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Help. I'm major crushing on one of my bosses. She's only 20 and I'm 17, but she's my boss and straight and dating a dude but holy hell. She's amazing, smart, gorgeous, funny, and we're buddies but her being my boss even strains any friendship we can have. I do anything and everything she asks and they all know she's the way for me to anything. Help. It's bad. It's a huge crush and I can barely look her in the eye without dying.

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Next To You

Hey guys! So I wrote something fluffy. Very fluffy that will turn smutty later. It’s an AU that will be 3 chapters. I’m not quite done with it yet, but I couldn’t wait to post it. I really like it, so I hope you do too! Thank you to @bravefsmoak for being my beta reader.

“Harley! Time to come in, baby!”

Oliver rolled over, groaning when he opened his eyes and saw the time. It was early, way too early for someone who had just gotten to bed a couple of hours ago.

“Harley, come on. I have to get to work.”

The voice pierced through his sleepy fog and Oliver found himself smiling despite the fatigue. The voice belonged to his neighbor. He usually worked at night and she was gone all day.

The tall wooden fence separating their yards meant he’d never even seen her face, but he felt like he knew her from listening to her talk to her dog, Harley. She loved that dog and spent a lot of time in her yard playing and talking to him. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but her voice tended to carry through his always open windows.

He would hear her telling the dog about work, her mother, her friends, and her dates. Oliver didn’t particularly care for those conversations.


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Like Amethyst's body is so beautiful and fat girls are so beautiful and I never really understood why ppl would make jokes about fat girls?? Like how can someone look at a goddess body and not just get amazed by it??Holy hell chubby girls are too hot

honestly she is… just SO. SO. gorgeous. like, the prettiest character i’ve ever seen. it boggles my mind that anyone could find her unattractive.

i mean, its not even about that, it’s about how confident amethyst is in her body and how she practically flaunts it and it’s… incredible. she’s such an important character for people like me.

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