holy hell this took forever

Holy hell this took forever. Drew a bunch of my favourite AU Sanses, there’s many more, but this is highlighting a bunch of them.

I own none of the AUs nor the original Undertale.

so there’s really no reason i made this, i just wanted to make this for all of the lovely people i follow who make my day! this includes mutuals and blogs i just love a lot! more under the cut!

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“ So yeah my timing sucks
I’m just so good at fucking up
But I’m fixing to change my luck
Turns out enough’s enough “     

A Different Place and Time:   “Eggsy’s words are ‘What’s your name, young man?’, but Harry’s isn’t 'Eggsy.’ So he keeps quiet, keeps it to himself, but when he finds himself face to face with a younger Harry Hart, Eggsy can’t help falling in love all over again. Sometimes, the first words you say to your soulmate aren’t the first they hear from you. “

kingsman: the secret service + song lyrics [ 12 / ? ]

  I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?


*Slams hand against the table* HOLY HELL THIS TOOK FOREVER!

A small gift I made for a good co-worker who’s birthday past on Tuesday. He loves pokemon but I wasn’t sure which on he like so I drew a rayquaza /);w;) /) (\ (;w;(\

If you have questions; No its not pen and sharpie.

Its actually; pencil and Gansai Tambi Starry Color No.901 Blue Gold. X3

(I sound like a nerd lol xD)

I’m going to make more of these pieces with the mega evolution because my god LOOK HOW PRETTY IT FREAKING IS WITH THE GOLD.


Steven Universe - Werewolf/Greaser Pack AU


Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past 2 days- An AU for SU, but instead of Gems, we have Werewolves! Better yet, Greaser-styled Werewolves!

I want to turn this AU into a project, like have comics, screen redraws, etc. The question now is if anyone will read em?

If any of you want more details about this AU, just shoot me an ask and I’ll gladly answer them!

Special facts about each character under the cut!

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drachonkel  asked:

Since you seem to love that Succubus design, what would some of your other ocs look like as Succubi/Incubi? Only if you want to, though ;w;

(Paulette, Miss Latex, Chuck, and Darterys)

HOLY HELL THIS TOOK ME FOREVER sorry they’re kinda messy hsdfkjdh everyone was being a butt

also Miss Latex is technically a succubus soul stealin lady so she doesn’t feel need for underling flair.