holy grail tattoo

jennyd6  asked:

Serious question, think u could help a homegirl out.SOO how ... do U get ur makeup to last during sex?!😭😭I prime my face + lids and will bake and even use Urban Decays all nighter setting spray. Lol and my makeup lasts but grullll when u getting ur freak on with ur man during sexy time like my makeup is mostly gone and eyeliner is slightly smeared and I use my holy grail Kat Von D tattoo liner. Like any other ocasión my makeup is on like what gives; a girl wanna look cute at the end cuddling

After thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever had sex with makeup on 😂 whenever I get home, I rip my lashes off and wash my face! And you’re already using all the products I’d suggest to keep your makeup on so I’m not sure, babe! 🤔

Anyone else have any ideas?