeup bag was one more thing he shouldn’t be doing. She’d get the wrong idea.

He washed her body anyway, smiling and kissing every inch of her.

Holy mother of all things good and pure, this was going to kill him.

He had never done this before. She was on her knees before him, mouth open and pliant as he fucked into it, not giving a single fuck about anything other than how good she felt. He pushed into her farther than he ever had, her tongue sliding against him, and damn if he could form a single coherent thought. And he had never let go like this. He didn’t go slow, didn’t wait for her to do what she wanted, didn’t think about how he was going to repay her for this insane pleasure. He simply took what he wanted.

And then she was on her hands and knees, and he was biting into her shoulder, claiming her, pounding into her. He was totally gone. Wild, uninhibited, giving in completely to the primal desire coursing through him in a way he had never allowed himself.

Jesus Christ, she felt good. Hot, wet, tight around him, pulling him over some ledge that he wouldn’t come back from. And he let her.

She had his marks all over her. Something warm and possessive settled in his chest at the sight of them, and part of him wanted to keep her marked up all the time.

But those were just the endorphins of the fucking amazing sex he’d just had.

He needed to get out. The fresh air would break this sex spell, and remind him that this was just fun. Cooking a nice dinner for her was as good an excuse as any, and they both had to eat, right? So he kissed her forehead and left her in bed, while he ventured out into the real world to forget the way she sounded as she came on his cock, to forget the taste of her, to forget the way she screamed his name and clawed at him, always pulling him closer. And to forget that whenever she pulled him closer, he willingly went.