holy jesus god this took forever

Too often we don’t recognize our beauty because we won’t acknowledge that a loving God made us. It is in this, our createdness, that we find our beauty, our wonder. The next thing that makes us beautiful is God’s unwavering gaze at us. We can blaspheme that image of perfect love and holiness by being our hateful, perverted, sinful selves—like I did—but God keeps his eyes fixed on us. I tremble at this thought: he does not turn away from us. He sees us inside and our every sin in all its horror, and he forgives us. He took our sins upon himself when he became a man called Jesus, and he was crucified once and for all, for the sins of the whole world. We are forever forgiven. Because I stand forever forgiven I am always beautiful to God. I could finally see myself through his love.
—  Lacey Sturm