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The Best Affordable French Skincare Products

It’s a well-known fact that I’m a devotee of natural and organic skincare, but there is one thing that I’m willing to cross the line for, and that is French skincare. I’m a lover of all things French, but their skincare in particular really has that certain je ne sais quoi

Bioderma Sensibio h2o Micellar Water

The holy grail of skincare products, Bioderma Sensibio h2o is my go-to product when  it comes to removing makeup and I’ve been using it almost daily for the past three years. Gentle and effective this micellar miracle water is like a magnet for removing dirts and oils from the skin.

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MAC Cleanse Off Oil.
My holy grail makeup remover. I use 1-2 pumps and rub all over my face before I cleanse at night. I was at first hesitant to use it, I have very acne prone skin, but this does not break me out at all. It breaks up all makeup, including waterproof mascara, and a little goes along way. I find it works WAY better than makeup remover wipes. You can get the little travel size online or in a MAC store for $10. It is definitely worth the try!

makeup asks

1- maybelline or revlon?
2- what’s your go-to drugstore makeup brand?
3- what’s the one product you absolutely need in your daily routine?
4- urban decay or benefit?
5- what do you look for in a mascara?
6- regarding mascara, length or volume?
7- what’s your least favorite product?
8- favorite primer?
9- ulta or sephora?
10- holy grail product?
11- what’s a popular, overhyped item you don’t like?
12- favorite beauty youtuber?
13- what’s more important, eyeliner or mascara?
14- matte or shimmery eyeshadow?
15- matte or dewy foundation?
16- what’s your skin type?
17- eyebrow pencil or powder?
18- loose powder or pressed powder?
19- least favorite brand?
20- what age did you start using makeup?
21- what’s your own secret to successful looking makeup?
22- favorite wacky color of eyeshadow?
23- translucent or pigmented powder?
24- matte or glossy lips?
25- nudes or pinks?
26- favorite lip color?
27- favorite foundation?
28- favorite mascara?
29- favorite eyeliner?
30- favorite powder?
31- favorite brow pencil?
32- favorite concealer?
33- favorite lip product?
34- what’s the weirdest life hack you’ve ever done?
35- green, red, yellow, or purple concealer?
36- did you go through a weird makeup phase during middle school?
37- describe your worst makeup day
38- describe your best makeup day
39- makeup inspiration?
40- neat or cluttered makeup area?
41- regret purchase?
42- what’s the biggest makeup mistake someone can make?
43- what’s the biggest makeup mistake you’ve made?
44- what’s the best compliment you’ve gotten about your makeup?
45- what’s your morning routine?
46- flawless or fabulous?
47- instagram or natural makeup?
48- daytime or nighttime looks?
49- what’s your before bed routine?
50- any tips to share of your own?


heres a few of my holy grail makeup products that i still use and that are great and affordable for beginners!

• Maybelline Fit Me! - Matte + Poreless (for oily-normal skin)
• Maybelline Fit Me! - Dewy + Smooth (for dry-normal skin)
• L'Oreal tru match super blendable liquid makeup
• L'Oreal infallible pro-matte foundation (for oily - combination skin)
• milani 2-in-1 foundation + concealer

• maybelline age rewind concealer
• L.A girl pro conceal
• Maybelline fit me concealer

• Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser

• Hard Candy sheer glow all the way face & body illuminator (can double as a primer)
• physicians formula shimmer strips
• NYX illuminator (can double as a primer)

powder/finishing spray:
• airspun translucent extra coverage loose face powder
• rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder
• covergirl translucent professional loose powder
• L'Oreal infallible pro-spray and makeup extender, setting spray

• nyc smooth skin face powder, bronzing
• rimmel natural bronzer
• wet n wild color icon bronzer
• milani baked bronzer

• milani baked blush
• Maybelline dream bouncy blush

• Maybelline great lash mascara
• L'Oreal teloscopic mascara
• Maybelline the colassal mascara

• L'Oreal brow stylist definer brow liner
• Nyx wonder brow pencil
• milani stay put brow color
• elf cosmetics brow kit

• covergirl truNaked eyeshadow palettes
• Maybelline color tattoos
• milani everyday eyes eyeshadow collection

• Jesse eyeliner
• Maybelline amster precise liquid eyeliner

• milani color statement lipstick
•revlon color stay ultimate liquid lipstick
• milani amore matte lip creme

• any ardell lashes

• real techniques brushes
• ecotools brushes

if youve read this far, id like to announce some BIG news in 30 minutes!

musicalluna  asked:

i was told i should inquire here if i was interested in maybe starting a skin regimen?

Oh hey! Okay, so I can’t pretend to be an expert or anything but I have been taking my skin care fairly seriously for a little over a year, so I can tell you a little about what I’ve found. With *everything* on skin care YMMV, due to differences in skin and budget, but one thing I’ve found is that if you end up doing any Korean skin care and look at the stuff on amazon, there’s a *very* dedicated group of people who review those products and they very often start with detailed descriptions of their skin type, so one thing you can do after you’ve gotten started is to see if you can locate some skin twins and check out their reviews, which is one of the things I did. Another thing to know is that while lots of beauty bloggers often promote expensive products really good ones (I like Gothamista myself) go a step further to explain which active ingredients are doing what so you can perhaps look for dupes or cheaper things using similar active ingredients. 

All that said, I’m going to give you an idea of what I started with in terms of bare bones skin-wrangling, and then expanding for more steps/fun/advanced. I’ll list some stuff I use and try to remember links and prices, and a couple of sources for buying. Just as a heads-up, I don’t entirely use K-beauty products, but I am a convert to that whole multi-step regimen, so the first plunge can be a bit pricey but almost everything I’ve gotten lasts 3-6 months/bottle/jar so it’s not horrible. Also, I’ll suggest how you might start from the least steps and then gradually build. 

cut for length bc I have a bad feeling about how ridiculous this might get

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anonymous asked:

hey i see you reblog skincare stuff a lot so i was wondering if you had any staple/"holy grail" skincare products you use!

yeah i looove skincare but idk if i’m the most educated on the best ways to take care of your skin properly but i’ll give it a shot!! p.s. this is gonna be a long kinda skincare masterpost so keep scrolling if you’re not interested


CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

  • this is a pretty basic cleanser but it gets the job done. it’s a water based cleanser and it’s super gentle bc of the low ph balance. personally it doesn’t dry out my skin and it smells pretty good (kinda like tea tree oil) and its pretty cheap

Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser

  • this is the oil based cleanser i use almost every day.  it’s specifically for red skin (i have pretty red skin especially on my cheeks and this helps a lot) it’s fragrance free which is always a plus, and it’s really moisturizing for a cleanser so i love it very much


Paula’s Choice Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution (Extra Strength)

  • i really love this stuff bc it’s a chemical exfoliant which means it’s not abrasive. it can be a little strong if you have sensitive skin (my skin eventually got used to it), so you might want to try the regular strength first. it keeps my skin feeling really clean but also super moisturized which is awesome

Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel

  • i love love loooove this stuff!! this is a chemical exfoliant but once you start rubbing it in it turns into a physical exfoliant, but it’s super gentle and exfoliates extremely well without causing damage to my skin


Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner

  • Paula’s choice products are on this list several times bc they just work really well. this toner has visibly brightened my skin over time and just gives me that super clean feeling. it’s also super gentle and fragrance free. idk if i’ve seen a difference in the size of my pores, but i do rotate products pretty regularly, so that might be why.  

CosRx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

  • this is a really good toner for the price. it’s very gentle and it also gives me that squeaky clean feeling. this doesn’t exactly dry my skin out but it’s not as moisturizing as the Paula’s Choice toner. i like the spray bottle this comes in though bc i like to be able to put my toner on a cotton pad and spray it on my face afterward


Pure Hyaluronic Acid

  • hyaluronic acid is super great at moisturizing without feeling greasy. it’s a great anti-aging serum and it’s super cheap to get so i love it and use it almost daily

Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

  • this oil is expensive but i personally think it’s worth it if you’re really into nourishing your skin. the ingredients are all natural (to the point that you can actually eat it) but it has a strong and kinda unpleasant odor bc of these ingredients. it’s incredibly moisturizing and makes my skin look really bright and refreshed in the morning and a little goes a long way so the bottle lasts a long time


SkinFood Egg White Pore Mask

  • this is one of my favorite masks ever. it smells really good, its easy to put on and take off, and it lasts a really long time. after using it for a while my pores did look noticeably better so it does the job

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

  • i don’t typically trust charcoal bc a lot of the time it can dry out the skin very easily, but this mask does a good job of cleaning out my pores and doesn’t dry out my skin 


Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

  • as i said my skin is pretty red on my cheeks but this moisturizer is super calming and awesome. it’s thick but not like it’s suffocating my face and it doesn’t look greasy

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

  • okay i know this says had cream but it can also be used as a facial moisturizer. i normally don’t use neutrogena products but this stuff is great. it’s really thick so i only use it at night and most moisturizes don’t last all night against my pillow, but i can always feel this still on in the morning. it’s also really good at getting rid of flaky dead skin


Heritage Story Rosewater & Glycerin

  • personally i think this is the best rosewater you can buy like anywhere. it literally only has 3 ingredients and it’s amaaaazing at moisturizing the skin. it smells heavenly and it’s also good at setting makeup and providing moisture to any part of your body

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint (shop with me here for 20% off your first order!)

  • i looove the perfecting skin tint. i literally use it every day as my go to foundation/concealer. i don’t like the look of heavy makeup on myself so this really helps me keep the natural look. it’s heavy enough that it provides the level of coverage i want, but sheer enough that it doesn’t look cakey or heavy on my face

Milk Makeup Cooling Water

  • this is an interesting product bc theres nothing else really like it. it’s kind of a moisturizer, but its also kind of also helps with inflamed irritated skin. it feels really nice on the skin (especially if you keep it in the fridge) but it can feel a little sticky. 

Glossier Balm Dotcom (shop with me here for 20% off your first order!)

  • this is my favorite thing glossier sells. it is one of best, if not the best lip moisturizer i’ve ever used. it’s thick but it doesn’t feel gross on your lips, plus it lasts almost all day long. i also love using it around my eyes to provide a little extra moisture and glow to that area


This holiday party season, decadence begins with perfectly prepped skin.

The invitation has glitter in the envelope. The champagne punch is golden and sparkly. Can your skin compete with all the brilliant merriment that comes with the season? These five extra-luxurious masks will make you look glowing in no time. JESSICA VELEZ

The Sweet Pot

While Fresh Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask helps tighten the look of your skin, the scent alone will tempt you to lick your lips when you’re wearing it. However, it’s not the same syrupy concoction found inside that plastic bear at the grocery store. A hive of specially bred buzzers, known as Buckfast bees, work to create a superior honey in order to deliver a melt-in-your skin mask.

The Power Clay

As ironic as it sounds, mud and clay are some of the best ingredients to deeply cleanse the skin. That doesn’t mean you should go reaching for the shovel. Instead, reach for Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask, which houses Hungarian mud and French clay inside its fancy glass jar. Slather on this creamy mixture (it has the aroma of a spa found in heaven) to aid in drawing out impurities.

The Gold Standard

For skin that’s dimmed over time, go for the gold. Seriously, it’s really an ingredient in the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask—and it gives you an incredibly youthful glow. (Pro tip: The metallic hue also makes for a festive pre-party selfie.) Look to this ultra-luxurious antiaging formula to pamper you during your daunting holiday social schedule, and you just might consider it this season’s most essential gilded accessory.

The Super Soaker

While you’re running around in the snow and wind (and trying not to slip in your party heels), do your complexion a favor and pick up a Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask—trust us, it quenches dry winter skin like no other. Made with whole plant green tea, rice bran oil, and red algae, this moisturizing powerhouse nurtures out-and-about skin during cold-weather months in a super-efficient, coconut-derived biocellulose mask format.

The Light Saver

Infused with the line’s signature skin-rejuvenating pitera ingredient, SK-II Facial Treatment Mask sends your radiance factor through the roof—and dehydrated skin out the door. This sheet mask is considered a holy grail product by celebrities and skincare devotees everywhere, and when it comes to hitting the holiday party circuit, we recommend stepping forth with your most opulent looks—beautiful skin included.



F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E  S  

I have finally got around to making this ridiculously long list of my favorite products that I use pretty much every day! I gave as much detail as I thought fit for each product and included various pros and cons. I will not provide links since a quick Google search will give you all the information you need on where you can purchase these items. All items are split into categories to make this post more organized. I do not have any affiliate codes or links. I created this list as a way to share my most loved cosmetics and to give honest reviews of drugstore and high-end products. Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated. Without further acknowledgments, let’s get started:

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Current phone case. I found this one for only $7 at American Eagle. The Stila stay all day liquid liner use to be one of my holy grail products and I will probably stop repurchasing it. The only reason why I’m not repurchasing this is because I’m making to switch to cruelty free makeup. That means I have to stop buying products from Stila, MAC, Benefit, and a lot more other brands because of their animal testing status. :(

anonymous asked:

What are some of your holy grail products

ooh um makeup or skincare? or just in general?

  • inglot ysm foundation (matte foundation w/ medium coverage looks natural and good for everyday!)
  • hourglass mineral veil primer
  • clear brow gel (i have one from australis is amazing!)
  • mario badescu rosewater facial spray
  • sugarbaby sheet masks (you can get 4 for $20 at myer!)
  • indie lee brightening cleanser
  • lush ultra balm - i use it to heal tattoos, eyebrows, lips, elbows, everything!
  • juvia’s place palettes - the formula is amazing!
  • agonist parfum in isis
  • french girl organics lumiere bronzing oil
  • ouai hair oil (another multipurpose product i love)
  • may lindstrom ‘the problem solver’ face mask
  • may lindstrom ‘the blue cocoon’ face balm
  • stila lipgloss in kitten
  • red lipstick! my fave is hourglass opaque rogue liquid lipstick in raven atm

Okay so for reference I have oily skin & my only real skin concern was un even texture because of small bumps and random (hormonal) acne. I’ve used a bunch of items prescribed by my dermatologist but I’ve only been seeing results after trying out the products below. It’s kind of a big list and you probably don’t need everything tbh but:

cleanser: Kate Somerville exfolikate, best daily exfoliant ever
toner: lush tea tree toner (it’s kinda meh but it’s a spray so it’s easy to use)
Spot treatment: eradikate by kate Somerville again. I SWEAR by this shit. It dries your pimple within minutes and it’s become my holy grail skincare product
moisturizer: Dr Brandt save our skin comfort cream. This shit has made my skin soooooo soft and has prevented it from drying out from the spot treatment
Serum: the truth serum by Ole Henriksen

Everything mentioned can be purchased at sephora I was too lazy to add links sorry LOL (except for the toner obv)

anonymous asked:

What is your holy grail makeup products

Mac studio fix
Ysl touché éclat blurr primer
Abh dip brow
Mac fix plus
Jeffree star, Huda, abh liquid lipsticks
Abh glow kits
Mac double gleam highlight
Morphe eye shadow palettes
Abh modern Renaissance
Ud naked skin concealer
Violet voss holy grail
Lancôme grandiose mascara
Mac gel liner
Mac strobe cream

Beauty 101: Korean Beauty Wave

Korean Beauty is the most recent trend. It’s increasingly hot as the popularity of Kpop and Kdramas. Halyu Actors and Kpop Idols appeal to their viewers with their attractive faces and, especially, their flawless complexion. Like most fans, I am also curious on how they achieve such great skin.

During my trip to South Korea, two years ago, I wasn’t just attracted with Korean fashion and culture, but also with their obsession with skin care. Korea is one of the leading countries in producing skin care and beauty products. So during my travel, I couldn’t help but buy some (okay, most) of their best seller products and be allured by their cute packaging (I couldn’t resist the cuteness…it’s everywhere!!!!). I felt that by buying those products, I have also acquired some beauty secrets that Koreans are so famous for.

I tried my best getting all the tips from my previous trip and from watching korean variety shows (thanks Get It Beauty and Pony Beauty Diary!) and apply it to my daily regimen. Here are a few of them:

1. The 10 steps regimen

A typical skin care routine for Koreans varies between 9 to 10 steps. They mostly do this before going to bed and the process starts by using a makeup remover, then followed by cleanser, exfoliation of oily t-zones, then the use of toner, and other essential essence and serum needed for the skin. The last part would be your favorite cream, emulsion, masks (if necessary) and eye cream.

The key here is removing every last trance of makeup, massaging the face for a minute (to boost circulation), and moisturizing. The healthy habit of Koreans serves as a lesson for us on how to take care of our skin more and the importance of putting time in valuing ourselves.

2. Cushion Makeup

We know that BB Creams have been a part of most girls’ makeup routine ever since its launch in 2006. Right now, there is a new added cream in the market and Koreans and Filipinos alike are slowly loving this product, and it is called the ‘Cushion Makeup’.

The cushion makeup started as a CC Cream/Foundation, a silky texture that covers spot and gives natural light and smooth skin. Both BB and CC Cream have common uses but CC Cream puts more emphasis on nourishing the skin while providing optimal coverage. It’s the same thing with cushion makeup. It’s more lightweight and it is a watery foundation in a compact container. You gently press the product and apply it into your face. The anti-microbial puff is the best part in putting the foundation, it makes the application look more natural, rather than cakey.

3. Lip Tints

I love lip tints!

Lip Tints, also known as lip stains, has this long lasting effect that other regular lipsticks don’t have. The tints simply color the natural texture of your lips and often finish off with some lip gloss. Lip tints are also versatile, it’s up to the user if you want your lips to appear naturally colored by using simple and lighter tints that matches your skin tone, or going for a dramatic effect by using darker tones or red to look more fierce. The best part for using this tint is that it is long lasting. I go to the gym a lot and I usually wear lip tints (I like orange lippies.. :) ) while working out and it doesn’t come off and it lasts an entire day, say, no need to reapply.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

This is a must-have in my holy grail of beauty products! I seriously love this product and I’m so happy to share it with you guys. My first encounter with this product is out of pure curiosity. I saw good reviews over the internet and immediately bought some when I saw it in stores.

NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL is made out of 92% Aloe Vera. a generous tub of 300ml that could last for months or so. I used it as my body moisturizer, face mask, eye mask, use for after shave or treat for sunburn. I like to put my tub in the fridge so that it has this cooling effect when applied onto the skin. I love how it is quickly absorbed, without feeling greasy, leaving a soft and smooth skin after application. I preferred using it before bedtime and lather it all over my face and neck.

Other Beauty Tips worth mentioning:

5. Grape Seed Oil

My aunt introduced to me this supplement, and when I saw great effects on her, I decided to give it a try. She has psoriasis and it’s hard for her to find a perfect medicine for her skin, until she found out the benefits of Grape Seed Oil. I started using it by taking it once a day and I’m really happy with the results of taking this supplement.

First off, Grape seed oil is extracted from grapes. It produces useful compounds in the form of oil which offer plenty of benefits for human, especially to skin. It is a good source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which is the main requirement for having good skin and also contains strong antioxidant compounds to fight acne and many more. These health benefits of grape seed oil are enumerated below:

  • Treat Acne
  • Skin Tightening
  • Relieve Dark Eye Circles under Eyes
  • Moisturize
  • Minimize Skin Aging
  • Good for skin asthma, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis
  • Can reduce the risk of coronary diseases and beneficial for all diabetics
  • Promote hair growth
  • Can provide protection against the sun damage
  • Smooth skin

6. Sunblock

It’s so init in the Philippines! Be sure to protect your skin with sunblock before going out. Waterproof sunblock with a high SPF is ideal. It prevents facial brown spots, aids you against sun protection, and helps to slow down the development of wrinkles and aging skin. Just don’t forget to apply it before putting makeup.

7. Putting body lotion/moisturizer at night

My mom always says that putting lotion at night is also important as the way we put moisturizer on our face. Our skin needs to be hydrated and by applying body lotion or body butter at night should do the trick. It will leave your hands, body and feet as soft and smooth like a baby.

8. Green Tea

I’m a self-confessed green tea addict. Green Tea is not only used for fat burning but it also helps improve physical health. It also does great benefits to the skin. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants that can be used to treat acne. To help your skin appear brighter and flawless, you can follow these few tips:

  • Use as a facial mask. After each cup of green tea that you drink, take the teabag out and cut it open. place the used green tea leaves into a small cup and add a little honey to it to make it into a paste. Make sure your face is clean before applying the paste. Leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse.
  • Use tea bags as a refresher. I do this before going home and need to fresh up before applying make up. Take a used teabag and run it over in hot water. Squeeze out some of the water and rub the teabag all over your face (or use it first for your tired eyes, especially in your dark eye circles before using it to your whole face). Use it for one to two minutes or until the teabag has cooled off.
  • Drinking green tea everyday. It is recommended to have 5 cups a day.

That’s it for now! You can share your thoughts and your own beauty tips as well in the comment section below.

I would love to hear from you guys :)

I’m gonna end this post with our handsome Minho here <3

This is not a promotional post. The writer of this article is in no way paid to specify the aforementioned brands.

holy grail products 🗣

• nivea for men aftershave balm
• makeup forever step 1 skin equalizer (smoothing primer)
• l'oreal true match lumi cushion foundation
• mary kay timewise matte-wear foundation
• maybelline fit me! concealer
• makeup forever ultra HD concealer
• it cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer
• mac studio fix powder
• maybelline fit me! matte+poreless powder
• too faced chocolate soleil bronzer
• milani baked blush (luminoso)
• anastasia beverly hills glow kit (that glow)
• becca shimmering skin perfector pressed (champagne pop and opal)
• cover fx custom enhancer drops
• the balm mary-lou manizer
• lush lip scrub
• jesse’s girl matte finish lip color (all shades)
• nyx butter glosses
• too faced better than sex mascara
• l'oreal telescopic mascara
• anastasia dipbrow pomade
• mac fix+ spray
• urban decay all nighter setting spray
• morphe palettes (35B & 35N so far)
• too faced chocolate bar palette
• too faced natural eyes palette

if you have any questions about these products, message me :-)

anonymous asked:

Okay so I missed out on concert tickets that I wanted so I have about $500 to spend. What are your holy grail products like I wanna know everything and best eye/face brushes.

OMG so much!!!


  • Brushes: Zoeva & Smith Cosmetics. I like Smith a bit more but they are pricier. 
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear
  • Glossier Boy Brow
  • Laura Mercier Loose Power, 01 & 03 matte baked powder
  • Nars Luster, Laguna, Glosses (Chelsea girls), soft matte/creamy radiant concealer & eyeshadow base
  • Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks
  • Bite lip liners, agave lip mask
  • Viseart Eyeshadow palettes
  • Glossier Haloscope
  • Urban Decay Brow Beater
  • Buxom Glosses 
  • Hourglass blushes & bronzer 
  • Nars Sheer Glow
  • Becca Ever Matte, blushes, illuminators 


anonymous asked:

What are ur holy grail skincare products ✨✨

Clinique take the day off cleansing oil and/or balm
shiseido benefiance and ibuki cleansers
The body shop vitamin e toner
M61 power glow peel
Estee lauder advanced night repair serum****
Clinique repairwear laser focus eye cream
Sunday Riley good genes / Luna sleeping oil
Peter Thomas Roth sulfur mask
Clinique pep start 50 spf uv protector
Mac strobe cream

Uhhhhhhh I can’t think but there’s other ones like I can’t even think of any night creams ???? also I’m about to try curology so we’ll see


i was tagged by mujibro​ + blacksoapbaby​ in the innovative ass beauty products tag so leggo

🌿 coconut oil - me: *is fake deep* but honestly i love using coconut oil on my body and my hair !!! (not my face i’ve learned my lesson but i’m still in the process of suing the shea butter side of tumblr) before i shave i exfoliate with a sugar scrub and then slather coconut oil on my legs to shave with which provides for such a smooth shave (almost like i’m using a “men’s” razor) and when i say my legs feel like marble when i hop out the muhfuckin shower ??? i’ve also noticed that hair grows in a lot less quickly when i use coconut oil as a substitute for a standard shaving cream

not only that but coconut oil makes detangling my hair so much easier (especially when you spritz with a liquid product beforehand) like the slip is so wonderful and my hair always feels like butter afterwards

🌿 african black soap - so i know i said that african black soap wasn’t for me because i found it really drying but i think over time my skin has become more combination than dry so i revisited this recently because i wanted to replace one of the products i was using because 1. the product was becoming really lackluster and 2. i wanted my skin care routine to be completely natural (”natural”) and honestly i can’t believe ??? i’ve only had it for maybe two weeks and my skin tone is evening out + this one stubborn blackhead i’ve had for forever is finally coming to the surface + i have seen god like let this product into your life if you already haven’t in my opinion 

🌿 lush vanishing cream - honestly my fave part of my skin routine is using this moisturizer because it’s fantastic !!! i’ve had this product since valentine’s day and i have yet to actually dip my finger into the pot bc i only have to collect what’s in the lid like a little truly goes a long way !!! it’s super light and when i use it and look at my face afterward it almost looks like i put a primer or a concealer on my skin because everything just becomes so matte and it truly looks like i’ve taken eraser to skin or something it’s wild !!! like the whole lavendar + witch hazel + grapeseed oil combination goes awf !!!

🌿 cucumber facial peel off mask - i use this at the end of the week (usually a sunday) just so i can really get a deep clean and refresh my skin for the week ahead and it’s truly so relaxing and there’s something so gratifying about peeling it off and seeing the impurities stuck on the mask !!! it also leaves your skin feeling really soft and glowy 


🌿 wet n wild color icon eyeshadow collection (comfort zone) - so i have some “higher end” eyeshadow palettes but i always return to this one because the shadows are just gorgeous and so versatile !!! they’re super pigmented + buildable + amazing for transitioning and i never get any creasing when i use them !!! i also use the top corner shadow as a highlight on my cheekbones and ya girl stays poppin in the sunlight !!! 

🌿 maybelline color sensational lip color (mauve it up) - so ignore the fact that this literally looks purple but honestly it’s hard for a black girl to find a nice neutral/pink lipstick that looks good with her skin tone in this here society but i have found…..the one…..it has such a smooth application and it adds a little bit of tint without overdoing it which is especially great when i do a more dramatic eye !!! (also from looking at different swatches on makeup blogs i think this will look good on virtually anybody)

🌿 nature’s bounty optimal solutions hair, skin, & nails with biotin - i’ve been taking these for about three weeks i think because i felt like i needed to start taking vitamins again and yas gawd !!! my nails are so much stronger and truly growing at irrational speeds and i’ve also noticed less breakage in my hair and my skin is on glow goals: lupita nyong’o !!! they also taste so good like i would truly sit there and eat the entire bottle if i didn’t feel like that would have adverse affects (however everyone is different + i recommend looking at the reviews to see if it’s something you would be interested in) 

🌿 shea moisture’s jamaican black castor oil strengthen, grow & restore treatment masque - honestly tbh this is my holy grail hair product like wash day is truly the bane of my existence but i love the way this makes my hair feel !!! after i shampoo i use this deep treatment masque and honestly !!! honestly !!! first of all i love the way it feels like; it’s like a clay or play-doh or something and when i put it on it just makes my hair feel so soft and moisturized !!! i leave it on my hair under a plastic cap and continue with what i normally do in the shower and then rinse it out leaving my curls just bouncy and beautiul !!! 

also: breakage where ??? this does wonders for any kind of healthy hair journey 

🌿 water w/ lemon - me: *is still fake deep* but honestly water with lemon is the best thing in the world after eating something particularly unhealthy like it just truly flushes the toxins out my body and i can feel my skin rejoicing 

and also because ya girl’s mood swings are wild i’ve read that the smell of lemon juice brightens the mood and this is deadass tru bc i always feel better after a glass or two 

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