holy fire tour

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The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire 10 year anniversary reunion tour

Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis talks Irish shows, the band’s grueling schedule and upsetting his musical idols

When asked about what keeps them going through an arena tour, Philippakis responds passionately.

“We were a bit nervous about it, we never ever thought we’d be an arena band, ever – but it turned out that they were just like really big gigs, it was awesome,” he told us.

“It was really really cool and bizarrely we kind of got used to it – it was a bit of a shock to the system to go back to America and play to about 10,000 less people.

“We just got back from the five- and-a-half week American tour about two days ago, and right now I still feel like I can’t even imagine going on another tour.

“America really tests your metal, but we love making music and we love playing live - they’re two separate things but we hit quite a good balance.

“It’s our love of what we do that keeps us going”.

The band put equal effort into the studio as their mammoth touring schedule, and went straight from their Holy Fire Tour straight into writing and recording What Went Down, which won the 2016 NME Award for Best Album.
Philippakis insists that this won’t be the case for their fifth full-length release, and believes returning to the studio too soon would be damaging to the band.
He said: “I think we’re going to take our merry time about it, that was great it was a natural progression going into the last album from the last tour.
“It feels now that if we were to do that again, it would have negative consequences.
“Once we finish touring at the end of this year I think we’ll just leave it a bit, maybe a month, maybe six months, god knows – just until we really have the appetite to write new music again.”

Interview Excerpt • Irish Mirror • 6.15.16

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