holy jaw line

NCT U as Disney Princes/Characters

This was really fun to make. Enjoy :)

Taeil as Milo

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  • Really funny in an awkward kind of way
  • Gifted
  • Dedicated and knows how to make use of his talents
  • Clumsy (have you seen Taeil in Life in Paju)
  • Friendly
  • Crush material honestly

Taeyong as Li Shang

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  • Good looking and holy jaw-line
  • A leader
  • Dedicated
  • Talented as heck
  • Lowkey intimidating & seemingly strict on the outside
  • But a sweet guy with a genuine heart on the inside

Doyoung as Tadashi Hamada

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  • Really smart & talented
  • Hard working and encouraging
  • Has a lot of love for his friends and family
  • Great sense of humor
  • Well-liked

Jaehyun as Prince Naveen

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  • Loves jazz
  • Charming and has everyone swooning over him
  • Prince-like
  • The best smile
  • Laughs a lot
  • Speaks more than one language

Ten as Prince Charming

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  • Enjoys dancing (and is amazing at it)
  • Good looking
  • From a wealthy family
  • Charismatic
  • And really down to earth
  • Funny

Mark as Peter Pan

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  • Youthful nature
  • CUTE
  • Leader & takes care of the Dreamies, like Peter Pan with the Lost Boys
  • Respected by the Dreamies when he’s not getting roasted by them
  • Likes having fun
  • Unique
  • Plus he reminds me of Peter Pan in his ‘We Young’ teaser for some reason
Some fun things to think about (part 2)

-Riker stealing your Starbucks
-“Riker it’s too hot to be wearing a jacket!” “I paid $700 dollars for this jacket, I’m wearing it”
-“which headband should I wear?”
-trading glasses with Riker to see who is more blind
-getting to touch that jaw line holy mother of god
-“will you scratch my back? I can’t reach it.”
-tickle fights
-Riker kiss your nose
-tangling your legs together in bed
-fighting over the bathroom mirror when you’re trying to brush your teeth
-Riker pouting and sticking out his bottom lip when you won’t rub his back