holy crap two years!

Wrong Number [sneak peek]

Part of this fic

7:02pm  [to Percy]

Annabeth Chase: Hey sorry, I got busy.
Annabeth Chase: I kind of had a long day too, had to help Piper with her final project.
Annabeth Chase: And I have to finish packing.
Annabeth Chase: *voice note*
Percy: Man, I had a really good nap
Percy: right, you leave tomorrow
Percy: and you sound really stressed.
Percy: you okay?
Annabeth Chase: Yeah, just kind of worried about tomorrow.
Percy: Do you drink tea?
Annabeth Chase: sometimes, Piper is a tea girl, I’m more of a coffee addict.
Percy: i think you need to drink tea right now
Annabeth Chase: Is this your wisdom of being a barista?
Percy: Been working there since i was 16
Percy: Might have learn some stuff about coffee and tea
Annabeth Chase: How old are you?
Percy: 19, 20 in a few months
Percy: you?
Annabeth Chase: I turn 20 in July
Percy: Your older than me
Percy: Can I call you grandma?
Annabeth Chase: Only if you want me to block you.
Percy: Go and make your tea, grumpy

9:27pm [from Percy]

Percy: What does seaweed say when it’s stuck at the bottom of the sea?
Percy: Kelp! Kelp!
Annabeth Chase: why are we friends again?
Percy: Because you drunk texted me by accident
Percy: and here we are now
Percy: with you telling me that we indeed are friends
Annabeth Chase: Go to sleep, idiot.

inheritress  asked:

hi i just want to say that i've read "Submit to the King" like 20 times now. easily my favorite fanfic ever written, along with everything else you write. my good days start with an email about one of your stories updating. i've been following LIHNTBAUD since it was a mere four chapters in, which is crazy because i still love it just as much as i did then. you're just such a phenomenal author and i can't get enough of it!! never stop writing; you have a real talent! have a good day friend! <3 <3

You’re so lovely, you’ve genuinely brightened my day, thank you! It’s so nice to hear that you’ve been sticking with me for so long (Chapter 4 of LIHNTBAUD came out just over two years ago, holy crap), I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that another chapter should be going up with next half-hour or so :)

And if you enjoyed Sumbit to the King that much (and thank you for that as well, I think some of the best praise an author can receive is that someone loves your work enough to revisit it over and over again!), might I suggest - if you haven’t already - to have a look at my reply on this comment thread for the AO3 version of Sumbit to the King. I had someone ask about what exactly went down when Michael found out that Ryan was the Mad King, and I basically hit the comment character limit with my reply. So, if you were interested in getting some more of the background for that fic, there you go.

Hope you have a great rest of your day/evening/whatever and that you continue to be a lovely person!