holy hell she's gorgeous

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21 and 81

21. Do you think someone has feelings for you? I’m honestly not sure…

81. Who are five people you find attractive? Ummm, I’m going to answer this with pictures because it’s me.

Number one… Ummmm is this even a question? Brendon Urie

I mean, just look at him…

Ok… 2, Cara Delevingne

3 Henry Cavill

4 Emilia Clark Holy hell is she gorgeous…

aaaaaand 5 Tom Hardy

Literally none of them outrank B though.

Ask me sex questions.

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Like Amethyst's body is so beautiful and fat girls are so beautiful and I never really understood why ppl would make jokes about fat girls?? Like how can someone look at a goddess body and not just get amazed by it??Holy hell chubby girls are too hot

honestly she is… just SO. SO. gorgeous. like, the prettiest character i’ve ever seen. it boggles my mind that anyone could find her unattractive.

i mean, its not even about that, it’s about how confident amethyst is in her body and how she practically flaunts it and it’s… incredible. she’s such an important character for people like me.

#su spoilers