holy feet

i’ve been wanting to do FE x animal crossing for years and it has happened at last dkjfldf

also have some variants!


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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look man say what you want about this scene but holy shit how strong is eren


Tron (1982)


What is the “this”?
Can it be that “this” is more the bread and the wine?

Can it be that “this” is more than the real presence myopically conceived and understood, cause of so much fighting and division?

What if “this”
refers to the radical and total gift of self,
the removing of all outer garments,
the wrapping a towel round our waist,

What if “this” is all about
falling to the ground looking for feet to wash?

What of “this” is all about
paying attention,
becoming “really present” to the people around us
becoming “really present” to the cry of the poor,
the people on the edge and in the margin,
the forgotten and the maligned?

What if “do this in memory of me”
is also a eucharistic invitation to read between the lines:
“be this in memory of me”?

Reflection: Philip Chircop
Art: The Washing of the Feet by Leszec Forczek

okay okay but what if, Reyes is super stern and foreboding when he’s Commander Reyes, but the instant he’s with friends and can be Gabriel again, he is the most cheerful dork in existence. Like he’s honestly so idealistic and positive and he’s always smiling and he’s basically a giant teddy bear.

And the first time it happens, his friends are completely baffled by the change and even after years of seeing him switch personalities like that, they still get whiplash seeing him go from Gabriel to Commander Reyes and back again in .5 seconds, because seriously it’s like he’s a completely different person.

(Imagine Jack trying to tell the other soldiers and new recruits that no, no Reyes is a total sweetheart honest, and the others give him the most incredulous look in existence, because seriously, Jack, seriously? He glared at me for the entire the day for not being on time and had everyone double our daily training exercises after a prank disrupted the base one night.

And Jack’s like “honestly, he’s really nice and adorable and once you see it guys, you’re gonna want to protect him from everything wrong in the world and cuddle him into submission.”

Disgust on their faces. “Morrison, we really don’t need to know any details about your intimate relationship with the commander” and Jack just flushes red.)

should u fight them – re:zero edition

bc i have an insane love for 2k15 memes

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anonymous asked:

I am Tooru to be honest.. i would bow down and kiss Iwa's feet because HOLY SHIT Lissaaaaaa!! he is so beautiful what the heck 😭 a question! i'm sorry if you have answered this before but, do you draw the clothes pattern from scratch or use certain brushes?? i noticed you use psd because me too! -anon friend

I’m so glad you liked it! <3

I usually use a lace patter brush or smth like this

but If I want it to be very detailed, I use that as a base and paint over it, like this


Autumn Miller - Secrets (Freestyle Friday)

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I don't know if I sent it to this blog yet but how would Tsukishima, Kuroo, Lev, Bokuto, and other tall people react if their s/o had a playful yet strong father who could lift the boys over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes.

Lol, I looked at this and thought “What?” but then I remembered my dad is a firefighter and this is technically, like, his job. So, I kinda used that as my base for these if that’s alright with you, Anon!


P.s. I did the conversions for the weights online - I’m not very familiar with the metric system, but the internet is! 

P.s.s. I totally headcanon Bokuto being a firefighter now.

When they had invited him over, this was the very last thing he expected to happen on his visit. Hell, it wasn’t even on Tsukishima’s list of things to happen, but here was, completely taken by surprise when their father leaned to take him around the waist and lift as if he weighed nothing. A startled noise left him, much like a ‘sqwack’, as he gripped at the only thing in reach - the shirt clinging to the man’s torso. He was sure his eyes were wide as saucers when he turned to their laughing form just mere feet away.

“Holy shit,” he ground the words out, feeling most of the air in his lungs leave him when the man’s shoulder pressed into his stomach. And now that he was there, perched in this uncomfortable position atop a man who couldn’t stop from laughing, he couldn’t even remember how he had gotten into this situation. Then there was the growing fear that he was going to be dropped flat on his face.

“And that, kid, is how you save a life,” their father proclaimed boisterously before being to take a lap around the backward with Tsukishima still perched on his shoulder. A loud laugh left him when he heard the tall boy give a surprised shout and Tsukishima knew in that moment to never question too deeply this man’s profession.

“No way, bro,” Kuroo laughed, his arm around their shoulder as they spoke with their father casually, “one hundred thirty one kilograms is an insane amount to carry, especially in a low oxygen situation like a fire.” When he had told his newest story of carrying a grown man out of burning building, Kuroo was a little skeptic that it had been stretched in order to make him look cool. And the man did look cool, but there was still doubt in his mind.

A wide smile pulled at their father’s lips and he stood from his seat in the living room, motioning for Kuroo to stand up with him. “You weigh, what? Ninety kilograms?”

“Seventy-five, actually,” Kuroo answered as he stood to his feet, listening to them both chuckle easily at his answer. He turned back to stick his tongue out at them when he was suddenly being taken up by the waist far more easily than he was anticipating. He began laughing loudly, hand hitting against the man’s back to declare mercy; he had been proven wrong.

“Adrenaline can help you do anything, kid.”

“[First Name]-chan!” Lev was calling between his fits of laughter which were joined along side their father’s. “[First Name]-chan, look! Look!” He was perched atop the strong man’s shoulder as though he weighed nothing and he supposed he didn’t if he didn’t even make a single noise of strain when he picked up the volleyball player.

Their laughter filled his ears and he tried to turn to see them, giving a slight breath of surprise escape his lips when their father turned quickly so Lev could face their child who was beaming at him brightly. “Having fun?” they asked, walking up to place a chaste kiss to his lips.

Returning the bright smile they delivered, he laughed, “I feel pretty weightless up here!”

“Really?” his voice boomed instantly, “can you lift me?”

There was collective laughter from everyone seated out on that patio as Bokuto jumped to his feet, a wide smile stretching across his face. Their father had just explained how easy it could be to lift someone over his shoulder without the slightest bit of difficulty and he figured that he might as well prove this statement.

“Sure!” their father answered easily, jumping to his feet almost just as quickly, delight shining in his eyes.

“Awesome, I always wanted to–” Bokuto was cut off with a slight ‘oomph’ as a shoulder was pressed into his stomach and he was being hoisted off the ground. Laughter filled his being as his eyes stared widely at the ground that he now hung above, his grin widening. “Okay, this is so cool! I wanna try!”

Race Against Time (Part 1)

Title: Race Against Time, Part 1

Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: mention of blood, angst, mention of a car accident, character death.

A/N: Here’s part one guys. Sorry this one is a little bloody. Enjoy? Please send me an ask or a message if you would like to be tagged. Thank you. <3

Part 2

Originally posted by winchesterlegacies

Leaning your head against the backboard of your motel room bed, you gazed up at the ceiling, counting the small specks of mold as tears to rolled down your warm, reddened cheeks. Your bones shook as fear raced through you. Shit. You desperately avoided thinking about this day… but ignorance really isn’t bliss.

Your hands ached as you rested them on the off-white sheets. Blood from the road rash still oozed from some of the deeper cuts. Your maroon and gray flannel shirt was torn. Two large holes caused the fabric to ripple along your back. And, like an idiot, you had decided to wear shorts. You didn’t dare glance down at the damage on your burning, aching legs.

You always yelled at Dean for driving like a bat out of hell, but considering the circumstances, you didn’t blame him. Hellhounds were impossible to outrun forever, but he always accepted a challenge. Especially when it meant saving the love of his little brother’s life.

Sam, on the other hand, was… well you couldn’t actually tell how he was feeling. Mad? Scared? Confused? All of the above? Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to let anything happen to you.

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gravityprince submitted:

I doodled a thing for you cause I feel u so hard when work is ugh and people are just ugh in general. First time drawing him, omg, I hope it actually looks like him ahhhhhahahaha

You still like this guy right?? Imagine he is in your Joanns, asking you a thing. He is very polite and uses a gentle tone at all times. One of my favorite things to do when I’ve had less than pleasant customers is to imagine my favorite characters coming to my place of work - it always makes me feel better, hopefully it helps you, too!

I had to stare at this and scream on twitter before I could regain my composure enough to post this, it’s so beautiful ooohhHHHHH MY GOD thank you Ace for the beautiful Mink ;____;

the road less traveled is so

clean feet only,
washed by those who know
how to pray

I am not sure how 
I stumbled upon it,
but here I am 

maybe it is taking me
to the promised land,
my dirty feet stumbling

to a place where
even the rainwater 
is blessed

and maybe then
I’ll be cleansed and so

—  church pew poetry || O.L.

A quick Victuuri for @kazliin who deserves ALL the love in the world for her beautiful YOI story. Maybe this is something to look forward to? 

Please read Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches !!!! it’s honestly such a good fanfic and I have so many feelings about it. almost 100k words, holy heck.