holy did this take long


“Lady Hinata, if you tell anyone about this I’m afraid I cannot allow you to live it down.”

Kurama secretly likes playing with the kids… “Secretly.”

When no one else is around he calls them “Squishies”.

“Now come on, you little squishies, quit pulling my ears…
*five minutes later*


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Holy shit, did this take a long time! But it’s done, now I can sleep…  

Links to art in the Youtube description! Please thank these lovely people for all of the masterpieces they have created for this fandom <3

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Holy crud your Fae Reinhardt is awesome! How long did it take you to draw him?

Thank you, anon! :D I realllllyyyy liked that one. I think I spent a weekend on it, a few hours each day but most of that was making the design and throwing out things I didn’t like until I found what I did like.

(Also Darin De Paul said he liked it and it made my week! I am still geeking out over that. *o*)

holy shit did this take long to finish.

i haven’t drawn anything this big in a while and i am actually kinda surprised by the outcome haha.

i know absolutely nothing about anatomy or ballet but i had reference pics so i hope this should be kind of physically possible and all that jazz.

@rnissunionjack i know it’s not much and i actually wanted to finish this a lot earlier (’cause you recently got your first pointe shoes and everything) but i wanted this to be part of your christmas present because you love nat and you love ballet and because i love you and couldn’t really get you anything else this year ♥

Things I never noticed before....

Okay so my family were watching iron man two and I realized something. When Tony is recreating the new element he is using his father’s notes on the tessaract. Which as we all know is an infinity gem. Maybe thats why when Loki tries to use the scepter on him it doesnt work. Maybe you can’t use the infinity gems against one another like they cancel each other out? Do you think he or any of the others avenger or asgard know that tony has the equivalent of an infinity gem in his chest?

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Third year CG Artist Emilie Stabell says: “My character Nova, now all finished and pretty. Holy smokes did she take long to finish with all those props and gadgets, but it was worth every minute of it!”