holy jeebus!


Hold up.

Where did Kageyama get that shit-eating grin?
I’m suspecting some undue influence of Tsukki but also:
Remember how their teasing went at the beginning of the series?
How Kageyama would respond a few months earlier?
Here’s a pic from a similar situation all the way in chapter 38.

You know what’s different?
Kageyama is relaxed now.
He’s confident enough to joke around.
He is, most of all, comfortable with his team mates, and Hinata in particular.
There is trust in that grin.
For someone like Kageyama, that is Momentous.
I’m probably reading way too much into a single facial expression, but that shit eating grin basically tells me Kageyama is over his ‘king’ insecurities. He’s not afraid any more. He doesn’t fear that they’ll let him down or drop him.
I’m so proud of him.
(now stop teasing Hinata, you ass)

Wednesday randoms

  • It me!
  • Who taught Floridians how to drive? NO ONE. Holy Jeebus you people drive like lanes are just a philosophical concept.
  • I miss Wegmans so goddamn much. Publix, bless your little hearts for trying, but you’re just not cutting it for me.
  • I wonder if the people who bought my old house have encountered the poltergeist yet.
  • It still annoys the fuck out of me that for all the attention to detail they put into Stranger Things, they still couldn’t manage to get a vintage Kenner Millennium Falcon from 1979 and instead used a 2004 Hasbro.

ASDFGHKL!!! I mentioned wanting to add a few animated elements to my Winter Cyborgs comic, so I did a little animation test and HOLY JEEBUS LOOK HOW RAD THIS TURNED OUT!!! It’s a bit spoilery, but I’m just too flippin’ excited about it not to share!!! (I used a ref photo for the Cyclone, of course, and I seriously don’t understand why it had so many signs on it, and so close together too…wth? Also, I never want to draw a roller coaster again.)

Holy moly super slow updates again o)-< 

Second time entering Sakura-con  mascot contest!! THough i actually have no idea who won– I know who won first place but I wasn’t at Sakura-con this past weekend so no official word is reaching my ears +_+ 

Well here’s for the best. I had a lot of fun working on this one :>