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For the one word prompt :) Klance, 35

35: goodbye

Before every operation, Lance had this brief moment of panic. 

Will I never come back?

Will one of my friends not come back? 

Will I ever see my family again?

All of his regrets would twirl around his mind, weaving in and out of his thoughts until he could practically hear himself speak them. 

He regretted not becoming closer with Pidge before being ejected into space. He regretted calling himself Keith’s rival when he wanted so much more. He regretted not being the teammate Shiro wanted, or Allura for that matter. He regretted not being a better best friend to Hunk. 

He regretted that he didn’t get to say goodbye to his family. 

Before hopping into Blue, sometimes he wondered if he should tell his team goodbye. Just in case. Tell them to make it out of the battle alive, tell them to go home and see his family. Tell his family Lance loved them with all of his heart. 

He would open his mouth, to say what he wanted to say. How much he admired Shiro, Allura, Coran. How much he cared about Hunk. How much he wanted for Pidge. How much he admired, cared about, and wanted the universe for Keith. 

Then he would slam his mouth shut, make a comment about seeing them on the other side, and hurry to Blue. 

Something felt different this time. Big fight, hundreds of fighters and hundreds of battle cruisers. He knew they’d fought worse, but he didn’t want to have even more regrets…

…just in case. 

He turned to search for the team, words brimming against his lips. They had already gotten to their lions, except Keith, who adjusted his armor. 

“Keith!” Lance called. 

Keith turned to him, curiously. Lance breathed in, out. He would get his words across. 

“If I don’t make it out of this one, tell my family I said goodbye,” he requested. “And tell the team how much I care about them.”

Keith’s eyes widened. “What are you talking about?” he asked, horror lacing his voice. “What do you mean, not make it out? Lance, you aren’t going to die.”

Lance laughed nervously. “Oh, yeah. I know. But, like, it doesn’t hurt to play it safe, you know?”

Keith hurried to him, eyes frantic. He grabbed Lance’s shoulders, shaking lightly. “You will make it out. You’ll see the team again, and your family. I promise. I couldn’t take it if something happened to you.”

Lance’s eyes widened in surprise. “Keith-”

Keith furiously pulled Lance towards him, slamming their lips together. It wasn’t a sweet kiss by any means, it was furious and terrified and desperate. Yet somehow, it was perfect. 

Lance could barely breathe, and Keith pulled away before he could kiss back. Keith licked his lips, looking away with red cheekbones. 

“This isn’t goodbye,” Keith said, determined. “If you go down, I’ll go down with you. The whole team will.” 

Lance was frozen, limbs numb and unmoving. When he could finally piece thoughts together, he murmured, “I…yeah, okay.”

And with a gentle smile, a genuine smile, Keith stepped away to go to his Lion.

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The Contest-Part 18

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Also: re-reading part 12 might help something make sense if you don’t remember. That’s all I’m saying!

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Earlier That Day

I followed Bob Singer into his office, my heart pounding from my last-minute race across the lot.  I gratefully accepted the bottle of water he offered me. Andrew Dabb was sprawled comfortably on the love seat across from Bob’s desk, a yellow tablet resting in his lap.

You’d never guess by looking at them that Bob and Andrew were the two guys running the show.  Bob was an older guy with gray hair and a soft spoken demeanor who’d been there since day one.   Andrew favored super hero T-shirts and sneakers and looked like he belonged on “Big Bang Theory”. I had enormous respect for both of them.

I had loved every second of my time on Supernatural.  Now all I could hope for was that Andrew and Bob were planning on concluding Gemini’s storyline in a way that was believable and satisfying for the viewers.  But more than that, I had grown to love this wonderful character and I wanted her story to end in a way that made sense.

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Mme Bustier's Class as Sweet Foods
  • Marinette: cookies - kinda sweet, soft, but full of surprises (like stealing phones srsly girl)
  • Alya: caramel - super sweet, but gets tough when threatened (or left out in the open air, whatever suits you)
  • Adrien: pavlova - nice, very soft and crumbly, sometimes incredibly thick (and by that I mean oblivious)
  • Nino: chocolate - depending on what mood he's in, he can be either sweet or bitter, and most people like him.
  • Nathanael: watermelon ice-cream - a little odd, but extremely nice if you give him a try.
  • Alix: gingerbread - sometimes actually super fricking spicy? Wtf?
  • Kim: raspberry jelly - thinks they're super cool but everyone actually prefers their friends
  • Max: jellybeans - everyone loves them but nobody knows why. also sometimes taste like shit.
  • Chloe: lemon meringue pie - a lil tangy and bitter and has a thin, hard shell on the outside, but crumbles if you hurt them
  • Sabrina: carrot cake - literally just orange
  • Mylene: cupcake - kinda basic and very smol but everybody loves them (except my weird-ass friend who hates cake for some frickin reason)
  • Ivan: sticky date pudding - sounds weird as heck but actually really nice and tasty
  • Rose: oreos - everyone loves them. literally nobody hates them, they're just pure love
  • Juleka: toffee apple - holy crap they're gonna break you're teeth
  • Mme Bustier: mango - just wants out. literally just wants to retire most days but bc her class loves her so much she stays around.
  • Bonus Lila bc I'm not even sure if she's in the class or not:
  • Lila: salted caramel - gross as f
Right Place, Right Time

Pairing - Sebastian Stan x Reader
- A mishap at a fan convention lands you in the arms of the Winter Soldier himself
- n/a, just adorable fluff, it’s sorta my thang
Word Count
- 3004
- This oneshot has been specially made for the lovely and talented @dianelogan. Happy Birthday Beck! I’ll be floored if this is still a surprise with all the hints I’ve been dropping. You’ve been a wonderful friend to me and have encouraged me time and time again as a writer. Thanks for the advice and inspiration, you are amazing. :)

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As the elevator doors closed behind you, you hit the button for your floor, closed your eyes and leaned against the wall. You had been at the con since well before dawn and were completely exhausted. All you could think about was crawling into bed and not moving until tomorrow.

You knew something wasn’t right just as the elevator reached your floor. There was a dull buzzing in your ears as you stepped out and you stumbled into the wall as you turned in the direction of your room. Crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP! Not here, not now…. I just need to make it to my room and I’ll be fine…..I’ll be fine…….  You fumbled in your bag for your room key as spots began to multiply before your eyes. It was happening too fast, you weren’t going to make it. Your legs gave out as you slid down the wall and the world went completely black.

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Bed Activities

Request: “you’re such a good author <3 ! could i request one where a friend of the reader is really rude and without manners and is very open about his bed activities and is just the opposite of a gentleman and when he comes over bucky is. not. impressed. at. all. (fluff and humor <3)”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (and Dean Winchester)

Warnings: swearin’,

A/N: I hope this is good enough :) alsO THE MALE FRIEND WILL BE DEAN WINCHESTER BECAUSE I DUNNO I THOUGHT HE’D FIT THIS PART BUT ANYWAYS CONTINUE. Also I’ll edit this tomorrow because I’m tiredddd okay now continue.

You haven’t heard from Dean in a while so when he called one day, saying he’d be in town, you got excited. Which was why you were running around your apartment, cleaning up.

“What’s going on? Is Steve coming over? You know you don’t have to clean up for him, he’s nothing special.” Bucky jokes when he came out of your shared room in only his boxers.

“No, it’s not Steve.” you respond, placing the pillows on the couch nicely. “It’s Dean.”

Bucky stood there. “Who the hell is Dean?”

You finish with the pillows and turn to your boyfriend. “Dean Winchester. He’s my best friend, Bucky, I talk about him almost all the time.”

“You do?”

You face palm. “Do you ever listen to me?”

“Yeah, when you talk about interesting things like me.” he responds and you roll your eyes playfully.

The sound of the doorbell could be heard and you smile. “He’s here!” you exclaim. “Go put clothes! Go! Go!” you push Bucky to the room before running to the front door.

With a deep breath, you pull the large door open, revealing Dean. A smile spreads across his lips and he closes the gap between the two of you with a hug. “Y/N.”

“Hey Dean.” you smile, tightening your grip on him.

“How are you? Last time I saw you, you had braces and those little pigtails I always tried to undo.” he says as the two of you pulled away and entered your apartment.

“Yeah and I always kicked your ass when you did.” you laugh, sitting down on your couch. “And I’m doing good, got a roof over my head, got food, got a bed.”

“What about a boyfriend? Did you finally get one of those?” he smirked.

“Actually, yes, you asshole. I wasn’t gonna stay single forever, like you said I would.” you respond.

“Proved me wrong.” he says with a smile. Before you or Dean could get another word out, Bucky comes in with clothes on.

Bucky stares at Dean with a look that could not be identified and Dean squirmed under the look. “Uh, hi. I’m Dean.” he stands up to shake his hand.

“Bucky.” he responds, shaking Dean’s hand with his metal one.

“Well, Bucky, your squeezing my hand a bit too much.” Dean tried to laugh off the pain.

“Oh, sorry, I don’t know my own strength with this thing.” he responds as they pull away.

Bucky sits down next to you, wrapping an around around you as Dean sat down as well. The tension  soon faded when you began talking about the old days when you two went to school together and how you’d have to scare off a lot of girls if Dean didn’t want anything to do with them.

“Alice never stopped trying.” you laugh.

“Yeah, she was determined.” Dean chuckled. “Speaking of Alice, I bumped into her the other day.”

“Oh god.” you laugh, shaking your head.

“She. Looks. Great.” Dean says. “I had to be with her one more time and holy crap it was better than the first.”

“I don’t want to-”

“I mean she was amazing. I think she took gymnastics because she’s flexible as hell. She was doing all these things. Like the way she lifted her leg up - oh my god.” he continued.

“Dean!” you laugh.


“I don’t want to hear about your bed activities.” you giggle.

“Aw c’mon, you used to listen to me back then.” he laughs. “Oh! And I met this other girl back in Pontiac who was a sex machine. I mean, she had me sweating.”

“Dean.” you couldn’t stop laughing. He always did this. He would tell you about him having sex with girls then tell you exactly what they did and sometimes he even got up and demonstrated how they did it.

“We were on the floor, right? And she put her legs all they back like this.” he got on the small space on the floor and attempted to show you how but failed, causing you to laugh even more. “Well, they went back more. And she did this really weird position, but it felt amazing.”

While he continued on about his sex life Bucky sat there with a blank expression. He was not impressed at all. You were friends with this guy? Really?

“You think you’re really cool, don’t you?” Bucky blurts, causing both you and Dean to look at him.

Dean gets up from the floor and sits back on the couch. “Excuse me?”

“You talk about your sex life like you’re so proud that you screw woman after woman. Like each girl that you’re with is like a medal you wear until you meet the next.”

“I-I don’t-” Dean stutters, not knowing what to say.

“Do you have any respect for women at all?” Bucky questioned.

“Um, yes, I-I do.” he nods his head, trying his best to choose his words wisely because the dude with the metal arm can literally snap him in half.

“Do you even have respect for yourself?” Bucky asks.

“Bucky.” you warn, placing your hand on his chest to stop him from talking.

“What? I’m just asking your friend a question.” he shrugged.

“You can’t judge what he does with women when you’ve done the same thing in the 40′s.” you state.

“I didn’t go around telling people about everyone I had sex with though.”

“Okay, I’ll stop,” Dean says, “Just don’t kill me, metal arm dude.”

You look over at Dean and tried not to laugh at the way he was sitting on the couch.

“Are you scared of him, Dean?” you question.

“W-What? Pfft no. I just like to keep big guys like him on my good side so.. Yeah.” he tried to play it off but you could see right through him and by the looks of it, Bucky could to.

“Oh look!” Bucky gasped, pointing a metal finger at the door, causing Dean to flinch. “The doors unlocked, let me go lock it.”

Bucky stood up, swinging his arms as he walked past Dean. He freaked and scrambled over to you on the couch, keeping his eyes on Bucky’s arm.

“Are you okay?” you laugh, watching Dean.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” he responds, not taking his eyes off of Bucky.

The whole rest of his visit, Bucky taunted him with his metal arm. Let’s just say Bucky had a little too much fun with scaring Dean.

A/N: I tried :(


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Nameless Tale (Modern!AU)

Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader // OC

Prompt: Galleries are full of history. You just need to have someone who knows about it by your side.

Based on the prompt:

“You’re just another player, and it’s a game over to us.” 

Warnings: ANGST, toxic relationship, drug consumption, mild explicit content.

Words: 4999 lolololol

A/N: Requested by one of the angst queens aka @buchananbarnestrash. Hope you like it, I made it as angsty as possible. The end might be a little bit confusing, but I hope you guys got it because when the idea popped in my mind I was like HOLY SHIT PLOT TWIST. And yes, this is some TJ Hammond lifestyle. Sorry it took me so long. After 3 days writing it i declare this fict is a crap. I think I could have done better, but still, hope you guys enjoy it.

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Who thought that little kid, the one who used to hide under her mama’s skirt when they tried to cross a bridge would get on a plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean voluntary, to a brand new world, to a brand new inspiration fountain? She always had a fear of heights, yet she bought an apartment on a 10th floor in the city where buildings would be able to communicate with god, where the clouds were nothing but a low roof above the inhabitants head, brushing slightly the pointy skyscrapers built by simple mortals.

She was also afraid of forgetfulness, that’s why she made sure of picturing every single corner of what her pupils could perceive, making the sometimes unperceived beauty pop out with all its glory. That’s why she chose overcome her previous fear over hiding herself on the feet of those giant structures. She wanted to touch, to feel the lilac sky every afternoon, she wanted to capture the city lights like fireflies.

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18 Things I learned over the 18 Months of Living with T1D

This day, it has been exactly a year and half since my diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Instead of being upset about this milestone, I’m celebrating and finally accepting that I will never have my old life back. I’ve come a long way to learn to love this disease, I wanted to hate it so badly. However, the more I resented it, the more I saw it as a burden, ultimately the more unhappy I became. Yes, times get extremely hard but those feelings come and go. So, instead of letting diabetes control me and my emotions, I’m going to take my emotions, my dedication and strength to control it. Diabetes may be a huge part of my life, I identify as a diabetic, but I will no longer let diabetes define me and take the reins of my life. Without further ado, here are the 18 things I learned over the 18 months of living with type 1 diabetes.

1. The less I hid my diabetes, the happier I became

I’m going to say that one more time. The less I hid my diabetes, the happier I became. This is the most important thing I learned. I was on injections for the first year of my diagnosis and I felt so ashamed. I hated having to excuse myself to take a shot, or taking shots in front of people. I would hide testing my blood sugar for crying out loud. I was sick of it. I told myself that as soon as I got an insulin pump, no more hiding. This is my health and if people feel uncomfortable about me taking care of my health then they are the ones that can excuse themselves. Now, I wear my pump with pride. I love when it sticks out from my clothes, I love how it’s blatantly visible. I love checking my blood sugar in public. Do people ask questions? Of course they do. Sometimes it can be intrusive but most of the time when people ask, “what’s that?” pointing to my pump I say it’s an insulin pump and they shrug and walk away. It’s a breath of fresh air being able to live my life without hiding a major part of it.

2. Not having perfect numbers 24/7 is fine and expecting perfect numbers 24/7 is not healthy mentally

I’m not a robot and I’m certainly far from perfect, so I will have “bad” numbers. I would freak out (sometimes still do, I’m still working on it) if I’m not in range. But the highs are inevitable just like the lows. They will happen, a lot, and it’s something I’ve accepted. I was driving myself insane striving for perfect numbers 24/7. It’s not a realistic expectation. Oh, and one more thing. I will no longer feel ashamed when a doctor, friend, relative, ANYONE, says “that’s not a good number, you need to get better at controlling your diabetes”. What do you think I’m doing??? No more shame, I’m done with it.

3. I’m strong. Like, really strong

I’ve been strong my whole life but I never knew how strong I actually am until I got diagnosed. I’ve handled so much shit this past year and a half and quite honestly I don’t know how I did it. Diabetes takes such a mental toll on whoever has it and it’s physically and mentally draining. I’ve struggled, cried a ton, wanted to give up, but I’m so so so so proud of myself for pressing on. I’ve surprised myself by seeing what I’m capable of. 

4. It’s truly okay to have a breakdown (or 5) in a day

Even though I just got done saying I’m strong, there are times where it’s okay not to be. I don’t see breakdowns as weakness anymore. I’ve embraced them and releasing those emotions is a relief. Having a burnout doesn’t make me weak or a bad diabetic, it makes me human. This disease is tough to handle at times and it’s okay to breakdown.

5. Not everyone is going to understand my disease and that’s okay

There is a huge difference between the people that don’t know what type 1 diabetes is and those who think they do know and shove their “knowledge” and “health tips” down your throat. There are a lot of people out there that think diabetes is caused by sugar or they don’t know the specifics of diabetes. These people, I learned to be okay with. All it takes is a simple conversation to explain to them what it is. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they don’t and if they still don’t, whatever, not worth my breath anymore. It’s okay if they still don’t understand.

6. How to speak up for myself and all the other type 1 diabetics

The other group of people I mentioned, I can’t get over. They irk me so badly and I will forever speak up to educate them so they stop spreading misconceptions. No, cinnamon won’t cure me. Yes, I’m sure. Yes I need insulin. No, losing weight won’t fix it. I know there are some people out there that don’t feel comfortable confronting people about this (and that’s perfectly okay!!!) but I can’t stand by. I used to, but not anymore. I’ve heard some ridiculous comments and I’m not afraid to say something more ridiculous back to them.

7. Not every single friend is going to be part of my support system

Just because they’re my friend doesn’t mean they have to be part of my support system. My system consists of my family, my boyfriend, his family, my best friend and my fur babies (my kitty and my parents’ 2 dogs). Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my friends but it’s okay that they’re not part of my support system. Quite frankly, it would be exhausting if that many people were! Having to explain every situation to them, no thank you. Not going to lie, my thought process used to be “if they’re not going to be there for me then screw them!” but I learned that they have lives of their own, hardships they have to deal with, and just because they don’t check in on me that doesn’t make them bad friends. I love my friends, every single one, inside my support system and out.

8. But, it’s also okay to cut some people off

I was diagnosed my last semester senior year of college and it SUCKED. I was rarely ever at school, back and forth between doctors and my internship. Eventually my friends and I drifted apart (granted there was other shit involved). Stuff went down, I was singled out, was shit talked on, you know, typical girl bullshit. A few months after graduation I confronted one of them and asked what happened. She didn’t really have an answer except for “well you were never really there….” Seriously?! Did it ever occur to you that I was smacked in the face with a life changing diagnosis? Instead of being bitter about it, I let them go. Some people aren’t meant to be in your life and my diagnosis made me realize that.

9. How to say no

For so long I was afraid to miss out on anything. I literally suffered from FOMO. Even if I didn’t feel good or was super busy, I always wanted to be part of whatever was going on. Post-diagnosis I’ve learned to finally chill, to say no. And not only that, but I also learned to stop feeling bad about saying no. I’m number one in my life and my health comes before anything else. If I’m too tired, if my numbers aren’t good and I feel like crap because of it, then I’m not going anywhere. I will be a little hermit in my apartment and that’s that. It took a lot for me to get over my FOMO but once I did, I became happier.  

10. To never feel bad about diabetes coming in the way of work, obligations, etc

This one is extremely important. It took me awhile that I am my first priority. If my blood sugars aren’t allowing me to perform at work then I need to take some time and chill before resuming. It’s definitely easy since I have an understanding boss but this extends outside of work. If I have to cancel an obligation at the last minute because of my blood sugars, I don’t even care anymore if the other party gets pissed. I’m sorry but my body and my health comes first, everything else is second.

11. How to master survival mode

High blood sugar? Survival mode. Low blood sugar? Survival mode. Almost dying for a hot second? Survival mode. I’m happy I can successfully treat my highs and lows, with little to no panic (sometimes). I can guzzle down 2 juice boxes in 10 seconds flat, which I find impressive. On the flip side, I know to take it easy and lay low when I’m high. It kind of sounds easy as I’m writing this but mastering survival mode certainly wasn’t easy at all but it’s a good skill to have.

12. To never give up

I was in a really dark place for a long time when I was diagnosed. My depression came on strong. I thought about ending it all and wanted to give in but I never gave up. I still fight to this day because I don’t want diabetes to win. It’s easy to quit, it’s harder to keep going. Is it tough? Oh yeah. But I think this life is a beautiful thing and I want to keep on living in it.

13. Humbleness

I’m a giant walking ball of contradictions. I was the most prideful yet unconfident person ever. I thought I was hot shit but also thought I was a piece of shit. Anyway, diabetes taught me how to tame the prideful side of me. When you see something tragic or hear of someone close to you getting diagnosed with something awful you think “oh my God that’s awful but it’ll never happen to me”. That was me. I did that. I took my life and my health for granted. You don’t realize what will happen when the day does come. It was sure one hell of a wake up call for me. I don’t really know how to describe it but diabetes has made me more humble.

14. How to listen and pay attention to my body

Holy crap, I can’t even begin to count how many times I took my body for granted pre-diagnosis. Now? I feel my blood sugars when they’re high and low. I feel when my stomach is unsettled from something I ate. I have a pain somewhere in my body, I better find out what it’s coming from. Paying attention to how my body reacts to things is crucial and could honestly save my life at times. I’m so thankful I learned this and I’ll never take my body for granted anymore.

15. I’m more than my goddamn numbers

Blood sugar numbers, A1C, my weight, number of carbs… it’s never ending. I would get so caught up with all of these numbers and it stressed me like crazy. I’m. More. Than. Numbers. I’m a person, with feelings and a personality, go figure! No longer will I feel ashamed if I had “bad” blood sugar numbers, and a “not so good” A1C, etc. I’m trying my best and that’s all that should matter. I’m so sick of nurses and doctors telling me I need to get better at controlling my diabetes. Well you know what? They have no idea what I go through on a daily basis, they have no idea how much I bust my ass to get good numbers. So I’m done. I’m more than my numbers and they can all kiss my ass.

16. To be more responsible

I’m not saying I was never responsible in the past. However, taking care of myself when I have a chronic illness is a completely different level of responsibility. I have so much more on my plate now and I have to be mindful about taking care of myself. My point about saying no, that right there is being responsible about myself. I also don’t depend on anyone to remind me to be responsible (though it is nice to have a little encouragement). On the flip side, letting loose and not caring is just as important. (Like I said before, I’m a walking ball of contradictions).

17. That I’m limitless

Diabetes can’t, and won’t, hold me back from doing the things I love. Type 1 diabetes may be a chronic illness but it won’t stop me. Exercising was tough at first, I always went low, but I learned how to manage my blood sugars while exercising. If I want to eat pizza, I’ll eat some damn pizza! (Unless my stomach hurts already, pizza irritates my stomach hahaha). I even have a tattoo that says “You are unlimited” because that’s exactly what I am. Unlimited. I’m just like anyone else. Sometimes certain things are a little harder with diabetes (like exercising, which I mentioned) but it makes me want to push past the challenges and try even harder.

18. How to love myself

This one took awhile. I hated my diabetes, so that meant I hated my pancreas. Hated my pancreas because it stopped working which meant I hated my immune system. I hated my immune system for it not working properly. See? It’s a vicious cycle. I learned to love myself on the inside (and the outside too but still working on that one a little bit). I can’t hate myself anymore. God made me the way he wanted me to be made. I’m perfect the way I am.

I’m learning every day and it’s definitely still a work in progress. However, having a more positive outlook on my condition I can say I’ve been happier. Positive vibes my fellow T1D’s, positive vibes.


So I’ve got a fun story to tell from Paradise city comic con. 

One thing I love to do is get things signed by voice actors at the cons and this time around Arryn Zech (Blake Belladonna), Kara Eberle (Weiss Schnee), Elizabeth Maxwell (Winter Schnee) and Vic Mignogna (Qrow in rwby) were there.

 I don’t have a lot of RWBY merch besides shirts, so I ended up drawing a bust of each actors respective characters as i’ve seen many artists do before. When it came for the signings each person was like, “Wow this is great/pretty/ etc” and signed the pieces.

 So fast forward to like a couple hours later at the Rwby panel I was sitting in like the second row. Someone asked Elizabeth and Vic if they would like to see chibi versions of themselves in the next season of RWBY chibi. To which they replied with “yeah totally!” and Vic asked if there were any artists in the room. Me being my shy self kinda just like half raised my hand and Vic happened to see it and was like “YOU, I REMEMBER YOU! YOU DREW QROW” and Arrynand Kara joined in with “YES I REMEMBER YOU TOO,YOUR DRAWING OF MY CHARACTER WAS BEAUTIFUL” At this point i’m like Red in the face, cuz like wow i didn’t expect them to remember my face lol then next they were all like “WHAT IS YOUR NAME, IT WAS JULIA-NO JULIE RIGHT???” and i’m like holyshit they remembered my name and my face!!!! 

so anyway then Vic was like “will you be here tomorrow?” and i said “yeah i’ll be here all weekend” then he was like “I have an assignment for you, can you draw winter and qrow as chibis and bring them back tomorrow? do you accept the assignment?” me in the moment went like “Yeah,Sure” then immediately was like “holy crap what did i get myself into???”

After the panel, i was standing outside the ballroom talking to some friends when Vic came up and Said “I can’t wait to see your drawings tomorrow!” gave me a hug and walked away.

The next day I drew the chibis and went to Elizabeth maxwell’s signing. I hadn’t had the chance to draw a Winter I was happy with the day before so I brought that as well. when I got to her booth, i introduced myself and said i’d brought the assignment. She absolutely loved her chibi and took pictures of it along with saying the Winter was so pretty and gladly signed the bust.

like an hour later was Vic’s signing. I was standing in line, (completely different cosplay so i looked nothing like i did the day before) and Vic looked up in between people he signed for and made eye contact with me. I was like  “Hi” and her replied “HI! Did you do the thing??” to which i said yes. Then he looked down the line of booths (as Elizabeth was all the way at the end finishing up her last few signatures) and screamed “SHE FINISHED THE ASSIGNMENT” and Elizabeth came running over. when i got up to the booth for my turn I showed my chibi. Vic and Elizabeth both loved it. He ended up taking a picture of it then signed it with something along the lines of A+ written on it. the next day I got a screen shot of the twitter post with the qrow drawing :D

So that was one of a few stories i have from this con that helped make it very memorable. I will attach the pictures of the busts once the sketch book it’s in gets sent to my new apartment. but yeah it was really cool 

here’s the screenshot of the twitter post

Happy show day everyone! I’m very excited for the finale, it feels like it took forever to get to Wednesday again but here we are! I reached 41 followers this week which is exciting because I didn’t think I would have more than 10 followers, so yeah thanks for following me!!:) Here’s a pic from a while ago, I couldn’t take a good selfie today lol. 

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Little Talks (A Makayla Fray story)

Anon: “an imagine with one of your DC oc plz X’D with a humen friend with no power just a Cinnamon rolls begin cute and stuff just make me happy . ♦=♦”

Schninner: AHHHH!!!! PEOPLE LIKE MY OC AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!! I’m gonna do some Makayla Fray back in the day before the whole Prale kidnapping and she was still a little one, I’ll also be introducing a new character! So I hope you like it anon! :D

(OO! PS, there is going to be quite a few time lapses in this story, just to help keep it moving along, so whenever you see those wonderful long lines that separate paragraphs, keep in mid that some time has passed)

(P.S.S. HOLY CRAP! THIS TOOK FOREVER TO MAKE! The inspiration fairy has been avoiding me lately, and for that I apologize, but I’m gonna kick it into overdrive tomorrow and ATTEMPT to finish the remaining requests, wish me luck!0


Makayla Fray/Little Leaguer/Red Comet

Lucile Tylers

Warning: None…..????

Word Count: 2426

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Day 1

Lucile Tylers didn’t belong to a rich family, or a poor one either for that matter. Her parents made a decent amount of money, enough to pay the bills, feed four hungry children, and pay the bills with a small treat here and there for their lovely children. Lucile had a good life with a wonderful family, but of course, being the youngest of four, she didn’t often think that was so. Being at the young age of 4, she often didn’t get much say in what family events they went to. An event that he simply detested, was their daily walk to the park.

Her parents had insisted on these walks, informing the children that it was “a healthy habit and helped strengthen relationship with fellow family members.” Which left Lucile grudgingly walk to to overly crowded park in the spring, fall, and summer seasons. Most children would love to visit the park, but of course, Lucile wasn’t most children. While her other siblings ran around the play set, squealing like mad men, she had always tottered over to her favorite tree, plopped down, and began drawing with the Crayola crayons and notebook she continuously brought with her.

The daily visits to the parks went by identical to the last, the arrival, the tree, the drawing, then departure. Every day the same, that is, until, she met the her.

The day started off like all the rest, with the arrival, tree, and art. Lucile had opened her box of crayons, contemplating what color cat she would draw today, and that’s when she heard foot steps near her, stopping directly in front. Lucile reluctantly looked up from her sketch book, expecting to see one of her tanned siblings, instead finding a pale peach skinned girl. She had slightly curly dirty blonde hair pulled up in pigtails with a sturdy build and pale green eyes.

“What’cha doin?” The girl asked, cocking her head to the side in curiosity.

“I’m coloring a picture.” Lucile stated matter of factly before returning her attention back to the pretty purple she had chosen for her cat.

The girl remained where she was standing, silence fell upon the children, save for the frequent squeals from the children playing on the equipment nearby.

“Can I watch?” The girl inquired.

Lucile glanced up from her picture briefly, “Sure, I guess, if you want.”

The girl smiled happily, bounding up next to her and sitting down, her green eyes intensely studying the picture. Lucile continued drawing, trying not to let the blonde’s gaze mess up her artistic flow.

All was silent between the children, that is, until the green-eyed girl let out a happy gasp, “Oh! I get it! You making a purple kitty cat!”

Lucile smiled proudly, nodding.

“That’s so cool! I love purple, ‘cause blue and wed make it, and those two are my favoritest colors.” The girl paused, thinking before continuing, “What’s your favorite color?”

Lucile paused, pondering this question, “I like the rainbow.” She stated as if it were obvious.

The blonde scrunched up her nose, “You can’t choose all the colors, that’s cheating!”

Lucile shook her head, “No it’s not, it just means I love all the colors equally!”

The girl contemplated this for a bit, but then shrugged, “Okay, I guess that makes sense.”

“Vincent, Cody, Lila, Lucile! Time to go!” Mrs. Tylers called.

Lucile’s head perked up, the corners of her mouth turning downward into a frown, “I have to go.” She said sadly to her new friend.

The girl frowned as well, “Aww man! That stinks!” She says, getting to her feet and helping Lucile up.

“I’m Makayla by the way!” She told Lucile, once she was standing.

“Lucile!” She happily replied.

“Well, maybe we can play again soon…?” Makayla questioned, while walking with her new friend toward the rest of the Tylers.

Lucile nodded, “We come here every day! So maybe I will see you again!”

Makayla beamed, bobbing her head up and down enthusiastically, “Yeah!”

Off in the distance, Lucile heard a male’s voice call out Makayla’s name. “Oops! Gotts go too! See ya later Lucile!” She quickly said before darting off in the other direction.

Lucile smiled, watching as the blonde pigtails bobbed up and down until she could see them no more.

Day 7

Lucile sat there, her head resting on her knees and letting her silky black hair fall over her caramel colored shoulders, salty tears covered her face and nose running uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe them; how could they do this to her! Did they hate her?

“Hey Lucile! What color cat are you drawing…” Makayla trailed off upon seeing the tears on her friend’s face. She ran up to her, not asking any questions, and hugged her.

“Th-th-they broke a-all m-m-m-my crayons!” She bawled, hugging her right back, her head buried into the blonde’s shoulder.

“Who did? Your brothers?” Makayla inquired, patting her friend comfortingly.

Lucile let out a strangled “uh huh” and continued sobbing.

Makayla’s small face screwed up into a scowl, “well, they are butt heads.” She stated angrily.

The dark-haired girl simply nodded, not being able to voice her anger towards Cody and Vincent, but Makayla didn’t seem to mind, she stayed with her, letting her cry onto her shoulder until it was time for her to leave.

Day 8

Lucile leaned up against her tree, her arms folded bitterly across her chest as she watched her siblings play. She was so engrossed in imagining her brother Vincent getting chased by an angry pack of her purple cats, that she didn’t notice Makayla excitedly bounding over to her with her hands behind her back.

“Hey Lucile!  I got something for you!” She chirped, a broad smile ingrained on her face.

“What is it?” She asked, her attention now fully on the girl in front of her.

“Tada!” Makayla sang, thrusting her hands out in front of her, revealing a box of 62 Crayola crayons and a notebook.

Lucile’s brown eyes widened and her draw dropped, “No way!” She gleefully shouted, taking the box from her friend and opening to find 62 fresh crayons. A giggle bubbled up in Lucile’s throat and resounded throughout the park, she through her arms around Makayla, pulling her into a tight hug.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she squealed.

Makayla’s smile widened as she returned the embrace. “Your welcome!”

And from that point, Lucile knew that they would be best friends to the end.

Year 1

“I have a secret that I need to tell you,” Makayla stated, her face dead serious, “and I need you to promise not to tell anyone, got it?”

Lucile nodded, sitting up a bit straighter on her bed, and holding her pillow close to her chest. It was their very first sleep over at Lucile’s house, they had been giggling about cartoons and talking about Wonder Woman, when out of nowhere, Makayla had grown quiet and serious.

“And I mean no one! That means you can’t tell your mom or dad, or else Danny and I could be in big trouble!” Her voice growing slightly nervous as she continued talking.

“I promise!” Lucile responded

“Do you pinky swear?” Makayla held her pinky out to her, where Lucile swiftly locked her pinky with created an unbreakable promise.

Makayla sighed in relief, relieving Lucile’s pinky and immediately went to her left pigtail. Her fingers nervously playing with the blonde strands.

“Well, you see, it’s about my mommy…”

Year 2

A week had gone by, one whole school week in which Makayla had been gone, and Lucile had started getting worried. Not only had Makayla not been at school, but she also hadn’t been answering her home phone. She had mentioned it to her parents, but they gave the simple explanation that maybe she was sick and would be back soon, and sure enough, the following Monday Makayla had returned.

Lucile was overjoyed to see her friend, she rushed over to her, her arms opened wide for a hug, but she faltered. Makayla’s green eyes, usually filled with so much life and joy, seemed so empty and lifeless.

“What’s wrong Kay?” Lucile’s voice filled with concern.

“Danny, he-he got hurt really bad last night.” She nearly whispered, trying desperately not to let her voice break.

Lucile gasped “Oh no! Kay! Is he going to be okay?”

Makayla shook her head, ears falling silently down her face, “No, Lui, Danny, he went away. He went to heaven.” Her voice quivered, her bottom lip trembling.

Lucile looked at her friend in shock, processing what she was told,

“What should I do? What do I do!?”

Lucile did the first thing her brain told her, and instinctively reached out, and hugged her friend tight.

Makayla wept into her friend’s shirt for the remainder of recess, and continued doing so even when their class mates were lining up to go inside. Their teachers eventually had to pull her off, and brought both to the principal’s office for “disrupting the class.”

Normally, Lucile would have been screaming and hollering the injustice of this, begging the teachers for forgiveness, but she wasn’t sorry for what she did. In fact, she never would be through pout the rest of her life.

Year 7

“You’re definitely coming to my birthday party though, right Lui?” Makayla asked her friend, as she swiftly fastened her shin guards.

Lucile nodded enthusiastically, watching as her friend scrambled to get the rest of her accessories on. “Of course I’m coming Kay! What kind of person would I be if I didn’t go to my best friend’s eleventh birthday party!”

“Late birthday party,” Makayla reminded her, sliding her arm guards on, “I’ve been eleven for a week now.”

“False!” Lucile playfully shouted. “You do not turn eleven until the birthday festivities have begun! So says the party master”

Makayla rolled her eyes and laughed, “okay ‘party master,’ whatever you say.”

Makayla’s pale green eyes darted around the room, “now, where’s my… There it is!” she shouted triumphantly, snatching her mask from her nightstand. She places the black domino mask over her eyes and began tying up her hair.

“Hey, and I’m sorry again for having to bail on you like this, the League sent me a message telling me that… whatever it is… is urgent.”

Lucile pushed her glasses up and gave her an understanding smile, “It’s fine Kay, I get it! Just go off and do your hero thing and we’ll talk about your party later.”

Makayla smiled and hugged her friend, “You’re the best human being ever, you know that Lui?”

“I know,” She said, hugging her back then pushing her away, “but you gotta go! You’re already running late!”

“Right! Little leaguer, Makayla, replied, opening her window wide, she flew through it yelling, “talk to you soon!” over her shoulder and disappearing into the sky.

But that was a lie.

Later on, that night, when Lucile had finally arrived home, she found the unusual sight of her family crowded in front of the TV. Curious, Lucile made her way over to the TV then let out a horrified gasp. In front of her she saw Little Leaguer, Makayla Fray, her best friend getting pummeled to a pulp by the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo with the Justice league nowhere in sight.

She didn’t remember much, just the blue, yellow, and red blur of her friend as Lobo picked her up with one hand, throwing her into the nearest building. The camera zoomed into the fallen hero, badly bruised, and covered head to toe with cuts. There were screams from inside the building as the pillars began to crumble, the building beginning to capsize on itself. Little Leaguer got to her feet, and stared at the crumbling building in terror for a brief second before flying into the fray.

Lucile heard the camera man talking, “Where’d she go?”

“OH LEAGUER!” boomed Lobo’s voice, the camera man swore, swiveling the camera to the bounty hunter, zooming in on his face. He stuck his nose in the air and gave a few sniffs before his mouth twisted into a horrifying smile. “Found you.”

In the blink of an eye, Lobo had crashed through the building.

Two minutes later, swarms of civilians ran from the building, screaming in terror.

Three minutes of silence.

Then a blinding light and deafening “BOOM” resounded throughout the house as the live feed was abruptly cut.

Tony? Tony are you there?!” The newscaster’s voice frantic, the view had returned to the studio, where Iris West was wide eyed with shock.

“It seems, it seems that our feed has been lost.” She choked on her words, “we don’t know for sure how many survivors, but as soon as we know, you’ll know…”

But Lucile was hardly listening, she numbly walked away from the rest of her family, letting the tears that she had building up pore down her cheeks.

She was gone.

Seven years later

It had been years since the incident, seven to be exact, but no matter how much time had passed, Lucile always broke down on this day, the day when her best friend, one that was practically her sister, had died. Died trying to save the lives of so many people.

After Makayla had died, Lucile had made it her job to take care of her friend’s headstone, bringing a fresh bouquet of sunflowers every month.

Lucile bent down to one knee, removing the withered flowers from the previous month, and laying fresh ones down. A sad smile played at her lips, she suppressed tears as she began to speak.

“Hey Kay, I got you some new flowers, red ones this month, one of your favorite colors, remember?”

“I do.” Came a strangely familiar voice from behind.

Lucile jumped, whipping around to find a girl, no, a woman, who looked about eighteen years old, same as her. Her eyes a crimson red, hair a dirty blonde with red tips and a faint, but clearly visible scar on the left side of her mouth and color bone.

Lucile cautiously stepped forward, “Kay…?”

“Hey Lui, it’s been awh-“

Lucile didn’t give her time to finish, as soon as she had confirmation, she had rushed to her friend, pulling her into a bone crushing hug, sobbing tears of joy.

“It’s you! You’re here!” She sniffled, her tears soaking into the brown leather jacket.

“Yes, It’s me, I’m here” Makayla replied, crying as well, “I’m here, and I’m never going anywhere again.”


This is really, really long but it would mean the world to me if you took some time to watch this video! Or maybe even read the post. Thank you so much guys.

Hey guys!  I’m Lucy. I’m fifteen from Canberra, Australia. Cheesecake is my life even though my body doesn’t agree with it. I love Taylor Swift, sunsets, nature walks, the smell of wood, fresh stationery and binge watching things on the internet.

Most of all , I freaking love music. I love performing, I love songwriting. So much that I’ve decided to pursue a career in it. People call me crazy and naive but hey, it’s what my heart and mind are set on and nothing can stop me trying. 

In September of last year, I got to play at the Canberra TEDx Conference at the Canberra Theatre. IT WAS INSANE AND ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF MY LIFE. You can listen to it in the video above! It was an amazing day, and all the speakers and other performers inspired me so much. I got to play 3 songs I’d written that I was really proud of and talk about them in front of a sold out crowd of 600 (ok, it’s no 76,000 but it was THE BEST FEELING). Afterwards, people told me that the songs made them feel something. They said they laughed, cried and felt inspired. That is the goal for me, I want my songs to make people feel something. I was so honoured that people took to the songs I’d written and the whole day was such an incredible blur.

Walking off the stage after I sung was one of those ‘holy crap, that was a thing I just did’ moment. I got real deep inside my mind and realised it would’ve never happened without Taylor.

Let me explain. 

In late 2008, I heard Love Story from my friend’s MP3 player. My mind was blown. I then went onto discover the entire Fearless album. My mind was blown even more. This girl called Taylor Swift was writing and making music as well as performing for a living. Seeing a young girl do that made me realise I could maybe do that too. The reason I started this whole music thing was because of how inspired I was by Taylor. The she holds herself on stage, in person, in interviews and as a songwriter is so inspiring. Taylor is true to herself, her art and just writes how she’s feeling and writes the truth. That’s the greatest thing to me and something I hope to emulate one day.

I started out by going busking in the city as a 9 year old who could play 4 chords on the guitar. Now, I’ve done so many things I never thought I’d do and. I played at a TEDx Conference. I released an EP. I sold out my EP launch. I became an Australian National Busking Champion. I I grew as a person. I finally found a group of awesome people to hang out with. And most of all, I found my passion. I went from someone who wouldn’t talk and was too scared to go into shops to buy things to someone who was confident in themselves and proud of who they are. 

For these past 8 years, Taylor has been by my side. Her hardwork, growth, humour, talent, honesty, intelligence, selflessness, confidence and most importantly kindness inspires me every single day. Taylor’s journey has inspired me to work hard at my dreams and to never ever give up. And I’ve seen so many other girls my age doing music and slaying life after being inspired by her. Taylor’s lyrics and beautiful songs have made me laugh, cry, lie down on the floor to reflect on life and dance. I’m so incredibly proud that Taylor Swift is my role model. 

So yeah, the video on this post is my TEDx performance. I’m really proud of it! The first song is about my dreams, the second about my life and the third about the world. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and I can’t believe my life is turning out in such an awesome way. 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read all of this! It really means a lot to me. I’m like 110% there for meeting new people on tumblr so feel free to send me a message to talk about life. I love life chats.

Love from,


PS. Taylor, if by some magical chance you’re reading this: thank you for everything. Thank you for giving me the chance to feel that rush you get when you finish a song you’re proud of and when you’re playing your songs in front of people. Thank you for being so wonderful to all of us and for standing strong when they build you up to knock you down. I love you so much.

June - Digital Bullet Journal


I found that I had too much free space in my May bullet journal…so I accidentally dropped it after a week. I’m off for school till September…there’s not that much for me to write really. So this upcoming month’s spreads are more tighter and easier for me to deal with.

All the spreads are below the

The theme for the general pages are gold and yellow!!

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Holy crap what an amazing day. Like…I have no idea what to even say. We had SO MUCH fun. Guy and his wife, Lori, were so nice. The food was so good. He showed me a bunch of tricks. And OMG he has a ‘69 Impala so we took pics of our babies side by side. (He’s got a LOT of nice cars).

We talked about my future plans (the shit I was freaking about earlier in the week) and he offered a ton of support and good advice and GET THIS - he’s coming to our place for our big Labor Day cookout.


Now tomorrow I gotta finalize my plans for Pride specials at the bakery this week. Pride is next weekend!

Oh and Happy Father’s Day!!!



 no more cold and sadistic garbage from you. you want to keep working with me, we will have an understanding. this crap is going to end. now.  


NAME:  Henry Russo
AGE:  18
BIRTHDAY:  August 30
SPECIES:  human
GENDER:  cis male
PRONOUNS:  he/him

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