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Holy shit!!! Rosemary's Baby omegaverse AU?!? (I want)

BASICALLY the thought is that Graves is The Devil, living next door to Credence with his coven living in The Brand. And then one day sweet young Credence, getting his first apartment, escaping his mother and the terror of others, moves in. And Graves is instantly smitten, drawn to him. He’s never contemplated having children before (he’s above all that Alpha/Beta/Omega nonsense) but Credence is so pure and good and Graves wants him

So he disguses himself as an Alpha and begins to gently but insistently take care of Credence. Helps him with groceries, helps him figure out the buses, sometimes even drives him until Credence goes instinctively to Graves as a mode of transport and assistance. Courts the sweet little omega, goes with him to church (when he takes the Eucharist the wafer turns to ash on his tongue and the wine to vinegar but no one would be any wiser).

Tina and Queenie and Jacob all know the plan and go along with it, gently coaxing Credence into coming over for more and more parties with their “friends”.

Then Credence falls pregnant. Dreaming of red eyes and a dark face and long horns and fangs and he’s sobbing and soiled and can’t remember through the throes of his heat who it was, it could have been an Alpha that broke in after following him home for all he knew. 

And Graves, kind, understanding, loyal, gentle Mr. Graves who lives next door, tells Credence that he’ll care for him. Him and the baby. He gets to keep it, which is more than he could ever hope from any Alpha who knew him to be a fallen Omega. 

And the pregnancy is terrible and Graves feels twinges of guilt, but when the first trimester ends and Credence gains weight, becomes healthier, feels the baby kicking and turning and developing, he can tell just how happy his Credence is.

And there’s no doubt that Credence is his.

But then Credence grows paranoid and starts putting together the pieces, starts noticing those things he had chosen to ignore, maternal instinct telling him to protect his baby, and suddenly Graves is chasing the boy across New York, dragging him back and accidentally inducing an early labor. 

When Credence awakens Graves, worried about the boy’s reaction, gently tells him that he lost the baby.

When Credence finds his baby, with cloven feet and hands and bloody red eyes and black skin and fur and horns, he is repulsed at first. But a mother can never ignore the cries of their child and Credence is drawn to the black crib, to the small bundle swaddled in crimson. 

“You want me to be his mother.”
Aren’t you his mother?”

And Graves watches as Credence collects his baby in his arms, soothing the screams of the infant and gently kissing his baby, smelling himself and Graves and knowing in his heart of hearts that he would not change his sweet little one for the world and Graves could never part from them.

After all. God had chosen Mary, had he not? Why couldn’t Graves choose Credence?

A Brief Summary: Ancient Greek Gods
  • Zeus: Will have sex with anyone and anything as anyone or anything but makes all the rules so no-one can argue
  • Poseidon: Has an extreme problem with walls.
  • Hades: Cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure, which is why he’s in the Underworld. May have handcuffed himself once.
  • Aphrodite: Created from testicles, never stopped loving em. 
  • Hera: “Oh No Zeus, Oh No You Fuckin Didn’t” A novel
  • Hermes: Holy moley I stole Apollo’s cows when I was 0 lol
  • Dionysus: PArtiEs and extreme mother-on-son violence
  • Apollo: Ladies would rather die than sleep with him. It’s a problem both ways. Had it out for the Dream Team (Achilles and Patroklus) 
  • Artemis: Strong, independent woman who don’t need no man
  • Hephaestus: so ugly his mum literally chucked him off a mountain. Poor squish.
  • Hestia: Feed my flames with your fat. Do it.
  • Kronos: (not a god but lol) Was pretty surprised when he threw up his children and probably a Zeus-shaped rock
  • Athena: Has a lot of brains, came from a brain, but doesn’t like watching her heroes eat brains.
  • Demeter: Put my daughter back where she came from or so help me (I’ll literally kill everyone)
  • Persephone: Delicate flower princess turned Queen of DaRKNESS

If you want the stories behind any of these, send me an ask

Story for Poseidon x
Story for Apollo x
Story for Hestia x
Opinions on Ares x
Story for Hades x

A Brief Summary: Ancient Greeks

I watched the Mummy, and Holy Mother of All that’s Good and Pure!!!

Come, let us praise the Saints of North America,
Holy hierarchs, venerable monastics and glorious martyrs, pious men, women and children, both known and unknown. Through their words and deeds in various walks of life, by the grace of the Spirit they achieved true holiness. As they now stand in the presence of Christ who glorified them, they pray for us who celebrate their memory in love.

As the brightest sun, as the brilliance of the morning star, the precious feast of the Saints of North America has dawned for us, to illumine us and to set our hearts on fire, to imitate their godly lives, and to follow their example of zeal for God.

Rejoice, O mountains of Pennsylvania, Leap for joy, O waters of the Great Lakes, Rise up, O fertile plains of Canada, for the elect of Christ who dwelt in you are glorified, men and women who left their homes for a new land. With faith, hope and patience as their armor, they courageously fought the good fight. Comforted by the beauty of the Orthodox Faith, they labored in mines and mills, they tilled the land, they braved the challenges of the great cities, enduring many hardships and sufferings. Never failing to worship God in spirit and truth, and unyielding in devotion to His most pure Mother, they erected many temples to His glory. Come, O assembly of the Orthodox, and with love let us praise the holy women, men and children, those known to us and those known only to God,
and let us cry out to them: Rejoice, All Saints of North America, and pray to God for us.

Rejoice, O continent of North America, illumined by the Holy Gospel. Rejoice, every province, state, city, and town, which raised up citizens of the heavenly Kingdom. Rejoice, our venerable Father Herman, first Saint of our land. Rejoice, O Martyrs Juvenal and Peter, for your blood has watered the seed of faith planted in Alaska. Rejoice, O holy Hierarchs: Innocent, Tikhon and Nicholas, Rejoice, O holy Father Alexis and you righteous priests, Rejoice, All Saints of North America, for your light has shone forth to the ends of the earth. We beseech you to pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved.

—  Selection of the stichera for the Synaxis of the Saints of North America, commemorated on June 18th.
Faking It Drabble #5 (Rough Around the Edges from Dean’s POV)

Showering together should have felt normal. It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen each other naked before, after all. It was fun to watch the water droplets roll down her skin, following all of her curves before dripping away. And it was fun to feel her slippery skin, his fingers gliding over the silkiness of it.

But there was something more…intimate about this than he was prepared for. He had noticed himself slipping up- kissing her just for the hell of kissing rather than leading to anything, pulling her feet into his lap, watching her when she wasn’t looking. Showering together when it wasn’t one of the slips from the makeup bag was one more thing he shouldn’t be doing. She’d get the wrong idea.

He washed her body anyway, smiling and kissing every inch of her.

Holy mother of all things good and pure, this was going to kill him.

He had never done this before. She was on her knees before him, mouth open and pliant as he fucked into it, not giving a single fuck about anything other than how good she felt. He pushed into her farther than he ever had, her tongue sliding against him, and damn if he could form a single coherent thought. And he had never let go like this. He didn’t go slow, didn’t wait for her to do what she wanted, didn’t think about how he was going to repay her for this insane pleasure. He simply took what he wanted.

And then she was on her hands and knees, and he was biting into her shoulder, claiming her, pounding into her. He was totally gone. Wild, uninhibited, giving in completely to the primal desire coursing through him in a way he had never allowed himself.

Jesus Christ, she felt good. Hot, wet, tight around him, pulling him over some ledge that he wouldn’t come back from. And he let her.

She had his marks all over her. Something warm and possessive settled in his chest at the sight of them, and part of him wanted to keep her marked up all the time.

But those were just the endorphins of the fucking amazing sex he’d just had.

He needed to get out. The fresh air would break this sex spell, and remind him that this was just fun. Cooking a nice dinner for her was as good an excuse as any, and they both had to eat, right? So he kissed her forehead and left her in bed, while he ventured out into the real world to forget the way she sounded as she came on his cock, to forget the taste of her, to forget the way she screamed his name and clawed at him, always pulling him closer. And to forget that whenever she pulled him closer, he willingly went.

shackled up [ao3]

a/n: for underbellamy b/c we all wanted parole officer cbellamy & delinquent clarke let’s be honest

wc: 1608

Bellamy frowns at the name listed on the case file currently kept in his hands, the manila folder crumpling slightly in his large hands as he glances dubiously at the luxurious mansion sitting on top of the hill.

He can’t really call it a house, because he’s pretty sure the driveway itself is bigger than his house, which is a humble one story thing that he’s rebuilt from scratch basically, what, with all the renovations he’d done.

But this? It’s fucking huge.

Glancing at the file again, and the greasy, pale looking mugshot attached - it’s true when they say there’s no conditioner in jail - he frowns again, feeling the deep crease between his eyebrows grow just a little bit more.

This surely can’t be right.

The delinquent he’s got on file is named Clarke Griffin, and she’s been let out early for multiple accounts of breaking and entering, along with aggravated assault - all petty crimes usually committed by those desperate enough to steal what they need.

He’s seen these types of people before in Arcadia - a ton of them, actually, thanks to his job as a parole officer - the kind who aren’t hardened criminals, but those who are just trying to survive on stealing and breadcrumbs, and Bellamy can’t help but pity them.

Because after all, he used to be one of those people.

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dear god

There is so much freaking vore in children’s media it’s not even funny like I swear

I was YouTubing (don’t question it) and then I came across a Cat in the Hat episode and like

so they’re like “let’s see why tummies rumble!” and then like they say “the best way to find out is to see one for yourself!”

And then the kids are like “*gasp* We’re going in someone’s TUMMY!?!?” all excited like and shit

And then before they go in one of the Things’ bellies, the Cat literally goes “who wants a tummy rub from the inside~?”

And then as they’re going down the esophagus the Cat literally is like “Don’t you just love a good squishy squeeze~?”

And literally when they go inside of the Thing’s tummy they poke it with something and are like “it’s squishy and squooshy!” and the Thing giggles because it’s like they’re getting tummy tickles.

I’m just like

dear mother of god

vore is literally all over the place in children’s media

and everywhere holy shit