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Interested in traveling to Tokyo?

Here are some helpful tips to consider when going to visit some of the most touristy locations!

I sure wish I knew a couple of these when I went.


Saint Joseph

As I have already written to you, I was searching for an abandoned church in Bavaria for a long time. But could not find something, so I had to move to another federal state. 

When I got back from there I surprisingly found this gem here:

The church stands on the edge of a small village. This village could not pay the maintenance costs a hundred years ago. And so the small church gradually decayed. Today only the bell tower and a few remains of the wall remain. I sincerely hope that vandals are afraid to break even more and at least respect a church. This place actually seemed sacred or magical to me.

Stuck with Me


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Sam x Reader (eventually)

Words: hair under 1,700

A/N: Once upon a time I had this little idea, next thing I know it turned into a multi-part monstrosity. It’s been in the works for a while now, and is pretty much done so I’ll be updating it on a pretty regular basis (probably twice a week). Thanks as per usual go out to my darling wifey Beka ( @impala-dreamer ) who has listened to me bang my head against the wall more than once and assured me I wasn’t bat shit crazy for putting this out there.  

P.S. this will shift POV’s periodically, hopefully it isn’t confusing (but please let me know if it is).

“Hey sweetheart. What’re you doing in here so late?”

“Hungry. AGAIN. And I swear I’m going to turn orange soon because carrots are the only thing I want to eat.”

“Well I’ll leave you to it, just came for some water. Don’t stay in here too late – that’s my niece you’re growing in there – you need your rest.”

“Goodnight. Dean.”

Dean shot up in bed, so confused by the dream he wasn’t really confident where he was.

What. In. The. Hell.

Dreaming about pretty girls wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary. Dreaming about pretty girls, pretty very-pregnant-carrot-eating-in-my-kitchen girls sure as shit was. Niece? Seriously. Did he drink last night? Wrong question. How much did he drink last night?

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The Discovery

The Universal Eye, they used to call it. The technical term is a LDQT, a Long-Distance Quantum Telescope. A telescope capable of channeling information instantly from the distant corners of the universe. With it, a picture of Saturn’s moons can be taken as easily as a picture of our moon without needing to send a spaceship to Saturn. Better than that, it can take pictures of planets and stars light years away instantly, letting us know the universe in real time without being limited by the speed of light.

When Tara Conray was a little girl, the first LDQT, Asimov I, was being built in close Earth orbit, and she followed its progress closely. When Asimov first took a grainy black and white picture of Persephone, the most distant planet in the solar system, from up close, the world went wild, and Tara went even wilder. Every new picture dazzled the minds of adults and children, laymen and scientists alike. Back then Tara knew that she wanted nothing less than being able to work with Asimov I.

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Yes Nicki.

caskettmyheart  asked:

If you could write the script for one supergirl episode, which plot would you like to explore (more)? Or which villain would you like to introduce?

Holy shit no don’t do this to me. Give me the power to write only one episode??? Holy shit. Um.

Honestly exploring trauma (Alex’s, Kara’s, Maggie’s) would be really important to me and bringing James and Cat and Lucy back from the war would be such a priority.

At first I was hesitant when I started worshiping Hellenic deities because I didn’t want to stray from my kemetic beliefs. Sekhmet gave me some wise words though: “You love us all in different ways but with the same amount of adoration and love.” 😭😭

So I've been thinking...

MadokaXHomura= MadoHomu

Why not Madora? I mean, I think it sounds cute.

It has a slight ring to it… Madora…


My Dora…

Boku no Dora….

third degree burns
  • [when you speak to Fenris in The Hanged Man while Anders is also in your party]
  • Fenris: Sour ale, vomit, and the smell of desperation.
  • Anders: And this is one of the better taverns around here.
  • Fenris: They let you in. It can't be that much better.

okay ya’ll people writing lesbian smut here’s a list of things you need to consider when you’re writing because ya’ll need safe sex lesbian jesus

written by a for real to god lesbian who has had the sex before and writes the smut quite often so here we fucking go

  • foreplay: includes but is not limited to kissing, touching, petting, nipple stimulation, clitoral stimulation, etc. Foreplay is important to get people ready and aroused for sex!!!!
  • stretching. do not shove two-three fingers into someone. start with one, feel it out, and then work to more fingers
  • lube. lube is important if someone can’t get slick enough. also sometimes just a good thing because the real deal vaginal stuff dries out pretty quick
  • condoms! not just for The Straights and gay men! put that shit on toys! on your fingers if your character has nails!
  • dental dam! oh my god dental dams are a thing and your characters should use them to practice safe sex!!!
  • communication! PEOPLE TALK DURING SEX. people laugh during sex! it can be hot and sexy to talk and laugh during sex!!! also it’s very sexy to ask your partner how they are doing!
  • orgasms! not everyone can orgasm in five minutes–some people take minutes, hours, or can’t orgasm at all. they are a nice side result of sex but sex should not be all about the orgasm
  • consent. holy shit consent is so huge. essays have already been written on consent so I will not write one but just saying if ur character is drunk they cannot consent to sex thx
  • People have different sensitivities! Not everyone’s erogenous zones react the same! Some people get nothing out of clitoral stimulation or nipple play, and for some people clitoral or nipple stimulation is too much or painful. Sometimes it depends on the mood! Give your characters sexual difference!
  • first time sex is often about using communication and learning the different sensitivities of the people involved (by communicating and exploring but mostly by communication and then exploration!). holy shit u guys!!!! this is definitely a fucking thing and nobody writes it and I’m gonna die!!!

If I read one more fic of someone shoving their two fingers into someone’s vagina three seconds after they start kissing for the first time, and the ~magically discover their amazing sexual preferences without talking at all and give them the BEST ORGASM OF THEIR LIFE EVA~ I’m going to scream.