holy moly i have a post with 1k

↬ spideyyparker 1k celebration

i have hit 1k!! thank you so much :)) i just finished up drabbles, so now i’m doing this. thank you to everyone who has followed it’s so crazy to me that you all liked my blog… 1k man. holy moly that’s a lot.

blacklist #spideyyparker celebrates 1k if you don’t wanna see these


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  • send me an ask off of anon with what you want

your options (you can pick 2):

  • send me a 🥀 + your fave movie for a blograte
    • if you want me to rate a sideblog, include the name
  • send me a 🍄 for a date headcanon list
    • include one song, your name, and tom or peter (or harrison??)
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    • include the name of the fic you’d like me to review (must be your own)

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don’t let this flop

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Holy Moly

Omg Guys I Feel Like Where Having One Of These Posts Everyday! Where gaining 100 Each Day Its Insane You Guys Make Me So Happy And Love That You Enjoy My Stuff! I do sometimes have a artist block but I can get through it! We now have 330 we gained over 100 today you guys are crazy! Once we hit 500/1K Im Doing A Huge Q&A or Commisions!Also would Love to meet more comic creators just PM me!

holy moly,

I hit 1.1k followers yesterday; my goodness!! I feel like I just posted about having 400. Wow, guys, I want to thank all of y’all for helping me reach this milestone! ♥♥♥

I’m working on a little something for y’all in which I’m hoping I’ll have completed before Pets. If it so happens that I finish early, I’m conflicted on whether I should release it before or after the EP drop??