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Prompt: “No decision should ever be made at 2am!“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @dustycelt

“Morning, Sammy!” Dean bellows cheerfully strolling into the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re in a good mood considering it’s before noon.” The younger Winchester responds with a smirk.

“I have a stupid study group thing.” Dean groans, rubbing his hand over his face.

“That’s…new.” Sam quirks an eyebrow suspiciously.

“I’m doing awful in my Econ class, man. It’s the only reason I’m putting myself through that cruel and unusual punishment.”

“Ahh gotcha.”

“At least I can have a heavenly slice of apple pie before I go. I literally woke up craving it.” Dean licks his plump lips practically drooling at the thought.

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First Kiss: Jeno


We’re nearing the end of the series, holy shit jdnfsh8dtbdyhs7at okay I thnk you can tell that I was running out of ideas at this point lmao. I hope you like it!

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this^^ is adorable holy shit

  • Jeno is so attractive I’m literally dead Jesus Christ
  • Am I glad that SM are actually dressing the Dream members as their age lmao
  • Anyway!
  • You and Jeno wouldn’t have had your first kiss together until you had been dating for at least a month
  • Both of you were still very young and in no rush to heavily commit to a relationship nor did you want to mess one up and have the stress of getting over it
  • That’s why you both agreed to wait until you kiss one another yes I know it sounds like they’re making a big deal out of this but it’s thEIR FIRST KISS OKAY LET THEM BE CUTE AND FLUFFY
  • I think everyone can see that Jeno is a chill guy, he takes life very well and he’d have a comfortable and reassuring aura
  • You’d be similar in this way
  • And although you both were like this, your feelings for one another were the opposite - they were crazy and excitable and if you hadn’t had this much self control in you, your emotions would’ve taken over and probably screw things up in the process
  • Your first kiss with Jeno would be partly spontaneous and partly not - you were expecting it to happen soon but not like this
  • Jeno finally had a free day and had decided that he was going to bring you to the seaside for a date
  • Everything was meticulously thought out from him
  • He brought towels, water, sun cream, money for food when you were there and had literally googled which part of the beach would be ideal for your date
  • Your heart skipped a beat, when you met down there, watching at he clumsily carried multiple bags of goods across the sand
  • Surprisingly, it was very very quiet and the sun was beating down upon you
  • Honestly, you weren’t too fussed about going to the beach
  • Of course, it was nice and pretty, but you didn’t find it as fun as Jeno did
  • He was literally like a child as soon as he arrived
  • Throwing the bags down, he greeted you with a wide grin, sighing happily that he was in his favourite place with his favourite person
  • You giggled as Jeno ran out in front of you, stretching his arms out and turning his face towards the sin
  • He whirls around a couple times, spins in the soft sand, arms outstretched, until he keeps over and collapses
  • Grinning, he looks up at you: “I remember you telling me how you used to do this when you were younger! Try it, Y/N”
  • His voice was breathless but light and happy, pleased with himself and the fact he remembered such a small memory of yours 
  • You smiled fondly at him, impressed at how he could remember that and blushing as a result
  • He stands up again, grabbing your hand and pulling your forwards, making you drop your small bag onto the ground
  • Jeno laughs and isn’t shy to hurl himself round in circles until he staggers, screaming and crashes into the sand
  • Scanning the beach briefly for anyone who might be watching and judging you, you shrug and spread your arms
  • You turn slowly at first, then faster and faster, until it’s out of control
  • The world seems to spin away and your feet lose their hold on the earth and you squeal, stagger and stumble
  • The ground shifts and comes up to slap your back and head, leaving you to rest in the sand
  • You lie there as the world continues to spin round you, and you remember why you found this so find as a child
  • It made everything go away, until there’s just you, your head reeling and your heart thumping
  • Real life churns on, the earth tilts, the sky dips
  • You hear a loud thump on the ground next to you, the sound of Jeno falling and tripping over his own feet to the ground
  • You try to grab handfuls of sand to get a hold of yourself, but the grains run away from your fingers and you fall back again
  • A hand brushes your outstretched fingers, weaving between them, it’s Jeno 
  • Both of you lie still for a few minutes, fingertips touching, waiting for the world to stop
  • Then Jeno is struggling upright, dragging you with him
  • You stumble against him, laughing and then his hands cups your face
  • He’s so close to you that you can see the unevenness of his skin, the specks of green and light brown in his eyes, the light sun freckles dotted across his skin
  • Even after a month of dating, he made you feel so special and honoured, you could believe you were dating such an incredible and hard working human being
  • He looks at you for a long moment, searching your eyes desperately and momentarily glances down at your mouth too, and then he’s kissing you
  • It’s not like how you imagined, it’s better
  • His lips taste of salt and sand and just happiness, they’re soft and inviting and you feel safe with him
  • The kiss lasts a few seconds, and although neither of you try to deepen the kiss further, it’s enough that your heart starts to race and palms start to sweat
  • Coaxing you gently, he pulls you closer to his chest, arm circling your waist
  • You break apart and he can’t stop staring at you, a glint in his eyes and a smile playing on his lips
  • His eyes scan your face looking for some sign of discouragement or discomfort, but you show none
  • Softly, he brushes sand from your cheek and hair, tutting disapprovingly at you for letting you get yourself into such a messy situation 
  • Neither of you say anything and he brings you into a tight hug, holding your head gently and rocking side to side
  • To you, the world just seems to carry on spinning around, that’s the effect of Jeno on you
  • Yes I know this was utter crap and short af and the story line is hit but I’m running out of ideas so give me a break lmao

First Kiss series


if I’m wrong just … yes :) ignore it lmao

I recently found @smokeplanet ‘s webcomic (holy shit) and I adore everything.

The story, the characters, the ART and the artist themself I CAN’T THEY ARE SO FUNNY AND LOVEABLE please look at their work, they are my no. 1 inspiration now I can’t discribe how happy their art makes me.

Enough of this sweet-talk /// I hope you like this trashy fanart, Mitch sure is fun to draw but also hard as hell I hope it kinda looks like him? aah

MOM HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!Please excuse the fact that the thing above looks like it was made in 2 minutes (because it was) I’m still pretty flustered about this all jfdks

Anyway, lordy jesus, its been nearly two years since this blog has been up??? Time flies. I can remember when I first decided to dive headfirst into the Indie scene with this blog and with Riku as a character in general. NGL I was legit a nervous wreck, because I’ve always just been apart of fandoms specifically and I didn’t???? Know what to do lol. But slowly, I branched out. Gained lots of amazing friends, lost some, saw some amazing characters that still hold themselves near and dear to my heart. I as well as Ri have experienced many things, many feelings, and none of which is regretted. 

I hope you continue to follow my progression with this nerd child and make you totes not regret having her on your dash jkds;

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Being intimate with cw!Peter Parker would include

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the playlist of the songs that you and Peter make out to

  • being very awkward and clumsy because neither of you are well experienced
  • always making out to music
  • him throwing rocks at your window at midniiiiiight (plz tell me if u understood this reference)
  • and climbing all the way up to your room just to find out that your parents aren’t at home
  • seeing you half-asleep in his shirt (which you’ve stolen from him)
  • him letting out a small whine/moan because you look so beautiful and angelic and at the same time hot and tempting
  • caressing your cheeks with his soft hands and gently kissing you
  • at first his kisses are slow but soon his hands leave your face and are placed firmly on the back of your neck
  • licking you lower lip with his tongue, asking for entrance
  • tugging on his curls
  • small moans leaving his mouth
  • making out to alex turner
  • “i-i adore you angel”
  • sucking on his lower lip
  • “please do that again”
  • him sitting on your bed and you sitting on his lap
  • grinding your hips in sync
  • him leaving open mouthed kisses on your neck
  • hickeys all over your collarbones
  • and then “past lives” bu borns comes on
  • and with his newly found confidence peter pins you to the bed
  • “you’re so beautiful angel”
  • “i can’t believe you’re mine”
  • whispering sweet nothings to each other
  • gently massaging your thighs with his hands
  • helping him out of his clothes
  • “are y-you sure you want this”


Act of Adoration (St. Francis of Assisi)

I adore You, O Jesus, true God and true Man, here present in the Holy Eucharist, humbly kneeling before You and united in spirit with all the faithful on Earth and all the blessed in Heaven.  In deepest gratitude for so great a blessing, I love You, my Jesus, with my whole heart, for You are all perfect and all worthy of love.

Give me grace nevermore in any way to offend You, and grant that I, being refreshed by Your Eucharistic presence here on Earth, may be found worthy to come to the enjoyment with Mary of Your eternal and ever blessed presence in Heaven.

I believe that You, O Jesus, are in the Most Blessed Sacrament!  I love You and desire You!  Come into my heart.  I embrace You.  O never leave me!  May the burning and most sweet power of Your love, O Lord Jesus Christ, absorb my mind, that I may die through love of Your love, Who was pleased to die through love of my love.    Amen.

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how would you describe the stans for each of the vixx members? like what kind of fans are they :)

HMM OKAY LETS SEE!! this is just some of the things.. tbh, starlights in general are the most amazing stans. no one loves their idols more than they do, istg. so hardworking. 

hakyeon stans: usually sweetest and chillest people around. love hakyeon so much. SO MUCH. hurt hakyeon, you’ve committed #1 crime. also, dies whenever he dances. just in general dies 200 times a day because of his good looks. cannot believe they’ve been blessed w the best leader in the world

taekwoon stans: tbh, VERY SAVAGE TAGS. call leo grandpa 24/7 because theyre low-key also grandpa themselves. when taekwoon smiles, they cry. ABSOLUTELY LOVE TAEKWOON+BABY INTERACTIONS. very loyal stans in general 

jaehwan stans: oh my god, so much love for jaehwan. literally the stans that give the entire world??? bias wrecker is jaehwan??? can only see jaehwan??? would snatch 10000 stars for jaehwan??? their love is so pure and precious i swear. really emo stans

wonshik stans: RAVI’S #1 SUPPORTER. die whenever he does that CUTE SHY GIGGLY SMILE OF HIS. kim wonchic??? absolute fashion ravi pics lovers. high-key hype and support him so much. have 1000 tombstones because he goes shirtless so often. worry a lot about him too tbh. 

hongbin stans: ADORE CRINGEBIN MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD. HONGBIN SMILES???? HOLY FUCKING SHIT THANK YOU JESUS FOR LETTING ME BE ALIVE TODAY!!! 10 out of 10 think he’s the side profile god. shook whenever they see him acting. probably have a hongbin meme shrine somewhere in their room

sanghyuk stans: just. freaking. memes. MOST EXTRA PEOPLE AROUND MAN. always amazing tags. probably have all called him daddy once before. HYUK + HIS BLUE HAIR AND HYUK IN CHOKERS, aka rip hyuk stans. die whenever he sings, does anything rlly because he just is that giant ball of amazingness. 

The First Move

Requested by anon

Summary: You wake up with the ability to read minds. You hear some interesting thoughts that could change your life and relationship with the Winchesters forever.
Words: 1,381
Dean x Reader
Warnings: Implied smut, nothing described, Language

Your name: submit What is this?

You sighed as the water ran over your body, washing away the grime you had collected from one night in this motel room.

You squeezed a generous dollop of shower gel into your palm before taking your time to wash thoroughly.

Dean knocked you out of your relaxed state by rapping angrily on the door.

“Hurry up in there, Y/N,” he bellowed, “You’ve been in there for ages!”

“Two minutes!” you called back, adjusting the shower head to rinse the suds from your skin.

“It better be, you cheeky shit,” he mumbled.

“Hey! No need to be rude!”

“Sorry,” replied, “Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes,” you laughed, stepping out of the booth and wrapping a towel around yourself, “But it doesn’t matter, the shower’s free now.”

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littlefists  asked:

sappy obnoxious christmas prompts you say?! how about tucker and wash and a mistletoe? ^_^

tucker’s wanted to kiss someone under mistletoe since he was twelve years old.

he’s never actually seen mistletoe in real life, but it’s in every sappy, made-for-television hallmark christmas movie, and who doesn’t want a socially acceptable opportunity to kiss a hot maybe-stranger practically whenever you want. and maybe, not that he’d ever admit it, but there’s maybe some teeny tiny microscopic part of him somewhere deep inside that swoons whenever the leading couple leans in amidst twinkling lights and probably a crackling fireplace and maybe even a snowy backdrop if they’re really heaping on the cheese factor.

tucker doesn’t even give a shit. he wants all of it.

[but don’t tell church]

and now he’s in a big wooden lodge set in a snowy mountain range, there’s a seven-foot-tall pine tree dripping with baubles and lights in the corner, and if this isn’t the setting for every one of tucker’s christmas-themed pg13 fantasies then he doesn’t know what is.

“i’m gonna get tex to kiss me,” church mutters determinedly into his probably spiked eggnog.

tucker turns from the bay window where he’d been watching the dakota twins dominate in the snowball war fight that had sprung up between them and roughly any hapless soul that happened to be outside. despite being inside, church is bundled in at least two sweaters, and the shapeless mess of wool caboose had knitted for him and called a scarf. his cheeks are a bit flushed and his glasses keep sliding down his nose and honestly if he wouldn’t get punched in the nuts for it tucker would coo and cuddle the fuck out of him.

tucker raises his eyebrows. “well… i mean you guys are dating. it shouldn’t be that difficult.”

church barks out a laugh. “no–i mean in public. she’s not into like… pda and shit. thinks its pointless and immature.”

“so, what? tex doesn’t seem like the type of girl to be suddenly coerced into tongue-fucking your esophagus.”

church pulls a face. “jesus christ tucker no. i don’t want–it’s christmas. i just want to get her into under the mistletoe and,” he trails off, the flush on his cheeks darkening and seriously a douchebag this big shouldn’t be allowed to be this adorable. 

“holy fuck dude you totally want a hallmark movie mistletoe kiss!” tucker crows.

“shut the fuck up, or i swear to god–”

tucker holds his hands up in surrender. “dude, relax! i’m not making fun–for once–i think it’s adorable!”

church squints at him suspiciously before saying, “i honestly think that might be worse.”

“what? no!” tucker claps a hand on his shoulder and gives him a little shake. “i’m only telling you this cause i think you’re a little bit drunk and also because you have no room to argue but i–” he stops, brain backpedaling furiously. “hang on what mistletoe?”

“york brought it,” church says slowly, “what were you going to tell me?”

tucker grips his shoulder tighter. “no that’s not important–york brought actual real life mistletoe?”

“fuck yes that’s what i just said,” church snaps, shrugging his hand off. “it’s hanging in the back of the kit–where are you going?!”

but tucker’s already halfway across the living room, dodging around kai and donut where they’re taking selfies in front of the fireplace, and skidding into the large kitchen. the lights are set low, and the hallway heading towards the back porch is dark so it takes tucker a minute, but as soon as his eyes adjust he spots it.

“holy shit it actually exists,” he says quietly to himself.

just a few green sprigs sprinkled with white berries, dangling in the rear entrance (bow chicka bow wow) of the kitchen. before he can move in for a closer look there’s a commotion from the back and he has to scramble to the side to avoid getting run down by several snowy ex-marines. south is in the lead, glowing with triumph even as she dumps snow with every bound; connie and north close behind–equally snowy, equally triumphant. maine stomps by, growling under his breath, and york trails after him with a despondent look on his face.

“you missed a good fight, blue!” sarge hollers as he drags a sodden caboose into the kitchen.

tucker arches a brow. “is your nose bleeding?”

“of course! you don’t go into a battle without earning some badges of valour!” the man says, before spitting out a tooth.

“i am very cold, and very wet, and very afraid of the blonde lady,” caboose intones solemnly.

“which one?” sarge grumbles as tex saunters through–completely bone dry.

caboose considers this for a moment before replying, “i am afraid of all of the ladies.”

“i think that’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said, son,” sarge chuckles before hauling him off towards the bathroom.

“these people are terrifying,” tucker says to himself.

“aw, c’mon now–we’re not all bad,” a familiar voice teases behind him.

tucker turns, mouth open for what will undoubtedly be a witty, perfectly crafted response, until he chokes on a suddenly dry tongue.

wash is leaning against the door frame as he kicks off his boots and chucks them back towards the mudroom. he yanks his hat off and scrubs a hand through his messy hair to try and tame it into some type of order–spoiler alert: he fails. his cheeks are flushed from the cold and his eyelashes are dark and clumped together with moisture. he’s already shed his jacket at some point and he’s wearing that fucking cashmere sweater carolina got him and it clings to his very climbable shoulders and tucker is going to die he is not prepared for this he’s going to keel over on christmas fuck caboose is going to be traumatized.

“i don’t know you do make my life pretty difficult,” he manages to croak out.

wash laughs [fuck right off] and fluffs his hair again. “well then i guess next year we won’t invite you back here.”

tucker jabs a finger against his chest. “first of all: how dare you–i have made this trip a delight. secondly: this isn’t even your place and i’m ten percent sure south likes me more than you anyways so i’m mostly sure she’d still invite me back.”

“ten percent?” wash smirks as he reaches up and snags tucker’s finger before he can reclaim it. “sure you wanna bet on those odds?”

tucker lightly tugs on his hand but really he doesn’t necessarily want wash to let go anyways so who is he kidding. “well i’m banking on the fact that you definitely like me so that tips things more in my favour.”

it could be the low lighting, but tucker hopes thinks that the flush in wash’s cheeks brightens even as he chuckles. “you’re awfully full of yourself aren’t you?”

“i’d rather be full of you,” because wow tucker has no control of his mouth jesus christ.

wash’s face is definitely red now but a laugh startles out of him so at least tucker hasn’t fucked up yet. he’s watching the lines around wash’s eyes crinkle, and getting distracted by just how many freckles the blonde actually has as he realizes just how fucked he really is.

he’s always wanted to climb wash in an abstract kind of way–before he learned how he likes his coffee, and how many cats he’s fostered in the last couple of years [five]–but over the past six months that generic lust has morphed into- into-


he’s opening his mouth to probably make a terrible mistake when there’s a crash from the living room and connie’s tinkling laughter mixed with church swearing voraciously. it startles him enough that he snaps his mouth shut and ignores the faint disappointment lingering on the back of his tongue. he tries to take his hand back while wash is distracted, but the former soldier tightens his grip and grins down at him.

“you’re not getting away that easy after a line like that,” he says, voice low and sending shivers down tucker’s spine.

he smirks. “you gonna hold me to it?”

wash bares his teeth in a smile and tucker’s knees go liquid. “i’d rather hold you to me.”

“holy shit, wash, when did you get game?”

“i’ve always had game,” wash sniffs, “i just didn’t have anyone worth using it on.”

has wash always been this close? he definitely wasn’t that close before because tucker definitely would’ve noticed how soft the grey of his eyes is and the faint scar that draws attention to his upper lip and is he wearing lip balm because they definitely look soft and pink and–

“hey cockbites!”

tucker startles and wash abruptly straightens [was he leaning in? what was he leaning in for? why was he leaning in?] and glares over tucker’s head. “south wha–”

tucker turns to see south cackling where she’s standing at the kitchen counter pouring herself a drink. “pucker up assholes.”

tucker cocks his head, confused, but wash’s hand spasms around his finger and when he turns wash has flushed again, eyes tipped up towards the roof. tucker follows his gaze and his heart trips into overtime because they’re standing under the mistletoe

“oh my god i’m starring in my own hallmark movie,” tucker says.

“what?” wash blinks down at him and then squawks when tucker fists his hand in the collar of his sweater and yanks him down.

well he’s definitely not wearing lip balm, tucker thinks. wash’s lips are slightly chapped and cool, moving gently against his. tucker feels a hand slide into his dreads and pull gently to adjust the angle of his head. he steps in closer, pressing their chests together and releasing wash’s sweater to curl a hand at the nape of his neck. something rumbles in tucker’s chest and he realizes it’s wash making a pleased sound that reverberates through tucker’s ribs. his knees quiver but when he leans harder against wash the blonde just sighs gently into the kiss and wraps a steadying hand around tucker’s hip.

someone is distantly cheering and tucker can’t tell if it’s just in his head or his stupid friends and honestly he can’t really be fucked to care. wash nips lightly at his lips and nudges their noses together before drawing back the barest amount. tucker’s eyes flutter open in time to catch wash licking his lips and something pulses in his abdomen. he can feel fingers gently playing where the hem of his shirt has ridden up to expose a sliver of skin and honestly who does wash think he is doing things like this in public this is indecent there are minors around or at least caboose.

wash is grinning down at him when he finally focuses and tucker knows he’s smiling like a lunatic. “how’s that for game?”

tucker snorts, shifting so their hips align, smirking when wash’s breath hitches. “i’m pretty impressed. i’ll probably need to see more to really get an idea of how good it is.”

“hopefully i won’t disappoint,” wash murmurs, ducking down to slide their lips together again.

“boooo, stop tonguing in the kitchen. you’re putting me off my appetite!”

“like anything could put you off your appetite, fatass.”

wash’s breath rushes over his face as he huffs out a laugh and tucker pulls away to glare at grif over his shoulder. “c’mon, we’ll go sit on the porch.”

tucker swivels to stare uncomprehendingly at him. “it’s like negative zero outside dude.”

his heart flutters when wash laces their fingers together and tugs him down the hall with a smirk. “you can sit in my lap if you get cold.”

“oh my god you’re like everything i’ve been asking santa for for years, you can throw out the gift receipt i’m keeping you forever.”

wash blinks, startled and tucker curses his stupid fucking mouth before the blonde breaks into a blinding smile. “you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.”

tucker beams back. “merry fucking christmas to me.”


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The Duke and Duchess of Värmland being cutie patooties with little children on their two day visit to Värmland. Sofia gets down to them and lets each smell a flower, included her husband, who was right behind her. Can this couple get any cuter?! ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚

Audrey seems to really be taking the spotlight :U
Sorry, had to draw her.
I usually don’t like reptile-ish characters but Audrey’s just too hhhHNHNGG.
I hate you for making her this adorable but I love you for doing so.

Also I’m not sure if this goes here or in your other blog, so sorry for that.
I hope this is how you send fanart and stuff…

Soy bestia para el Tumblr… = =
lo siento.



You might hate me for making her adorable. But I love you for making her EVEN MORE adorable

Aaaaah. This is great. I love it, I love you, and I hate Audrey for taking the spotlight.

Thanks a lot, man!

Also jesus christ look at those fine claws.


Darren Criss @ YSF “The Biggest Show” ~ 20th October 2012

11 Reasons why I love Dylan O'brien

So this is a masterpost because I just have so many pictures of him saved on my computer that it’s probably unhealthy and scary… But I thought I should share his beauty to others… heh XP

its kinda long.. but hopefully worth it! :3

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ANy advice for teenagers living for God?


- Always remember that the riches and pleasures of Heaven are incomparable to the riches and pleasures of the Earth. Word’s can’t even describe them. These fleshly temples are temporary so focus on building up the new body that Christ will give you when he comes back and resurrects you to give you a divine nature (2 Peter 1:4). Focus on the body that you will be able to explore all the Heavens with… Striving to be with God in Heaven should be the number one priority in your life. Pray for God to give you a new-found thirst for him.

- The way things are going on in the world with relation to Bible prophecy, this is most certainly the rapture generation so don’t waste the final days of your life trying to be like anything other than Jesus. Jesus is the only idol you should have in your life. 

- Stay humble. God cannot use you if you aren’t humble.

- Constantly ask God to fill and surround you with the Holy Spirit. 

- Never underestimate how much God loves our praise and adoration to him. You should give him praise daily no matter how good or bad you feel. Try to do this instead of talking to yourself.

- Keep in mind that walking after God is anything but easy. In fact when you strive to live for God your life will most likely become harder. If you haven’t been already, you will most likely be rejected and mocked by many of your friends for living for God. That’s when you remind yourself that God said “Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his Lord. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you” - John 15:20. But “blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake; for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven” - Matthew 5:10.

As people persecute you, you should also keep the parable of the sower in mind…

“And he spake many things unto them in parables, saying, Behold, a sower went forth to sow; And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up: Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth: And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them: But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” - (Matthew 13:3-9). This is a very helpful scripture for me to keep in mind whenever I’m unsuccessful spreading the gospel to certain people. 

- Keep in mind that the Lord delights in us spending time with him in prayer. He really really loves it and the more you talk to him is the more he will talk to you.

 - Pray to the Holy Spirit and ask him to bring any unrepentant sins in your life to your attention so you can confess and repent of them. Then pray to God to banish all the unclean spirits which entered your life though that sin and for him to close the doorway’s they used to enter so they don’t re-enter your life. *Caution: While Jesus will be effective in closing that doorway, we can easily re-open it when we delve back into sin and then the spirit will return even stronger with many other unclean spirits.* Since spirit’s can’t read your mind you should speak out loud and rebuke the spirits around you in the name of Jesus. For example, if you are having urges to commit a certain sin say out loud “I rebuke that spirit causing me to want to -blank- in the name of Jesus Christ.” Do this constantly and remember that some demons are stronger than others especially when they have been in our lives for a while so they will require more rebuking than other spirits.

- Pray for God to remove any veils from your spiritual eyes so you can gain a deeper understanding of his word and who he is.

- Always remember that no matter how good something may seem to you, humans have a very very limited perception of reality in relation to God, so when we pray we have to go to him humbly and ask for his will to be done.

- Keep in mind that grace is not a license to sin. If your having difficulty giving up a certain sin, fast and pray. Fasting is essential for performing miracles since it’s so effective in building up your spiritual body.

- Read the Bible and pray constantly! The more we read the Bible and pray is the more the Holy Spirit will be able to flow through us and the more powerful we will become. Saturate your life with his word. When you read it, read it out loud. If you have problems reading the Bible listen to an audio recording of someone reading it. 

honestly every time I look at her face I’m like, in fuckig awe. like holy shit. holy fcuckign shit. holy Jesus fuckign Christ shit fuck Christ my gf is so beautiful. you think at this point she wouldn’t be able to Suprise me like it would’ve worn off by now. like I could just look at her and be like “yep, that’s my gf” but no I am just constantly blown back and DESTROYED by how adorable and gorgeous she is and I love her

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I know is Natasha's job to act and she's awesome at it, but holy sweet gay jesus, you can feel the love, adoration, the protection that Carmilla worships to Laura through the screen!! This gets me every time! Like, how is it even possible that she puts so much there that you can literally feel in your soul the profundity of that look? She takes my breath and my words away with so much talent! Is unbelievable!

you said it all.

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Thank you I needed the dirkjake bc a spider just crawled on me

that’s a good reason B)

Anon:Lmao sunny I can’t tell if Dirk is staring at the map or at the English booty

at the map but as you prefer lmao

Anon:I’m not a big Dirkjake shipper but holy shit that god tier one is so fucking adorable, yo!!!!

Anon:Dear Lord Jesus my heart just stopped after seeing that dirkjake holy shit

Anon:You draw the cutest Jake ever ;w;

glad you like it! <3 and thank you!