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Asagao Academy: Reform School for Delinquents

Why they’re in there:

Hana: She burned down her old school

Mai: She stole teacher’s private documents and sold them to everyone

Jon: He assaulted someone with a kitchen knife because they said they hated MCR

PBG: He blackmailed his old principal for years until they found him out

Jirard: It was mistaken identity. But the school doesn’t like admitting that they make mistakes

Jared: His mom just doesn’t think he’s behaved enough but Jared tries to prove that he totally belongs there

Satch: He made a monarchy with him as kings and the students as his loyal subjects and terrorized all the teachers

Paul, Nick, and Josh: They vandalized the entire school building. All the walls outside, inside, on the lockers, in the lockers, even the desks

Shane: He was a prostitute selling himself to the students…and teachers

I don’t know about Hidden Block yet


imma just deem these canon, because, i love them!!