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More Adventures with Demon Goat
  • Io: *gets Demon Goat into bed, collapses into bed*
  • Me: *chats on internet*
  • Demon Goat: *unholy screaming* (And I don't mean normal wake up crying, cries, like seriously, it sounded like the hounds of hell were after him or something. Maybe It.)
  • Me: brb *run off to calm the Demon Goat*
  • Also Me: *gets slapped for trouble*
  • Io: *Also gets slapped for trouble*
  • Demon Goat keepers: He's really inconsolable. We should... hmmm... maybe bring him into bed with us until he calms down?
  • (So that happens)
  • Demon Goat: *whimpers and keeps a hand on both parents* *watches two minutes of Mythbusters with his mama* *passes out*

his fucking HOTS remix is fly as hell holy fuck sounds like shits boutta going down with the choir vocals 

We Move Together (Nexus Remix) is here!

i wanted to draw him for so long you have no idea

starring: @dantecain‘s Sylvan

Okay, but an AU were Draco went to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts because Lucius didn’t want him going to a school run by Dumbledore.

And Draco shows up for the Triwizard tournament with his school right when Harry is in his awkward “holy fuck I’m bi as hell” phase. 

Draco is excited to meet Harry Potter and he isn’t a little shit like he was in first year, but he’s still kind of a shit. Draco is impressed by Harry getting his name in the Goblet of Fire and roots for him over Krum. 

Draco asks Harry to the Yule Ball and Harry doesn’t know what to say because he hasn’t asked anyone and no one has asked him. 

Ron and Harry still have their fight, but Ron is also upset by the fact that both his friends are falling for Durmstrang guys, like what the hell! 

Draco kisses Harry before the Durmstrang ship leaves and asks Harry to write to him.

Just gay as fuck Durmstrang!Draco trying to woo Harry during his year at Hogwarts.

The problem with writing historical AUs about BBC Sherlock is that wHeN THE FUCK WOULD YOU FIND NORMAL THE NAME “SHERLOCK”. WHEN.

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Soul Eater/Yuri on Ice crossover where Yuri is a mesiter with bizarre soul wavelength, he's seen as too violent, unreliable, unmatchable even until he meets Otabek. Otabek is a weapon that transforms into a gun, and he seems hell bent on getting Yuri to be his meister.

Holy shit this fits them perfectly, i’m in love?? Holy moly, imagine all the other characters? dude you gotta tell me more, i’m dying for more


You watched Sam and Dean exit the diner where they were meeting a sketchy half-brother of theirs. Because you weren’t exactly in the bloodline, the boys had asked you to stay behind. Dean stepped into the car and slammed the door harshly.

“I take it didn’t go well?” You joked, looking at his tense face. 

“This guy’s legit.” He growled, “I filled his cup with holy water, hell, I even gave him silver knives and forks. He didn’t react to any of them. He put salt on his eggs!” 

“I know, what a monster.” Sam deadpanned and Dean glared at him. 

“So which is he?” You gestured to several people leaving the diner.

“That one.” Sam pointed at a kind wearing Winchester plaid and a tan jacket.

“Adam? More like Adamn.” You muttured quietly to yourself before you could stop it. The boys turned and stared at you. Your whole face went as red as a beet when you realized what you’d say.

“I-I meant Madam. Like a woman. Because insulting your masculinity hurts you guys doesn’t it?” The Winchesters didn’t look convinced and glared at you with rasied eyebrows.

“Or Adamn as in Adammit he’s freaking ugly.” Sam looked like he was trying not to laugh. You sighed. “Start the car Dean.” You said in a hushed tone.

“Sure. Oh wait. I think I left my keys in the diner. Adammit.” Dean’s horrible acting only made the insult worse. Sam burst into laughter and you glared at the two of them.

“Start the damn car.”

  I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?


[Suga’s Birthday Post, 1/3]

This is going to be long. This will be so long and this introduction won’t help at all. Not at all omf, I don’t even know where to start. Min Yoongi is a good guy - he’s a great guy, amazing even. I don’t know him, no, of course not. But as far as I know - as far as I can see from the music he makes, the persona he shows, his smiles, his laughs, his everything - he might be flawed but holy hell is he perfect. His music - his mixtape, have you heard it? If not you have to, you really, really need to there’s nothing you’ll regret - his music is so raw and wonderful and passionate and I just love how he loves doing it, how he loves what he’s doing and how he went through some troubles but he got back up (I love that so much, I love that he got back up, I love that he can inspire by just being) and look where he is now. He’s at the top of the world, him and the other members and he got here working his ass right off; he worked through all the blood, sweat and tears and bloody hell he’s just amazing - at least I think so. 

Love him, aight? He deserves it, he deserves the world, anything he wants, needs, loves. Love Suga, love Agust D, love Father Louis Williams Suga Adams III, but above all, love Min Yoongi. I wish him the best, and better than the best and better than even that. Happy Birthday, Min Yoongi. Lot’s and lot’s and lot’s of love from us.

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Bad news. I think Percy is aiming toward Kid/Rae in the TT Rebirth. I watched a video where Percy said he will building more into Kid Flash and Raven's relationship. I'm losing all hope now.

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First off, I need a source. Where’s this video? When was this video made? Pre-Meyers? Post-Meyers? RECENTLY?

Second of all, that’s some straight up DUMB SHIT.

They haven’t even…interacted…much…at all…

Like. AT ALL.

There are about two to three instances and more than 50% of those were insignificant at best. 

Also, I don’t know if simply saying “building more into their relationship” means romance. It was also said that they’d be doing that for Damian and Raven in this series, as well (which is obviously not going to be romance because he’s 13 and she’s like 18). 

THEN AGAIN. Wouldn’t be the first time DC fucks up with the TT series.

As I promised, if they do this, and do it sloppily or so fucking help me if they make a love triangle, I’ll be dropping TT. 

It literally has nothing going for it. Everything is rushed, the story arcs are weak, the art makes me want to GOUGE out my eyes, and if they pull a stunt like this, I’m out. Just like I was out of N52 the minute they published that garbage.

Percy, why do you hurt me like this?

Didn’t this man claim to be heavily inspired by Geoff Johns’ run? 



I found the video and now I want to watch the world burn.