holy madonna

RFI music video:

Ok, i just watched it, i didn’t read any of your DMs, nor Anons, nor scrolled down my dash yet…So this is an honest and unbiased little report : 

My reaction:   Holy Madonna & Cher dear Mothers of the Gays !!

The way i saw it: she just basically showed that there are 2 Taylors: the one wearing Black with the robots (aka the beards) who desperately wants to be the one inside the glass cage (holy..) : The white Taylor (with the white horse & the electric snow globe lookalike) is the real Taylor : she explodes the glass and destroys the fake Taylor (and the robots): and rises to the light (walking the stairs to the light (stairs as in one step at a time).

Ok So, not only she’s def gonna come out (still at the end of the era) like a few among us have been explaining since the Black Out, BUT something tells me she’s gonna tell the truth, not just choose the alternative possibility…

Why ? bc in the video White Taylor destroys the robots (aka the beards), and not just Black Taylor + the whole “they’re burning all the witches” part: there are 6 or 7 robots next to Black Taylor (maybe 8 of them ?) = the beards and the fake romances = and that’s why Black Taylor is somehow crucified like a witch for it: bc she’ll tell it was all a lie…..and she expects the Media and the GP to crucify her for this…

The end : White Taylor with that electric blue light in her eyes: reminding of the Snow Globe: it’s for Karlie… ;)

Conclusion: the symbol is HUGE in this video, and i believe a bit less subtle, so that more fans can begin to understand the paradox between these 2 Taylors…I like it: exploding the glass prison between the two, for the white Taylor to take over, and win :)

Notice one important thing: there is NO human Man in the video: just ROBOTS ;) 

I don’t care about the visual parts or if it has less Easter egss than LWYMMD, i believe if it’s more obvious: it was done on purpose….it’s another step in the Plan, and i really like it :) 

& I challenge anyone to try to explain that it has anything to do with Joe & their “romance”….