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everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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Tron (1982)

Context: In game, I play a Warforge Paladin created by Dwarves. After not having contact with any dwarves for decades, I see one from my home and this happens.

Paladin Warfirged (Me): As I see the dwarf, I run after him and collapse at his feet.

Fm: Wow, okay.

Me (to rest of group): You just see a 300 pound metal robot gayfully stomping to a small dwarf, then collapse at his feet saying “Holy shit, you’re still alive!”

The other players continue to laugh at the mental image.

Ted the Animator: “Something seems… vaguely wrong with Shaggy’s skates. I can’t quite place what.”

Carl the Animator: “Huh? They’re just regular rollerskates, what’s there to be wrong?”

Ted the Animator: “…wait… hold up, his feet are just floating over the wheels! Nothing’s attached to anything!”

Carl the Animator: “…are you telling me rollerskates don’t give you the power of levitation?”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “My childhood was a lie.”

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I am Tooru to be honest.. i would bow down and kiss Iwa's feet because HOLY SHIT Lissaaaaaa!! he is so beautiful what the heck 😭 a question! i'm sorry if you have answered this before but, do you draw the clothes pattern from scratch or use certain brushes?? i noticed you use psd because me too! -anon friend

I’m so glad you liked it! <3

I usually use a lace patter brush or smth like this

but If I want it to be very detailed, I use that as a base and paint over it, like this


Autumn Miller - Secrets (Freestyle Friday)

Weak Spot (Requested)

Pairing: Warren Worthington iii x Reader
Request: @thrill-t00n “The reader cleans Warrens wings, which he doesn’t want at first but then enjoys and some day later the reader (fire or electro power mutant) comes home from training and is covered in dirt and small wounds, this time Warren takes care of the reader and teases them a bit about all this.”
Featuring: Jubilee, Mystique
Word Count: 2.3 Words
Warning: Swearing, mention of blood, medical type stuff, sexual themes(??), fluff
A/N: This was one of the fics I had to re write and ngl I liked the first version better, but oh well!! Also Warren’s wings span to 16 feet??? Like holy shit??? I was shook when I read that lmao.
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((gif not mine, credit to owner))

                It had been another infamously long day at the mansion. The squad was out, while you and Jubilee were stuck studying. You wanted to go out, but with your plummeting English mark Jubilee decided to tutor you. Even though it won’t really help considering what you have to look at for an hour and fifteen minutes every day, which in your mind feels a lot longer. But Warren fucking Worthington sat right in front of you, and was distracting to say the least. From the way his brows furrow in concentration, a pencil usually balanced between his perfectly kissable lips and how his wings would casually flutter behind him, usually when he was stressed. Everything Warren did was hypnotic and you found yourself focusing less on literary devices and more on the winged mutant.

                Even now as you sat far away from Warren your mind wandered to him. You sighed heavily lost in thought as Jubilee giggled. Everyone was aware of your not so little crush on the angel, and as you got lost in your head your skin began to heat up. Your power allowed you to control fire with ease, but when your emotions ran high your powers ran lose, much to the dismay of others, Jubilee included. She reached out to break out of your haze, only to be burned by your insanely hot skin. Jubilee let out a yelp, bringing from your daze as you stared at her with a worried expression. “Shit Jubes I’m so sorry.” You quickly apologized, holding out your hand. Jubilee looked at your nervous, you flashed her a comforting smile, before placing her hand over yours. Along with fire manipulation you could also add or remove the presence of heat, and with one swift swipe over her hand, the burning was gone. Jubilee sighed in relief, “Thanks Y/n.”

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I'm a new cashier. I work in a BIG store. So I haven't learned where everything is yet- I'm working on it. So why are you getting so angry at me when I tell you the general area or direct you to ask a sales floor person TWENTY FEET AWAY? Holy fuck.

okay so i was trying to figure out what it is about mr robot’s cinematography that has me feeling so in awe, and i think it’s something as seemingly innocuous as the use of space. the most prominent composition is having the character smaller and kind of on the wrong side of the shot, and it’s uncomfortable because someone facing the left will be in the left corner, like they’re squashed in there, and the person they’re speaking to is just as squashed in the right corner. they’re not breaking any rules, it’s not crossing the 180, but it’s this carefully crafted claustrophobia. 

and i realised the genius of it is that it’s simulating social anxiety, its actually forcing the audience to view elliot’s world through his lens. for instance, the more scared he feels, the smaller and more misplaced he is in the frame. but whenever he puts his hoody up, his security against the world, the more centred he is. 

i get that this may not seem super ground-breaking, but tbh it is. a lot of directors (harmony korine, guy ritchie, jean-pierre jeunet) are pretty good at capturing episodes within their mentally ill characters. however they are very rarely subtle in the way mr robot’s cinematography is. it’s classic hollywood style invisible editing: social anxiety edition. and that’s so powerful, my goodness! to invisibly have the audience live through elliot’s perspective, in conjunction with his narration and dialogue and general being (thanks to the fantastic script and incredible acting by rami malek), it provides much-needed context. because while it’s good to represent mentally ill people, it’s even more important not to be voyeurs to their experience, especially if they’re your protagonists, because this can mean misrepresentation and perpetuation of existing stigmas and we don’t want that lol. 

so basically i’m in love with mr robot’s cinematography and i highly recommend this awesome awesome modern take on cyberpunk culture with a non-demonised mentally ill protagonist!!!!!! 

Standalone art

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The songs that inspired our writers and artists

Ritsu Kasanoda

  • He’s just this big flustered loser who trips over his own words and probably his feet a little.
  • It’s probably a little awkward for the person he has a crush on because Ritsu would probably just stare at them at random intervals of the day trying to figure out exactly how he felt about them.
  • At one point or another he gives them flowers as a means of confession but just ends up stumbling through how to care for them properly rather than actually confessing. 
  • He would probably be really worried that his reputation as a scary guy might scare them away. 
  • Probably asks his friends (most likely Mori or Haruhi if he’s really desperate) about how to sweep them off their feet but holy shit was that a mistake because the twins have surprisingly good hearing.
  • He also probably spends a lot of time daydreaming about them but ends up getting really flustered at the idea of just holding their hand.

Kyoya Ootori

  • He knows a lot about them. Like way too much.
  • He’s probably actually really hesitant about engaging in an actual relationship with them so he tries to ignore the fact that he has a crush on them for the longest time. Might end up a little frustrated if he can’t immediately get over it.
  • They will definitely notice how he somehow manages to be around whenever they need help with something, or just a general increase of his presence in their daily life. 
  • If he really really likes them he probably sends them anonymous gift baskets from time to time. 
  • He starts to pay more attention to how Tamaki flirts with the guests and tries to figure out whether his best friend’s methods would be successful with his own crush. (They’re usually not.)
  • He probably likes to engage them in a lot of debates or philosophical conversations. He’s always presenting them with a new challenge, and ti definitely keeps both of them on their toes.