holy crap that's a lot of tags

Holy crap I’m finally done!! These were all of the sans AU’s I could think of on the top of my head.. lets see, there is…
Sans- Toby fox

Underswap! Sans/blueberry- @underswapped 

Underfell! Sans- @underfell 

 Aftertale! Sans/Geno- @loverofpiggies 

 Error! Sans/Error- @loverofpiggies
Fresh! Sans/Fresh- @loverofpiggies
Reapertale! Sans/Death- @renrink 

Lanterntale! Sans/Lantern- @kuttiesstuff

Gaster! Sans- @Borurou

 Sixbones- @zarla-s 

 Needlessly complicated! Sans-? 

Dancetale! Sans-? 

Inktale! Sans/Ink- @comyet

Outertale! Sans- @outertale

 Babybones! Sans-? 

Science! Sans-?

Human! Sans-? 

Undermafia! Sans- @undermafiaz
Golzy! Sans/Golzy- @golzy

((Plz tell me if you know the person who created a certain AU or if I credited the wrong person)) btw these are all AMAZING AU’s


Because…… ??????????

Us sans >> @underswapped
Uf sans >> @underfell
Gaster sans >> @borurou