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Welcome to ClockwiseRonpa, the Danganronpa AU that switches around a lot of stuff.

When I say “ClockwiseRonpa”, I mean “all talents have been switched counter-clockwise.”

For better explaining; imagine that Danganronpa V3, Danganronpa, and Super Danganronpa 2 were all in a circle. In a single counter-clockwise motion, DRV3’s talents are given to SDR2’s cast, SDR2’s talents are given to DR1’s cast, and DR1’s talents are given to DRV3’s cast.

Of course, the title CounterClockwiseRonpa would be pretty long, so.. either ClockwiseRonpa or DanganClockwise instead.

There’s also ChapteRonpa, another thing I’ve been thinking about. It’s basically a “what if Danganronpa was a single game with fusions of Danganronpa culprits and victims based upon their respective chapters?” type thing.

Doing a first and second game only fusion thing since DRv3 is the new game and only a few people have gotten to the end (I think) I’d rather avoid spoiling people.

So, for example,

A Celestia Ludenburg/Taeko Yasuhiro and Mikan Tsumiki fusion.

Let’s think about this deeply for a moment.

This is a person with a mixture of the talents Gambler and Nurse, so perhaps she would be an EMT. Every life she’d have to help save would be a gamble, and she’d face them all valiantly, earning her this talent.

A mixture of Celestia’s eerie personality and Mikan’s highly submissive one could leave her being a “kuudere” type person, one that may slowly warm up to her peers overtime. She has no outward need for romance, though she does sometimes make comments that take advantage of others’ own perversions.

All of her life she has felt a need for attention, forgiveness, and an overall need for being valued as… anything, even if it isn’t as a person. Because of this need she’s given herself another name: Sawbones Celesta. Sawbones is a callback to her being a medical professional, and Celesta is a call to an instrument named Celesta, a gentle key instrument that could remind someone of lullabies.

That’s just a slice of the type of stuff that’ll be happening with this type of thing. This is not a talentswap, mind you, this is an all-out fusion of qualities between two previously established characters.

And of course, the name of the game would be Super Duper Danganronpa V2.


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