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my tablet was broken for like a week but! im back! and i drew nina as a princess because thats basically what she is already

also! i tried to record this as a speedpaint and i kinda messed up but you can watch it here if you’d like !


I heard it was your bday and Tumblr keeps being an ass when I try to post this so here you go and happy birthday!
It’s a Kolivance fic ^~^

Lance grumbled and padded down the hallways, blanket draped around his shoulder and a slight pout on his face.

The Castle still seemed to be in night mode, but since the last battle, the heating had to be cut in order to divert power to restoring the other systems. Which made the dim hallways and rooms colder than Lance would have liked.

Lance’s slippered feet made their way through the network of halls to where some of the Blade were staying, and to one door in particular.

Raising a hand he knocked lightly on the door, knowing the one inside would hear it.

“Koli? It’s Lance.” The Blue Paladin murmured, and the door instantly slid open.

“Lance? Is something wrong, Starlight? I believe the other Paladins are still asleep at this time?” Kolivan asked, motioning for his human boyfriend to enter the room.

Lance’s pout intensified. “Well, yeah, but I’m not really all that used to the cold? Where I grew up it was constantly hot and dry, so the sudden cold woke me up.”

Kolivan raised an eyebrow. “So you came to me for warmth?”

“Yep! You have fur! Now shush and make room, I’m sleeping in here tonight.” Lance ordered, falling onto Kolivan’s bed and demandingly holding his arms open.

Kolivan chuckled, slipped back into the still warm bed and obediently scooped Lance into a hug, the two shifting to get comfortable before settling down.

“Warmer?” Kolivan asked, resting his head on top of his mate’s.

Lance made a pleased humming noise and snuggled closer, sighing happily before passing out like a light.

“Sweet dreams, Starlight.”
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@tokyoteddywolf is the wonderful writer to this piece  just to make sure the credit to this wonderful ficlet gets back to you

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“Don’t think for a second that I’m done with you. You make me so fucking mad.”

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Most 90′s Cartoons 

Dad: Hey kids! You off on an adventure?

Girl: [fluffing her pink dress and her curly blonde hair and fluttering her Holy-Hell-Mothera-Esque eyelashes] Yes Father! Pink! Flower! Giggle!

Boy: [adjusting his baseball hat FOR MEN and his blue shirt FOR MEN] Rad stuff dude. Real tubular. Girls drool. Domino’s.

Girl: oh I do hope we make friends! I would so love a friend! I’m a girl! Girl girl girly girl!

Boy: radical. Skateboard. Fushigi.

Dad: alright kids! I’m going to let you two walk out that door on your regular and daily adventure into the wastelands of Atlantis and not question a thing. I’m a great parent! I haven’t even said your names in three whole episodes so its doubtful I know them! See you two after you’ve risked your lives!

Girl: I will add nothing to this plot! We’re probably gonna almost die

Boy: haha! Yup! Death is imminent! Luck and improbable timing are the only things that’ll save us in the end! I’m a tool for product placement! Gatorade! For MEN!

Darkwing Duck

Gosalyn: hey dad, these super gendered 90s product placements are going on a kids only treacherous adventure to excavate the core of Atlantian civilization I’m going with them.