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Love Smells (Seulgi Hogwarts!au)

Hey everyone! Holy crap, I checked this morning and I haven’t posted any writing in three weeks, I’m so sorry. I hope you enjoy this, though! It’s my first EVER Red Velvet writing!!!! And it’s about Seulgi aka my wife- ALSO: I have a song that kinda goes with this story. It doesn’t have many lyrics, but it’s really soothing to listen to.

The 1975- I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware

Genre: Fluff

Tags: None

Characters: Kang Seulgi, Y/N

Word count: 1,096

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I Feel Like This Needs To Be Said

Okay, so like, I ship Maxerica. Maxon and America are so cute and are goals, but they’re not my main ship. I’m still over here shipping Asperica (Aspen and America). Aspen gets a lot of hate for breaking up with America and then chasing after her again, but hear me out: he broke up with her for what he thought was her own good. He believed he was wronging America by letting her provide for him. I believe Aspen was born with a need to protect others. And once he found America, he needed to protect her. He was distraught when he finally figured out he couldn’t (precisely because of their differences in castes), and all the emotions of that night are probably part of what made him break up with America. I think both of them knew that they weren’t completed “broken up” after that night, though.

So, imagine you’re Aspen for a moment here. You’ve been drafted in the army, and it just so happens that you are assigned to protect the castle where the love of your life is staying while she is supposedly attempting to make the Prince fall in love with her. Not only protect the castle, but protect the very room she’s staying in. The first time you see her since your “break up”, she’s arm-in-arm with the Prince. The Prince is one of the most wealthiest men in the country. He could give the love of your life anything and everything, a thousand times more than what you could provide for her. Now, tell me you wouldn’t try and at least talk with her again.

Going back to Aspen’s need to protect: He obviously does everything he can as a Six to help provide for his family, but it’s still not enough. For Heaven’s sake, his younger brother was whipped for trying to steal a tiny bit of fruit to eat. No matter how hard the Legers work, there simply will not be enough to keep them afloat for much longer. It’s inevitable. Aspen figured the one person he could protect and provide for was America. And that was all he wanted to do. For the past three years, that’s all he had been doing. When suddenly, a Prince came into the picture and just swept the love of his life off her feet, into this magical world of dresses and jewels and crowns, a world he would never be able to give her. You still think Aspen deserves the hate he gets? Hang on.

Let’s not forget the scene towards the end of The One, when Maxon is about to announce his engagement to one of the final girls. Then, of course, the Rebels attack. What does Aspen do? He saves the Prince’s life. Granted, it was his job, but he had a deep hatred for Maxon at that point. (Read the Guard, you’ll see.) After all he had been through fighting for love, he was willing to risk his own life to save the other guy’s life. Are you really not convinced yet? That’s okay, I still have one more point to make.

I love America Singer. She’s one of my favorite female fictional characters. However, I think we can all agree she was a bit possessive during the Selection. There’s indecisive, but there’s also selfish, and I think by the middle of the Elite America was pretty dang selfish. Not only was she still holding on to Aspen, she would also get annoyed when Maxon went on dates with the other girls. Basically, whenever Maxon wasn’t available, she would use Aspen as a back-up. Which was in no way fair to either of the boys, but especially Aspen. Maxon had a pool of 35 girls to choose from, Aspen had one. And that one was taking slight advantage of him. Aspen kept holding on to America, he would always believe her when she said she was still there. He didn’t lose faith in the fact that she would come back to him. This was holding him back from continuing on with his own life, from finding love again. Yes, Aspen found love with Lucy, and believe me, I ship it, but I feel as though the whole Aspen-and-Lucy thing was just kind of tacked on at the end, as an extra thing just for an added happily-ever-after effect. Or maybe Kiera did it that way because that’s how it happened, out of the blue, with no one expecting it. I’m not sure of that, but I do not doubt Aspen and Lucy’s love for each other. I also believe that, although I know how deep Maxon and America’s love runs, deep down, really deep down, Aspen and America will always love each other. And not just in the brother-and-sister way that was represented in parts of The Heir. Real love, deep down. Neither of them will ever forget their three years together in Carolina as a Five and a Six, those nights spent in the tree house, the pennies Aspen would pay America when she sang to him. “A few months at the palace couldn’t erase three years.” -America Singer

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Genre: it’s like, fluff and kind of angsty.

Words: 6,135 (I am sorry.)

Warnings: Negative thoughts, maybe? Some swearing too.

Summary: Phil Lester, also known as AmazingPhil, ends up falling for the cute piano player who likes to play Muse on his recitals, even when he kept telling himself it would never happen. youtuber!Phil/pianoplayer!Dan

A/N: The AU no one was asking for! This only happened because I was like, “Man, I wonder if Dan knows how to play Butterflies and Hurricanes” and this is how it ended. oh god. I have no self-control. 

(also, I listened to Psycho, Hyper Music and Hyper Chondriac Music while writing this. You just need Matt Bellamy screaming not-romantic lyrics to write cheesy stuff.)

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Sign The Papers, 2 (S.W)

|1.3k words.



< PART 1

One of the officers in front of me presses play on the recording device and states everything she needs to before starting to question me. “Before today’s events, has Mister Wilkinson ever acted in a violent, abusive, malicious way to you before?”

“A few times, yeah, but not like he did today and not recently.”

The second officer notes my answer down on the paper and nods her head, “Can you recall the last time he was like this to you?”

“It was just before we separated, that was the reason I filed for the divorce, which was the last string for me.”

“Can you explain, in as much detail as you can, what happened that day?”

“I was late to pick the kids up from school due to a traffic accident, the school called him and he was forced to go and get them. I ended up getting home quite late in the evening. Sam was pissed because he had to leave the studio, go get them and then cook, wash and put them to bed. We got into an argument, he claimed that I was cheating on him and I decided to be the bigger man and walk away but all that got me was a slap on the cheek and a bump to the head.”

“So, he was like this a lot at home?”

“I wouldn’t say a lot, I would say when things don’t go his way.”

The second officer, Officer Perry, taps her finger against the little pencil and shakes her head. “You shouldn’t try to justify his actions, Miss Y/L/N, what he did was extremely wrong and he is going to pay for his actions.”

“I’m not trying to justify what he did at all! I’m just trying to tell the truth! I’m not going to sit here and make up lies about what he’s done to get him in more trouble. He’s done enough himself.”

I have more than enough evidence to get him at least 5 years behind bars just for what happened earlier today. My nosey neighbours really did save the day. One of them recorded the whole ordeal (turns out she records them all just in case anything was to happen, creepy, but really fucking life-saving), another stayed on the phone with the police until the car arrived and another managed to get Ryan and Adrianna away from the house and to safety.

I have never been more thankful for my nosey neighbours.

“Well, that’s very admirable of you.” The officer smiles slightly, pressing the tip of her pencil against her paper. I know a few people that would add in some extra details to make his sentence worse, but he’s done enough by himself to get a long time behind bars. “Was this the first time you’ve ever witnessed him abuse the children in the home?”


Officer Lourdes nods his head, “We have some information here that we need to share with you. It involves your three children, and three other children of Mister Wilkinson’s.”

“What? Why? What is it?”

He pushes forwards a file that’s chock-full of different documents and photos. He encourages me to open it up and look through.

And I cannot believe my eyes at what is in here.

“Chantel Karanikolaou, Taylor Loughlin and Russell Wilkinson have already come in with their primary carers to be interviewed about their father regarding this case, and it turns out that Russell and Taylor were both physically and mentally abused by their father. Miss Anastasia Karanikolaou, Chantel’s mother, was also physically and sexually abused.

“Miss Karanikolaou pressed charges in April of 2009 but Mister Wilkinson was nowhere to be found during the time and after 3 months of no contact, the judge then dropped the charges. Did you know about this?”

Sammy abused Stass? What exactly did he do to her? Oh my God.

“My son was born in 2009 and we moved back to Nebraska in April of the same year… Holy crap.”

“We have photo evidence of Mister Wilkinson hitting his son, Russell, and bruising his body. His school was the first to contact us after they saw his bruises and then his mother came in with the exact same markings on her face and limbs.”

Russell is only 5. He’s 5 years old and he’s getting attacked like that. I feel fucking sick. I’m married to a sick, sick man who refuses to let me depart from him.

And Taylor… She’s 6. I can’t believe what I’m hearing, and what I’m seeing. For the first time in my life, I feel sympathy for the other women in my husband’s life. I always hated them for what they did to my marriage, but they’ve had it so much worse than I have.

So much fucking worse.

“When we were speaking to your children, Ryan told us that Sam has always acted viciously to them when you weren’t around. Adrianna even showed Officer Perry a scar on her left arm that her father gave her by putting out a cigarette on her arm.”


“I under-“

“I’m going to fucking kill him- shit, like, I’m not actually going to murder him, but I seriously wish I could! I can’t believe what he’s done! He’s evil!”

I am so fucking angry! I’m worse than angry, I’m infuriated. I’m fucking worse than infuriated, but I’m too angry to think of any other words right now. God, I’m going to fucking smile when I see him in handcuffs, being dragged out of the courtroom and into prison.

I’m going to go straight to my lawyer – the one who hasn’t fucking bothered to show up yet – and file for a restraining order, and get him to sign those fucking papers.

There is no way I’m going to stay married to this motherfucker. Nobody could pay me enough, guilt trip me enough or brainwash me enough to stay with him.

I’m going to file for full custody of my children and I will fight alongside Stass, Samantha (Taylor’s mother) and Naomi (Russell’s mother) to make sure that he can never see any of our children, or us, ever again.

Sam was such a nice, kind person when we first met. During our first few months together, he was so generous and kind-hearted all the time, we only ever had a few arguments but we usually made up a few hours later. It wasn’t until year 3 of our 11 year relationship that he turned into an asshole and started to shout and scream a lot.

That was the same year that we had Adrianna, also the same year that Chantel was born. I have no clue when he started cheating on me, but he proposed to me in year 4, on our 4th anniversary. A few weeks after that, he slapped me for the first time and started crying for me to forgive him.

Stupidly, I did.

And clearly, it wasn’t the last time that he was violent.

He never once attacked me, though, it was just small hits and kicks here and there, and he never once forced me to do anything sexually with him. I can’t believe that he attacked and abused Stass, and Naomi. God, and the other three kids!

Fuck, I feel so fucking stupid.

I bet that’s why he’s always late to pick the kids up. He always says he’s at his lawyers, and I reckon that that’s true, but not because he’s trying to find a way to ‘legally not sign the papers’ because that excuse is utter bullshit. I think it’s because he’s trying to find his way through all of these lawsuits his baby mamas have filed against him.

There are probably more woman that have been abused by him, too.

I feel dumb for not knowing about any of this. I can’t believe my kids wouldn’t tell me that he’s been mean and horrible to them! He scarred my daughters skin for life and she’s found a way to hide it from me for fucking months.

“There is one last question that we need to ask.”

“Go ahead.”

“Can you tell us how your relationship with Mister Wilkinson started and how he changed over the years, becoming the man he is today?”

Fic: Baby Proofing

A Chris Evans Oneshot

Summary: Chris is a protective father – well before his baby girl arrives.

Warnings: brief mention of miscarrying

Thanks for reading!! xx


After enjoying a short nap, Natalia found Chris singing and whistling theatrically in the kitchen. He was rummaging through the drawer where they kept the easy accessible tools with one hand, the other juggling a few unrecognizable white pieces of plastic.

Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It’s off to work we go!

She bit her lip, staying hidden from view in the doorway to admire his handsome features. He kept singing and whistling, shaking his head from side to side to the beat, all the while unaware of her presence.

Natalia couldn’t stop the butterflies from fluttering incessantly even if she tried. This silly, wildly imaginative meatball was everything to her. Stifling a fond laugh, she began to approach him like a waddling duck, a palm lying protectively over her swollen belly.

32 weeks, 8 more to go.

“What’re you doing?”

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Kurt finds out about the baby. Part Two of this. Spoilers for 5x15 Bash. TW: Assault. MPREG (for those of you who didn’t already know???)

The first thing that Kurt noticed when he woke up was that he hurt. His entire body ached, harsh throbbing in some places, little twinges in others, but mostly, it just hurt. A groan slipped from his lips and he grimaced, body twitching a bit as the act of even pushing a sound through his vocal cords made the aching even worse.

“Don’t overwork yourself,” a voice on his right side murmured and he blinked his eyes open the best he could, blearily taking in the sight of his very worried, watery-eyed fiance.

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Fic: Grab A Boy

Junior Cheerio captain Blaine falls hard for cute freshman cheerio Kurt. Hell yeah.

~2000 words, PG-13, fluff.

“I think my eyes are about to start bleeding from how incredibly awful that was. In the future, you’re not even allowed to look in my general direction or else I will end up vomiting all over your outdated haircut. Next!”

Blaine silently watched the freshman girl with the truly unfortunate shag leave in tears after Coach’s critique, praying that whoever was next had at least a shred of rhythm. Usually Cheerios tryouts weren’t quite this painful, but apparently this year’s crop of recruits were all born with two left feet and no lung power. Getting to Nationals this year was looking like more work than he’d originally thought.

“Oh dear God, it’s like a Precious Moments figurine come to life,” Coach muttered as the next kid walked in, prompting Blaine to look up from his notepad.

His pencil slipped from his fingers.

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