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Yes Ma’am: Part One (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: The Avengers have a brand new doctor, and she catches the eye of a certain super soldier. What will this super soldier do when he feels feelings that he hasn’t felt in half a century, especially when they are no longer directed towards the girl in his compass?

Word Count: 1, 051

Warnings: Slight swearing

A/N: Hello, everyone! This is my first attempt at something that hasn’t been requested, so I hope you like it! I am horrible at summaries so forgive me if it’s horrible. I’m not sure how long this imagine/fic will last, so please be patient with me! FYI, (Y/H/C) means “your hair color” for all those who do not know. If you would like to be added to my tag list, just send me an ask and let me know! Well, I hope you enjoy!

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“Right this way, Dr. (Y/L/N),”

“Thank you, Agent,” You breathed out. Adrenaline coursed through your body, igniting every nerve and fiber in you. Following the agent, you look up and see the enormous compound before you.

Holy crap…

Sun gleaming off of the compound, you see the familiar insignia proudly displayed on the front of the large building. Halting in your tracks, you take in a sharp breath as you stare up at the enormous building.

“Doctor (Y/L/N)!” A voice called out, drawing you from your thoughts of ‘Oh my gosh I’m really doing this. Holy crap.’

“Director Fury, so nice to see you again,” You shakily say, offering your hand. 

“So nice to see you. Not many people were willing to take up this position.”


“Yeah. Believe it or not, people actually don’t want to work with the Avengers. Something about ‘not wanting to deal with Stark.’”

“I heard that,” A metallic voice rang out. Looking up to the sky, you see Iron Man- holy crow, Iron Man!- descending from the vast blue above you. Landing ever so gracefully, the face plate opened up to reveal Tony Stark.

“Yes, well, some people do believe that you are difficult to work with, Stark,” Fury retorted.

“Bullshit. I am delightful,” Tony grumbled, staring daggers at Fury. His eyes shifted towards you, and with one glance at you, his frown turned into a smirk. “Well, hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Tony.”

Hand extended towards you, you shakily took his hand. Keep it together, (Y/N). “I’m Dr. (Y/L/N), but most people call me (Y/N).”

“Well, (Y/N), it was a pleasure meeting you. I’ll see you around,” Tony replied, and with that, his face plate closed and then he was off. 

Breathing deeply, you try to control your nerves. You just met Iron Man! Okay, okay, be cool.

“So, what do you think of Stark?” Fury asked, once again bringing you back to reality. 

“He’s… interesting,” You answer, following Fury into the compound.

“Yeah, interesting’s a word alright,” Fury laughed, leading you through the compound. “Just wait till you meet the rest of them. They are all interesting.”

“Looking forward to it,” You say with a hint of sarcasm, earning another laugh from Fury.

“I like you, Doctor. I knew I chose well. You’re just the type of person we need for the job,”

“Glad I could help,”

“Yeah, you won’t be saying that for long,” Fury chuckled, leading you down a hallway. “You’ll meet the rest of the team later. But for now, I’ll give you a little bit of a tour. Shall we?”

Fury had stopped, and was now looking at you. Gulping down your fear and anxiety, you nodded to him. “We shall.”

Groaning, Steve slumped into the nearest chair available in the conference room. Kicking one foot up after the other, Steve placed his feet on the long table as he relaxed after a hard day’s work of training. 

“You’re getting slow, old man,” Sam joked, taking a seat next to him. “Almost beat you back there.”

“You wish,” Steve retorted, a small smile playing on his lips. 

“Hey, Capsicle, no feet on the table,” Tony scolded, smacking Steve’s feet off the table. Rolling his eyes, Steve took down his feet as the rest of the team filed into the conference room.

“Okay, team meeting. Let’s do this,” Clint yawned as he laid his head on the table. 

“I agree,” Wanda said with a yawn. “The sooner we are done with this the sooner I get a nap.”

“You will get your nap soon,” Tony said as he pulled out the folder with the meeting’s agenda on it. “Now, let’s get to it.”

The meeting dragged on for Steve. All he wanted to do was go take a cold shower and relax for the rest of the day. Because of the meeting’s overall boringness, Steve found himself glancing out of the window that displayed the hall. Just as Steve was about to look away, a flash of (Y/H/C) caught his eyes, drawing him back to the window. 

There you were, following Fury in tow as he showed you around. Steve, intrigued by you, in more ways than one, kept looking at you from the window, ignoring whatever Tony was talking about. You listened intently to Fury, Steve noticed, always nodding along to whatever he had to say. You had moved further down the hall, which made Steve lean back on his chair as he tried to look at you for as long as he could. The further you moved down the hall, the further Steve had leaned back until-


“Uh, Steve?” Bucky asked as he looked down at his best friend sprawled out on the floor. Cheeks reddening at what just happened, Steve scrambled back up into his chair as the rest of the team looked at their Captain with confused looks. 

“I’m all good,” Steve squeaked out, causing him to clear his throat. “Go on.”

Tony, finding this just too hilarious, began to walk towards the hallway. “What made you fall over, Cap?” Sticking his head out the door, Tony saw you and Fury at the end of the hallway talking as you turned down another corridor. Smiling to himself, Tony walked back into the conference room.

“I see what it is, now,” Tony said with a smirk, causing Steve’s cheeks to redden a bit more. “You’ve caught a glimpse of Dr. (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

(Y/N)… that’s a pretty name, Steve thought as Tony explained that the team had a new doctor. 

“When will we meet her?” Bruce asked, collecting all of his materials since the meeting had ended. 

“Why not now?” Nat asked with a smile as she stood up. “I want a good look at the girl that made Steve fall over.”

The rest of the team stood up as they all said their agreements, following Nat and Tony out the door. Steve, still a little bit embarrassed, fell towards the back of the group with Bucky.

“All good, punk?” Bucky asked, nudging his best friend in the arm.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Steve replied, still in a daze about what just had happened.

Bucky, slightly chuckling at the look on his best friend’s face, pushed Steve forward. “Come on, let’s go meet the new Doc.”

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Yoo harb what are your thoughts on Echoes?

My instinctual answer is to say “Finally, a real Fire Emblem Game again” but that might be a little harsh so let me qualify. I mean, after all, I’ve spent so much time on drawings for Awakening, and even some for Fates. I have SO MANY PAGES of art for Virion alone. Awakening probably also helped to prop me up from being crushed by depression in a sense. Seems a little cruel to chuck those games under the bus, right?

cut for spoilerssssss (mostly vague, but just in case)

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“Paint me like one of your French (boys)”

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Warnings: Mentions of smut but no actual smut.

Request: Can you make me a story where a certain agent (me hehe) is painting and Peitro comes in demanding that A certain agent paint him err.. in his birthday suit? 😋

A/N: Omg I love this idea! This is totally something Pietro would do! I don’t know if you wanted smut or not so I didn’t put any in there, because I don’t do smut in requests unless the person requests it because I don’t know what they’re comfortable with. I think I made it a bit longer than it needed to be… I hope you like it. :)

You were in your room painting a picture of Wanda. Pepper had heard about your art skills and thought that it would be good publicity for the team if you painted portraits of all of them to put in a local art museum. You happily agreed. But instead of having all the Avengers sit still for hours you just asked all of them to give you their favorite picture of themselves and let you paint that. You were just finishing the last touches on Wanda’s when you felt a breeze and saw some familiar blue and silver strays in your room. “I’m guessing your up next?” You ask the speedster and he smiles at you and nods. Since joining the team to help train the new recruits you had gotten close to Pietro, dare you say quite fond of him. He would flirt with you constantly but you never imagined your relationship as anything more than that. 

“Yes I am.” He replies and smirks. Was he blushing a bit?

“Okay so where is your picture?” You ask him and he bites his lip.

“Actually I want to model…” He says and you arch an eyebrow. 

“Pietro you can barely sit still for more than five minutes, how are you supposed to model for a picture?” You say and he shrugs and you laugh at the situation. 

“I will find a way.” He says. 

“Well if you want to try then be my guest.” You say and Pietro smirks and then becomes a blur again. Before you can open your mouth to ask what he’s doing, your jaw drops when you see him standing in front of you….naked.

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that’s not hey it doesnt qualify 

1. First impression: you were probably in the batch of those 10 fantendo people i met all at once so it was something along the lines of “holy crap there’s too many cool people here”
2. Truth is: you’re a watermelon
3. How old do you look: uhhhhhhhhh 17 i guess
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yea
5. Have you ever made me mad: ..yea but it was just bc i was irritable and not because you did anything sorry
6. Best feature: 400 character whadda hell
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: i think i had one of those platonic crushes where i thought you were cool and bugged you non stop for like 8 months
8. You’re my: Child im sorry i forgot son was a word that had a gender
9. Name in my phone: white & white phone bc im boring 
10. Should you post this too? eh

Holy crap Silver Ravenwolf's books are bad

Okay, for those laughing right now, shut up. I’d heard rumours to the effect but had never actually read them. I downloaded them as ebooks and ohhhh myyyy goddddds, no wonder newbie Wiccans get a bad reputation. If that kind of crap is among the most widely accessible 101 books, one can hardly blame them for coming up with some real gems. How could they do otherwise when it’s likely to be one of the first sources they read?

Less than a hundred pages in, highlights include:

- Talking about the Crusaders going to Persia and running into a nasty horned God there who they decided would make a great Satan, bringing him back to Europe and telling them he was Satan and a fallen angel. Just, what? Firstly, Crusaders = post conversion, and in fact that was the point. Secondly, weren’t they hanging around Jerusalem to, you know, fight off the Muslims, as part of the perpetual fight over that tiny strip of land? Also, what Persian horned God? Not only was there not one (unless you go back to say, Babylonian conquest over two thousand years earlier) but by that point I believe Persian was Muslim, so seriously, what horned God?

- Saying witches don’t believe in Satan. Well shit, anyone give you that memo, fellow demonolaters? Also, which Satan exactly? Are we talking Lucifer? The demons referred to in that role? Iblis? Angra Mainyu? Or the big red guy of pop culture Christianity?

- Saying that mixing pantheons is advanced work made me facepalm. Just, it’s not that I object to say, working with one pantheon at a time to learn about those Gods very well, but the phrasing is weird, and it looked more like she was talking about mishmashing them inappopriately anyway. I mean, nothing wrong with working with different pantheons, but ye gods the piecemeal shoving them together and ignoring individual likes on the parts of the deities involved, including of ritual structure, and the fact some of them don’t get on? Yeah, that can’t possibly go bad, sure. -_-

- Also, the line, ‘rubbing their hands excitedly together’ is kind of tragic, as I doubt the Crusaders were Disney villains in how they planned to convert the populace.

- Her list of the deities as a, 'pick one of these!’ made my brain bleed. Two, frequently inaccurate, lines about each deity? Referring to Inanna solely as a mother Goddess when she’s, among other things, a badass Queen of Heaven war Goddess? Referring to Hecate as a Crone moon Goddess when statues from the ancients portray her like this? Being inaccurate with basically every other deity listed too? Listing them together, A to Z in a, 'pick one that sounds good’? And so on? Urggggghhhh.

- Wow, even the sources she cited at the end of that particular chapter consisted largely of non-peer reviewed and likely non-edited generic new age and/or fluffy pagan crap, there were no actual mythology books - scholarly or otherwise.

Bitching aside, the sad thing is, when I first stated looking at Wicca, when I was about 11, I remember seeing on suggested reading lists back before there were really many good resources on the net like there are now. I never wound up reading her because I couldn’t actually find her books in any bookstores, which further highlights the lack of news available. But if I had read her? I imagine I probably would have thought it amazing and she was amazing, and because I was young, wouldn’t have known to fact check. And considering this was 1999ish, there weren’t really many places to fact check anyway.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s pretty great there’s so many resource blogs around, including specifically niche ones dealing with specific aspects of polytheism, demonolatry and the occult that weren’t around then. And while occasionally noobs can kind of grate a bit with asking what seem like really basic questions, it’s actually awesome that they can, instead of having to take at face value poorly researched crap. I’d rather get Pagan 101 questions than deal with people who stay willfully ignorant because holy crap, this is Tumblr, it’s exploding with resources if you go looking for them!

I really wish there were better Pagan 101 books though, or even Pagan books in general because there is a serious shortage of good quality ones that are widely distributed even now. Granted this may not be the case in overseas (I live in Australia), but there’s seriously just the one large Pagan/New Age specific bookshop in my city with over a million population. The store is quite big… but filled mostly with New Age crap about self-proclaim psychic messiahs, crystal vibrations, mystical healing aliens, etc. There is all of one bookcase filled with Pagan books, most of which aren’t particularly great. Most of the Pagans I run into offline are way more ignorant than those online, as most of the non-geeks don’t have any idea about the internet resources that are out there. And with no good reading materials… well, the cycle of fail just goes on.

(Also, because I’m a masochist I’m going to keep reading Silver Ravenwolf. It’s terrible reading but I want to know what sort of misinformation she’s spreading about her own damn religion. Wish me luck, gentle Tumblrites, I may end up with a brain hemorrhage.)

HOLY CRAP! I just saw Book of the Atlantic and I’m screaming! It was awesome!

Everyone was absolutely GORGEOUS, I finally got to see why I don’t hate Elizabeth animated, and freaking cinematic record!!!

Not to mention, the audience was fantastic. Everyone was screaming and cheering and clapping and so many people had somewhat of a cosplay going on. It was incredible!

Goodness, I forgot just how much I love Kuroshitsuji.

They made each other this way. I love them so much.

ASTEP’ing with Raul Esparza 12/12/16

Okay so now that I have a clear head and a moment to sit down and type, I want to share my experience from Monday night!

First thank you @mrschiltoncat for getting me out of my cave and inviting me to go! I really appreciate it! It’s been a rough few months but this was awesome!

So we arrive at Joe’s Pub about an hour before the show and take our seats right up front. I was holding it together for most of the show but inside I have to admit I was freaking out! We were so close! Holy crap! Honestly any seat in the pub would have rocked. It was small and very intimate. Wonderful place! And the ASTEP people are awesome! It’s a great group of people who do amazing things for kids! They are worth supporting 100%!

Raul was the last individual performer to come out and he was INCREDIBLE! He sang two songs. Hearing Hallelujah live and in person is truly like no other! It was other worldly. This song, even though Raul said it’s about a masochistic relationship, describes the pain and hurt I think many of us are feeling right now. The way he sings it, I think taps into the true meaning that Leonard Cohen was going for. While he was singing it, I was in awe. I had chills. Our guy can freaking sing! Damn!

His next song was a salsa inspired version of O Holy Night. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs and I loved the twist on it. Raul got into it and shook his hips a bit. You can take the boy out of the Caribbean but you can’t take the Caribbean out of the boy. It was great!

After the concert was over, @mrschiltoncat and I rushed out to meet Raul who was standing in the lobby of the theatre. When we got to talk to him I handed him three awesome drawings from @larkistin! A Barson one, a Bobby one, and a Jonas one. And he loved them! I loved the Bobby one the best it seemed. We got to talk to him for what seemed like a long time. It was awesome!

We also asked why he likes to sing barefoot. He told us that it was something he started doing in college and he just felt comfortable doing it so it stuck. So now we know why he sings barefoot and when it started. Ha!

We got talking about what a difficult year this has been all around and he mentioned how it had been for family related issues. I said same here. He turned to me and said, “Oh no! You too?” I told him how I lost my mom in September. He reached out and hugged me and told me how sorry he was. He mentioned how he was dealing with some health issues with his mom and how it was scary for him. He had spent the past week in Miami dealing with it. So when we have an upcoming episode without Raul, this is likely the cause of it.

I told him how my mom and I watched SVU every week and Barba’s our favorite character. He told me that it meant a lot to him. I told him how his music and performances have helped me through hard times in the past and they are helping me through them now. I rolled up my sleeves and said I’m the tattoo girl you met at Cymbeline last year. He smiled and he said he remembered. And he hugged me again.

I also had a chance to ask him in person about the book @skittle479 and I along with the assistance of the good folks of the Esparza fandom put together for his birthday last year. He said he loved it and was very moved by it. It sits in his dressing room on a self with items he got from the fans including the two penguins @adarafaelbarbas and I got him…aka Mr. Barba’s penguins, Chilton’s business card, a flask for Barba, a Fordham Law hat (or maybe a pin), and the book that @mrschiltoncat got him.

One of the ladies who was standing with us mentioned the present she got him which was the two photos Raul took at the Jersey Shore of the sunrise and the double rainbow. Raul and I talked about how rare it was for us to see full rainbows on the east coast. We both had seen them in Moab, Utah area. It’s awesome him and I share that connection!

Before Raul had to leave for the night, we got our picture taken with him and got one more hug. He’s truly a wonderful kindhearted person. I think he would have stayed all night if someone didn’t pull him away. He is so nice to his fans. The hugs he gave me…I wish I could describe it properly. They made me feel like for the first time in months everything would be okay. They are truly medicine!

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I wish The Straights would leave history alone like there are so many badass gays and especially lesbians/bisexual women who's sexuality was erased or even subverted to make them appear straight. I'm learning that so many of those 'boring' historical figures I didn't give a crap about in high school were actually gay and did awesome things!

Oh my God I KNOW holy fuck! In general people fuck with history and make it more boring to fit cishet white imperialist agendas but that’s a separate rant entirely… I love history and it keeps turning out that all my faves were DEFINITELY gay. like Michelangelo? def gay. Emily Dickinson, my mother who was me in a past life? either bi or gay but she loved girls for sure. Virginia Woolf? learned about her as just a feminist; girl she was a GAY AF FEMINIST. I could keep going. I know there’s even better examples but I just went with my personal faves

anyway what really boils my blood about this is that historians are SUCH assholes about it. Like they straight-up destroyed and hid Sappho’s writing to make it seem like she was straight. the poor thing made a joke one time that was like “yeahhh oh yes I have a husband, Dick Allcocks from Man Island” and male historians were like “Sappho!!! the heterosexual poet!!!” because of this. really shitty. they’ll take the gayest shit and turn it into gal pals or guys being bros. and erase very important movements and powerful works of art and meaningful moments in history to make their point. and believe it or not, erasing history has very very bad effects. (i would rant about erasing parts of history that don’t benefit white supremacy but like I said… that’s a separate rant) but yeah straight male historians will do anything to keep their faves straight. gross

Holy crap, when I first uploaded this I just wanted rant about the annoying shit the flash writers were doing with Iris. But ONE THOUSAND VIEWS?!?!?! Seriously, the westallen fandom is fucking amazing. I got so much positive feedback on this video and so many people agreed with my frustrations. Thank you so much, this really means a lot to me. Thank you westallen fandom so much.

1000 follower give away!!

So first off - Holy crap. When I first started this blog I never dreamed it would be something people were going to be interested in. Just planned on re-blogging, posting some doodles, and derping around. Thank you all so much. This really does mean a lot to me!

SO! I’m going to be doing an art give away as a thank you! LIKING AND RE-BLOGGING both count as entries. You can re-blog as many times as you like (but be reasonable, please.) 

I’ll be choosing two winners.

First place gets a hip-up colored sketch:

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This give away will be ending October 4th! Thank you all again!

EDIT: You need to be following me to win! Thanks! :)

Holy crap, so I searched #pig to see if I could find other ag kids with nice show pigs and almost all of the pictures and post were vegans with all the ‘meat is murder’ stuff. Is there really that many people out there that don’t know that the farming industry makes the world go round? Yes I love my animals, and yes the ones I know I’m selling for slaughter aren’t my pets, but I treat them the same. Meat is food, not murder.

Cameron Dallas imagine

Holy crap, guys, I didnt think Shawn’s Imagine would get so many likes. Thank you so much! I hope Cameron’s imagine will be liked as much! :D Hey if you guys want imagines of the boys, hit me up :)

            You were never good with new people, but as your mom told you, these  technically aren’t new people. You had told her that it didn’t matter because they were new to you, your mom’s response was that you haven’t seen them in 3 years so it didn’t make them new people. This argument went on for hours, but she got you to go anyways, she let you bring along your friend for comfort.

            You were dressed in a sleeveless white lace dress with a slim brown belt that rested just below your bust, you had on sandals and your hair was curled to perfection. Your friend held onto your hand as you walked through the front door of the Dallas’ Family house, you could barely remember the last time you were in California, let alone this house. Your memory was pretty bad but you remembered the last time you talked to Cameron. It was more towards the beginning of the year, maybe around Christmas time, but he had just started to make more friends and become popular, slowly leaving you behind. Cameron had never been one to have many friends, and it never bothered you because he was your best friend, but it bothered him and suddenly people began to notice him. He slowly forgot you and made plans with other people, luckily, your dad had to uproot you and your mom to Chicago. You hadn’t heard from Cameron since the last time he cancelled his plans with you.

            “Let’s just stay for a bit and head to the beach for a swim,” your friend whispered into your ear as you both followed your mom and dad. You were here for Mrs. Dallas’ birthday party and the house was huge and filled with people. Not only were you not good with new people, but you hated crowds.

            “Hell yeah,” You answered back to her.

            “You girls aren’t going anywhere,” Your mom said to you both, shooting you a hard glance behind her shoulder.

            You looked at your friend with scrunched up eyebrows, your friend giving you a ‘what the hell’ look. You leaned into her ear as you guys came into the kitchen and stopped walking, “I swear she hears everything,”

            “She’s also got eyes in the back of her head,” Your friend all but mouthed, remembering the time you and her tried to sneak out of a family party to go to another and your mom caught you. You laughed and bumped your hip with hers, she laughed.

            “Honey, come here,” Your mom said, you turned around and all of a sudden you saw Mrs. Dallas and Cameron looking at you.

            You huffed and walked towards them, and as you did you couldn’t help but notice how 3 years did Cameron really well. As he went to smile, at you, you turned your bored eyes to your mom. “Yeah?”

            “Y/N, you look so different,” Mrs. Dallas said, glancing down at me with a big smile.

            I fake smiled. I wanted to be anywhere but here. I let Mrs. Dallas hug me and she looked at Cameron and tapped his shoulder, “I told you to go find Y/N on facebook and this is what I miss out on, she’s all grown up! Next time I ask you to do something for me, please do it.”

            You had to truly smile at that one, Mrs. Dallas had never been the silent one. You looked back at your friend and she smirked, you turned back to Mrs. Dallas, “You didn’t miss much,”

            “Well, Cam was just nervous you would reject his friend request,” Your friend laughed out loud but quickly covered it up by a cough.

            “Need some water?” You asked your friend.

            “Yeah, and some air,” Your friend said and continued to fake cough.

            “Be right back, mom,” You answered and brought your friend towards the family room, grabbing the bottle of water your dad offered on the way, and out towards the balcony.

            “That was good,” Your friend said, sipping on the water.

            You took a deep breath and nodded with a smile, “That it was,” Just then your friends phone began to ring. “Hold on, I’ll be back,” You friend said and walked down the steps of the balcony and found a quiet spot in the background.

            The back door slid open and Cameron stepped out, holding two water bottles. You looked forward as he stood next to you, “Hey,” he said quietly.

            “Hi,” You answered just as quietly.

            “Still don’t like crowds, huh?” He asked, handing you a water.

            You took the water and nodded, “Uh-huh,” You looked at Cameron and saw him staring at you with a little smile. You blushed and looked away, “What?”

            “I don’t know. You just look different, a good different,” He said.

            “Thanks,” You answered. “Can’t we just skip the awkward catching up and act like we did it?”

            “Then what do you want to talk about?” He asked, sounding a bit surprised and upset. You just wanted to get this party over with, you both had gone through 3 years without talking to each other and you didn’t really see the point in trying now. It may seem stupid but he left you so he could live out his dream of being popular and having a lot of friends, and it hurt.

            “Nothing, too be honest,” You answered. You began to make your way towards the steps when he spoke up.

            “I feel like shit for what happened, for how I acted 3 years ago.”

            You turned around on the steps and looked up at him, “Yeah?”

            “I went through 3 years of missing you and not knowing what to do,”

            “Not knowing what to do? You left me behind, Cameron, not the other way around. It’s called making time for me, actually picking up the phone and calling me.” You answered, surprised he was even bringing this up.

            “And I get that, but what was I supposed to say? You hated me and I was in love with you!” He admitted.

            You stepped back on the balcony and walked towards him, your face scrunched up in disbelief. “You don’t leave behind girls you fall in love with,”

            “You do if your me and you don’t know what to do,” He answered, pointing to his chest. “You were the only person who understood me and then suddenly my life took off and you weren’t around, I was new at the social thing.”

            “Don’t make excuses, Cam, you told me you felt like shit. No need to add more too it,” You answered.

            “It’s okay that you don’t believe me, but don’t think I wont spend the summer making you believe it,” Cameron said, reminding you that you and your friend were spending the summer in California.

            You glanced up at Cameron and he gave you smile, leaning down and kissing the corner of your mouth before he walked back into the family room to join the party. “What was that all about?” Your friend asked.

            “Don’t worry about it,” You answered and pushed the butterflies away before joining everyone in the party.

Anyone interested in reading a rant? :)

As all of you know, I have been totes obsessed with my dog and his shoes lately.

Lets go back a bit. This is the first winter I am living with Shakes in NYC - last winter I had to send him to live with my parents for a few months because I broke my leg and couldn’t walk at all and it wasn’t very snowy before that so I didn’t get it. In NYC you NEED shoes. Whatever they put on the streets eats the feet raw. Even if you wash them immediately after getting home. It happened to Shakes.

I am not the one to dress my dog, Shakes really doesn’t need it. His coat is thick enough to enjoy a Polar Vortex. The only time I dress him is on Halloween, at only for about 15 minutes at that, for my own amusement and a pic for you guys :)

However, after his toes started bleeding in the street after he walked over a bunch of de-icer,  I went out and got him shoes. I was ready to go with my camera because I thought he would walk much like Winston, in the video below. Much to my dismay, he took to his shoes right away and didn’t mind them one bit. 

These shoes have been the best 15 bux I ever spent. His feet healed and even the little allergies he had on them before hand went away. 

So, to the point of my rant. The reason I said all this is because a video of a Doxie named Winston recently went viral. I’m sure you’ve seen it already but if you haven’t here it is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEpZUwd7BTs I thought it was hilarious! I laughed out loud at my desk watching Winston stumble around. Then I looked at the comments.

Holy crap. I could not believe how many people were throwing hate at this video. Anything from “Stupid human jerks” and “These people should not be allowed to own a pet” to some serious death threats. One person, who was especially hateful, said something like “Can’t you just carry him?” You ass, where you gonna carry him in New York City? The next block which has even more salt? Or maybe she should just hold him up in the air while he does his business? UGH!

I don;t know this lady or her dog, but I am mad for her!

Look at this freaking dog. He is beautiful, well taken care of, lives in a beautiful home and just wasn’t used to the way his feet felt in these booties. And people are saying that someone should come and take him away because she is ABUSING him? WHAT? 

I can’t imagine, if I was Winston’s mom and I got an overwhelming negative response like she did… I would take the video down.

She is pretty graceful in her response though. It looks like she answers EVERY negative comment, and politely, if I may add. I would probably be telling people to go sit on it and rotate, if it was me. 

I would like to send out a tip of the hat to Winston’s mom. Whose only crime was to have a sense of humor about her dog walking funny in his new shoes, which he needs for his health.

People do not get the “NYC Dog problems” (New blog idea? LOL) Road salt is probably one of the biggest… hot pavement in the summer is another. There is  no escaping it, and shoes are the ONLY answer. Or you know… you can just not let your dog outside for weeks or months…. That surely is more humane… right.

Since the video hit it big, she has posted a follow up of Winston walking around in his new booties, feeling a lot more comfortable. You can check it out here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIGKM3fE5Yc

Can we all go and leave her a bit of a positive message?

PHEW. OK. end rant.


Screenshots from Subnautica #17! :D

Yay new Subnautica episode! I really like this series on Jack’s channel and I’m so happy there’s a new part of it. :) 

Also holy crap I am impressed with myself! I am so proud of these screenshots I think they look so good! I was really excited when I was taking them because they were coming out so nice. I hope other people like them as much as I do. :D Did I do good?


Okay so I have no words. I knew it would be good, but holy crap. I’ve never smiled so much in my entire life. The energy was amazing and the smiles were real and I recommend this to everyone. They’re supposedly releasing the whole thing eventually, so GET IT however you can. You will not be disappointed.
As for the Phandom in general, I met so many amazing people (and my friend @larryyyyystylinson was actually in the weird childhood segment???😄), and I love you guys so much. Everyone was dancing and drawing catwhiskers on everyone and cheering our boys on and GUYS. YOU’RE EVEN BETTER IRL.
I’m still in shock from the share amazeness of the entire thing, but a few things; legs for miles, SUCH BAD TEXAS ACCENTS OMG, sass and attitude were real, and I just feel like crying because I didn’t think I could love those two dorks any more than i already did.
SO, there’s my Austin TATINOF experience! Message me for further details if you want, but guys; Dan and Phil are literally the best people the internet has had the privilege of knowing.


YOYO mcm was surprising amazing this year- the crowd control was good, the cosplays were amazing and we three were freaking amazed at how many people not only took photos but like cried over our cosplays so holy crap thank you so much- if you took our photo please tag me!