holy crap there were so many people


2006 vs 2016 

When I was 14, I thought there was no way I could be an artist since there were so many talented people who were way better than I was. Well I’m still a hack and a burning trash and there are still so many people who are more talented than I am but somehow I’ve fooled people into hiring me;;

Pictured is my OC from 2006 with a typical COOL FANTASY NAME™ and a collection of character tropes that I thought were cool and innovative back then. What’s terrible is that I’m STILL INTO THEM UGH

Holy crap, when I first uploaded this I just wanted rant about the annoying shit the flash writers were doing with Iris. But ONE THOUSAND VIEWS?!?!?! Seriously, the westallen fandom is fucking amazing. I got so much positive feedback on this video and so many people agreed with my frustrations. Thank you so much, this really means a lot to me. Thank you westallen fandom so much.


Screenshots from Subnautica #17! :D

Yay new Subnautica episode! I really like this series on Jack’s channel and I’m so happy there’s a new part of it. :) 

Also holy crap I am impressed with myself! I am so proud of these screenshots I think they look so good! I was really excited when I was taking them because they were coming out so nice. I hope other people like them as much as I do. :D Did I do good?


Okay so I have no words. I knew it would be good, but holy crap. I’ve never smiled so much in my entire life. The energy was amazing and the smiles were real and I recommend this to everyone. They’re supposedly releasing the whole thing eventually, so GET IT however you can. You will not be disappointed.
As for the Phandom in general, I met so many amazing people (and my friend @larryyyyystylinson was actually in the weird childhood segment???😄), and I love you guys so much. Everyone was dancing and drawing catwhiskers on everyone and cheering our boys on and GUYS. YOU’RE EVEN BETTER IRL.
I’m still in shock from the share amazeness of the entire thing, but a few things; legs for miles, SUCH BAD TEXAS ACCENTS OMG, sass and attitude were real, and I just feel like crying because I didn’t think I could love those two dorks any more than i already did.
SO, there’s my Austin TATINOF experience! Message me for further details if you want, but guys; Dan and Phil are literally the best people the internet has had the privilege of knowing.