holy haunted head

don't worry, mom

these are the ones that i put on when things in my head aren’t working quite right.

1. daniel johnston, 1990
2. sonic youth, confusion is sex/kill yr. idols
3. jandek, put my dream on this planet
4. erik satie, gymnopedies
5. diamanda galas, plague mass
6. leonard cohen, songs of love and hate
7. xiu xiu, a promise
8. red house painters, down colorful hill
9. william basinski, the disintegration loops
10. joy division, closer
11. arab strap, philophobia
12. the langley schools music project, innocence and despair
13. lou reed, berlin
14. slint, spiderland
15. cap'n jazz, analphabetapolothology
16. low, the curtain hits the cast
17. holy haunted head, a kali yuga opera
18. iggy pop, the idiot
19. baby dee, a book of songs for anne marie
20. scott walker, tilt

anonymous asked:

are there any bands you wish people listened to more?

i honestly have no idea what people listen to for the most part, but here are some acts that are close to me and that i think are doing great things:

ephemerus, shelby sifers, red sled choir, s. ayton / mood swings, slobber, jordan o’jordan, loone, mama shogun / transient in barcelona, crywank, a stick and a stone, entire cities, gregory mckillop / speaker for the dead, clara engel, guilt mountain / go ogres, bum tickins / the bloodwashed band, holy haunted head, kit wilson-yang, adult mom, subpixel, lower dens, baby dee, orion rigel dommisse, purrbot, real live tigers, richard laviolette, klessa, catholic gaydar, diane cluck, holiday rambler, evening hymns, bruce peninsula, pretty swans, hooded fang, nicole dollanganger, mogli, hop along, cold specks, edgar cayce, liv carrow, car seat headrest, little teeth, the weather station, L CON