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Of Foxes and Family- Chapter 5

Author’s note-This chapter is dedicated to @do-ineed-a-username (I noticed that you like Tokyo Ghoul so there’s a small homage in this chapter just for you) who took the time to chat with me and being an overall awesome and patient reader! Also thanks to @judyandnickship who also talked with me and helped share my story for you all to read.  Holy crap this chapter took sooo long to write, which I apologize for. Hope you enjoy!

Hopps. Wilde.” Chief Bogo commanded their names. 

“Yes sir? Judy responded at attention.

“Did you deal with the thief?”

“Yep. He’s at home right now, safe and sound with his lesson learned.” Nick replied before Judy could force an unbelievable lie.

“Good. Put it in the report.”

The chief left them in their office. Judy glared at Nick, knowing he’d lie in the report.

“Relax, Carrots. He’s at home, which is true. He’s afraid of going to jail, which is true, so I’d doubt he’d steal again. He learned his lesson. That’s all the information they need and none of it is a lie.” Nick said casually.

As if it were all the simple.

“He’s still at your place?” Judy asked deciding to let go of the false report, knowing it to be a pointless argument.

Huey had been staying with Nick for over a week and had spent a lot of time with Judy and Nick both. He seemed to really like them and staying with Nick. He seemed happy.

“Yep. He has a fridge full of food, a working T.V and the art supplies he still had from the craft shop. He’s perfectly content, until I get back.”

“That’s good for now. But in the long run?”

His mask of aloof casualty cracked just a bit under her gaze.

“I’m doing the best I can until I find him a permanent home.” Nick said.

“What do you mean?” Judy asked.

“I mean I’m going to look for a family for him to stay with, one that’s well off and willing to take him in, so he can have a happy home without having to be put in the system. He can’t stay with me all the time.”

“Why not? Nick, I think you’d be a wonderful guardian for him. Why not just adopt him yourself?” Judy asked, placing a paw on his arm.

“I’m not cut out to be a dad or a guardian,” Nick chuckled,”Plus I’m always busy with work… and with you.”

“Then why did you take him in, in the first place?” 

“Because he’s a little fox who’s apparently been through hell. I don’t know his entire story yet, but I know it’s not good, Carrots. And I’ll do all I can for him until he’s happy with a family of his own. It’s hard to explain but I have to help my own.”

Judy rarely saw Nick act so seriously about something. There was no hint of sarcasm. This was real. Judy didn’t know what it was like to be a fox but she knew it wasn’t always pleasant. So she supposed she understood why Nick would want to help the little fox, who had no one. Judy smiled at him.

“You’re quite a noble guy, you know.” Judy said as she inched her chair closer to his.

“Sure, Carrots.” Nick chuckled.

She inched closer until their knees touched.

“Seriously, Nick. You’re a good guy.” Judy said.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being viewed as a “good guy”, Carrots.” He said with air quotes.

They both looked around making sure that they were alone.

“Too bad,” Judy said as she leaned in and placed a kiss on his muzzle, “ You dumb fox.”

“Sly bunny.” 

Judy backed away after that, into her own space.

“Alright fill out that report.” 

The two went about their office business, quite bored. Office work was always so dull and Nick was getting bored until they left for night patrol. They had the radio on and Judy sang along to a song in a foreign language.

“Oshiete!” She sang.

“Really Carrots?”

“Oshiete yo!”

“I don’t understand what you’re singing!”

“Sono shikumi wo~”

“Oh my God, Hopps.” Nick said with a roll of his eyes.

She was doing it just to annoy him.

 The night seemed like it would’ve been a quiet one apart from Judy’s singing until they got a call from dispatch describing a robber on the run in a black truck. Nick and Judy both felt a rush and she shut off the radio, now in full cop mode.

“Finally, some excitement!” Nick said.

 Judy giggled as she inspected the streets,.

“Any sign of the truck?”

The truck dispatch described was a black Fang F150, modeled for larger mammals. Nick scrutinized the streets, putting his natural gift of night vision to good work.

“No… Wait, there!” Nick pointed to the targeted truck, trying to hide in a dark car lot.

Judy couldn’t see it as well as Nick but she turned on the sirens eager for the chase she knew was coming.

“Officer Hopps and Wilde have spotted the target.” Judy said into the walkie talkie.

The truck in turn came alive with roaring engines. The driver couldn’t back out of the lot lest he wanted to give himself up to Nick and Judy, which he obviously didn’t since he drove through the fences surrounding the lot and into the street.

Judy punched it.

“Hopps and Wilde are now in pursuit.” Nick said to dispatch excitedly as Judy followed the truck with fierce determination.

“Come on, Carrots!” Nick cheered as she chased the crook through the streets.

“I am not losing him!” Judy shouted over the engines.

The truck was taking sharp turns, even driving on sidewalks at times, endangering pedestrians in his effort to throw off Nick and Judy.

“This guy is crazy!” Nick shouted.

Dispatch had sent in back up to cut off any more turns the truck could’ve taken. Seeing that he was cut off the driver slowed down enough to jump out of his truck and take off on foot, letting his still moving truck to crash into an unsuspecting building. The fleeing mammal ran into the cover of tall buildings and shadowed streets.

“Crap!” Judy screamed as she slammed the breaks. 

Nick had to brace himself to keep his head from jerking violently as their car stopped abruptly. They threw off their seat belts and ran out of their police car in pursuit.

“What species?!” Judy asked Nick as they ran.

“Deer! Buck!” Nick replied. 

“Do you seem him?” Judy asked, envious and grateful for Nick’s night vision.

“Not yet. Do you hear him?” Nick asked keeping up with Judy’s impressive speed.

They both went silent until Judy’s sensitive ears picked up the sounds of running hooves clamping down a dark alley.

“Found him.” Judy said quietly as she ran.

“Alright you lead.”Nick said placing himself behind her, covering her back.

They both pulled out their tranquilizer guns, ready for anything. Finally they had the buck cornered, he’d made a poor choice by running into a dead end. Judy dashed in before Nick, over eager as always.

“Freeze! You are under arr- oof!” 

The buck charged at Judy without warning and without hesitation before either officer could react. He caught her in his antlers and with a strong jerk of his head sent the rabbit flying into a brick wall. She fell to the ground.


Three darts were fired and the buck went down. Nick flew to Judy’s side.


Her eyes were closed. 


He saw the blood on her uniform.

“Dispatch! Hopps is down! Hopps is down! Send paramedics NOW”

“Dammit Judy!” His voice quivered.

Nick’s paws shook, his mask of sarcastic aloofness shattered completely at the sight of Judy’s limp body.

 He was vulnerable before her.

“Open your eyes!”

He hated the buck who did this.


He hated himself.


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