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sickly sweet, deancas coffee shop au, 1.3k // ao3

special thanks to @caslikescoffeeandfreckles @casitels @ialwayscomewhenyoucall @cenedrariva and @fairy-princess-cas for their help with the names of the drinks, and @wanderingcas for beta reading this!

They meet for the first time in a coffee shop. It’s so cliché like his life is a goddamn rom-com. Except for the part where Castiel friggin’ Novak is a—is an asshole.

Admittedly, he’s an asshole with sex hair and striking eyes—and Dean is, quite frankly, insulted by this; someone like Castiel really shouldn’t look so good—but he’s still an asshole and Dean is definitely not into him. For the most part.

He has some self-respect.

Anyway, they meet on a Thursday morning where Dean usually gets his coffee before class, like he does every day. Except today there’s a new guy behind the counter.

And, god, he’s—he’s beautiful. Can boys be beautiful? Dean thinks they can, and even if they can’t, this guy would definitely be the exception to the rule. Yeah, he’s fucking gorgeous. And maybe Dean loses the ability to form words for a second but he’s always sucked when it comes to crushes on boys so, really, it’s not his fault.

There’s a queue, and the guy is looking at him with an almost-smile like he knows exactly what Dean’s thinking and asks, ‘Are you going to order or just stare all day?’

Dean narrows his eyes because rude but he doesn’t feel too offended because, holy shit, his voice. He’s probably taken what with his sex hair and sex voice; he probably had a very busy night.

The faint smile changes into him looking like he’s trying not to laugh at Dean. And Dean doesn’t particularly want to be laughed at but he also really wants to hear him laugh.

Flirting is Dean’s first language, though, and he decides he’s not going to be rendered speechless by this—by Castiel, according to his nametag.

‘Bit of both?’ Dean suggests smiling back, sickly sweet. Castiel raises an eyebrow but doesn’t say anything, which Dean counts as a victory, and orders a caramel macchiato, and then Castiel does laugh at him.

‘You got a problem with that?’ Dean asks, affronted but also mildly stunned by his unfairly attractive laugh. Can laughs be attractive? Goddammit.

‘Not at all,’ Castiel replies, still with that smile and that voice.

‘Fine,’ Dean bristles, and he knows he’s being somewhat pathetic, but he can’t think of anything else to say and the line is getting pretty long, so he lets it go.

He also most definitely doesn’t think about Castiel for the rest of the day.

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Sincerely Three x Reader with a High Sex Drive Head Cannons (Part One)

Part one 

 Requested by: Anon

 Im skipping around my queue rn, but I’ll get through them all guys


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Cool, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Reader is a famous singer who covers a Hamilton song at one of her concerts.

Words: 1203

Author’s Note: What? Another fic? Amazing. BTW I wrote literally all of this at work. Somebody stop me.

Warnings: Cursing. I just can’t stop myself.

Askbox | Masterlist

For you, the impromptu little concerts were always your favorite to perform in. While the thrill of singing to a gigantic, sold out crowd was irreplaceable, there was just something special about an intimate little venue.

You always made this well aware to your publicist, and she did her best to squeeze in these little performances whenever she could. That’s how you found yourself at Joe’s Pub at the Public.

Halfway through your set, to a crowded bar of no more than one hundred people, you took a seat on the provided stool.

“It’s very hard to be here in the room where it happens-” This was met with a thunderous applause.

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Bake’n Bits

A little Cop!Jack/Baker!Bitty Check Please AU!

Also on AO3

“Wow Bits, I’m shocked and astounded to find you here, mooning over hot cop. Again.” Lardo slapped a covered takeout mug of cappuccino and a white paper sack on the counter. “You’re welcome.

Bitty frowned at the bag. “What’s this?”

Lardo pushed him toward the door. “A date.”

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the great colin conundrum

summary: Dan’s boyfriend breaks up with him, and Phil does his very best to get Dan to realize they’re perfect for each other. Unfortunately, Dan’s oblivious and his dog, Colin, is out to ruin Phil’s plans.
word count: 2200
warnings: slight angst in the beginning, heavy kissing, slight presmut, i swear like a sailor
prompt: “something where dnp are best friends when they are younger (maybe high school age) and dan has a dog that phil doesn’t like but eventually warms up to as he falls in love with dan or something lame like that”
Listen to the playlist here

Phil loves his best friend Dan - honestly, he does.

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Originally posted by sefuns

Summary: When a fellow baekhyun fan account reaches out to you and you unknowingly become best friends with THE baekhyun of EXO

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @sefuns  for the gif

Members: Baekhyun from EXO x black female reader

Rating: Fluff

Words: 1205

Notes: Italics means text, bold is baekhyun, normal is you 

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anonymous asked:

1/2 hear me out imagine richie realising he likes stan but not knowing what to do cos "wait my nickname is literally trashmouth and stans a mythical creature not from this planet im not entirely sure how to go about this" he goes to ben for help and ben reckons poems are definitely the way to go. so they write one together and richie leaves it in stans locker. lunch time rolls around and stan is smiling huge and richie thinks "yup this is it i did it"

2/2 dont think it sent before but here it is if i remember it well! stan goes to ben instead, smile wide, hugs him and says “you write the most thoughtful things, bevs a lucky girl” and richie is speechless cos 1) whatta smile and 2)that should be his??? stan turns and gives richie a polite nod and talks to bill before ben can correct him. richie doesnt know whether he should laugh or cry and ben agrees. but he wont give up! hes still got his flowers that ben thinks can fix things up…hopefully

I love this prompt so much anon thank you so much for sending it! I hope you dont mind me posting in two parts (part two will be up at some point this week) I hope you enjoy!!! (All feedback is encouraged and if anyone wants to be tagged in p2 let me know cause why the heck not)

Part 1 / Part 2

“Stop distracting me trashmouth”

“Ah c’mon Stan the Man you know you love it really! Who the fuck wants to spend their Friday night studying anyway?”

Richie and Stan were hauled up in Stan’s room, Stan at his desk, nose in a book trying to prepare for the history test they had next week, while Richie hung upside down on the bed, glasses slipping off his face, throwing little pieces of paper in Stan’s general direction. Yes he was annoying. No he didn’t care.

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The Road Trip Series - Chapter 3

AN: so this chapter is super duper late….but better late than never?

ff.net link

Chapter 3

“Nino really needed some rest, huh?” Marinette looks over her shoulder at Nino and Adrien, who are both curled up against each other and snoring in the back seat of the car.

“Yeah, he’s had some pretty crazy shifts lately. I barely get to see him awake anymore.” Alya laughs somewhat sadly. “He works late and sleeps late, I leave early and end up asleep before he gets in. You know how it is.”

Alya’s tried not to make a big fuss over Nino’s working hours because she knows that he’s doing a job he loves and excels at. But she will admit that it’s difficult for her to not see him as much as she used to. She misses Wednesday Spaghetti Nights on the sofa watching old horror movies with awful special effects and she misses making pancakes at midnight on Breakfast for Dinner Fridays. She misses going on dates and she misses lazy Sundays just hanging out in pyjamas with hot chocolate.

They’ve have talked about it a couple times and Nino hates their reduced time together as much as Alya does. The difference is that he also loves his job, and Alya is not about to try to tear him away from it just because she misses him. Besides, it’s not like she never sees him, it’s just that she sees him less than she’s used to and –

“Alya, you know it’s okay to miss him, right?” Marinette has been watching Alya chew on her lip and furrow her eyebrows for the last couple minutes. She knows exactly what Alya is thinking. “You don’t need to feel bad about it. Your feelings are what they are, you can’t help it.”

At the back of the car Nino stirs slightly, moving so that his head lolls just above Adrien’s shoulder as his hat falls off his head. Alya looks at him fondly in the rear-view mirror and a small smile creeps onto her face.

“Okay then, Miss Relationship Guru,” Alya smirks at Marinette. “How about we talk about your love life instead of my petty issues? A certain someone has totally got it bad for you!” Alya cackles as she watches Marinette’s face turn beet red in embarrassment.

“Nobody has anything bad for me, Al! Don’t make that kind of stuff up.” Marinette squeaks, sinking into her seat. She’s just glad that Adrien is a heavy sleeper and will (thankfully) hear none of this.

“Come on, Mari. I thought he was meant to be the oblivious one here, not you! The boy has been dropping so many hints and you have thus far failed to see every single one!”

Marinette shakes her head vehemently. Alya’s been saying this for years and trying to convince her that Adrien likes her back. Marinette knows he doesn’t. If he did in fact like her, wouldn’t he attempt to ask her out or at least drop some more obvious hints? God knows she’s been so obvious at times that she might as well wave a massive flag saying ‘hey there, just so you know I am a little bit in love with you so would you please love me back?’ in his face. With sparkles. And all-caps writing. In neon colours. Actually, scratch that. Flashing neon colours.

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Better Places (Requested)

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Request: Can I request a Pietro Maximoff x reader one shot where the reader has an oxygen tank that they always need to have?
Featuring: Wanda
Word Count: 1120
Warning: swearing, mention of blood/violence, medical type stuff, fluff
A/N: Just a reminder this is before the twins got their powers, and I hope I used all the right terms and didn’t say anything offensive!!
Tagging: @writing-rogue​​, @notsoprettykitty​, @metuel16,

Originally posted by wintersoulja

((gif not mine, credit to owner))

               You were sitting in your apartment, towers of books surrounding you as you picked up another novel. As of recent it wasn’t exactly safe for you in the streets of Sokovia. Riots had broken out before, like after the bombings, but now there were multiply a day. Men and women marched in the streets, screaming profanities and hoping for change. The rioters also had become violent, at first it was silent protest, but now fights broke out between law force and freedom fighters. Pietro and Wanda were one of the many fighters in the streets, while you would stay hidden away in your apartment. The twins wouldn’t even let you go out, they worried about you since you had an oxygen tank. A souvenir from the bombings you often joked. Today was another day spent filling your mind with words, stories of adventures and better places. You had been lost in a particular vivid novel when there was heavy knocking at your door. “Y/n, p-please open the door.” Pietro croaked and soon you were dragging your cart behind you to the door. You huffed in annoyance, wanting to go back to reading when you saw Pietro, bleeding.

“Holy shit—oh my god what did you do?!” You shouted as he clutched the side of his arm, staggering into your apartment.

“Okay—ow, ugh—don’t get mad okay?” Pietro groaned as he leaned against your wall.

“Pietro what happened, why are you bleeding?”

“I—uh sorta got shot.” 

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robindaspoopy  asked:

..... so what is stranger things ???

Okay so, for anyone who is in love with horror shows or general spooky stuff like myself: I heavilyyyyyyy recommend stranger things. Its a Netflix series that embodies EVERYTHING I HOPE AND DREAM ABOUT HOLY CRAP. 

Lemme give you the summary before I go into why this show is amazing: 

This show is about a group of kids who’s friend goes missing and they try to find him - but there are nefarious (OR DARE I SAY STRANGE) things at play. 

So first of all, its supposed to be kind of old-fashioned and they do that so well. 

I’m almost positive their goal was to make it sort of like an old-fashioned monster movie format, but as a series and by Odin’s beard did they pull it off. It is perfectly put together, and I can’t honestly say that enough. And they use the music that fits the time, music that may I just say; is perfect and stuff that I basically listen to on repeat. 

Secondly, the cast is god damn wonderful. 


WINONA RYDER MY GOD. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, alongside the sci-fi queen Sigourney Weaver, stands my lady and mistress Winona Rider who was in the movie The Heathers, Edward-Scissorhands, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Beatle-Juice and so many other well known movies, and I just… I just love her?? She’s so amazing, she’s sassy and brilliant and a wonderful actress. I MEAN HOLY MOLEE. 


All the actors of the show are pretty amazing, I personally hadn’t heard of the actor who plays Hopper on that show, but after watching the TV show I fell in deep sweet friendly love with this man. Such a good actor, quality things, good feelings, has made me cry at least twelve times and counting. He’s also just a good guy?? apparently, he does some shipping and might, in fact, write fanfiction of the characters from stranger things??? he definitely reads fanfiction of Stranger Things, he has confirmed it on his twitter. I love him, he is a good boy. 


One of the actors actually is in the new version of IT, which I didn’t take too much of a liking to when it came to the whole scare factor, didn’t spook me as much as I was laughing at that gif of him dancing with his head in the same position the whole time?? Also wasn’t fond of the whole uhhh… Daughter thing, that happened. My friend had to notify me of when the part was over because I refused to watch it. But OH MY STARS, The kids’ character development, and interaction made the movie, I swear on my liFE. 

But BACK TO WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. The kid actors are so amazing, they make you care so much about the characters. Seriously, they convey emotion so well and It kills me, I’m so attached to all of them and terrified when something could go wrong for them. They are so amazing, I can’t wait for season three and any future films they might star in because - holy damn. 

Thirdly - the show is well thought out and well made. 

I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to spoil, so lemme just give you a few things. This show is put together in a way that will definitely make you fall in love with all the characters, the concepts, the lore, and the story itself. They are masterful in the way they use the “if they mention a gun on the wall, by the end of the story someone better use it” thing that most kids were taught in writing class. For each and every little thing they use in the first season, it is implemented well in the second - they put things in there that you won’t seem important but BOOM, the next second you realize if they didn’t have this or that things could’ve been completely different. They use every piece of information to advantage and it’s so mhm, I just love it. 

The music of the movie is also amazing, I previously mentioned this but I wanna restate it. It’s often brought up with my sibling that the intro music sounds like the music from “Big Trouble Little China”, which is excellent music to clarify. 

on a final note, the horror of the show isn’t the cheap jump scares that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing in a lot of horror movies or shows. This is genuine creeps and spooks and scares. It’s amazing, I can’t say it enough. 

This show is amazing, definitely, watch it if you like creepy spooky stuff.

Now I, unfortunately, have to pass out some bad news. I have some really big things I have to do in the next few weeks so I will probably be posting a little less frequently than I’d like to. I’ll try to post as much as I can, but I can’t promise I will be getting to asks or comics or drawing with the same speed I usually try to. I don’t know for how long it will go on, but I hope you guys can be patient with me; I wouldn’t be doing this if what I’m busy with wasn’t important. But it is. I hope you guys can understand. 

I have a few stuff put in my queue as of now so that should post stuff for the next few days, but the likely hood of me replying to personal messages and asks from this point on is dismal.

Anyway, love you guys, I’ll try to get back to posting regularly soon! 

↠plain black coffee?

genre: barista! au; fluff/romance; humor

word count: 2.5k 

authors note: well i wasn’t expecting this to be this long but here you go 

  • college can be tiring
  • and morning are not fun
  • and sometimes you regret not living on campus
  • because when you have a 9am lecture you really wish you’d chosen to live much closer where you don’t have to wake up as early
  • or alternatively you didn’t have to take 9am lectures
  • but when you were joining you found a nice apartment with two bedrooms going surprisingly cheap
  • and you kinda wanted to live off campus because you feel it’ll give you more independence
  • so you and bestfriend! Joshua decided to move in to this apartment
  • which you later realise is going so cheap because of the dodgy heating, on and off hot water and the crappy internet connection
  • but it’s kind of fun because you and Joshua have been friends since you were tiny and it always seemed like a great idea to live together
  • but anyway these 9am lectures are the bane of your existence
  • and every day Joshua would offer you coffee before you leave
  • because apparently this goddamn perfect child does not have a problem waking up early

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Cute-ass coffee shop AU

Luke half-listens to what Calum is rambling about as they make their way towards Starbucks. Don’t get him wrong, he absolutely loves his best friend to death, it’s just that he isn’t exactly a morning person and for him, being a fully functioning human being before getting his large cup of coffee is just not a thing. 

Which is why every morning, Cal and him stop by Starbucks before going to uni. Luke personally thinks it’s a blessing that the coffee shop is on their way, because if it wasn’t then he’d probably have to settle for the campus coffee and just the prospect makes him shudder. Of course, it would be way less expensive, but Luke actually finds he doesn’t mind Starbucks being so overpriced, because the quaint, peaceful atmosphere of it in the morning more than makes up for it. 

Calum pushes the heavy door and mock-bows for Luke as the blonde enters, finally managing to elicit a smile. It’s a rare feat in these dreaded morning hours. 

The usual curly-haired, dimple-smiled ray of sunshine grins at them from his post behind the counter, but this time Ashton - as his name-tag says - isn’t with the dirty-blonde girl who usually takes their orders. 

Instead there’s another barista, with dyed hair, arcade piercing and tattoos, who all in all puts Luke and Calum’s attempts at being punk rock to shame. He doesn’t smile at the boys as they approach him. In fact he only gives them a disinterested glance, as if he was way too important to gratify them with an actual acknowledgement. Or maybe he’s just not into early mornings. 

In any case, Luke doesn’t make too much of it, and simply requests his tall black coffee, two sugars no milk please. The boy, whose name-tag says Michael, nods and scribbles something on an empty cup before turning to Calum, who orders his usual mocha. 

The two friends head towards the back of the shop, the way they’ve done every morning for almost a year now. By this time the coffe shop is starting to fill in, both with students trying to make the most of their precious last hour before classes start, and busy adults stopping by for their respective energy juice to be able to take on the day. 

Soon enough Ashton is calling Calum’s name, and they head over to the counter. “A mocha for Calum? Tall black coffee for…pretty blue eyes?“ 

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ryoutaah  asked:

Aoki please?? /.\


Who’s more dominant: hahAHhaha AOmine DeFINTELY 

Who’s the cuddler: Kise omg we know this already

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: actually Kise RLLY loves being big spoon he just wants to cuddle and wrap his arms around Aomine (and death squeeze him in his sleep omg let aomine rest pls)

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: probably watching a movie together at the end of the day

Who uses all the hot water: Kise. Kise has friggin five hour long showers.

Most trivial thing they fight over: (oh i missed one) probably just dumb stuff like who lost the keys or smth when they’re just having a bad day in general

Who does most of the cleaning: neither of them lmao. Kise does it more than Aomine does but it’s still not as often as it should be

What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: KISEEEEEE. Kise is in charge at all times. don’t even think about it Aomine

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Kise and he probably fuckin cries about it

Who leaves their stuff around: Aomine just dumps his crap wherever he can but he always remembers where it is. Kise is more likely to put stuff where it belongs because he always forgets

Who remembers to buy the milk: Aomine, he always knows when the food runs out and he is the first to go get more

Who remembers anniversaries:  they both do C: Aomine can be surprisingly romantic 

Who cooks normally: they cook together when they can, and they always get really playful and Kise probably starts singing and dancing around Aomine

How often do they fight: it’s not regular but it’s not totally rare either. usually it’s about really stupid, minor stuff, it’s never serious

What do they do when they’re away from each other: Kise looks at the selfies they’ve taken together on his phone and gets all happy and sighs a lot. lmao I think we AAAALL know what Aomine does when he doesn’t have access to Kise’s gr8 butt

Nicknames for each other: after they’ve been together for a long time Kise drops the Aominecchi and just calls him Daiki. he’d like to use something cute like Dai-chan but that’s strictly Momoi’s so he just goes with Daiki. Aomine actually gets rlly flustered when Kise uses his name. Aomine calls Kise gross pet names like Sunshine a lot it’s disgusting isn’t it? 

Who is more likely to pay for dinner: probably Kise because he’s so fucking loaded and Aomine never says no to free food

Who steals the covers at night: Kise, definitely. he rolls around a lot and kicks the blankets and he ends up sideways on the bed with his arms and legs everywhere and the blanket is probably on the floor

What would they get each other for gifts: they both give each other flowers out of the blue sometimes (aomine rlly likes flowers dont tell satsuki), but for things like birthdays they usually just take each other on dates rather than bothering with presents. and the reason is because they’re so in love they don’t even need anything else just each other *vomits*

Who kissed who first: Aomine kissed Kise first and it was kinda a spur of the moment thing. Kise was probably ranting about something and Aomine sorta just tuned out and was like “holy damn I’m in love with him” and he just kissed him and Kise shut up completely 

Who made the first move: well I mean. see above

Who remembers things: Kise can be a little forgetful sometimes but he remembers (most) of the important stuff. Aomine actually does too. 

Who started the relationship: after the kiss Kise was literally just stunned into silence and Aomine said after moment “so u wanna date then?” and Kise just squeaked and jumped into his arms and it was totally shoujo ugh

Who cusses more: Aomine he has a foul mouth

What would they do if the other one was hurt: Aomine would get reeeaally angry. super mega over protective boyfriend. Kise would get really worried and upset and be panicking a lot

Who is the dirty talker: they’re both pretty good at that ohohoho

A head canon: they adopt a cat when they move in together because they want to be a gross domestic couple. the cat ADORES Aomine oh my GOD. when he gets home it meows and runs straight to him and actually jumps up on his shoulders. it loves Kise too but he’s like the naggy mum who scolds it when it’s naughty and who tries to cuddle it when it just wants to get away so he’s not the favourite lmao. 

thank u thank u i enjoyed this immensely 


Requested by @legolasothranduilion, continuation of this imagine

After Loki had forcibly made you leave his hideout, you sought out help from SHIELD. If he didn’t you want you to stay, then you’d follow the path of the greater good and that was to make sure Earth stays safe. You didn’t have much knowledge on his plans but you had knowledge on everything he had at his disposal and Natasha was more than happy to hear that Clint was still alive.

And then they defeated Loki and he and Thor went back to Asgard and you went back to your daily life. You got a nice job back in your hometown, went out with friends each Friday night, and had a healthy relationship with your TV. It wasn’t until Thor showed up at your doorstep that you were sucked back into the world of gods and realms.

“Why do I need to go see him?” you had asked and Thor thought for a moment before shaking his head.

“He has requested your presence - I saw no need to ask.” And then there was a bright flash of color as a sphere of rainbow enveloped you. 

“Holy shit that was awesome,” you breathed as you were back on stable ground. Thor chuckled from beside you, nodding to Heimdall. He gave a small smile in return and Thor led you towards the giant, gold, looming castle. It felt like forever until you and Thor entered the prison. You were marveling at everything; this wasn’t some movie set, it was real and you wished you had a camera so you’d never forget the regal setting.

Thor stood next to you outside of Loki’s cell. After doing one last sweep of the interior of the prison, your eyes finally landed on Loki. He looked almost the same as before but he looked healthy now. Healthy and worry free despite being a prisoner.

“Hi,” you said quietly. Loki glanced over at you and his eyes went slightly wide as he stood. Thor took this as his queue to leave, the guards trailing behind him but not drifting too far away.

“You came,” Loki muttered before making his way over to you. The transparent, yellow-tinted walls separating the two of you. 

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit a beautiful place like this…it’s amazing,” you gushed, once again letting your eyes roam. Loki chuckled and you looked back to him. “So…why am I here?” He stopped for a moment, looking away from you. It was a side you’d never seen before - shyness. It was so unlike him and you tried to remember how long he’d been imprisoned to affect his personality so much.

He paced for a moment before pausing in front of you. You cocked your head to the side, worry masking your features. “I…I made a mistake making you leave,” he said softly and your eyes went slightly wide. “I didn’t realize it then. But you had been the one stable thing in my life during that time and once you were gone, I…” He stopped there, hoping he didn’t need to admit anything more. You almost wanted to tease him - taunt him for all it was worth but you didn’t. Instead, you smiled at him.

“Don’t worry, Loki; I’m not going to make you say it. You’ve said enough as it is. I’ll go talk with Thor - see if I can stay for a while, if you want.” He sent you an award-winning smile and your heart fluttered again for the first time in a while.

anonymous asked:

So I just read you dexnursey head cannons and the falconer's game proposal made me think of the episode of Friends where Mike proposes to Phoebe at a baseball game on the jumbotron after she makes fun of it and I feel like that's what would happen with nursey and dex, but it would all be ok and nursey would be like "you're a dork, I love you, yes" and ya, anyway this isn't important information, just thought I'd share...


(also there is a horn blare in this fic to signal the run up to the game idk if that’s a thing in hockey but it is in this world)


It’s just- he thought it was such a good plan.

And, okay, Dex isn’t actually very good at planning things, let alone grand romantic gestures, but hockey’s something they both love almost as much as they love each other. This should have been such a good idea.

“This is not a good idea,” Lardo says bluntly as they drive towards Providence. Nursery is asleep in the backseat, head on Shitty’s shoulder, whilst Dex rides shotgun. He casts a furtive glance around, but his boyfriend is snoozing happily away, jaw slack, a little drool dribbling from the side of his mouth. He looks completely ridiculous and the best thing Dex has ever seen.

No, it’s a good plan.

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Finding out

Authors note: what should come next?
Oh and follow my twitter @XmissmeX

I accidentally wrote two Nialls so they can just be two alternate versions. Whoops.

Finding out: pregnancy series.

Niall: You sit in the study, trying to pass time, just reading a book. The words start to slowly get closer and closer, the writing jumbling up in your eyes, and head. You sigh putting the book down, tiredness sweeping over you quickly. You get up walking to the living room, grabbing a blanket and wrapping yourself in it, sitting on the couch. You look at the TV not paying much attention, sleepiness taking over. Your eyes start to slowly close, your body lulling you into a deep sleep. Your eyes fly open your dream triggering your sudden thoughts. Your period hasn’t come, and you’re a little on the emotional side. You bite your lip, calling your sister up, you make her grab a test before anxiously awaiting her arrival. You hurry to the door hearing her car pull up. She gives you a smile, and you bring her in for a hug, snatching the tests from her hand. “Well geez someone is eager” she calls while you’re hurrying off to the bathroom, adrenaline rushing through you. You take the test, before sitting on the edge of your bed tapping your fingers. The 3 minutes goes by slowly, the longest 3 minutes you’ve experienced. You enter the bathroom, looking down at the positive sign. “YOU’RE GETTING A NIECE OR NEPHEW!” you screech happily to your sister; starting to wonder how to tell Niall.

Harry: You stay curled up in bed, ignoring the day that’s ahead of you. You couldn’t bring yourself to get out of bed, it feels like you stayed up all night, you’re so tired, and you just feel off. You wiggle around in bed, trying to find the right spot. You close your eyes, hearing footsteps downstairs, those same footsteps turn to running up of the stairs, before Harry enters the room. “Hey love, why aren’t you at work Hm?” he chimes getting on the bed and poking your side. “mm” you groan, before feeling his kiss. “Oh is it that time of the month again?” he whispers,
“What’s wrong?”
“I just want to sleep, Shh” you gently swat him away. “Someone’s moody” he comments getting off the bed and walking away. You yawn hating the feeling of being so tired. You lay pondering for a minute, thinking that maybe you could be pregnant, but you don’t want to get your hopes up. You got your period two weeks ago, but they did say that it wouldn’t stop for you if you did happen to conceive. Although you’re scared of false hope, you get up out of bed, and lock yourself in the bathroom, looking for the pregnancy test box that you got last time. You wait and pee on the stick as instructed before waiting for the results. The first test says positive, so you quickly take another to be sure, but it comes back negative. You sigh confused on which to believe. You hide the sticks hearing Harry walking back in. You quietly walk out of the room thinking.

Louis: “Y/n ready?” Louis calls waiting on you to get ready. You hurry down the stairs in your running gear, “I’m ready” you smile, tying your hair up quickly. “Okay we’re just going around the block I’m tired” Louis instructs grabbing his phone. “Fine by me” you smile taking his hand walking out the door. Every once in a while, when Louis has the night off, the two of you go for a run. It helps the two of you with stress, his stressed with the bad, and you need to maintain a healthy level, considering you’re a personal trainer. So you both benefit. You both part hands before you both start to walk, just warming up. “So we have an idea for a music video it’s going to be great” Louis exclaims before starting to tell you about his day. When you reach the end of the street you both start to run. “Oh and I’m off tomorrow too” Louis smiles his breathing a little off from running. “Yay that’s great” you smile happy to have him off for a day. “I was thinking we can go see my mum again”
“Yeah that’s fine, I still haven’t seen your latest siblings.” you agree, excited to see the newest members. You suddenly stop running and start to walk starting to get nauseous for no reason. “Come on slacker” Louis jokes calling out, you sigh starting to run to catch up. “I can’t” you sigh stopping again feeling like you were about to bring up what content is in your stomach. “Why?” he asks, stopping himself and looking at you. You have a urge to throw up but nothing comes up as you cover your mouth.
“can we go back or stop for a bit?” you exhale, he quickly nods. “Why you pregnant and can’t run?” he jokes patting your shoulder. You fake a laugh, starting to think. You bite down on the inside of your cheek, “Uh I’m going to walk to my sister in laws. Can you order dinner?” you ask,
“want me to walk you?”
“no, no, it’s fine. Honesty.” you smile kissing his cheek before walking to your sister in laws house. You knock on the door praying she’s home. “Hey y/n” she brings you in for a hug before letting you in. “Hi, I have a weird question”
“what is it?”
“Do you have pregnancy tests? I think I’m pregnant and-”
“oh my god, the bathroom” she instantly drags you to her bathroom. “This is exciting, where’s Louis?” she claps, before looking through the bathroom. “Uhm he doesn’t know, he’s home.” you stutter getting scared. “Hey don’t be scared, it’s okay. Take a deep breath and it will be fine.” she chimes pushing you into the bathroom. You do as she says, before taking the test she had. “How’s it going?” she calls from the other side of the door. You open the door, “I can’t look” you bite your lip, wanting her to do it for you. “Well.. I hope you have spare room, you’ll need it.” she chuckles, your eyes looking down at the positive test. “Holy shit” your eyes widen and she laughs.

Niall: You walk into the hospital with Niall trailing behind you. You donate your blood whenever you have time, and today is the day. Niall is tagging along only because there was nothing he wanted to do at home. You say hi to the usual people you see, pulling Niall along as he has the twinkle in his eye to wonder around. Sometimes it’s like keeping an eye on a child. You sit up in the chair, before Niall stands by you. “Does it hurt?”
“I’m used to it now.” you answer as you look away from the nurse who’s about to hook you up to a machine. “It looks painful”
“It’s not as bad” you shake your head,
“Do they have anything good to eat?” he questions, “no the food is terrible actually.” you whisper not wanting to offend anyone. “Alright y/n you know the drill” the nurse smiles and you nod. “So how Long are we here for?”
“not long.” you answer watching Niall get bored. “You can go if you’re bored”
“no I will stay” he shakes his head, slumping down in a chair. You move your free arm resting your elbow up on the chair arm, resting your head in your hand.
“Hey Niall?”
“Can you get the.. The lady.. I’m getting light headed.” you mumble, your head feeling heavy. He quickly gets up and hurries the nurse in. She stops the machine handing you a glass of orange juice to boost your energy levels. “That’s never happened before, have you been feeling okay?” she asks,
“I was fine before getting here.” you answer,
“Hmm.. What about other days?”
“Uhm I’ve been fine” you sigh,
“wait, no she said defeat dizzy the other night while we were out.” Niall interrupts. “Oh yeah I did, but that was because I was dehydrated.” you shrug thinking nothing of it. “I’m going to quickly run a small sample of your blood” she instructs before walking off. “Feeling fine now?” Niall asks,
“Kinda, this orange juice tastes weird” you pout, you’ve never been a dancing of orange juice. After an hour of waiting, and siting in an uncomfortable chair, the nurse comes back. “Well.. Guess what?” she smiles,
“what?” you and Niall ask in unison.
“You’re pregnant congratulations.” she smiles happily for the two of you. The orange juice in your hand drops to the floor, and Nialls jaw drops. “No f*cken way”
“Niall” you scold for his language,
“Yes way” she giggles before helping you clean the orange juice you spilt.

Zayn: You stand in front of your few dance students who are taking extra time to practice. “Come on ladies, get in sync” you encourage, dancing along with them. “Tia take a break love” you eye her seeing her get dehydrated, pushing herself too much. “Zaila lovely bend your knee a bit” you instruct snapping your hand with the beat to keep your dances on queue. “That’s it” you smile watching the girls. “From the top, 5,6,7,8” you call getting your dancers into rhythm. You do the steps with them, before feeling a cramp kind of feeling in your stomach. You shrug it off before it comes back, making you feel tight in your stomach. You stop dancing and coach the dancers. “Alright that’s all, you can have a short session” you can leaning on the mirrors as Zayn walks through the doors. “Hey, ready to go?” he asks after greeting your dancers. “Yeah one moment.” you smile swinging your dance bag over your shoulder. You have your check up, nothing major really.
You walk your way into the allocated room for you, before sitting up on the bed, swinging your legs childishly. “Okay, let’s get this check up started.”
“Experienced anything different since the last time you were here?” she questions,
“Hm nope”
“still dancing?”
“Yes” you answer proudly,
“How many hours a week?”
“roughly, 20 at most.”
“Any pains? Aches? Back problems?”
“My stomach aches a bit while dancing, it’s happened lately.” you reply, “Can I have a feel?” she asks, you allow her, laying down on the bed, rolling your top up. She starts to feel her way gently around your stomach. “Could you be pregnant?” she catches you off guard, “uh I could be” you reply thinking back to your last period. “I’ll run a test, from what I feel, you most certainly are” she says turning on her heel. “That’s amazing oh my god” Zayn pipes in giving you a kiss to the cheek. “We aren’t sure just hold off on the excitement.” you chuckle. After a little while the doctor comes in, finalizing the pregnancy.

Liam: You sit in the living room sharing a pizza with Liam. You shove a slice into your mouth feeling hungry. “Someone’s hungry” Liam chuckles eating his second slice. “Yeah I am, but it’s spicy” you pout, feeling the spice in your mouth. “no it isn’t”
“yes it is” you disagree, Liam shaking his head. “it’s really not”
“I swear it is”
“Y/n it’s what we always get, it’s not spicy”
“well I say it is” you shrug, taking a bite from the pizza. “You are weird.” Liam comments with a smile, “as are you my friend”
“I’m not just your friend”
“husband, best friend, soul mate” you name off the list of names that he is. “love of your life” he adds being sneaky, and you nod, “yeah that very much indeed.” you agree, eating the crust of the pizza. You stomach starts to feel weird, turning quickly. You look away from the pizza, the pizza suddenly becoming a complete turn off for you. The cheesy look, with sauce making you screw your nose up. “What’s up with you?” Liam asks, noticing your sudden change. “The pizza doesn’t look or taste too appealing.” you answer, he looks at you strangely. “y/n are you pregnant?”
“no.” you shake your head,
“Are you sure? you say food Tastes weird, it looks unappealable, you snapped at me yesterday, you’ve been getting headaches.”
“Well I had my period just the other… Oh shit. I haven’t had it” you gasp, she’s widening. “oh my god, we could be-” you smile getting excited. “Calm down, go take a test first. Let’s not get excited like last time.” Liam instructs standing up before helping you up. You both walk to the bathroom before pulling out the pregnancy Tests. “I’ll be right outside y/n” Liam kisses your lips giving you some space to take the test alone. You place the test on the counter before opening the door for Liam. He watches the time, counting down the 5 minutes. “okay it’s time” he takes your hand. You look at him taking a deep breath. “Positive” you both exclaim in unison, just as exited as each other.

They send him solo to Sangheilios. They send him with a gun – an MA5, his energy sword, eight frag grenades, eight months of intravenous stim-rations, a radio, and a four month crash course in Sangheili short-hand. They ship him out in new armor, a fresh crew cut, a boot-leg translation program uploaded to his HUD. They send him with a long-range COM freq direct to her.

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tipsysam  asked:

You have officially KILLED ME with the SamJess photo op, I can't even... Oh my goooooooood. I need details! Pls tell me they were excited to do it xx YOU WIN EVERYtHING!

Dear Hanna, I am so glad you asked for details because I want to talk about this experience all day every day of my life! Nee (adoredean), who I was lucky enough to share this with, has already posted a little bit of detail here.

So here’s the story with as many details as I can remember to THIS SamJess Photo OP. 

Nee and I were queueing with Lena (canonsoulmates) and Danii (sheriffjodes) to get our SamJess photo OP. We were called to queue really early, and therefore we had to wait for different Ops to finish (namely the J2, Mark and Jim Quad). While we were waiting we continuously watched those photo OPs, because well, Jensen and Jared! Jensen was wearing a blazer and holy moly was he hot! Jared was wearing his beanie and – as you can see in the photo – a very nice shirt (thank God for his choice of wardrobe on that day ;)) At one point there was a little kid taking a photo with them, and Jensen picked him/ her up and it was just adorable – the entire room was filled with a mixture of “aww” sounds and high pitched screeching because JENSEN WITH A LITTLE KID. At the time we weren’t even very nervous, since we were watching other OPs happen and our own didn’t seem to be happening very soon. Adrianne wasn’t there yet either, so we just waited and watched. Until suddenly, the queue had ended and they were actually getting ready for their next OPs (Jensen and Mark together, and Jared coming over to us for the Jared and Adrianne one). At the time Danii was asking how we can get two copies of our OPs since we were all sharing and all wanted  copy of ours. So when she was standing there, asking a steward, Adrianne just walked past her (and I don’t want to tell HER story but ADRIANNE IS JUST THE SWEETEST AND SMILED/ WAVED AT DANII and it’s just amazing okay). Unfortunately, Danii missed Jared walking over. 

And so the photo OPs began. At first there were a lot of people who wanted a photo where they hugged Jared, and especially with the very first one Adrianne didn’t really know what to do. So she posed standing next to them pouting  a little (obviously as a joke :D) but the poor angel had to go through that quite a few times, with many people hugging Jared and her having to awkwardly hug them from the other side or stand by their side posing. She just kind of didn’t quite know what to do. Seriously, she’s such an angel and looked a little like a lost puppy that I just wanted to cuddle and take home with me and keep forever. Anyway, the very first person who did a SamJess hug while she herself stood next to them smiling (or pouting, I can’t quite remember) got the biggest cheer of all. The ended up waving her hands in the air because SUCCESS – SAMJESS PHOTOS! It was great and with that it all slowly picked up, and Adrianne was a lot less excluded in the pose planning. There was the fire extinguisher OP (I tried to find the original photo of this but couldn’t, I’ll link it if I DO find it) which – let’s face it – is amazing and got a lot of laughs. Then there was the Family Photo by the wonderful Lena and Danii, which I’m sure we’ll see soon in a separate post with a separate caption/ story, but it was so beautiful, I just loved the way Jared and Adrianne happily did the pose. 

(this turned out to be VERY long so I added a read more ;))

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May I tell you about the time I spent almost an entire day with Benedict Cumberbatch? I’m going to anyway.

(Though I do apologise for how long it is…I’m just happy that I can finally tell the whole story, and I felt Tumblr was the place to do it :P)

I was working as a volunteer at Comic-Con here in Adelaide, and I never thought things would work out the way they did. I got there early. I was assigned to work on the autograph queues, and then I was picked as part of a small group to look after Benedict’s line, and then they put me next to his table.
Bang. Bang. Bang.

Basically, I felt as though I had downed an entire bottle of Felix Felicis.

Hundreds of people were lining up and my group had to try and contain the madness before he arrived. We were not prepared for the amount of crazy that was in that crowd! (BTW If you were one of those who thanked me and apologised for the angry people around you, you have my eternal  and undying love.)

All of a sudden he appears from behind a curtain and people LOSE THEIR MINDS. Girls start sobbing, screaming, hyperventilating etc. (We, of course, had to be professional, but I was silently going crazy, too, because HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK HE WAS THIRTY CENTIMETRES AWAY FROM ME)

Anyway, the first autograph block went by smoothly, then he went to the photo area. I’m totally not ashamed of the fact that I got to cut in front of the line to get my photo (volunteer privileges, fuck yeah!) As anyone who has been to a convention knows, you have all of fifteen seconds to say hi and take the photo. 

I rushed in and shook his hand, “Hi Benedict, it’s so great to meet you… Glad to see you haven’t passed out yet!”

Don’t ask why I said that.


He laughed though, (hence his expression in the photo) and said he was hanging in there. I said “See you back at the autograph table,” before I left and he suddenly held out his hand. “Oh my God, yeah, thank you so much for looking after all of that!”

Cue uncontrollable giggles and almost tripping over on the way out.

About forty minutes into the next block of autographs, he started apologising to fans about his voice getting croaky, and then he caught my eye so I told him it wasn’t too bad because he sounded like Hannibal Lecter. (Hopkins, not Mikkelsen)

This was his reply: “Really? Mmm, I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

Not. Even. Joking. I was almost crying with laughter. “That. Was. Amazing. Do another one.” I gushed. Can’t remember the other quotes he said but it was fucking hilarious.

A couple of hours later he returned for the last autograph block, and he was about twenty minutes late. When he finally rushed back to the table, I exclaimed, “He’s alive!” (internal facepalm) and he burst out laughing before replying “Yep, still here.”

He stayed about an hour later than he was supposed to, because there were so many people who still waiting for their autographs. We were all exhausted because we had been on our feet all day, and we were the last group of volunteers to hang around because the others had finished for the day.

He kept thanking us over and over. “You guys are the best, seriously. Thank you so much. You’re my “Cumber-Team!”

“Oh my God, did you really just say that?”

“Yes. Yes I did.”

He wanted to write “Cumber-Team 2014” on our shirts but our supervisor wouldn’t allow it.

The next day I was placed in a completely different section of the convention, which I was pretty pissed off about, not gonna lie. I got over it eventually, though, because I had such an amazing time the day before. I saw Benedict once more, at the very end of the day as I was leaving, and he strolled out of the other building after finishing his final panel. I spoke quickly as I walked past, because his security guards weren’t letting him stop and talk to fans. “Hi Benedict, it was great to meet you yesterday!”

He smiled and waved, “Nice to meet you as well! Thanks so much for your help, seeya.”

That weekend was so important to me, even more so now that I’m looking back, because it happened right in the middle of one of the most difficult times in my life. My depression was bad. I was so unhappy at home and at uni, and I had retreated so far back from everyone and everything that I loved because nothing was making me feel good anymore. So after this happened, I woke up on the Monday morning feeling happy & grateful, I had made some new friends, and I had rediscovered why I love the things that I love. Obviously I’ve had more rough patches since then, but I just think back to those moments and remember how it helped bring me out the cave I had put myself in. If I ever get the chance to meet Benedict again, I’ll make sure to tell him exactly that, and to thank him properly.

If you read the whole thing, thank you, and hopefully I didn’t bore the crap out of you.