holy fcking shit i hate this!!!!!!!

I really really fucking hate the fact that auto soap dispensers are marketed at all like “there are gErMS on ur SOaP pump” like no shit what the fuck do u think I’m abt to do?? wash my fucking hands that’s what!!! who gives a shit if there’s germs on the pump because holy shit Im only touching the pump in the first place to GET SOAP ON MY FCKING HANDS I hate everything


140402 Star Update with Super Junior M - Donghae

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Larries are fucking idiots! This is the funniest thing I've ever seen! Someone behind the scenes is taking the piss out of you crazies and I'm loving every minute of it! I can't wait for Harry to fck his next model. I'd rather have Harry catch a std from fcking too many models than for larry to be real. That how much I hate larry and larry shippers. You guys are the pits and Harry and Louis hate you all! I cannot wait for Harry to leave for the break! Hopefully you delusional freaks will stop!!!

HOLY SHIT you nasty asshole.

so I watched the first episode of the I Am Jazz show and basically this kid gravitated toward femininity, hated masculinity, so they call him a girl and his parents put him on hormone blockers and estrogen. they started that shit when he was about late elementary school age. that’s so fcking dangerous and irresponsible oh my god you CANNOT reverse that kind of treatment!! there are so many potential consequences of that treatment like it’s still experimental!!

but what bothered me the most is this reasoning that “our male kid likes femininity and wants to perform it, THAT MAKES HIM A GIRL!!” holy shit I love the blatant misogyny.

also this kid, now that he’s on estrogen, is primarily concerned with his boobs and how they aren’t “big enough”??? he’s a child and his number one concern about being a girl is having big boobs??? jesus cheist I’m fuckin done